Customer Reviews: SiriusXM SXi1 Lynx Wi-Fi Enabled Portable Radio Kit
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on December 6, 2012
I bought a SiriusXM Lynx radio right when it came out. It sounded like a device that would finally be everything I had hoped from satellite radio. While this is a very good radio, it has several shortcomings that just leave you scratching your head.


The screen. Text is crisp and clear. The menus are easy to read. Buttons are large enough to press easily.

The device gets all channels that SiriusXM has to offer on both satellite and internet.

The last firmware update included a basic web browser.

It varies depending on your mode, but a DVR of some sort is available on both satellite and internet modes.


The differences between satellite mode and internet mode are downright confusing. Your presets are shared between satellite mode and internet mode. However, SiriusXM sometimes has different channel numbers. Example: during the holiday season, Christmas music is found on the "Holly" channel. On satellite, that's channel 17. On internet, that's channel 756. I need two presets for one channel. It works, it's just confusing.

The device is capable of recording channels and has DVR functionality. But only in satellite mode. And you can't set the time to record. That's fine for recording music channels. I don't care if it records some music for me at 2pm or 2am. But say I want to record Opie & Anthony's morning show each day so I can listen later on? I can't do that. However, SiriusXM offers a lot of programs on demand in internet mode. So while I can't record the show myself, I can stream it later. It works, it's just confusing.

Although system updates have made it better, the device is downright sluggish at times. It reminds me of an old Windows computer. After using it long enough, it just needs to be formatted and reset. I've had to do that twice. Granted all I'm really losing are my presets so it's not a terrible loss. But at the same time, there's no reason I should have to do this on a radio.

I own the home dock. When the device is docked, I can listen to both satellite and internet streams. The radio communicates with the dock through Bluetooth. From there, I have a standard 3.5mm speaker cable plugged into a stereo. There have been a couple times that the Bluetooth just doesn't work. A reboot of the device later, it'll start working again. Confusing to most users who wouldn't understand why their music isn't working.

SiriusXM mentions that you can take the radio with you while it wireless communicates with the dock. "Sit on the couch and control your radio!" Yes this works. But only in internet mode. The radio must be docked for satellite mode.

Internet streaming allows you to replay any of the last 5 hours of most channels. This feature works very well and it's great to have. There's also a feature called TuneStart. We've all turned to a radio channel only to hear the end of a song we like. The Lynx will use that buffer and always start songs at the beginning. The bad side is this is a lot like Pandora or Spotify. You can only skip so many times an hour. So if you turn on a channel, rewind to 5 hours ago, and think you can skip over songs you don't like...think again. You only get so many skips per hour. A great feature that falls short.

Internet streaming costs an additional fee on top of your satellite radio subscription. To get the best of this radio, you must be subscribed to both.

When listening to music in satellite mode, you get a background picture for the channel but no album art. When listening in internet mode, you get album art, but no background picture. It's odd that the internet mode doesn't include both.


In spite of its split identity crisis between satellite and internet mode, I like this radio. But I think its appeal is very limited. I wouldn't recommend this radio for somebody to put in their car. The wifi/internet features wouldn't be available and without that, the feature set is limited. You'd be better spending your money on a simpler radio.

The only audience that would get the full benefit out of this radio is a SiriusXM subscriber who plans to put this radio in the home dock on a desk or shelf where wifi is available. It can be confusing at times to navigate back and forth between satellite and internet mode. I wouldn't give this to somebody that isn't already experienced with electronics in general like my Mom. "Oh Mom, you're in internet mode where the channel you want is 756, not 17 which is satellite mode." She'd look back at me completely confused.

If you're able to look past all the odd issues and understand its quirks, it's not a bad radio. If you're paying for both satellite and internet, you get *every* channel that SiriusXM offers. I don't know of any other radios on the market at this time (December 2012) that can say that.
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on July 6, 2012
Update to original. After working with a very nice person at Sirius I am beginning to like the unit. They have fixed most of the software bugs and it is very dependable. Boot up is much faster and only takes about 30 seconds at most to here music. I wish there was a way to keep the power running while you are stopping and starting, that way it would work like a real radio.

My faith has been restored in Sirius, mainly from the person who has been working with me. Great customer service.

First the Good. It is small and can fit in your pocket
The battery seems good and plays for hours
Screen is nice and easy to read and use
Like the ability to store favorite stations.
Like storing your songs on it also so you can use it as a MP3 player.

Now the bad

The only way you can listen to Live stations is either
A have it docked in your car or home
B Through your home network but then only through the speakers of the Lynx or through headphones.

Having to use the dock is somewhat annoying.
I bought a car kit for $69.00 which is a jip for what you get.
the car kit comes with a antenna (Which if you have an old system your antenna will work with this which was nice seeing I didn't have to run it through my car again.
A power DC cord for a cigarette lighter. The plugin to the car kit is completely different than on the base of the unit which doesn't make any sense.
I have a Taurus with the sync system and this radio will not work with it at. Bluetooth, Nope, USB line in Nada, doesn't even charge the unit for whatever reason. I am hoping that there will be a software update to correct this in the future.
The vent clips are average at best. I like the suction cup window mount on my old star-mate much better. If you touch the unit the wrong way the clips fall off and it drops to the floor.
The option tape or screw mount is useless seeing that you have to install it with 4 screws to the back of the unit. so if you want to move it from one car to another you have to disassemble the thing which is pointless. It would have been nice to get another mount and then transfer from one car to another rather than buying another $69 car kit.
I now jut sit it on the console of each car that I have and run the music stream through my line in Aux port on my radios. Thank god I have it. Using a cassette adapter is terrible sound.

I decided to not get a home kit and I paid the extra money for Internet access through my wireless network. I have an I PAD and their app works great going through my home stereo system. I also had an star-mate boombox which will work with this lynx through the Aux port. The downside is the Bluetooth range. It sucks. Maybe 10 feet at best. My I pad, I phone, and Kindle fire all work on my backyard porch of my home but the Lynx loses the signal long before I get to my Kitchen. Not sure why they lowered the signal strength of Bluetooth.

It takes at least 2-3 minutes to boot the unit up so if you are making start and stops during the day you spend a lot of time with dead signals. They need the ability to leave the power on when you turn your car off or if you can set your power plug to on always.

About half the time it doesn't boot up properly and it just sits there with the Sirius screen. You have to open it up, pull the battery and restart it which is a pain. Again I am hoping for a software solution in the future.

In order to get your own music on the lynx the easiest way is to open up WMP and it will recognize the unit and you can sync it. The downside is for play lists it uses MU4 playlist which is not supported by WMP, only apple so you have to then go to I tunes and save your playlist on your desktop and then copy it the lynx. What a pain. Why can't these technology companies get along.

Bottom line I am going to keep the unit because I am committed but I really like my old star mate better.

The old rule holds true on this unit. Never buy the first new product until they work all the bugs out. If you are not tech savvy you will be frustrated with this unit.
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on June 22, 2012
I ordered two units, one for my wife and one for my car. The first unit I opened was dead on arrival. It simply would not boot up. I returned it to Amazon. I used my wifes unit to try to install and it skips or cuts out even though there is a strong signal. It happens every 30 seconds or so, so if you are listening to jokes you miss the punch line. If you are listening to music it is simply very maddening! A major problem is that with XM or Sirius there is a charge every time you have them initialize a new radio - even if the reason is because of a defective product. In my case my subscription is an annual one so it is $15 every time you switch radios.

My wife has a lifetime subscription. The problem there is that you can only change radios 3 times and each swap cost $75.00. After the third switch if the hardware fails your lifetime account is expired as you cannot switch to a fourth device [a gotcha I wasn't aware of when I paid the lifetime
charge as I would not have considered that policy 'lifetime'...]

Now I am past the 30-day point on one radio and both car installation kits. The other radio has been returned once and I am not sure Amazon will let me return it since I already returned the original unit. In other words - I am out about $600 for the two units.

It is difficult for me to believe that two of the three units don't work, and I am reluctant to spend another $15 in XM fees to attempt to install the third unit. Hopefully, the manufacturer will see this review and contact me to make things right. If they do I will edit this post to let you know the problem was fixed.

As it stands now, I cannot recommend this unit to anyone!
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on May 17, 2012
I upgraded to the Lynx after my Stiletto 10 finally died. The device itself is nice, and it has some pretty cool features. I particularly like how it will attempt to start at the beginning of the song when you change to a new station. Of course one of the other perks is that it is one of the few radios that can get the extra channels (i.e. Tiesto's Club Life; might I add that I'm a bit annoyed with feeling forced into upgrading to access new content). The UI is also nicely done, but it feels a bit laggy at times. I find it hard to change stations while driving, and I'm often hitting the same button repeatedly because it can take a few seconds to respond.

My biggest complaint - which may be more an issue with XM vs Sirius rather than the radio itself - is that the sound quality is borderline unbearable. It sounds like a 32k internet stream. Percussion and "s" sounds in songs sound muffled and distorted. It's frustrating to say the least when you pay this kind of cash in addition to the monthly access charges. I'm hoping I can just ignore it since Sirius has seemingly stopped creating new radios. Speaking of which Sirius tried to sell me a USED (and quite dated) Stiletto 2 for $160ish, which is a complete ripoff but still tempting with the prospect of better sound quality. Maybe I'm too critical (my fiancee could not tell a difference), but try listening to a CD and then turn this bad boy on...

At the end of the day, if you're looking to upgrade this seems to be the best option in terms of being the latest and greatest. If you're a previous Sirius subscriber - start listening to crap quality internet radio to prepare your ears for the disappointment they face.
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on January 2, 2013
Let's start with the unit is retailing for $150 now, and I found a store that had a $50 rebate so it is $100 afterwards.

I did some research, especially reading on here, so I wanted to clear some things up with a recent purchase of the unit. (Late Dec. 2012)

1: It does take a while to boot-up "out of the box." Once you get to install the updates, it doesn't take that long at all. Of course, if you power it down it will take a lil bit for it to power up. To do the updates, you just need a WiFi connection. Relax, you don't need to change your subscription to do the updates.

2: Battery life is pretty dang good. I'd have thought it'd die quickly. I have had it, between the car and the apartment, a few days before it finally died at work.

3: I have no idea what the overseas customer support has to do with the device. I called SiriusXM and it was up and running within 10 minutes while driving down the highway.

4: This unit is standalone, you have to purchase a home or vehicle dock to use the satellite option. Otherwise, with WiFi you can use it if you have the internet radio subscription.
I added the internet radio to test it out, and I'm VERY happy with the option. I'm streaming XM via my Android Phone, which you can do with the internet radio subscription, and it's working great!! The desktop version is inconsistent and was jumping back every 20 minutes. Weird, but the Lynx has no issues with WiFi play.
It's not hard to figure out how the two modes work; even the instructions explain it with pictures. Satellite = docking station, Internet = WiFi.

5: The DVR is pretty awesome!! It records up to 30 minutes from the stations you have listed on the bottom, your presets. There's a feature, from an update, that allows you to surf the songs that have been DVR'd. It's a SWEET feature.

6: The unit DOES have a built in speaker. This isn't a Bose speaker, but it does an alright job.

I upgraded from a SkyFi2 and this is LIGHT YEARS ahead. Only feature I am missing is having the unit alert me when a preselected artist is playing. Other than that, I love this lil guy! It was a xmas gift, bought from a retail store, and I got the vehicle dock as well.

Not knowing how to use all the features is a lil intimidating, but I did read through the instructions and it's not very hard to use. If you are a longtime subscriber like myself you will LOVE this device.

UPDATE: I figured out a lil problem, but there's a slight solution. When the battery heats up, which is easy when it's just sitting in the car on a hot day in Texas, the unit won't charge.
Pro - The vehicle dock will still use the satellite option so you will still hear the music.
Con - It won't charge and the unit could run out of juice.
Solution - Open the back panel and hold it up to the AC vent. Cooling the battery off will allow it to charge again. Then you can pop it back on the vehicle mount and rock out.
Kinda of lame, but at least there's a solution.
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on December 22, 2012
I've been a subscriber to Sirius since 2005 and have used several different players over the years: Starmate ST1, Visor, Stratus, Onyx, Stilleto 2 and countless other Internet radio steaming boxes (my favorite being the Grace branded Internet radio box). I thought it would be hard to top my original player, Starmate ST1 (which is still alive and kicking) but this one did. The interface is clean and easy to use, it has the ability is receive +Plus channels and OnDemand, you can expanded the memory with a MicroSD chip to use it as an MP3 player, it has a descent web browser on it of you are in a pinch and the screen on it is bright and responsive. I use the car kit when driving and just disconnect while bringing it in the house to use the WiFi player. You can even just use it as a standalone since it has a speaker built into it. In owning it the past two months, I've only had it completely lock up and freeze on me once, which required me to pull the battery out to reset. Considering its powered by a custom version of Android 2.35 (Gingerbread), that's great. In comparison, I have to power cycle my other android devices all of the time. Granted, it's like comparing bananas and carrots, but just trying to put it into perspective.

If you do plan on using it in the car or at home (satalite) you must own the docking station or a boom box with an antenna built-in. Otherwise, you can only use the Internet radio and MP3 functionality. If you buy a car kit, do yourself a favor and pick up the Direct FM Tranmitter to install, as the FM Tuner is terrible on these dock kits. You can blame the FCC for that one. My Starmate ST1 had an amazing tuner, but all others after the high power transmitter ban was enforced have been rather poor. The Direct FM tuner fixes that issue. It'll be the best $20 investment you can buy along with the radio.

I believe Sirius dropped the ball early on with glitches and hiccups that took forever to iron out, turning many off from picking it up (tis the curse of early adopters), but the radio is still being updated, which, in fact, it just got an update two weeks back. So I cannot speak for the validity of the problems in the poor reviews. All I can say now for the player is that's a wonderful player, at a great price ($135.00!!!) and it shouldn't be passed up.
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on August 3, 2013
I came from a XMP3(front button fell off) and bought this figuring it's the latest and greatest and it would be a step up. Boy was I wrong. While it adds some nice features, it DROPS other great features from previous receivers. Plus it is awkward at times in its execution of new features.

First the Good...
1) Can play extra 2.0 channels
2) Can stream internet channels
3) Actually has a web browsers(added in the Feb 2013 update)
4) When jumping to a song you wanna hear, it will jump to the beginning of the song, so you hear the whole thing.
5) Allows 30 favorites
6) Has a very nice Tunemix feature that jumps around and plays songs from all 5 of the currently shown 5 favorite stations
(you only see 5 favorites at a time and must scroll to see 5 more, up to 30. So tunemix works on each group of 5). The
only thing is, this only work in satellite mode, not in Internet streaming mode.

Now the Bad...
1) No Tune Select!!!! This notified you when an artist or song you had marked was playing on another channel
(I cannot believe they left this out)
2) No ability to record just a song like my XMP3 could. You can only record the entire show.
3) No info ticker that would run a sports scores/stock ticker on the bottom of the screen
4) The Satellite and Internet streaming are 2 entirely separate functions. They are NOT seamless. So if you have a favorite
that is internet only and you are in satellite it doesn't work. You have to jump to the main menu, change to internet and
THEN select you station. If you want to go to a Satellite channel, you have to repeat the process to get back to
Satellite. The favorites are shared, so the inaccessible ones are greyed out. Terrible design.

To top it off, if you have the internet on you plan, you can get #'s 1, 2 and 3 of the Good section on the Sirius Phone app, so if you really need those, just fire up the Sirius Phone app.

This thing could have so good, but whoever designed it, failed miserably in thinking things through. I just don't understand how they could leave out a feature like Tune Select, which several receivers before it had and it was a TOP feature. Stunning. Plus not being able to record individual songs like the XMP3 is a bit of a surprise too.

This thing should have had all the features of the XMP3 and THEN add the other ones. Don't drop your top features from previous receivers and then make this thing seem like all that. It is FAR from it.

Personally, I do not recommend spending the money for this one. If you need something now, I would just go for the Edge and then use the Sirius Phone app to get the streaming channels.
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on April 16, 2013
I'm going to review this as an internet radio only for right now, as it's not in my vehicle yet. This runs on Android, so it's basically a wifi cell phone with a satalite antenna port.

First off, it's basically the size of a thick cell phone, similar to that of my Droid Razr, though not as tall, screen size is probably close.

Screen: Screen brightness can be automatic or set by user in the settings. The color is ok, viewing angles are not impressive, you get some color distortion if you have a bad angle, not as good as any decent cell phone. Screen is not bad enough to prevent you from using the device.

Touch: Not as smooth as I'd hoped, probably equivalent of a low end phone, you sometimes have to be very deliberate, but with remote or car dock, maybe not an issue.

OS: The system is a locked down version of Android, you can't install apps or widgets (tried via gmail'ing APK files), obviously Play Store is not on it, but even trying to run APK's directly I couldn't do it. Latest update includes a browser, which appears to be pretty functional - works seamlessly with youtube, plays video full screen and no lag. Turning on the device from power off is about 30 seconds, but does have a standby mode, battery is around 1100mah, so in standby it probably can last plenty of time.

Library: Allows you to play your own music via the Library function, but does not let you directly browse other file types, so you can't hit any APK's from there. Not sure if video content via MSDHC or not.

Music via wifi: The system defaults to starting songs at the beginning when possible if you just switched channels. There is about 3 to 5 seconds lag switching channels of buffering, even with decent home wifi.

Music interface: Includes 40 presets, which is good, but really not enough, I filled them all up no problem, 5 for the low music stations, 5 country, 5 talk/news.... etc. You can see station, artist, song name and battery life on the screen at the same time all the time. You can browse other stations without interrupting what's playing.

Built in speaker: If you're alone in a quiet room it's sufficient at maximum volume, but not contest for a decent cell phone external speaker. You'll need a dock if you're serious about any kind of volume.

Overall: Great device that performs as advertised, could use better screen and would like to see more efficient buffering over wifi. (Pipe dream: I'd like to be able to use android apps, particular a screen brightness widget.)

I purchased the because I feel it's the best SiriusXM option out right now and it lives up to that. For the price point, I'd have to say it's good, maybe it's not fair to compare it's quality to a $600 phone.

UPDATE 12-11-2013:
It's been around 6 months now and I still enjoy this ready and I'm happy about my purchase. Here are some tips for you. The power adapter male end for this is somewhat shallow, it's only interesting in really hot females.... sorry, it will not fully enter the female side all the time, if your female connection in your car is fairly deep. I thought I had a faulty adapter, but it was just not long enough for my vehicle, I had to use an extension.

The feature that allows you to rewind is cool and you can select different PREFERRED rewind stations, so that you can be sure your most valued station you may rewind. HOWEVER, this is ONLY applicable to that SET OF PRESETS, so if you're first set has one that is preferred for rewind, and you hit the 7 on your remote (to show 2nd set of 5 presets) and then go back to the first set, you will NOT be able to rewind all the way back on your preferred station.

In other words, if you're looking at presets 1 thru 5, and 1 is preferred. Then you decide to look at 6 thru 10, when you return to viewing 1 thru 5, the preferred station on 1 thru 5 is starting to record all over again. It's really not a good way for it to work, but whatever.

Also, make sure you do the firmware update right when you get this, mine required updating right out of the box.
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on August 7, 2012
Here is some info for you:

-You cannot tag songs
-You can skip or go back one whole song at a time. You cannot fast-forward or rewind parts of songs
-The unit crashes every now and then. You will need to power down and restart it which takes a few minutes.
-The touch screen is slow to respond. Sometimes it doesn't respond at all and you have to do a reset.
-You get band and track info, but no album info except in WiFi mode.
-For the price, I was expecting more.

After using the unit for a couple of months, I adapted to its flaws. The sound quality is great. I also like how I can put a 32GB micro SD card in it with my MP3 songs and play them through the Lynx. SirusXM is on the right track with this type of receiver; they just need to improve on it. Hopefully they will not change the connector so any new Lynx type units will work with the same vehicle/home docks.
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on July 23, 2014
loved it while it worked... I was just told by a siriusxm tech representative today that this device has a very high risk of failure rates. Mine lasted 1 year and 3 months. And that is 3 months over their warranty. That is why it is no longer sold by siriusxm.
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