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on September 18, 2016
This video is very well constructed. Rachel Coleman teaches English, ASL and Spanish in this video. I honestly like sitting and watching her videos with my little one.

My little one really does not care for other videos other than Signing Time or Baby Signing Time. When she hears the theme songs, she gets very excited.

These videos are great as a starter or introduction into sign language. I have honestly learned so much already, Rachel makes memory references for every sign that makes it easy to remember. I catch myself signing some of the songs also lol. Very catchy.

I would highly recommend these videos for everyone wanting to learn ASL. I would especially recommend for parents who have deaf, hoh children or children with delayed speech. Personally My child has bilateral deafness and after searching for resources, these videos Happened to be the most reputable source I have found to help us.

I wish the sets were a little more affordable but regardless I know the cost of the videos are worth it.

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on September 13, 2016
Wonderful, wonderful! My granddaughter loved this and picked up sign language from this and all the other Baby Signin Time DVD's. She's mostly into the Lightning song from the Rachel and the Preschoolers DVD now but she just turned three. She still signs a little and knows some signs if I ask her for the most part but the extra wonderful thing is that I learned how to sign too! Plus I still know a lot although we don't sign often any more. We really feel it helped our little one to learn faster and increase her intelligence. I listen to the things she comments about and think to myself that her mother never mentioned things like that and probably never thought of the same things. Now my little 11 month old grandson is quite intelligent too, just picks up so fast, but if he would take an interest in the DVD(s) then I'd really be happy! He rarely looks at anything on TV for more than a minute, I've timed him, which is good in a way and yet unfortunate because we hardly watch TV but then he's easier to read as to what he wants than my granddaughter was. But overall it worked brilliantly for us with one child and may yet for the other but if the little guy doesn't take to it I'm still happy that I learned.
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on November 30, 2016
I'm an ASL interpreter and buy these for all of my friends' kids. The kids use signs like "finish" "more" "please" "sorry" etc. It's cute AND studies have proved IQ is raised in babies learning another language (including ASL) as well as heighten language development. Not to mention, a way to communicate before babies tongue muscles are developed enough to begin talking, which in turn lessens frustrations between baby and parent/guardian re: communication increase. My friend's baby is 12 months right now and has about 2-3 words down and about 9-10 signs. She even is signing 2-3 word sentences "dog there" "up please" "milk" "water" "eat more please" etc.
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on October 2, 2017
We love signing time! Got this when my son was 3 1/2. He knows his alphabet and many words in sign. I am hearing impaired and rely on the assistance of hearing aids. More than that I think signing is the most BEAUTIFUL Language! Very authentic as your face expression must go with hand sign and you need to look at the person when talking to them. Makes for good communication!
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on September 22, 2017
This series is wonderful, for parents of both hearing and non-hearing children, but the pricing is incredibly high. I realized in disbelief that Volume 1 is all of 20 or so minutes long - one episode.
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on May 26, 2012
I can't wait to see when my little 5 month old grand daughter starts using sign language. She watches this video over and over. And I don't mind hearing it over and over. It's very cute and catchy music.....beware it sticks in your head!;0) I also am learning the signs and I use them as often as possible with her. If I'm feeding her I say "eat" and do the sign several times while feeding her. It's fun. I'll keep you posted as to wether it turns into her actually doing sign language but if nothing else it keeps her entertained.
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on August 23, 2010
I started trying to teach my daughter with a mommy/baby sign class when she was around 6 or so months, and it took several months before she would sign anything back. I stayed with the basics, like eat and more. I figured there was no point in moving on if she doesn't want to use these two very common words. She did start signing back eventually, and I wanted to find away to foster this and continue with something that can be repeated. I bought volumes 1-3 of Signing Time, and she did seem to like them, but as with all infants and young toddlers, she has the attention span of a gnat. After several watches of each volume, she really started to tune in more, and started to get excited when her "friends" Alex and Leah were coming on. She was learning sign and her words at the same time. We then bought volumes 4-6. By 18 months, she knew over 30 words verbally, and about 10 in sign that she didn't say, plus there was some overlap. Now she'll be turning two next month, and she's been learning 1-4 words a day for a few months, sometimes both in sign and verbal. She LOVES these DVDs. In the past couple of weeks, she's been handing them to us to play, and calls them "Tummy Tum" and even does the signs for "Signing Time". When she points to the TV and asks for music, she means Signing Time. She squeals in excitement when these are on, and she dances to all the songs. She really does try to watch full episodes too, but she does get distracted easily still. These have helped her learn her words and her letters, as well as numbers just a bit, and we all learn sign language.

I have found signing to be very handy when she can't pronounce the English quite right, or when she adopts the same verbal word for two or more things. It's also handy in a movie theater, when she can't really talk but needs to tell me she wants to eat. Or when we're in a situation where she doesn't feel like talking, so she'll sign instead. It HAS NOT "virtually eliminated" the terrible twos as Rachel says in one or more of these DVDs. She definitely has her moments, but when I know she is capable of communicating, but is refusing, it's easier for me to ignore her until she signs or verbalizes what she wants.

My one complaint is that my daughter seems to identify a bit too much with Leah, and pronounces some words as Leah does. I'm sure this is transitory, which is why I have not deducted any stars. It's up to me to correct these things, and I know there will be plenty of other sources for mispronunciations as she grows up. It's why I don't like Baby Bear on Sesame Street, because I don't want my daughter learning to pronounce words like the character does. Leah, in a DVD like this, makes sense, as the audience will most certainly include deaf children, or friends of deaf children. And those of us who can hear will need to learn how they might pronounce something so we can make sense of it. It's like adjusting yourself to any accent. When you know where the person is from, it's easier to understand what they say.

I will say that in Volume 4, Rachel appears a bit low energy. My daughter hasn't noticed and doesn't care, so I'm not deducting stars for that either.

We will be requesting volumes 7+ for her upcoming birthday, or getting them ourselves.
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on May 25, 2006
I introduced some signs to my first child when she was 9 months old to reduce tantrums. It worked! I did the same when my son was born. We found out that he is special needs, and as he got older we found that sign helped him focus on what we were saying. He didn't sign back as much, but he responded more and used more verbal skills when we signed to him. After he made significant speech progress we got out of the habit of using sign. However, I don't want that to happen. My special needs son still benefits from sign; as will the rest of my children. My daughter is excited when she can piece together a greeting for someone who only speaks Spanish. Just think how she'll feel when she is able to do the same to a hearing impaired person. I also want my husband to learn sign with us. I decided I needed a video. After reading reviews on Amazon I decided to buy this video. Before I did, my son's speech therapist told me not to buy any video except those from Signing Time. She had been introduced to their videos at another client's home: where even the father was learning sign from the videos! My 3 older children (6, 4 1/2, 2 1/2) pest for this video every morning. I have the theme song in my head most of the day. But at least Rachel has a good voice and not one of those forced voices like so many teenage pop stars do now-a-days. I wish the video was longer than 30 minutes. That is my only complaint. There is a lot of repetition, but not in a boring way. It is filled with small children and babies signing as well as Rachel signing the proper way. There is a lot of giggling. My [...] old son even enjoys watching from his high chair. None of my four children loses interest. Since we bought the video everyone has begun using sign language again. My daughter is back to trying to use sentences only in sign to ask for things (a skill acquired before this video). My special needs son is now signing more than ever and he does it simultaneously with his speech. My stubborn [...] is even signing a little when he forgets that he's supposed to be mad and non-compliant. This video only goes over very basic signs: food, milk, water, ball, more, airplane, cat, dog, baby, mom, dad, want... But accompanied by "want" these basic words become a 2-word sentence in ASL. I can't wait to get the other 5 videos in the series.
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on March 23, 2018
I have all the other stye videos and my daughter loves them. We've incorporated the songs into our everyday life, and I really believe the songs is what held hr attention and helped her learn. These videos dont use song at all. She does enjoy seeing the kids in the video, but it doesnt seem keep her quite like the other videos.
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on February 11, 2016
My son had a slight speech delay and I bought this video to help him learn some additional signs to the two he was already using, "more" and "all done". I am not sure that he learned any additional signs from the video as we did not watch it a lot, but he did really enjoy the video. I think if we had reviewed the signs more after each one, or after watching all of the video he would have picked them up, but his speech rapidly caught up and we didn't have the need to focus on sign language any longer. I will sill show him the video because the children in it make it fun to watch.
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