Customer Reviews: Singing Machine Pedestal CD+G Karaoke Player w/ iPod Dock & 7" LCD Color Monitor
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on March 6, 2011
This is truly the best karaoke machine in the market. I wish more people knew about it. The main reason why this machine works so well is that you can dock you iPhone 4 with it, and use YouTube to find karaoke videos online! The videos play right on the built in monitor or your tv! No need to have a huge library of Karaoke CDs to begin with!

If you are serious for at home karaoke (or even a bar setup), do this:

- Buy a large capacity iPod Touch
- Buy cable extensions for the microphones
- Buy a few Karaoke CDs and convert them to video mp4s and load them into your iPod Touch

The result - search for your favorite songs quick & easy! No need for print outs or pass around the Karaoke CD collection. Why not have multiple iPod Touches, each with it's own collection of Karaoke videos?

The quality of the machine is great. It's not durable, so be mindful of the little ones running around the machine. The camera is a nice novelty, and is used more for a signal check in our application.

One more recommendation I have is to pay to get this shipped overnight to prevent damage from excessive handling. If you want the absolute best at home Karaoke machine, look no further!
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on November 29, 2011
We purchased this through Costco last year. We used for our company Christmas party and had a blast. Used it again at home with kids and again during Halloween party. It now does not play CD's. NO sound, microphones won't work. We called the manufacturer and they gave us couple scenarios to fix problem. No success. They had no suggestions and stated they do not carry parts, so now that's is been used 3 times total we have no recourse on this. No karaoke machine for our Christmas party. :(
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on March 29, 2012
I purchased mine @ and I think it's amazing. It was just a tad difficult to assemble but it's very sturdy. I can go on YouTube and connect my iPod to the machine and it shows on the screen (you have to make sure you take the YouTube video off of hd in order for them to play on the machine screen) however it works great if you're cheap like myself and don't want to buy karaoke CDs. Also, you do have to sing a tad louder then usual if you want everyone to hear you clearly in the back of the room. It's honestly a great buy and it's fun for the family and it has two mics for duets. I ordered one karaoke cd 100 Hits presents R &B It's great and the words are clear however it's not the original artists singing background. Hope my paragraph helps lol
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on April 17, 2011
I've owned the lower model (STVG-1008) black and white CRT screen model and surprisingly this newer color LCD version isn't as good in some areas. I mean the color screen helps alot to see the words better. The iPod dock is great for improve Karaoke via YouTube using an iPhone.

But the speakers are a cheaper quality and rattle when you move them. The microphones are cheaper and cutout if you sing loudly.

The only reason I kept this unit was to replace the older and lower model unit I had where CD player part died. I then reused the older units speakers and microphones on this newer model and had the best unit overall. If it weren't for the fact I had better quality parts from the older unit I wouldn't have kept this newer model.
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on April 29, 2011
This is an ok machine. The sound quality is good, it is easy to use, and, it has a very sturdy design. However, the screen's quality is poor, the microphones won't pick up your voice unless you sing very loud. In general it is a good buy with a couple of necessary improvements.
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on February 29, 2012
Sorry it took me so long to write an update. I contacted the manufacturer the day after I wrote my first review, and was emailed some troubleshooting steps to see if I could revive the disc player, however, due to an oversight on my part, I wasn't able to respond and get info from them until this week. I responded to troubleshooting instructions informing them that the steps did not work. They then asked me to provide a copy of the receipt. Since I didn't have the receipt, I provided them a copy of the order (which I got from searching my Amazon orders) and a copy of my credit card statement showing the transaction. This was enough for them to agree to replace the machine at no charge as a courtesy since the warranty had expired, however, I have to pay $55 in shipping. I'm totally fine with that. Hope this helps! **PREVIOUS REVIEW:I purchased this item as a Christmas gift for my kids. I was on the fence about purchasing it from reviews I read, however they were mostly related to the item being shipped w/missing parts, etc. None really related to the functionality of the equipment. I bought it, put it together and it's been working fine (which is why I rated it a 3). Although the kids haven't used it as much as I thought they would, we went to use it tonight and low & behold, the disc player doesn't spin! Literally, after 2 months! Needless to say I AM PISSED! I haven't yet contacted the manufacturer for instruction but I can almost guarantee I will not be a happy customer. I did check Amazon's return policy and it says that I would get a partial refund (return expired 1/31) and would be responsible for the shipping charges. Just thought I'd let you know about the product in case you're considering it. Will post again once I speak to manufacturer.
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on April 3, 2012
I have been an avid karaoke goer for the better part of the last 13 years and have been to many shows. I know a good quality karaoke system when I see and here it. Now I'm not made of money and can't just shell out 3000 plus dollars for a pro system for my home use so I look for cheaper alternatives. I recently purchased the Singing Machine iSM-1028 N Karaoke Player. It got to my house in about a week. I know a couple of reviews I've read customers said that the system was damaged on arrival. I had no such problem.
The design of this system is pretty slick and has a sleek black design. I will say that the camera feature on here is pretty much worthless unless you are into vanity and love watching yourself sing! I don't have an iPod or iPhone so I haven't been able to test its connectability feature yet. The system speakers are on the cheap side! I tried cranking the volume up past the half way mark and got reverb. I recommend hooking the karaoke machine to your home theater or getting better speakers- It helps big time doing this and you will get the most out of this machine!
I like the small color screen that is on the machine. I have found it easy to read. My three year old daughter loves this machine and rocking out with dad! :-) Also I would recommend getting better microphones to accompany this system as well. You can go to Best Buy and get a nice one for around the $30 dollar mark that will sound way better than the ones provided. The key change feature is very nice to have and isn't something that's usually offered on the lower end systems.
So is the Singing Machine iSM worth the money? I would say yes but you should get a decent mic and good speakers to really take full advantage of what this system can do!!
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on January 12, 2012
We purchased this a gift for my sister. It did not work upon arrival and after several email attempts and calls with no response, we had to send it back. Hopefully we won't have any issues with getting a refund.

I can't say how it works because it never did; however, service is an issue. Perhaps go somewhere else would be my advice.
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on February 18, 2012
I dont know what I was expecting for a $179 machine....but I've owned a singing machine before and thought this would be an improvement. First...the 2 microphones that come with this are a joke. Tinny, no quality whatsoever. Second, the machine has no bass/treble controls, so no quality out of the speakers...Third, the column is held on to the base by a twisting motion, then one set screw...and the main unit is held onto the column with only one set screw and NO twisting motion to lock into place. Fourth...buttons to operate the machine are not identified on the unit...which is program skip...which is pause/play...which is stop...The symbols are inbedded in the plastic buttons but should be more visible. Very disappointed in it's quality. Too bad I can't send it back but I've had it for over a me, just a waste of money.
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on January 4, 2012
I purchased this for my 9 year old at Christmas. Set up was easy Christmas morning. Within 10 min of opening the box we had a CD-G in it and singing.

Pros: Surprised at the quality of sound out of the plastic speakers. We found it to be loud enough. The microphones clipped off sound when it was to close to your mouth. Quickly we learned where the ideal location was. My little one had to learn to project her voice for it to be picked up well though.

Cons: Camera worked for exactly one day. By the next day when we turned the machine on it was dead. We did not use it for the little one anyways because she was too short. We would have had to get a box for her to stand on for the camera to see her face. Video quality was blaa when it worked so no loss. Not a well implemented feature that could have been left off.

The echo feature had 3 settings only and seemed to be zero effect to way to much at setting 1. A dial adjustment would have been much better. In addition, the settings isn't sticky, so you have to set it every time you turn on the machine.

In general buttons are not very responsive. Skipping songs, turning on settings, etc all seem to lag and frustrated young users.

**Over all we are not displeased. At this price point we received more than we expected. If the frustrations were cleared up would have given it a easy 5 star rating. They set ambitious goals and came up short on several features.
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