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on November 2, 2016
I have the "patched" PS3 version. Silent Hill 2 is unplayable in my opinion. The fog effect looks like s***. There is frame stuttering and slow down regularly. The sound is s***. I have nothing of merit to say about this game. Silent Hill 3 fares better, which is why I give 2 stars. There is still some slowdown occasionally, but it runs fine usually. The "HD" graphics are very jagged and need some anti-aliasing. The game is still enjoyable, though. I recommend playing the games on the PS2 or with emulation, you will have a much better experience.
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on February 29, 2016
I love the Silent Hill franchise. One of my favorites. This HD Collection has so many flaws, but a true fan will brush them aside for the masterpieces they are. If you own a PS2 copy of Silent Hill 2 and Silent Hill 3, do not buy this, unless you collect games and want the trophies. This has some frame rate problems, especially with the fog on Silent Hill 2. It is pretty annoying to just have it slow down so much at random. Is it game breaking though? No, it is still perfectly playable and quite enjoyable. Definitely pick this up if you dont have it on other systems and enjoy the masterpieces of Silent Hill 2 and Silent Hill 3. Also, one other thing is there are new voice overs. They are not very good. Silent Hill 2 you can choose the old ones. Although some people might like the voice overs. So to each his own on that.
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on November 4, 2014
Silent Hill 2

James Sunderland arrives at the outskirts of Silent Hill. He looks over the letter he recently received from Mary, his wife, telling him to go to their "special place." But how can this be? She died three years ago! With road entry made inaccessible by a huge rust-covered gate, you hike in on foot down a wooded path, the fog getting thicker as strange sounds are heard off in the distance and the ominous soundtrack starts in. This sets the stage for what is easily one of the best survive horror games I've played. "Silent Hill 2" gets just about everything right, from the stylized film grain visuals, to the off-putting characters, who never seem altogether there, to the way tension mounts the further you fall into the game's maddening world. There are great moments too, as when you first encounter the now infamous Pyramid Head, or when you first come across a radio emitting static noise, or when you find yourself wandering through eerie catacombs deep beneath the town. One of the strange characters you meet is Maria, who James sometimes confuses for Mary since they apparently look so alike. Is she a version of Mary? Maybe she's a projection from his subconscious. You also run into a little girl, Laura, who seems to know a lot more than she's willing to share. Not only are the environments well-designed, the nightmarish atmosphere pitch-perfect, and the mood and pacing right on the money, but the story genuinely makes you interested to learn what truths may be buried away, forgotten but soon remembered. One thing I've learned is that you never end up in Silent Hill by accident. I also like how the ending(s) is ambiguous. I would be remiss if I didn't emphasize how great the dreamlike OST is as well. Of all the games in the series, "Silent Hill 2" is the one to make absolutely sure you don't miss.

Silent Hill 3

There's a breathless moment in "Silent Hill 3" where, as Heather, the main character, you enter a room with a giant mirror facing towards you, the contents of its reflection beginning to morph into something horrifying as the door behind you locks shut. The "Silent Hill" series is always superbly effective at knowing just how to crawl under your skin and create that intense feeling of unease. Your flashlight always provides just enough visibility so the creatures lurking ahead look like shadowy silhouettes. The static from the radio, which gets louder as creatures get closer, gives the kind of ear-piercing, hair-raising noise that only increases the tension. The soundtrack knows when to be dead silent, giving each footstep a loud echoey thud, and when to kick into gear. "Silent Hill 3" is a great example of how to build ominous dread over an extended period of time. The longer you play, the more effective the game is. While not quite as great or original as the first 2 (and shorter at about 6 hours), it's still one helluva survival horror game. You start out finding yourself in a creepy amusement park, then an abandoned hospital, a church, apartment complex, mall, and so on, with `alternate' versions that look as if you fell through a worm hole straight into hell. The story ties back to the first "Silent Hill" in some clever and interesting ways, always giving you clues, never spelling it out completely. The concession when playing these older games is that you have to forgive an annoying camera that doesn't always give the best view, and a very simplistic combat system. Then again, this is a series that has never been about executing precise head shots or deep combos, but about tone, atmosphere, and the sense that there `could' be something out there off in the fog. Or maybe your mind is playing tricks again.

HD Remaster

Before playing, I was prompted with a game update (not available on 360) that has apparently fixed many but not all of the issues with this release. First the bad: "Silent Hill 3" crashed on me once, has changed sound effects for the worse, and no option for playing with the original voice-overs (which are better), while "Silent Hill 2" has slight issues with fog and with areas looking too 'clean,' like the roads or the water when on the lake. The good news is that I haven't experienced any other real nagging issues that others have prior to getting the update, like issues with the frame-rate, sound cutting out, etc.

This is clearly not the preferable HD upgrade fans wanted. A better collection would have also included "Silent Hill 4: The Room," the last game in the series made by Team Silent, and wouldn't have attempted to make changes beyond HD-ifying, including new voice-overs. It's despite its flaws that this collection remains worthwhile. Both games remain great, they both look better than previous console versions in most respects (presented in 16:9), and with the recent patch this becomes a fairly solid release.

Note: "Silent Hill 2" includes the Maria sub scenario, "Born from a Wish."

--- 4 STARS ---
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on June 4, 2016
While it's wonderful to finally have these games again, the glitchiness is an absolute nightmare. My roommate was playing SH2 the other night and had to quit because James was basically having a walking seizure and wouldn't interact with anything. The copy we bought was brand new, still shrink-wrapped and everything, so I doubt it's the disk.

I love the fact that these games have been revamped and reloved, though some of the voice actors could've been much better (Heather in particular kills me, she sounds horribly squeaky and like a bad tween girl protagonist) a few of them are solid improvements IMO (namely James, Laura and Mary Elizabeth as Maria/Mary).
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on January 21, 2016
A poor HD collection overall, with numerous technical issues, and arguably worse visuals than the PS2 originals, overall, thanks to poor contrast and lower resolution textures. Additionally, the original voice acting and soundtrack for SH3 aren't available here. Recent patches improved the framerate greatly, but otherwise, these are the worst versions of these games available. However, if this is your only option to experience these games, I personally think it's better than never playing them at all. In that case, I would (hesitantly) recommend this collection. Both games are playable, and even still very much enjoyable in spite of the HD collection's many, many faults.
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on April 6, 2014
So I owned this version on 360 few months ago after it came out and after I had maxed out the game with every achievement, the game became unplayable as in every time I did something that was an achievement, the game would freeze . So I decided to sell it and grab a copy of this version since Konami patched the ps3 game. Now, I went on knowing the patch wouldn't fix everything that was wrong with the coding and issues but hoped most of it would be gone for us fans and newcomers. Cant say much about the patch since I didn't experience it before fixing but it had its problems. In SH2, there was black fog, still freezing, going through a door and seeing a black screen except you was above the map(which really made me angry because I don't save at every station, and I was on my two save run) other than that not much in SH2. Still working through SH3 but from what I heard, SH3 was the worst. Now it freezes at the same spot and the only way to fix these issues for both games was to uninstall the patch and re-download over and over. So far I'm on my third reinstall of the patch because of the issues, not that bad but its a hassle losing your data when you meet one of these glitches.

Just keep an eye out for these issues and more when you play it. Other than that the graphics look pretty dang good in 1080p, the sound is good, but if you have a headset with surround in it then use that. You can truly hear the horrors in the background and you might even jump like I did not knowingly haha.
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on April 14, 2016
These are two of my favorite titles from the PS2 (Silent Hill 2-3), the game had a rough launch and was pretty much unplayable at first; however it has been patched extensively and works pretty well for both titles in the collection. I highly recommend this for anyone that missed the opportunity to play on PS2 or anyone that wants to relive the terror in HD.
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on May 19, 2015
Don't buy the 360 version there is no patch for it. Unless you are a super fan of Silent Hill, I wouldn't recommend this Collection to anyone. These games were made with a incomplete build of the original games from the ps2. This collection takes away from the originals were supposed to be played, the HD exposes what was not meant to be seen in the original versions. I suggest finding a ps2 and tge games with it to get a true proper experience.
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on May 20, 2014
As a Silent Hill fan i was extremely excited to get this collection. I had seen some reviews that ranged from an awesome product to complete garbage because of the bugs and malfunctions. While playing the games I had to stop many times because it would freeze and i couldnt do anything but restart the console (I know its terrible but idk what else to do) other than that I didnt really have any problems. The initial menu does feel kinda cheap and lame, like an unlicensed game. Gameplay is great.
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on June 9, 2015
After the patch meant to correct a lot of issues, Silent Hill 2 runs great. Silent Hill 3, however, still has constant framerate issues that render is unplayable in my opinion.

If you really want to play Silent Hill 2 in HD (on PS3 as the 360 version did not recieve the updates) and you can get this for a decent price: go for it. Otherwise, I'd say it's not worth it.
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