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on January 20, 2015
I've had my machine a couple weeks and so far l am very happy. My 1st machine was a Singer which I bought new in 1968. I still have it and it still is working but 10 years ago I wanted to update and bought a new Singer. It did not seem the quality my 1968 singer was, I found I would be going back and using my old one. It seemed to even stitch straighter. I thought I would give it another try with this S 18.
The machine was well packed and came a day sooner than they said. It seems heavy and well made. Before I started sewing with it I read through the nicely detailed, big, 75 page instruction book, It is easy to thread between either following the book or following the easy to read numbered thread guide with connecting lines, printed on the machine itself. The auto needle threader is easy. Has top drop in bobbin with see through cover plate. it has a needle up/down button to select the needle to stop up or down when done stitching. This is great when in down and you want to pivot your work. I've never had an auto thread cutter before which I have found I really like. You should have your needle set to down when using the cutter and after it cuts will make the needle raise up. It is all explained in instruction book. At first I thought bobbin thread was being cut to short, since I couldn't even see it, but then found if I just started sewing again there is no problem. I do pull my thread from spool a bit longer. There is an auto look button at the end of the seam to lock stitches to secure the end of the seam.
I tried stitching a blue jean hem and it sewed right thru the fat side seam with no problem with size 16 needle. Page 27 in the instruction book tells about hemming thick seams and using black button on zigzag foot.
The different stitch patterns I have tried so far look great. The LCD screen is easy to read and see and it has a contrasting adjusting dial..
I had been quilting a full size quilt on my other machine and the stitches were not even. With this S 18 I am much happier. I attached the Even Feed/Walking Foot and it quilts nicely. I have not tried dropping the feed dogs for free motion quilting as yet. With its throat size I can roll a quilt to fit through and stitch with more room than I've ever had.
There are so many accessories and feet included. So many types of stitches and so many features that I'm still going through learning it all but feel I can say - I love this machine.
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on December 21, 2014
Happy ---wow---to see this on sale for 575 and --I had a coupon for 125, are you serious? This is a Janome 1600 and those never go for less than 1000$. The elna version you can get for 800-1000$ if you are very lucky. Anyway this is the bomb. I was a tailor during college and trust me--to plod away on a household sewing machine that does (on average 500-600 stitches per minute) is like torture to me. This thing is not as fast as a industrial machine (2500-5000 stitches per minute) but its not 200 lbs and 220 v either. This is like a souped up house machine.

To answer the critics that "it only does straight stitches". SO. How many times do you use the 900 stitches your home machine comes with? Never. Thats what i thought. I have one too--a computerized viking and I use the following: straight---straight, and---maybe if I'm lazy--blind hem and button hole---99.9% of the time its full speed ahead straight stiitch and for that I feel the need for speed. This supplies it. Its steel--not plastic--so a magnetic LED light will cling on for dear life as I'm speeding down the sewing lane--is it for everyone?? No. However, if you sew a lot of quilts or clothing---you need straight and you need speed.

This takes--HLx5 needles and they are a hardened version of HAx1 the standard house needles you get at walmart and sewing stores. you CAN use those, but they might break especially if you are sewing layers, (quilts) or jeans--or fast. So in a jamb you can use regular needles, but the best solution is to order some HLx5 (organ brand--much cheaper) and have them on hand. You can get them for about 10c each in bulk ==50-100.

Even if you pay 600-700$ for this machine---its still a great buy. Its metal, its big, its bulky and (did I mention its fast?) and will last you easily a lifetime if you take care of it. The best thing that ever happened---was singer merging with Pfaff and Viking. That didn't cheapen the Pfaff or Viking lines, but it made the singers about 1000x better than they were, and they are now the best buy in sewing machines. For years they lived off their name--and anyone who knew sewing would not be seen using a singer---Think about it--how did Janome and Brother get so big? easy, they made an affordable- high quality machine and filled the huge void left by singer--since singer was making affordable junk. Now--singer is poised to give janome and brother a run---Elna is already on life support--as is Necchi. Janome owns both---and somehow Singer is having some machines made in Janome factories, --I don't understand it all, but like everything else, its been a consolidation of sewing machine companies just like airlines, computers, and many other things. These are great machines, all of the new singers--Not the walmart or cheap 200$ ones, but the 9900's and these studio series---great machines. Good luck!
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on April 20, 2015
This machine is a real pleasure to sew with. I have had machines in the past that had been such a pain to use, they made me hate sewing. This one is a breeze. Now I am looking for things to sew. It can do so many things. I am still learning how to use it. I first saw this machine on They work with Joann's Fabrics. It was on sale for a short time for $999.99. I had the show recorded. So I went online to Joann's Fabrics and saw the Singer S18 selling for $2,600.00. I was blown away by the price. So I decided to look on Amazon and saw it was selling for $979.95. If you need a good sewing machine this is MORE THAN WORTH the money. I am sooo glad I got the machine! I'm sure you will enjoy using it as much as I do.
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on March 22, 2015
I have been sewing for 30 years. I literally wore out my 1998 top of the line Kenmore machine. My husband bought me this one about a month ago and here are my observations. (I sew clothing, drapery and some quilting.)

Pros: sturdy, metal base, nice stitch range, even stitching, visible tension, easy threading, separate bobbin motor, fast, powerful, large throat space and table, very thorough manual, heavy base weight which is important to me.

Cons: No free arm, the first stitches start out slower before it resumes the fast speed.

I have another machine that I can use for the free arm and I'm hoping that I will just get used to the speed annoyance. I do like this Singer. It is the same model as the Janome (Janome makes them both) so we saved about $200. by going with the Singer one. The gold color is not that bad in person. If you are an experienced sewer, I think you will appreciate the features and speed. If you occasionally sew crafts, I would not part with the money as there are lots of great ones out there that get the job done with a few less features for way less cost. I sew drapes with several heavy layers, etc. and need something large that can handle the weigt and gives me a large throat space.
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on January 20, 2015
I am just getting to know this machine, so I'm not ready to rave about it. It was noisy at first, so I gave it a good oiling, and it is improving. I think this can be expected of a totally mechanical machine. It really does sew fast! I've never sewn on a machine this fast! Seems very simple and straight forward for regular sewing. I haven't tried free motion quilting on it yet, that is the technique that I bought this machine for.
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on July 1, 2016
For those that need a fast, professional looking straight-stitch, this machine is for you. It is a workhorse and it does the job, quite nicely. Love it!
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on January 11, 2016
This machine is exactly the same as the Jenome 6700. We set my daughters Jenome side by side with this one and they are identical.
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on October 19, 2016
I love this machine! I sew heavy canvas and wanted a true straight stitch machine capable of handling a mix of heavy (and multiple layers) of materials, this machine does so effortlessly. Initially I was looking at the Janome 1600 P, I had an opportunity to use both machines side-by-side and am so happy I did, they are the same machine, different branding. This is my first Singer, I have always been a Janome & Bernina gal, and now it appears I am a fan of this Singer and very happy to add this S16 to my sewing studio. I found threading the machine very easy and winding the bobbin a breeze. One thing you will want to make sure you have is a sturdy work space for this machine, it is quite heavy. when sewing at high speed this machine did so without moving. I've read where others have had trouble inserting the bobbin so I expected it to be a bit tricky but again I had no problems at all. The stitches are beautiful. I highly recommend this machine if you are looking for a straight stitch only machine. One thing to pay attention to is the thread cutter and only use it with the appropriate weights. It will cut above #30 but is not recommended and emits a louder cut/pop - even at #35, use the manual thread cutter. :)
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on November 17, 2017
The wife use this almost every day and she love's it. No problems what so ever.
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on December 13, 2016
I love this machine, I specifically bought this to sew through layers of heavy fabric like canvas and upholstery. This machine has far surpassed my expectations. It sews through layers like butter!
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