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on May 26, 2012
I can't wait to see when my little 5 month old grand daughter starts using sign language. She watches this video over and over. And I don't mind hearing it over and over. It's very cute and catchy music.....beware it sticks in your head!;0) I also am learning the signs and I use them as often as possible with her. If I'm feeding her I say "eat" and do the sign several times while feeding her. It's fun. I'll keep you posted as to wether it turns into her actually doing sign language but if nothing else it keeps her entertained.
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on March 3, 2017
I didn't like that the kids in the show are barely audible. I feel like Im trying to teach my 17 month old signs so we can communicate more clearly and many of the children did half the sign, rushed it, or barely made the hand gestures, then when they did speak they were very difficult to understand.
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on May 25, 2006
I introduced some signs to my first child when she was 9 months old to reduce tantrums. It worked! I did the same when my son was born. We found out that he is special needs, and as he got older we found that sign helped him focus on what we were saying. He didn't sign back as much, but he responded more and used more verbal skills when we signed to him. After he made significant speech progress we got out of the habit of using sign. However, I don't want that to happen. My special needs son still benefits from sign; as will the rest of my children. My daughter is excited when she can piece together a greeting for someone who only speaks Spanish. Just think how she'll feel when she is able to do the same to a hearing impaired person. I also want my husband to learn sign with us. I decided I needed a video. After reading reviews on Amazon I decided to buy this video. Before I did, my son's speech therapist told me not to buy any video except those from Signing Time. She had been introduced to their videos at another client's home: where even the father was learning sign from the videos! My 3 older children (6, 4 1/2, 2 1/2) pest for this video every morning. I have the theme song in my head most of the day. But at least Rachel has a good voice and not one of those forced voices like so many teenage pop stars do now-a-days. I wish the video was longer than 30 minutes. That is my only complaint. There is a lot of repetition, but not in a boring way. It is filled with small children and babies signing as well as Rachel signing the proper way. There is a lot of giggling. My [...] old son even enjoys watching from his high chair. None of my four children loses interest. Since we bought the video everyone has begun using sign language again. My daughter is back to trying to use sentences only in sign to ask for things (a skill acquired before this video). My special needs son is now signing more than ever and he does it simultaneously with his speech. My stubborn [...] is even signing a little when he forgets that he's supposed to be mad and non-compliant. This video only goes over very basic signs: food, milk, water, ball, more, airplane, cat, dog, baby, mom, dad, want... But accompanied by "want" these basic words become a 2-word sentence in ASL. I can't wait to get the other 5 videos in the series.
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on May 25, 2016
I have always loved Signing Time.
It helped solve tantrums because our child was able to sign what they needed.
It has been very helpful and is a great way to communicate with children who can not communicate.
I loved this for when my children couldn't speak yet but could sign they wanted milk, drink, food, etc.
It saved us from pulling our hair out.
This is a great intro into signing and helps you get started. They also show you the name in Spanish for the signs you are learning.
The songs and rhymes are catchy and you'll be singing them throughout the day.
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on September 13, 2017
Buy this book: Baby Signs: A Baby-Sized Introduction to Speaking with Sign Language. It covers a lot of the same beginning signs and is much much cheaper at under $6

This video easily caught my 2 year old's attention the first time around, but it's only a half hour and doesn't have enough content for $18. Also the videography looks like it was done in the 90's. I don't know why children's educational stuff always looks like that.
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on February 29, 2012
I have never left a review for any product ever, but this DVD is worth it!
I have a 14 month old daughter who is very active and loves to learn. We don't really let her watch T.V., but we make an exception for this DVD! It's extremely educational!!! In the past two months since we bought it she can now do all of the signs!!!! (she did know a couple before) I can't believe how much she just sits, watches, and interacts so well! She is allowed to watch it once a day, and she gets SO excited when it is time for her "show"! It's perfect for that later morning half hour before nap time to watch. I love it then because 1.) it allows me to get some morning chores done or get ready for the day and 2.) the last sign is "sleep" and she knows it. Soon as it is done she signs "sleep" and "milky" and I then put her down for a nap with complete ease of her being ready and communicate it to me without fussing and me having gotten some things already done so I don't feel rushed. It is seriously GREAT and SUCH a life saver!!!!

Some of the great features include:
1.) The songs are very fun to listen to as well dance, and the signs used with them are very clear to understand (there are only two and they are not too long, so parents don't get too annoyed :) )
2.) Before a word is signed a strong picture of the word spelled and then spoken appears. Gives a child to remember the sign before it is shown.
3.) The signs used are all very helpful for every day needs and play time (EAT, MILK, WATER, MORE, BIRD, DOG, CAT, WANT, MORE, PLANE, CAR, FLOWER, SHOES, MOM, DAD, BABY, AND SLEEP)...there are a few signs I wished it included, but I just teach those on my own. The ones used are the most fun and easy to convey visually without actual interaction, so I understand.
4.) The usage of some animation and mostly real children doing the sign is perfect for holding little ones attention and helping them learn, as well as not getting over stimulated
5.) The main signer Rachel, is very clear with talking and signing
6.) Before a word is signed a strong picture of the word spelled and then spoken appears. Gives a child to remember the sign before it is shown.
7.) It is 25 min long, which is the perfect length for not learning too much at one time that helps them remember each one.
8.) It has an English, Spanish, and an English/Spanish option which I love because one of her friends speaks only Spanish so she can learn all three languages at the same time!

It is a serious guilt free indulgence for a mama who needs some time to get things done as well fully educating your child for beginning signing!!! I will DEFINITELY be buying the next one soon once she has all of the signs from this one down very well!
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on September 14, 2015
I initially bought this DVD for my daughter's first birthday. She is not hard of hearing or anything, but I thought it might be fun to help her communicate before she was really talking. Every. Single. Parent. Should try this! I couldn't how many tantrums and crying it saved us. Within days she grasped how to sign "Milk, Hungry, More, All Done." All of a sudden she could tell me what she wanted, instead of me guessing. It also HELPED her learn how to talk. Because if she signed "Milk" I would say, "Good, you want MILK!" or I would sign it and say the word.

Now I'm teaching my 10 month old son, he's grasping it quickly, and my daughter at 2.5 still uses it although she talks with amazing clarity anyways.

I've also recommended this to multiple other moms and they've taken it up and had great results.

It's a fun, interactive, easy to understand program. It's never to early or to late to start!
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on September 20, 2015
I have never taken the time to write a product review before but this video is so amazing I had to. We have a 9 month old girl who was starting to become frustrated by her inability to verbally communicate. She would get mad and turn red and throw her arms down at her waist. We decided we need to find ways for her to more effectively communicate. We have never allowed her to watch any screen time so we were nervous about the video, but alas she loves it. It's the perfect length for a small baby to watch. By the second time she watched it she was signing, "milk" before her bottle time. By the end of the first week she had mastered "milk" and "baby". By the second week she had learned, "more" and "food". We are loving watching her as her brain processes these new words. We only started with the first video and it's plenty for a small baby.
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on June 1, 2017
I have orders his video weekly for my toddlers one who has down syndrome and one who does not they have been watching it for two months now every morning and they have picked up on signs. THEY LOVE THIS VIDEO
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on September 22, 2017
This series is wonderful, for parents of both hearing and non-hearing children, but the pricing is incredibly high. I realized in disbelief that Volume 1 is all of 20 or so minutes long - one episode.
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