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on January 5, 2018
The one note I have about these is that you need to run something, your nails or a plastic paint scraper etc., around the edges of the spatulas prior to use. (And wash them well after.) If you skip this step, you're going to have some little bits of (blue) excess coating in your scrambled eggs.

Once that's done, you're left with some very durable spatulas. Personally, I cook what feels like 4 meals a day. I leave these things in pans all the time, I've even left one in the oven. After a month of that, they still look brand new.
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on December 25, 2017
We are now into one year of ownership and these are just as nice as the day we opened them! My wife and I don't abuse our kitchen tools, but we don't baby them either. We want great quality for a decent price and these have been perfect.

I did put a nick in one of the little spatulas, but it was my fault. I was trying to scrape tomato paste out of a little can, and the rim of the can caught on the silicone. I'm not too worried about it because I can't see the cut unless I look for it.

As with any silicone spatula, the scraping blade is a little more blunt than other spatulas out there, but it still gets the job done. The benefits of these spatulas more than compensate for the thicker scraping blade. Super easy to clean. The reinforced handle has a nice sturdy feel to it.. A wonderful product all around.
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on July 14, 2016
Wonderful quality silicone spatulas. Unfortunately I ordered the 4 pack not realizing that it contained not 4 different sizes but 2 each of the small and large sizes. Guess I have spares to use should something happen to the first ones I opened. They are a nice heavy weight and I appreciate that they are one solid molded piece of silicone over steel. I've had problems with other silicone spatulas where only the head of the spatula is silicone and the handle is a hard plastic piece that is inserted into the silicone. I keep breaking these types, perhaps the dishwasher weakens them over time or something, but I've had it happen numerous times so I decided to give this solid silicone type a try. One think I would have liked is to have an even larger head on one of the spatulas.
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on November 27, 2015
I ordered these after getting tired of looking at my raggedy old set of mismatched spatulas. They were the cheap sort you find in many kitchens and, I can personally attest, were not heat resistant. I will add that I purchased these with my own money, not as part of a free offer or anything.

Enter my new StarPack silicone spatulas! Red is not my first choice for kitchen utensils. I tend to go for more traditional blacks or earthy tones. I know that StarPack offers a couple other colors but I figured these would be easy to find in the sea of gadgets in my utensil drawer so I went with the red. They are, in deed, easy to spot as soon as I open the drawer.

My initial impression is that they spatulas feel really good in your hand. They have a nice heft and feel really solid, courtesy of the metal rod running the length of the spatula. I like the single piece construction, as well. No need to worry loose fits or wear over time.

The first time I used them was for making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Not much of a test, granted, but it's a common use in my house. As expected, they had no trouble digging peanut butter out nor scraping bits of jelly from the jar and spreading it on the bread. For the second use, I put them to more of a test. I was making a pecan pie and wanted to get all of the corn syrup out of the measuring cup, which the spatula did just fine. Then, I figured why waste another tool? I'll use the spatula to stir the corn syrup and brown sugar mix as it caramelizes. Any one who has ever caramelized sugar knows how hot and sticky it can get. The spatula handled it without any sign of heat fatigue or stress. also made it quite easy to get every bit of filling out when I poured the mix into the pie crust.

I'm quite satisfied with my purchase and do not hesitate to recommend these spatulas to anyone considering them. While I may not be a spatula expert, if such a thing exists, I am happy with my purchase and the quality is outstanding at this price point.
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on February 22, 2016
These are easily the best spatulas on the market. As a chef I am always looking for durability and functionality for my home kitchen. These spatulas are everything I was looking for, and more. The solid construction means no loose connection between the handle and the silicone - and that also translates into food safety. Since there are no crevices and open areas, then no bacteria or food particles can build up and cause food born illnesses. I would purchase these for my commercial kitchen, but I think they would quickly grow legs and be taken home by some of my employees. In other words, there are better than restaurant quality.
They are rated as dishwasher safe, but since many automatic dishwasher detergents contain chemicals that will break down the silicone, it is better to wash them by hand.
The solid steel core makes these spatulas sturdy where they need to be and soft where it is needed.They can clean the sides of a mixing bowl almost completely, thus there is less waste.
I highly recommend these to anyone who loves spending time in the kitchen and is looking for better than restaurant quality
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on December 13, 2015
We've had these for a year now, and I love them every time I use them. I purchased these when I was looking at beginning to replace all of my wooden cooking utensils that weren't looking so great anymore. I debated getting bamboo, but finally settled on these due to the reviews and the good customer service it seems many have had. I haven't regretted my purchase at all in the past year, and these have quickly become our go-to cooking utensils. Unlike rubber spatulas, which I've used and thrown away too much in the past, these are made of all one piece of silicone and don't have that line where the head of the spatula attaches to the handle. Not only does that attachment line of those other types of spatulas get gunked up with gross stuff that doesn't come out, that is also the place where the rubber head would always fall off my other spatulas. Our wooden ones kept getting discolored and sometimes kept odors from garlic or onions when we were cooking, which wasn't so great either. I'm happy to say that these silicone spatulas have held up amazingly well with no discoloration or weird smells hanging around. The heads cannot fall off since they are constructed of one piece. The handle is solid and easy to hold, but the head of the spatula has more give and is more flexible, which is perfect for scraping out bowls and pans
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This is at least my third order of StarPack products in the past year or two. This is a great set of spatulas to use and/or share with your favorite cooking friend. They are so amazing though, you may not want to give any away!

Ok, that does sound like a commercial, I'll admit. I have purchased the spoon spatulas and given them away this past Christmas, because I found them so handy. These tools are just a perfect match of flexible and firm to work so well for many uses. The other attractive thing is that there are no joints for food to get trapped in or bacteria to grow. Also, they come through the dishwasher like new!

If I have any problems or additional info to add, I will edit my review. I'm thinking I'll be able to pass these down to my kids, but will sure let you know if they don't last.

At this point, they are 5 star products!
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on May 21, 2018
Nice set, very functional and tolerates heat very well. I believe it will probably do well up to 500 degrees. The only issue is when you wash in a dishwasher, some of the soap residue sticks to the spatulas. Easiest is to hand wash! I will have to go back and look to see if it is a Dishwasher safe or not! Overall very happy with the normal size, small ones are pretty much without much function at least for me!
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on November 11, 2014
In many ways these are every thing I expected them to be. They'll take the heat and their rubbery edges make sure the batter goes everywhere you want it to.

There's a metal rod in the handle so it doesn't flop everywhere when your stir, move ingredients, whatever. Personally I haven't experienced the downside of these having a metal core yet!

Since it has a metal core you can bet you must remove what deceptively looks like an all silicon tool from your ingredients before you place them in the microwave (no metal in microwaves). It seems to me since metal transmits heat, depending on how I use these I may feel the metal rod inside as it collects and transmits heat. I don't know this, it hasn't happened, but it seams plausible. If you're worried there's always the Rubbermades on wood sticks. Lastly since there's an immovable rod inside the silicon that dictates for me how these will eventually fail way down the road. If the silicon ever looses its suppleness then in the distant future stirring might cause a crack to develop at a flex point exposing the rod. Mind you all of those caveats are Ifs. Remember: I rate these excellent for as long as they last and I expect that to be a long time. I think these are things you need to know, not things you need to worry about. If it isn't check back and I'll update this. One of the things I like about these is that they are seamless. I hate the kind where the handle slips into a rubbery tip because moisture always goes down inside during dish washing, and long term moisture in there is not a good thing. With these no seams means no nothing from washing lingering after.
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on October 17, 2014
Rather nice product - the one-piece design with fully-encased stainless steel handles make them easy to keep clean, and their flexibility is handy when cooking. The only reason this review doesn't have five stars is the fact that the stainless steel doesn't go as far to the end of the smaller spatulas as I'd like, making them a bit too flexible at the handle end, but it's a relatively trivial issue. The larger spatulas don't have this issue.
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