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on December 8, 2016
If you are here you probably don't need a review of the game, but have questions about this digital edition. Be sure to order the "Thin Game Download" not the "Direct to Account". I had no idea what those meant when I ordered but when you click on them it is explained underneath and one CLEARLY says it has DRM through Origin (DON"T get that one) and the other says NO DRM (that's the one to get). It works great on my Windows 10 PC. Was an easy install. There is no DRM and no need to be connected to the internet to play.

A reviewer below me says not to believe those of us who had no problems, but I suspect he/she downloaded the Origins version. And I am sorry that he/she experienced such frustration - but don't judge the product by the user error.
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on February 28, 2012
First off, I would like to say that Sim City 4 Deluxe Edition works on Windows 7 64 bit. I kept on reading reviews that either said it didn't or didn't mention Windows 7. So, I took the risk and tried it and have no issues. I bought it as a download from Amazon and I have Windows 7 64 bit. The game itself isn't bad. I just wanted a simple game for my new computer.

So, if you're worried it won't work with Windows 7 64 bit, don't because it will. I didn't even have to use compatibility mode or anything. The main reason I wrote this review was just to state that, because I almost didn't buy the game because I didn't think it was compatible.

If you still have doubts, check out Microsofts website website which confirms its compatible:


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on November 18, 2012
Great game! I use to play this years ago but my pc disk was lost during a move. Seeing the new simcity5 coming out in 2013 I was feeling nostalgic for simcity4 and decided to buy the download. I hesitated a bit because I wasn't sure if it'll work on my new laptop that runs windows 7 64bit I was like what the hell its only 15bucks, downloaded in less that 30 minutes and ran perfectly! you do have to make a few adjustments so it'll fill a widescreen, since the comps back then weren't widescreen like they are now. So what you do is you left click the simcity4 desktop icon and go to properties and type in the target after the "" type this: -f -CustomResolution:enabled -r1366x768x32 and it'll fill your widescreen beautifully! it runs alittle sluggish but its no different than the old pc's. Very happy :)
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on May 7, 2017
I bought this game about 10 years ago and I have a huge region with nine cities I have been working on for years. My PC died, but I kept a back up of my sim-region. I had moved a couple of times and could not find my original Simcity disk. I bought this again from Amazon and it worked great on my Windows 7 laptop, but then I upgraded to windows 10, and now it won' even start.

I have already bought this game two times. I hear the download version will work with Windows 10, but I don't think I should have to buy the game again. I have already bought it twice The last time I bought it was from Amazon. I think they should offer those of us that bought from them a free download of the game that will run on Windows 10.
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on December 30, 2013
First let me say that I've played SimCity off and on for the 10 years that it's been out. I lost my original disks years ago and haven't played in quite awhile. I recently found a version that "fell off a digital truck" and played it for a week or so just to see if I wanted to re-invest my money in the game again. There were a few frustrating crashes but nothing that drove me away from.

So, wanting to get back on the legit side of things, I purchased the digital download version from Amazon. This version is extremely buggy on my machine. I didn't play it long enough to see if it would actually crash on me. The problem is with the "rendering" of the terrain and city. Every time I zoomed in or changed perspective buildings and streets would randomly disappear only to reappear when I shifted my view again. Five minutes was enough to make it intolerable for me.

The EA support page is not working either. The link to download the "patch" simply does not do anything. Seems to be a pattern here. Can't help but wonder if it is an underhanded attempt to drive users to the newest version of the game released earlier this year. It's very frustrating because the version I "found" works whereas the legit version does not. Also,

I will be uninstalling the Amazon version immediately after this review and looking again for my disks since Amazon in an uncharacteristic fashion does not allow refunds on digital downloads.
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on March 9, 2017
I really wanted this to be a good game. I love playing the SimBuild app on my phone so I thought this would be great for my PC. This is way too complicated. There's not a lot of help for the new user. Instead of this, I should have shopped around for something by another company. I want to RELAX and enjoy playing a game, not spend all the game time trying to figure out how to work the controls. Ugh. Do NOT get this if you think it's anything like the user-friendly games of the type.
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on December 20, 2016
Had SimCity on an old computer [XP], so I got an updated version to use on Win7. It never worked properly. Then I got Win10, did some research, and found that this version, download only, would work on Win10. It does, but not all the time. I used to be able to spend hours playing with the old version, but this one seems to get confused after longer than a half hour. I also have problems getting the game to load if I've already played it several times during the day, it seems to have a limit of how many times per day it can be played in Win10. But it's still an interesting game, and easy enough to start a city over if it's not working out the way you want. The only thing I dont like in this version is that the sandbox version is missing. I used to be able to build grand cities and never run out of money. Cant to do that in this version. Also, zooming down to street level in the old game was fun, I could watch people actually walk on the sidewalk, but this version doesnt zoom in that close, I cant see their faces clearly, and I cant watch as their legs disappear into the street as they step off the sidewalk before disappearing. For me, this isnt as fun as the old version, but it's still an interesting game.
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on January 20, 2016
In my opinion, the best of the Sim City games. I've played all of them, and this is the one that I keep coming back to.

The game allows users to create regions built up of cities of varying sizes (small, medium, and large). Cities are connected to one another, and users earn rewards in-game based on their accomplishments.

This package includes SimCity4 Rush Hour (the only expansion pack released for this game). Functionality may be improved with the addition of modifications for the game, but mods do slow the game down considerably. It runs well on my Windows 7 Computer without large mods like RAM, but I do run simPEG without a problem.

I've lost weeks playing this game, and I'm not especially good at it! If you're interested in seeing what the game can do, look up SimCity4 on Youtube and check out the videos of the transport systems. They alone are incredible!
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on June 4, 2016
okay so the frirst game got sent without an activation code., but thats not the bad part. If you have a computer thats less than 7 years old , it probably won't work. The game has issues with duel proccessing chips. It will install but it just wont play. i tried playing it in win 98, millenium, xp and every mode available. None of them worked.I sure hope they come out with a version that works on new computers. EA you need to get your crap together and find a way to make it a patch. and another thing, people want stand alone games , not steam activated. you can get a copy through steam, but I dont know if it will work or not. Some of us prefer old fashion activation codes that worked on our own hard copy of the game, without the need to be online.
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on May 9, 2017
Downloaded and installed it today (May 10, 2017). It was my present to myself for finishing my school year. Yaay! It's been many years since I've played SimCity. Even though this this version was released in 2003, it's a huge to what I owned previously.

For this game to run on Windows 10, it's necessary to purchase the "Thin Game Download" version. Just FYI.
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