Customer Reviews: SimCity Amusement Park Pack [Online Game Code]
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on August 2, 2013
This is a nice addition to the Sim City game, but for anyone having any experience with Rollercoaster Tycoon or other theme park sims there really isn't a lot of content here. This pack has one packaged rollercoaster, a swing ride, a ship ride, go karts, and a few other rides. The only ride you have any build control over is the train, but not very much. Again this is a nice addition to any Sim City, but for the price there should be some customization options (ie, color, several prebuilt roller coasters, etc). Just don't expect this add on to be anything like Rollercoaster Tycoon and you might be happy with it.
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on July 6, 2013
This is not worth $10. No way. That said, I do think the Amusement Park is a fun addition to the game. Basically, I replace the casinos with the Amusement Park and the Amusement Park makes more money and causes less problems than the casinos. I think it's fun to try to get the tourists to come to the park, and I enjoy being able to layout the Amusement Park how I want. There are a lot of rides to choose from, so it feels a lot like playing a mini-game of Roller Coaster Tycoon.

I wish they had included a Zoo as well, as that it could be a mini Zoo Tycoon as well. I loved the game Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis so it would be cool to have a dino park included...but of course they did not do that.

I know that Electronic Arts/Maxis is going to put out a new piece of DLC (downnloadable content) every month and will charge $10 a month to get as much money as possible out of players. I think that's a strategy that is blowing up in their faces because it is making people very angry. Right now, if you don't buy the Amusement Park DLC then you cannot takeover abandoned cities from people who did buy the DLC. So, essentially, if you want to keep being able to play in multiplayer games and take over abandoned cities then you will have to keep buying the DLC packs that come out.

They don't tell you this, which I think is wrong. It's a way to muscle people to buy these DLCs. If you don't keep buying them then you will find yourself locked out of avenues of play.

I think that $10 was too much for such a small DLC. I could see paying $10 if you would get a whole new a Department of Agriculture with farms and food plants and grocery stores etc. If it's not a whole new Department with lots of things to do then it shouldn't be $10.
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VINE VOICEon December 24, 2013
Normally this is ten dollars, but right now (Christmas Eve) it's on sale for three dollars. At that price, I think it's worth it - especially since Amazon is currently running a special: if you buy anything from the Digital Games store, you get a $5 credit towards an Editor's Choice game in January.

I read a lot of reviews talking about how hard it is to install this pack after purchase. I have no idea what those people are smoking. Here's the process.

1) Buy the pack on Amazon
2) Download the EXE file from Amazon
3) Run the EXE file, receive product key
4) Open Origin (if you are a Sim City player, you already have Origin installed on your computer)
5) Click on "Redeem product code"
6) Enter the key you got from Amazon

That's it. You're done.

Overall, I think this is an overpriced product at ten dollars but for three dollars it's worth it.
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on May 4, 2014
The amusement park set can be a really good addition to any of your cities if you are trying to be a tourist town - you can actually make some money with this. Unfortunately, when fully upgraded with all the rides this set is huge and takes up a big chunk of your city. Like... almost 1/4 of your city. Because of this I usually do not have the space to use it. If I'm trying to do a tourist town, by the time I have the money to plop this down my entire city has already been zoned and filled up. Because of this I only gave it three stars. EA needs to release some useful DLC that can also work with these small city limits they give us. Otherwise though, I think this set is pretty good.
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on April 14, 2015
This game is really fun- allowing you to create your own theme park, including concession stands, vending machines, rides, attractions, the front gate, and more. You also hire your staff, and keep track of the budget. I love games where the player creates the action and controls the show. This game keeps you busy making sure everything is in order. These sim games have yet to disappoint me!
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on July 29, 2013
It's a bit of fun sure, but EA is clearly cashing in here like some other Simgames. It expands what you can do with your city and offers some nice views to have (which I'm sure is one of the major goals here too), but in the end there's few rides and fairly limited possibilities for customization.
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on March 10, 2015
I bought this for $5.29 from Origin. 3 minutes of enjoyment and that was all. I don't know what I was expecting, but this tiny little addition shouldn't be more than a dollar, if you ask me. Although it makes a fun addition to your city, there's just not much to it. It's like buying one of the fancy parks... you know how you can click edit and add to them? Well that's what this is like. You have a roller coaster, some twirling machine, a zipper, swings, a mini train, a carousel, plus a few more. You also have concession stands that really do earn your city money. Maybe once I play with it more, I'll be more interested, but until then I can't recommend.
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on June 3, 2013
This add on could be great. Sim Theme Park was a great product just like the old Sim City games. I am in agreement with others. Why release DLC and make you pay for it when the game is not fully playable? Where will you put a Theme park in your tiny city? Everyone else I know that has purchased the nightmare that is SimCity is just as disgusted by this DLC as I am. Come on already! Fix the game and make it fully playable and people will buy it. Right now I am telling everyone I know to avoid it. I would love to be able to tell them it is a great game and go buy it. But not as long as there are so many fundamental flaws in the game. So many things missing that make it a SimCity game. Stop adding extras and add in what is missing!
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on December 12, 2013
EA, we are disappointed with your cynically manipulative approach to customers. SimCity was badly broken and you have told us repeatedly that you have no plans to fix it - that large cities, for instance, are impossible. Not only have your statements been misleading on a technical level but they also underscore the essential laziness that defines your approach to gaming. Cash farming is what EA does best, and this expensive and essentially worthless pack perpetuates the long-standing tradition.

You're paying EA to rent (not own) a copy of a badly broken game. You're paying to be constantly checked in upon to make sure you're not pirating or cheating or (worst of all) playing offline.

You can encourage this manipulation or you can go play something else. Your choice.
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on August 8, 2014
I really enjoyed the game and had a gift card for the add on. Felt like it enabled me to increase tourism enough to have better attendance at the casinos (which is what I bought it for). Worked easily through origin client and was instantly recognized and added to the game.
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