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on July 24, 2012
Most people who are reading this review know how awesome "Singin' in the Rain" is, so I won't review the film, but rather I'll limit the review to the 60th Anniversary Blue-ray disc. I watched this on a 70" Sharp Aquos HDTV. What an experience! In a darkened room, with a giant bucket of coronary-inducing self-popped (not microwave) buttered popcorn (with real butter, thank you) and an enhanced sound system, I was transferred to a time that I hadn't experienced since I was a little kid. The blue-ray transfer is breathtaking with the brillant color, clarity, and sound. It was like watching a brand new film. This is how audiences originally saw the film 60 years ago. The commentary track was very informative, though it was recorded a few years ago, since some of the contributers are now deceased. The added features are excellent. I like the 'jukebox' feature, which allows you to watch just the musical numbers of your choice. If you only have a little time, but you need a quick uplifting shot of "Good Mornin'" or "Moses Suposes" you can do that. Also the added feature of interviews with some of today's dancers, choreographers, and musical film directors is fun. It's good to see the respect and admiration that they have for Gene Kelly, Donald O'Connor, et al. I suggest whatever home theater equipment you have, set yourself up as close to a theater setting as possible and get swept away. Experience how magical a movie experience can be.
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on July 17, 2012
I may be the first one to review the Blu-ray release of Singin' in the Rain, and I will be brief: SPECTACULAR!!!. The restoration of the picture (4K) and the DTS multi-channel English track will knock your socks off!
This 60 year old classic looks like it was just filmed, except in glorious TECHNICOLOR. For those of us who were lucky to see revivals of this film in theatres with prints from the IB Technicolor masters, it is such a joy to see this quality in our own home theaters looking so beautiful. For the newer film fans who have only seen this movie on a TV screen, you don't know what you are missing. This is a classic you MUST see on the largest screen you can possibly view it on. There aren't many extras , and the trailer is standard definition, but the most important thing for me is the absolutely stunning quality of the main feature. I recommend this release on Blu-ray. It is the closest to classic movie heaven you will get!!.
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VINE VOICEon January 26, 2017
Where do I begin....this is a classic that I've watched on TV since I was very young. There are so many iconic dance numbers in this movie; it's a light, fun look at 1920s Hollywood transitioning from the Silent Era to Talkies. I love the extras included, because I'm always interested in learning about the creative process with classic films. I highly recommend this set--you get to see a very young, vivacious, talented 20-year-old named Debbie Reynolds as co-star. This film is what catapulted Ms. Reynolds into Hollywood stardom. This wasn't her first movie, but it was her most high-profile. "Singin' In The Rain" is ranked as the 5th greatest American motion picture of all time, and the US Library of Congress selected it for preservation in the National Film Registry. Debbie, Donald O'Connor and Gene Kelly have wonderful screen chemistry. You'll find yourself watching this movie over and over. A definite must for your DVD library.
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on December 30, 2016
This is my first time watching a movie on Amazon video, and it was a wonderful experience to watch a movie on demand! I first watched "Singin' in the Rain" about 20 years ago in my high school dance class on a rainy day! And even back in 1996, I thought it was truly a fabulous, energetic, and fun movie to watch! Gene Kelly, Debbie Reynolds, and Donald O'Connor were absolutely amazing and phenomenal!! I am still very much in awe that Debbie Reynolds was only 19 years old when she was cast for the part of Kathy Selden! And I can only imagine the tremendous and intense pressure she must have felt to star in a motion picture with Gene Kelly and Donald O'Connor! But she was truly such a natural talent when she made her debut in this movie! And I will always remember her for her fantastic acting, singing, and dancing! Gene Kelly and Donald O'Connor were so hilarious and funny! This is definitely a wonderful movie to watch when you need some upbeat and cheery music to lift your spirits! Or when you just want something to brighten your day!
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on January 30, 2017
A great entertainment with something for many tastes, "Singin' in the Rain" has a solid story, enjoyable acting, and clever dance sequences across several styles. Sure, you know of Gene Kelly crooning and splashing, and of three stars standing on a sofa and tipping it, and Donald O'Connor flipping off walls. Did you remember the vaudeville "Fit As a Fiddle" in checkered suits? Or the "Moses Supposes" synchronized tap dancing on chairs? Or the surreal extended "Gotta Dance" number with treadmills and Cyd Charise's long legs and ridiculously long scarf? If you're a movie history fan, you'll love the nods to Theda Bara, Buster Keaton, Valentino, Barrymore, Jolson, Busby Berkley, and other entertainments of the 1920's through 1930's. The only thing this movie doesn't offer is boredom. And if you're the type who loves to find the overlooked gem, check out Jean Hagen, in a brilliant comic performance.
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on February 14, 2015
If you haven't seen this musical, you've missed the best of the MGM musicals. Beside great songs, hilarious performances, and gorgeous settings, it also has fun telling the story of Hollywood's transition to the sound era. See Debbie Reynolds at age 18, the same age her daughter Carrie Fisher was when she first played Princes Leia in Star Wars. Gene Kelly does his famous dance in the rain, and Donald O'Connor literally knocks himself out in his funny dance routines.
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on August 2, 2014
This is a fairly good 2-disc edition, but the special features are somewhat lacking. The official documentary, somewhat affectedly narrated by Debbie Reynolds, feels overly compressed and lopsidedly focused on Gene Kelly at the expense of the unsung Donald O'Connor. Granted, Kelly deserves the credit, as the film was largely his artistic vision. Yet O'Connor's performance was also integral to the film's success and its enduring appeal. While his name is listed among those interviewed, he gets only a couple minutes to speak, and when others discuss his role it's almost exclusively focused on "Make 'Em Laugh." For Cyd Charisse's veil to get more discussion time than "Moses Supposes" is just plain odd. Those of us who've read up a little more on how this movie was made know that there are some priceless stories about Kelly and O'Connor's working relationship, none of which get told here (perhaps because they don't all reflect well on Kelly). And with all the time spent on the film's reception, nobody thought to mention that O'Connor won its only major award, a Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Musical or Comedy, over Kelly. The fact remains that it wasn't just "Make 'Em Laugh," he had the best lines and stole the show from Kelly whenever they were on screen together. Critics at the time knew it, the Golden Globes committee knew it, and it's just a shame that whoever put the documentary together didn't give his contribution the proportionate attention.

The other special features are a mixed bag. As others have noted, the commentary track is unexciting and frequently detached from the screen action. There's actually more insight on the dance numbers in the documentary on next-gen dancers who've been influenced by the movie, which was a nice surprise. I also enjoyed film historian Rudy Behlmer's insights in both documentaries. The audio outtakes and recordings are a nice treat as well.

Finally, as regards the film itself, little more needs to be said than that it's a classic, and it deserves to be studied and enjoyed for generations to come. 5 stars for the film, 4 stars for the edition.
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This review is not necessarily about the Blu-ray version of Singin' in the Rain as much as how Warner Home Video is treating these old MGM classic musicals. (Louis B. Mayer has to be rolling in his grave at the thought of the Warner Bros. label on the packaging of old MGM films on the Archives label. But then, MGM labels UA films as their own, too.) As the owner of the 2-disc set of Singin' in the Rain that was released some ten years ago, I was looking forward to the Blu-ray edition. Thus I bought the 60th Aniversary Collector's Edition for all of the extras on the DVD. The umbrella and the large box are cumbersome, the booklet is not really informative, and the large box does not easily fit in a video collection or with books. How I wish that Warner Home Video would release these special editions as neatly and succcinctly as they did with Meet Me In St. Louis and Whatever Happened to Baby Jane; the small book format with the discs inserted does not take up too much room in a libray but is still showy enough for other buyers to feel that they are getting extras. In an age when young people are ditching the whole big packaging thing for more room, why not join them in distributing these classic moves with style and a more convenient size? And...although it does not belong here...please do not treat another classic as you did with Easter Parade! If ever a film deserved the small book showcase this film is one. Meanwhile, just for the record, Singin' in the Rain looks and sounds great! And I love the video extras (although I question some of Debbie Reynold's narration in the documentary film; years ago she wrote what an awful experience it was to work with Kelly; now she practiaclly worships the tap shoes he danced on. Don't get me wrong, I can appreciate that Debbie appreciates being in such a classic and can revise her feelings for Kelly. But let's not sugar coat an experience just to sell these silly large Blu-ray sets.)
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on May 7, 2013
Since this is a review of the product I'll keep the movie part brief. This movie(musical) was really wonderfully executed and written using the time period when silent movies were transitioning into "talkies". What is wonderful is the underlying love story which blends wonderfully with the other aspects of the story. I don't ever realize during the movie that this is a musical. I'm just watching a really good story. This one stands the test of time for me and you just don't realize how much it has influenced entertainment today.

This package is wonderful. If you don't mind having a big box in your collection it's a keeper. The actuall blu-ray case is in the packaging so you can just put the movie in your shelf without the entire box package. I love the extras that come with this and the umbrella is the exclamation point on it. It is not a flimsy one either and would consider using it if it wasn't the only one I had. If you are a big fan of this film it would be worth saving and getting this edition. It is only slightly bigger than the Casablanca packaging. The restoration is very good as well. I believe even the hardcore videophiles would like the quality.
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on September 16, 2012
All right, it is the best original movie musical. That goes without saying. But it's also the ultimate in three strip Technicolor, (right up there with THE ADVENTURES OF ROBIN HOOD) with a dazzling array of colors, from ever so subtle to incredibly saturated.

My history with this title goes back quite a ways. I first saw on tv on NBC's Monday Night at the Movies, as the first network show after the weekend of mourning following the Kennedy assassination. In '63, we didn't have color, but I was totally sold on the film. My first theatrical viewing was at a museum, in 16mm, and I was immediately taken by its ultimate in razzle-dazzle Hollywood sheen. Then I saw it on the big screen in 35, several times.

On video, the colors never came through with the same impact. I had a vhs, the initial laser incarnation (which rotted and was replaced,) then the newer pressing with a big gatefold sleeve and then, the first big dvd set. They each had big improvements on the one immediately preceding them.

It was 'close, but no cigar' until this latest version, the blu ray. Truly epic, tasty recreation, this time. Don't play it on the vivid setting, though. It is not a digital original. Try it on 'movie' and the warmth of the Technicolor process will come bursting forth at you.
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