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on May 30, 2014
Not since Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman have I ever been so compelled to
watch a non-fiction television series. I made the mistake of the power
marathon over a long weekend watching ALL five seasons and going to
sleep with that theme song in my poor little noodle. I could not stop
watching, it was that engaging and stimulating. Of course there were
many issues with the first season comparison but can you imagine
American Beauty 2?? Of course not, hence the ability to continuously
create story lines, magical celebrations of life and death would be
equally intractable.

I have been to several funeral homes to make arrangements for loved
ones and do not believe that every customer would engage a complete
stranger and spill every deep emotion and details portrayed in this
series. I guess that is my one pointer for not showing a more realistic
business like attitude that most customers would exhibit. I however
have fallen completely apart at certain crucial ceremonies but never in
the hands of a funeral director let alone assistant.

I have never made any plans for my future demise but this series made
me consider many choices. If I had my dream funeral it would have been
the Puccini Nessun Dorma theatrical Turandot production, jaw dropping
heartfelt emotional and visual tempest.

I did find the gay couple sex overwhelming in the first season, despite
my warm acceptance of Brokeback, and many other same sex relationship
films. I feel they toned done those types of scenes in later seasons
and was truly joyful during the wedding ceremony portrayed in the
finales last moments.

My favorite episode has to be the biker funeral with Nate inheriting
his ticket to freedom and being on the road albeit with no helmet! As a
rider who had to give up this hobby it was especially moving. Always
superb music selections even to the end, had never heard of Sia.

Still processing some of the symbolism, i.e. Nate jumping in his white
suit with sunglasses rather out of context imho and Claire's wedding
ceremony guests.

I hope it will not take another 40 years to enjoy another phenomenal
series. Guess I will have to settle for the Simpsons presently...sigh.
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on March 4, 2017
I watch this series while on my treadmill. It is great! In fact, I am on my third pass of the complete series. I have lost forty-two pounds!
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on November 23, 2013
I just finished watching, for probably the third time, the complete series of Six Feet Under because Comcast had put the whole thing up on on-demand. Even now, judging SFU against some powerful television---TV having long surpassed film as the best media experience---I can say unequivocally that SFU is the best series ever made for TV. Certainly, there were some rough spots along the way, like the implausibility of the last episodes of the Lisa story. I think the producers wanted to get rid of the Lisa factor, but their creativity should have enabled them to give us a better story line. And, yes, there were some soap operatic moments. But on the whole, it was a great big amazing slice of life--- and death---that is unforgettable. And, as others have said, the wrap-up in the series finale was awesome. Somehow, I have acquired seasons 4 and 5 on DVD, and now I feel compelled to buy the first three seasons to complete the set because I can't imagine not wanting to binge-watch the whole thing again some day.
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on October 21, 2013
This is a must see after seeing the season 1-4. This is the only series I have ever see that follows every major character to their finality. This is my absolute favorite series of all time. If you think your Job sucks and you have a hard day at work and with family imagine that your family is your business and you own and run a funeral home. Imagine you may have to bury your own family members or you lose friends and loved ones and your family is riding you back that its still a business yet while personal secrets are showing up during the funeral with the ridiculous requests that are made. Now throw in all the other troubles with life and your personal life this makes for the best entertaining series that HBO has ever done in my opinion. This is season five of five.
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VINE VOICEon November 14, 2010
Six Feet Under deals with death in a unique way for a TV show. With a sense of humor, pathos, fantasy and realism, Six Feet Under depicted a family who ran a funeral home and the people who used their services. In the fifth and final season, the Fishers indeed wrap up and end their lives. At the beginning of the season they are miserable and hopeless, as they approach the end they become more hopeful and at peace. Ruth deals with her mentally ill husband George. Keith and Brenda marry apparently unhappily or with anxiety, David and Keith search for children to adopt, Lauren has to decide whether to deal with Billy as a lover or someone else, and Maggie, George's daughter finds another woman's husband attractive. What happens will always have death involved and the sadness that goes with it. I love the ending which many have called the greatest ending to a series ever.
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on February 13, 2016
All good things must come to an end, right? I'm glad the creators did not try to drag this show out. I have a feeling another season or two or three would have ruined its esteemed standing. In other words, this show was good for 5 solid seasons. Another season would have soiled its glory. All the loose ends were tightened for viewers.
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on July 2, 2013
I absolutely love Six Feet Under. I give the show 5 stars. The shipping from amazon was horrible the box was torn and the plastic casings inside were cracked and broken. I ordered all seasons of six feet under and only one of the five boxes was in mint condition all other four boxes were broken, cracked and ripped. The box they came in was in good condition so it seemed like the products was already damaged at the Amazon facility. It almost seemed like they had dropped it or smashed it before even shipping it out. I havent had any issues with shipping from amazon until this time.
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on June 23, 2006
"Six Feet Under" was a rarity: you got hooked on it immediately, stayed hooked on it, and felt the pangs of loss when it all came to an end, as much as losing someone "real" to you. The characters were genuine, the situations fascinatingly bizarre, and when you have it all take place around the subject of death, dying and the many peculiar customs and beliefs we attach to the end of life, you have the makings of a cool cult show that you just have to keep and watch all over again. Season Five is worth it for the ending episode alone...and, as always, the soundtrack is impeccably appropriate. Losing these characters was tantamount to suffering the death of someone "real;" and, in many respects, good fiction can make imaginary characters more authentic and inspiring than many of the flesh-and-blood people one encounters on a daily basis. "Six Feet Under," rest in peace, and may you live forever...
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on June 17, 2016
This season is the next to last season. It is a truly unique show and quite engrossing. One of my favorite characters is featured highly in this season, Nate. The acting is incredible. I cannot say too much so as not to give away any plots. It is a season well worth watching.
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on January 4, 2007
I still rate the first Six Feet Under series as the best, but found myself mourning it's demise at the end of the last show here, as one by one, we really see that 'everything ends'. There will be no series to follow, the producers et al have made sure we understand that as they firmly nail the coffin shut. Of all the shows I've watched on DVD over the past four years, this is the best by far. (I never got into the Sopranos though so, I could be flawed in that analysis by what I understand is also a highly admired series) All the way through Six Feet Under the charactors, whether small or large roles, are so well developed. Fantastic acting, is buoyed by great scripts and dialogue, direction and the general feel and look of the whole set piece. Everyone involved must be proud of their imput and achievement. I look forward to re-watching the whole lot in about 3 years when hopefully I've forgotten the plot a bit. (No not me, the shows!) And as for David... we love you girlfriend!
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