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on December 20, 2012
I uploaded some images, sorry I'm not the best photographer so I hope I did some justice to this deck. There is also a helpful video review and Patricia Cori also speaks about her deck at YouTube. I tried to include samples of each minor arcana suits and some of the major arcana cards. The deck is large sized and the stock has a glossy coating. Some may not care for the size and it appeared to me like it might even be larger than the traditional Thoth deck. It was bit much for my small hands to handle, but the large format also complements the pictures and cosmic theme of the deck. Another thing potential purchasers should be aware of is the seal on the back makes it obvious whether the card is reversed. I prefer card backs that do not allow the user to know whether the card is reversed or upright. You'll have to flex the cards to release them as the glossy coating made them stick together. The images are digital and some are collage-like with a cosmic multi-cultural spiritual feel. The minor arcana suits are crystals (pentacles), chalices (cups), orbs (swords), and flames (wands). The court/pip cards are masters (kings), sages (queens), adepts (knights), and seekers (pages). The court cards are such that they could represent people or they could represent a personal journey toward mastery of that suit. Cori does not offer the detailed descriptions and potential interpretation for each court card, but direction as to what they could represent in the reading so you can interpret the card in light of the journey.

Patricia Cori has put a lot of thought into this re-envisioned deck. The traditional decks seemed more geared toward divining actual events, people and psychological states. This deck can be used in that way, but Cori has obviously designed it to help people on their spiritual paths. For example instead of saying, the 3 of swords means a breakup or heartache is coming, Cori starts with a description and explanation of the card image and then poses several questions to help the reader or seeker think about how the card reflects their journey. A sample question for thought for the 3 swords is, "What core beliefs or convictions have to be let go of, in order to allow the possibility of a whole new paradigm to come forward?"

Cards that perhaps made people uneasy in the traditional decks like Death, The Devil, and the 3, 10 and 9 of swords have been re-imagined. This doesn't mean the deck is all fairies and lightness. There is darkness in the deck too, but it is darkness tempered with the promise of relief if the user assesses the situation and him/herself honestly. I find the deck is well balanced in that respect, neither too harsh nor filled with forced positive thinking. Death is Transition and the picture shows a woman's spirit flowing out of her body into a tunnel of light. Very peaceful and beautiful. If you use reversals, Cori's advice is quite simple and straightforward. She suggests the energy is not in full bloom, the key is still not manifesting and it is going to take a bit longer to come to full power, there is something blocking the energy, but also advises the user to find their own "measure" and trust it.

As I have just received the deck, I have mostly been enjoying the images and reading the accompanying small approximately 85 page booklet that comes with it. So far I have only done one reading for myself and the cards were accurate for me. The booklet is the same size as the cards and stores in the box. I prefer this to the set where the book is separate and larger than the cards/box. I also prefer the 2 part pull apart box design which is sturdy instead of the flimsier type with the flap. A friend also ordered this deck and I am sure we are going to enjoy our decks.
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VINE VOICEon March 1, 2014
I collect decks and have over one hundred. I like to purchase decks that are unusual in some way. Unfortunately, many of those are unusable because they stray too far from the original meanings of the cards without calling themselves an "oracle" rather than a tarot deck. So the question for me when purchasing a deck becomes; is the art work worth having regardless of its value as a tarot and does it pull off that rare combination of unusual beauty and insightful readability? I'm happy to say that Starseed does both with an added bonus.

With many improvements geared to a more spiritual take on worldly events, the deck is still recognizable for those used to the traditional Rider Waite. The suits are changed as follows: Orbs=Swords, Chalices=Cups, Crystals=Pentacles and Fire=Wands but most of the cards retain the essential elements of their original imagery. This means it is accessible to fairly new readers and even beginners. One issue with the Rider Waite that can limit new reader's interpretations is its reference throughout the minor arcana to strictly mundane rather than spiritual events. If you want to know the basic who, what, and where of a situation, the minor cards and people cards will usually give you a fairly accurate description of an event. While this pleases and even wows most people who want a reading, those seeking to solve personal issues with a spiritual base will be less served. The non-material value of that event is usually lost unless the reader is astute enough to ask the right questions or intuitive enough to see deeply into the person's life philosophy.

In most decks, while the traditional meanings of the Ace through ten cards focus on their value as external events, it is left to the major arcana to inject spirituality, and to the reader to figure out just what that relationship is. Experienced readers who have done their own inner work can usually bridge the gap, but new readers run the risk of adhering too literally to the card images and missing the "big picture." This disconnect is well bridged both by the cards and the booklet that Cori provides.

A good example of the differences in Cori's cards and interpretations is the infamous Seven or Swords. It normally depicts a sly looking person running off with a bunch of swords. Its traditional meaning is duplicity, a thief in your midst who works behind the scenes to steal the swords, or means of victory. As morning dawns the opponent has no weapons with which to fight. Scenarios come to mind of everything from a lying boyfriend to the corporate espionage of Wall Street. It is easy to point fingers when this card comes up. We have a rogue in our midst! He needs to be discovered or something of value will be taken. What is left out of the discussion is the whole idea of grasping as a way of life.

Cori's interpretation for the seven of Orbs (Swords) focuses on the weight of things being taken rather than just the taker. In the Starseed we see a man in a balloon trying to grab all the orbs in the sky. He does not realize that this will surely crash his balloon and make him a prisoner of his own greed. So the meaning of the card is shifted slightly. Instead of arousing our need to punish a bad guy, we are asked to contemplate the spiritual weight of his greed. In this way we are both warned about the proclivities of the person in question and asked to consider the real cost to ourselves of hanging on to the thing we risk losing. Many of the minor cards in the Starseed have been given a similar twist from material to spiritual consideration.
Changes to the major arcana are many and will delight readers who find traditional images like the Hierophant being depicted as a Pope limiting. Cori starts with a replacement for the Fool in the form of a ball of energy that looks like a meteor descending toward a group of crystals. I like this image better than the hapless, medieval image of a cosmic clown because it suggests the descent of an informed spiritual intention entering the world of matter (remember Crystals=Pentacles the traditional earth suit). It also transforms the Fool from a card of choice of paths to one of remembrance and reuniting with one's soul mission.

The Magician is also transformed. Traditionally his raised arm channels universal forces to do his bidding in the world. Here he becomes an Indigo child with images of the earth for eyes. The Magician's dominion over all the suits has changed slightly. He has become the force the Magician conjured and is no longer beholding to rituals and manipulation of forces. There is no need to reach outside him, only to wisely use that which has been given. Other major arcana cards which have undergone name changes are Temperance=Alchemy, Judgment=Karma, Death=Transition, Devil=Shadow, World=Ascension, Emperor=Reason, Empress=Abundance. And then there is my personal favorite Hierophant=Guidance; the idea that we do not need human intermediaries between ourselves and the creator, nor a King-like god to rule over us is a concept whose time has definitely come.

The main drawback to these cards, especially when being used to do readings for others is finding a space large enough to spread them out and having hands big enough to shuffle them. Cori has stated that she wanted them to be large enough to use for meditation. They are that and printed on quality stock with a very nice slick finish. They also come in a very sturdy box all at a bargain price given the quality. However, I do hope that at some point this deck is offered in two sizes, one being a pocket edition, like the Thoth Tarot.
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on December 31, 2016
I was in the market for a new Tarot Deck, a more updated version that accorded to the traditional structure but had some flexibility in deviating here and there. I was drawn to this card for metaphysical reasons and because I really resonated with the use of more elemental elements, such as Crystals instead of Pentacles, Orbs instead of Swords, Flames instead of Wands, and Chalices for Cups (pretty much still cups). I was also drawn to the abandonment of "Court Cards," as I could never really connect with those cards or determine a workable meaning when using other decks that had them. In this deck, each suit's card carts are replaced with Seeker, Adept, Sage, and Master, which I really like. I also really appreciated the brevity of the guidebook; short but potent card explanations and a short and sweet introduction, nothing too complicated or cumbersome.

Despite these appealing features, I found myself unable to really connect with this deck. The card stock is fine, solid and with a nice gloss, the artistry is wonderful and there are many excellent images and interesting takes on the traditional archetypes, although I'm not a huge fan of the use of actual photography mixed with digital art, on some of the cards it works, on others it doesn't. Overall, despite the subject matter, I felt I would resonate with this card deck and experience a more mystical sense of connection, but for me something was missing, although that certainly is an individual and subjective experience.

My main reason for taking a star off an otherwise excellent deck that is worth considering if the positives I mentioned and the subject matter are appealing, is the fact that the size of the cards is just entirely too large. These are difficult cards to handle and shuffle, and if doing readings for someone else, one would need a rather large table space to adequately fit larger spreads because these cards are easily 1.5 times as big as the standard size for tarot cards, making them awkward to handle and requiring a large space to work with them. If that is not a deterrent, this is a fine deck worth considering that offers a nice balance between old and new.
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on September 29, 2012
I was very excited when I learned that Patricia Cori was publishing a deck of tarot cards specifically with Starseeds in mind! I just opened my package from Amazon a few minutes ago and I can honestly say these cards vibrate to a much higher frequency! I was so engrossed with looking through the deck at the beautiful artwork and symbols that it took me a couple of minutes to notice the distinct shift in my energy field. Even if you don't know anything about tarot, you can most certainly raise your vibratory rate by just holding and looking at the cards!

I am a novice when it comes to tarot, so I don't have enough knowledge or qualification to comment on that aspect. But I am very pleased with the quality, beauty and energy of the cards and I know that I will get many years of enjoyment as well as guidance from learning and using this deck. I AM a starseed, and I definitely resonate with them!

Thanks and many blessings of Peace, Love and Light to you, Patricia and Alysa, for creating such a wonderful gift! : )
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on October 4, 2012
This beautiful Sirian Starseed Tarot deck, by Patricia Cori and Alysa Bartha, are UNLIKE any other tarot cards I have ever seen or used before. First, the energies of the deck feel of a different nature and stand apart from the numerous other decks that I currently have. There is a magical quality to them that repeatedly comes through, both in the whimsical imagery of the cards, as well as in the readings themselves. The cards are worth spending time with, as each reading seems to draw forth a hidden piece of imagery that was not seen before, as the depicted images seem layered and alive. Due to Patricia Cori's connection to the Sirian High Council and serving as their channel that brings forth extraordinary messages for this particular time in the world's evolution, these cards similarly express profound guidance and direction for Seekers on the Path...

Second, Cori has managed to capture the mystical qualities of the timeless Tarot while revising its standard suits with symbols that are reflective of a multidimensional awareness to higher levels of consciousness. Using this awareness, she has reinterpreted many cards and offers perspectives that are incredibly useful for considering unknown aspects of oneself and pending situations. Such revisions to the deck really challenges the Seeker to connect with one's higher self, searching one's soul for insights and illumination to their unfolding spiritual journey.

Lastly, the 10-card Sirian Starseed tarot spread given at the end of the booklet offers a powerful course for discovering poignant revelations about oneself and one's life. As one who personally identifies as Starseed, I found the Sirius A, B, & C keys very helpful, allowing me to consider influences from higher dimensions as active forces within my own life. I highly recommend this tarot deck for anyone seeking an inspired tool to help evolve their consciousness or simply to gain a deeper awareness to this daily puzzle we call Life!
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on October 2, 2012
As a professional tarot counselor for 42 years, I have seen many a tarot deck come and go. Each year, we are awash in a sea of tarot, yet great decks, groundbreaking decks, are few and far between. When I first encountered the evocative power of The Sirian Starseed Tarot, I immediately recognized it as a potent tool of wisdom and transformation. Patricia Cori and Alysa Bartha have created a tarot that will take us as far as we want and need to go on the spiritual path, while at the same time being accessible and practical, a source of spiritual truth yet a down-to-earth adviser that helps us navigate the often treacherous waters of everyday life. The accompanying guidebook is a masterpiece of brevity and insight, providing an astonishing amount of information and guidance without being burdened with unnecessary verbiage. The quality of the physical product is also exceptional. The cards are large and durable; this is not a deck that will fall apart with continued use. True, the size of the cards may prove a challenge to small hands, but these images demanded a large canvas. The sturdy storage box protects the deck admirably and is beautiful as well. In closing, I can say sincerely that, as a counselor, The Sirian Starseed Tarot is going to add depth and impact to my counseling sessions and I intend on recommending it to my clients as a tool of enlightenment and empowerment that enriches lives on a daily basis, a constant reminder of who we are. This is a classic deck, an important deck and without question the best tarot of 2012. [...]
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on September 29, 2012
I have several of Patricia Cori's wonderfully informative books, and I have waited anxiously for the Sirian Starseed Tarot since the moment I learned it was coming out. I was delighted when it finally arrived.
I was quite stunned -- and pleasantly surprised -- when, about an hour after I'd taken my deck home, I discovered that the bottom of the box was actually HOT. Granted, it had been in the car for a while, but the entire box was not hot - just the bottom, where the cards were sitting - and the book it sat on in my car was perfectly cool, except for a warm spot where the box was sitting on top of it. The cards were still warm several hours later, when I finally got a chance to work with them. Needless to say, they worked every bit as well as I knew they would, and the energy they have is amazing!
I will say, though, at least from my own experience, you need to retain your focus when working with them. I have found a few decks that still work for me when my attention wanes, but these seem to shut off when I am not totally focused. That is not a bad thing -- it tells me the deck is "serious" (Sirius?) and that it needs to be respected for the important communicative tool that it is.
Thank you Patricia and Alysa for such a resonant, beautiful, and useful tarot deck -- I am so happy to have it.
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on December 9, 2014
I've been reading cards for more than thirty years, and specifically Tarot for almost 15. These cards are phenomenal. While they follow the conventional structure of Tarot, they still break free and present a fresh breath. The images are stunning. The card stock is excellent. The finish is perfect. The booklet is succinct and well written. The box is sturdy. Truly, the Sirian Starseed Tarot is in a class of its own. If you are on the fence about buying this deck, my suggestion is to do it.
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on November 23, 2014
I love these cards. They are stunningly beautiful and are such a rich resource on your journey. As I work with them I can feel the energy of the sirian council lovingly guiding me. I have used them in my Ascended Numerology practice and it is amazing how the cards validate my intuitive knowing. This has been invaluable on my path since we all can use some validation here and there:) It is amazing when gazing and meditating with these cards how beings that you did not see at first begin to appear offering their loving presence. I love them. Order them, spend time with them, release the ego and be prepared to be amazed.
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on April 14, 2017
Love this Tarot deck. The artwork is stunning and the readings it gives are very illuminating. I like the idea of the Starseed mentioned in the book that comes with it but have no real background with that concept. The cards are very special, though.
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