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on February 20, 2015
I am 70 years old so I have a LOT of cooking and kitchen tool experience! I have searched for really good, cleanable and useful spatulas. This is the first purchase in years that is exactly what I was looking for at a price that is fair! Being one piece it has no hidden, food trapping crevices or nooks. Being seamless again keeps it cleaner. The handle is good and strong so there are no slips that can cause a burn or loose contact when scraping. What's the point of scraping if it leaves gaps!!?? The sizes cover all needs as the longer one is long enough to use in a deep pot without getting burned! When you make me happy with a new kitchen tool you have REALLY done something! Would not only recommend but would gladly give them as a loving gift!
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on March 7, 2017
Love these! They are my 1st set of Silicone Spatulas and I will never go back. They are very versatile. I used them for making ice cream, the small one is perfect for the dasher and they are firm enough that they don't bend while scraping. I've gone from ice cream to boiling water with no issues. I love that it is one solid piece so I never have to worry about the handle coming off. I only wish I would've purchased the 4 pack!
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on February 7, 2017
The world is full of many iterations of spatulas. Wooden from handle to tip, wooden with a silicone end, etc. This is as indicated, silicone wrapped around steel, and as such feels very high quality. We have used this for cake batter preparing, frosting spreading, etc. This is by far, the best quality spatula I have ever purchased, and most sanitary. You just cannot get over the wooden ones with a silicone "sock" that you will need to take apart in order to properly clean/sanitize, out of fear that something may be festering where the wood meets the silicone. I have no fear with this product, and would happily buy it again if/when this product should ever fail.
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on June 6, 2017
Holy Wow! I never thought that I would ever leave a review for a set of rubber spatulas, but I've never owned a set of StarPack spatulas before! These things are amazing! I used them way more than any of the other rubber spatulas that I've previously owned (I tossed the others all out when these arrived)! The are very well made, and there is not gap between the head and handle, it is one continuously molded form. They have a very substantial feel in your hand, like what you would expect from any well made tool. Don't hesitate, if you need some rubber spatulas this is the set that you want!
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on November 11, 2014
In many ways these are every thing I expected them to be. They'll take the heat and their rubbery edges make sure the batter goes everywhere you want it to.

There's a metal rod in the handle so it doesn't flop everywhere when your stir, move ingredients, whatever. Personally I haven't experienced the downside of these having a metal core yet!

Since it has a metal core you can bet you must remove what deceptively looks like an all silicon tool from your ingredients before you place them in the microwave (no metal in microwaves). It seems to me since metal transmits heat, depending on how I use these I may feel the metal rod inside as it collects and transmits heat. I don't know this, it hasn't happened, but it seams plausible. If you're worried there's always the Rubbermades on wood sticks. Lastly since there's an immovable rod inside the silicon that dictates for me how these will eventually fail way down the road. If the silicon ever looses its suppleness then in the distant future stirring might cause a crack to develop at a flex point exposing the rod. Mind you all of those caveats are Ifs. Remember: I rate these excellent for as long as they last and I expect that to be a long time. I think these are things you need to know, not things you need to worry about. If it isn't check back and I'll update this. One of the things I like about these is that they are seamless. I hate the kind where the handle slips into a rubbery tip because moisture always goes down inside during dish washing, and long term moisture in there is not a good thing. With these no seams means no nothing from washing lingering after.
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on May 3, 2017
I was looking specifically for a set of spatulas, sturdy but with some flexibility to scrape the sides of bowls and pots. I have an assortment of spatulas but did not have a narrow one. Certainly you can find spatulas in local stores and there are many on Amazon. After reading many reviews, I selected these for their shape and metal core. I had the opportunity to use both in a busy three days of cooking for company, and liked the shape of the narrow one for scraping the sides of the food processor after preparing a chocolate ganache.

I used the larger one to stir barbeque sauce. The shape of the spatulas left no connections between the handle and the spatula face so the clean-up was easy. I put both in the dishwasher. Most of my spatulas are of wood and silicone or wood and rubber. The single construction of the StarPack spatulas means there will be no groove or space to clean between the two materials. I have saved this vendor for future purchases.
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on January 30, 2016
These. Are. Awesome. I am seriously considering buying these for everyone I know next Christmas. They are strong and hold up well to mixing. I use the big ones to mix up batters and breads, and they don't even flex. I purchased these because I wanted a 1 pieces spatula that wouldn't get nasty food particles between the handle and the silicone blade. What I got what a fantastic all-purpose kitchen utensil that I'm using to mix, scrape, saute, and anything in between. Little ones are great for mixing up sauces and scraping out jars.
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on November 27, 2015
I ordered these after getting tired of looking at my raggedy old set of mismatched spatulas. They were the cheap sort you find in many kitchens and, I can personally attest, were not heat resistant. I will add that I purchased these with my own money, not as part of a free offer or anything.

Enter my new StarPack silicone spatulas! Red is not my first choice for kitchen utensils. I tend to go for more traditional blacks or earthy tones. I know that StarPack offers a couple other colors but I figured these would be easy to find in the sea of gadgets in my utensil drawer so I went with the red. They are, in deed, easy to spot as soon as I open the drawer.

My initial impression is that they spatulas feel really good in your hand. They have a nice heft and feel really solid, courtesy of the metal rod running the length of the spatula. I like the single piece construction, as well. No need to worry loose fits or wear over time.

The first time I used them was for making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Not much of a test, granted, but it's a common use in my house. As expected, they had no trouble digging peanut butter out nor scraping bits of jelly from the jar and spreading it on the bread. For the second use, I put them to more of a test. I was making a pecan pie and wanted to get all of the corn syrup out of the measuring cup, which the spatula did just fine. Then, I figured why waste another tool? I'll use the spatula to stir the corn syrup and brown sugar mix as it caramelizes. Any one who has ever caramelized sugar knows how hot and sticky it can get. The spatula handled it without any sign of heat fatigue or stress. also made it quite easy to get every bit of filling out when I poured the mix into the pie crust.

I'm quite satisfied with my purchase and do not hesitate to recommend these spatulas to anyone considering them. While I may not be a spatula expert, if such a thing exists, I am happy with my purchase and the quality is outstanding at this price point.
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on August 1, 2017
Very well-designed. Wife said "they are perfect"
-Single-piece construction means no water in the "head", or head popping off. Much easier to clean.
-Durability great after two months. Silicon works great in hot pan.
-Two sized both quite useful. Surprisingly, I find myself reaching for the larger spatula for flipping grilled cheese sandwiches and pancakes. It works well.
-DOWNSIDE - metal core means they can't go in microwave. Not an issue for me.
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on January 5, 2016
The first thing I noticed about these spatulas when I took them out of the box was the weight - they are substantial, but not too heavy to cause fatigue when using them a lot, and they have great balance. They were a Christmas gift but I have used them many times already and handle/center section did not bend - nor do I see how they would bend. The edges are the actual mixing part are flexible to curve around edges of jars, bowls and pans.
The shape of the handle is good - it is comfortable in my hand - this is important when mixing by hand especially for recipes that call for constant stirring or for heavier dough that can be stiffer to mix. Good grip also - no slipping.
Another nice feature is no seam between the handle and the spatula area. No chance of food getting caught, easier and faster cleanup. Also better for wiping it off when using it and liquid splatters above the spatula part.
The price is fantastic (I asked for them so I know what they cost). I requested the 4 pack which comes to $4.23 per spatula. I would pay more for them because of the quality. My old spatulas have been retired. I do not foresee needing any more than 4 but if I do then I will be getting more of these.
I am picky about my kitchen equipment and am super pleased I found these.
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