Customer Reviews: Silhouette Replacement Blade
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on September 20, 2012
This is the perfect replacement blade for the silhouette cutting machine. I found a few things help have better results with this blade.

1. If you cut vinyl or paper and there are small pieces which clot around the blade carefully remove the debris to allow the blade to function properly.
2. Manually adjust the cutting speed - SLOW IT DOWN - for most projects, especially vinyl projects where there will be small pieces. It might take longer but I notice that the vinyl (and paper) tear less when the machine is not moving as quickly. I personally get better results this way.
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on September 2, 2012
I purchased my Silhouette for business purposes and use on a very regular basis- nearly daily and will cut several sheets of paper at a time (often 10+ sheets). I use a variety of paper weights, generally Core'dinatations and Bazzill linen textured cardstock, smooth patterned cardstock, or lightweight smooth scrapbook paper. However, I have had massive blade problems from the very beginning. After spending hours on the phone with tech support, I was finally made aware that Silhouette sent out blades that had been set at the wrong angle. Once I received a replacement from Silhouette, everything worked wonderfully- at least for the first cut or two.

I have been purchasing blades from Amazon for the past couple months because of their great pricing (and have prime shipping), and I'll generally buy 4 at a time (plus a mat or two) to last a month. Unfortunately, the first batch I received from Amazon, all 4 blades were bad- as in would only score my paper, regardless of it's weight. I got a replacement via Amazon, the second batch had two good blades, two bad blades. Since then, it's been a hit or miss whether the blades will be bad or good (generally all orders have at least 1 defective blade).

Because I go through so many blades, I have a hard time staying away from Amazon- only because of their pricing. However, I feel at this point, I can no longer purchase my blades until they start shipping out blades that will work. The customer services has been terrific and very speedy, but still creates a huge inconvenience for my business.

Overall, I think these blades are horrible and for designing such a great machine, Silhouette should have no problem designing a blade that will be just as great. Regardless of the fact that I use my machine so often, I feel the blades wear out extremely quick. I've basically given up on cutting anything too intricate for the blade dulls nearly immediately after cutting anything with lots of detail- if it will even cut through, that is. Not to mention, paper particles always get stuck up around the blade and can be difficult to remove. After every couple sheets of paper, you have to pull out your blade and blow into the blade to clear any particles otherwise it will not cut correctly.

I have a serious love/hate relationship with this machine. When all works as it should, this machine will exceed my expectations, but has also been the cause for many many headaches. Be cautious when ordering, as there is a very good chance you may receive a defective blade!

7/23/13 Update:
Just wanted to update this entry-

My wholesaler began carrying Silhouette products early this year and I have completely switched over to purchasing blades strictly from them only. It has been like night and day with the new blades- they cut perfectly, from simple to detailed cuts on a variety of papers. I still cut a high volume of sheets per day, though the blades last 2-3 times longer than the blades purchased from Amazon. From what was once a beyond stressful situation has turned into a wonderful experience- I love my machine and it's finally working as it should.

I believe Amazon purchased a very large lot of blades when the new machine first came out and unfortunately, they were all defective blades (Silhouette later admitted to setting the blades at the wrong angle). I can only hope this is still not a problem at Amazon. Best of luck!
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on December 9, 2012
I pre-orderd a cameo after having a craft robo for a year. At first I really despised the new blades since it seemed like they only worked for a short period of time before they just started tearing. After quite a bit of experimenting, I determined that I was cutting way too deep for the paper I was using. Turns out that the tip of the blade was getting broken off and this was causing it to tear, especially on curved cuts. Now I'm getting more lifetime from these blades than I was from the old style! So far I've cut about 3 dozen sheets of 12" x 24" vinyl with intricate cuts (think stick figures) on the same blade with no indication of blade wear.

For longer blade life, you really want the shallowest cut you can get away with. I keep a list of the blade lengths for various brands of paper and vinyl I have good luck with and use calipers to check the thickness of any new stock for a rough guide of what the first test cut should be. I also mark damaged blades with a paint marker so that I don't accidentally put them in with my good blades.
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on March 22, 2012
I have a silhouette and found that it really depends on what kind of cardstock it is as to how well it cuts. at the beginning, i replaced the blade right away because it tore up the paper. then i realized Michael's recollections cardstock is the only kind of cardstock it cuts beautifully. i have been cutting with my current blade for almost a year. but am ready to replace now. give that cardstock a try. you will love it.
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on March 4, 2013
I am just finishing up a huge project for a friend's wedding. I am making 25-four sided luminaries with a lid. Each box takes 5 sheets of paper with each of the 4 sides having an identical, intricate lace pattern (made from the "card lace center" from Silhouette online store) It has taken me 3 blades to get through the first 8, but only 1 for the last 17. I used Hobby lobby textured cardstock (I do not recommend this paper)finially settling on speed 1, depth 6.
Things I learned about the blades....

slower is better for intricate patterns
the fabric blades (which the silhouette website says are the same blade, diff. color so you can use one with paper, one with fabric) are much better becuase the very tip of the white cap twists off to in order to remove paper particles. This is a much needed adjustment to the blade. Once I started using these blades instead of the black blades, they last longer because the blade flows better from lack of paper, PLUS you dont damage the blade trying to clean out the paper using a straight pin or damage the ratchet system by twisting off the black cap as seen on several you tube videos. I am looking forward to the time when the old style black blade stock is used up and the new style is most common.

I love my silhouette. sometimes it is hard to figure out exactly what blade depth and speed are best for each type of media/paper. it is always best to use a test cut, and when all else fails, use a sslllooooowwww cutting speed. the first few boxes I made with regular cardstock and Bazzil basics were easy to cut and I could use a faster speed. But price and "the perfect color" had me buy 100+sheets of the Hobbylobby textured cardstock. much drama ensued, but I finially fiured it out.

Cricket matts seem to wear out the blades faster and do not work with "print and cut projects" (the black lines on the mat seem to mess with the optical sensor), but they are less sticky and if you have a major project with tons of repetitive cuts like this, it is kind of nice to use a cheaper mat.

Right now, the fabric blades are even $1 cheaper... \Silhouette Fabric Blade
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on June 21, 2012
I have the Cameo and I love it. One thing I have learned is that you need a very sharp blade to cut vinyl, and vinyl does very little damage to the blade. Paper comes in so many different weights and formulations that you have to experiment a bit to find paper that works well, but once you do, you can cut lots of it without the blade dulling. I have had the best luck with card stock from Michael's- it seems to be made with shorter strands and is less "grainy".... the smoother the paper, the better it cuts. Paper is much harder on the blade than vinyl, so I use one blade for vinyl and a different blade for paper. Also, some of the problems with paper aren't caused by the blade, but by the mat being too sticky. With use it will lose some stickiness and be easier to work with. You can also dust it with a SMALL amount of baby powder to keep it from being too sticky.
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on January 30, 2012
I am cutting medium weight paper, and have gone through two replacements blades in a month. I am extrememly unhappy with how quickly the blade dulls, that I can't get replacements anywhere except online and that then I have to pay an arm and a leg for it.
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on January 22, 2012
I was so excited to get my Cameo and I do LOVE it, however the blades are a huge disappointment, not lasting very long at all. For $15, I expect them to last longer than they have. I am cutting primarily cardstock.
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on March 9, 2015
I've found that after a while it stops cutting all the way through the material as expected. When this happens, I turn is all the way past 0 (zero) as far as it will go and then back to the desired depth and it cuts much better. It's like it needs to be 'reset' after some thick or tough cutting.
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on August 30, 2014
These blades are great but do not last long enough. I've been using cutting machines (original big yellow Klic n Kut) from back in 2003. The blades lasted much longer!! Would you figure a way to help customers get more use from these blades or reduce the price, please? $5 per blade for the amount of use we get would be more appropriate. The makers of Klic n Kut devised a system where you only replace the inside blade. The housing stayed the same. That would reduce your cost and ours too. Just an idea... Thank you! Of course we love our blades and our Silhouette cutters, but the blades and mats don't last very long.
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