Customer Reviews: Six Minutes
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on June 3, 2013
So glad "The Killing" was renewed for this third season. The acting once again is superb! The relationship between Linden & Holder is like magic. If you're looking for a smart detective drama with heart this is the show for you.
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I watched season 1 and 2 and was addicted! I get bored easily but this show kept me wanting to know what happened next. Some would call it slow, I think it keeps you guessing and just when you think you know what is going to happen, it changes. The first and second season is about the same case. The third season is a new case that shows how Holder matured with the help of his previous partner Linden.

The third seasons starts off with a two hour premiere. It is just as addictive as the other seasons! One note, the show takes place in Seattle but it is actually filmed in Vancouver which is not too far away. Give it a try, you will not be disappointed!

Updated July 26, 2013: I bought the third season so I can own each one as it is released. I think the last episode, "Reckoning', was one of the most moving ones yet. I actually cried as I watched it. That is the thing with this show; you will laugh, cry, and think. You really feel like you know the characters, it feels so real! Last night I went back to start watching Season 1 and Sarah and Holder really have matured a lot! It is almost as if Sarah lost a lot where Holder learned a lot and they really rely on each other. This show is by far my favorite and I can watch the episodes over and over again! When I watch this show I will not answer the phone, make sure I will not be interrupted, basically, the only thing that would make me move watching it is if the house caught on fire.

Again, Season 3 you think you might know the killer but like the first two Seasons, I know we are going to be surprised! I have my guesses and will not share them but know I will probably be wrong. That is what is so great about this show, as unpredictable and addictive as heck!!
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on January 17, 2014
I loved this series so much because it didn't fit a mold like so many copy-cat shows. It was new, fresh and innovative. The characters were flawed, but good people. The main character's Linden & Holder had real depth and we got more than a glimpse into their lives outside of their jobs. It was an all around fantastic series. Cancelled I guess for the last time. I hate being jerked around, but I'm "just a consumer."
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please note: this show is based on the very popular Danish show of the same name which played over three seasons. although the two began almost identically, over time the American one seems to have made choices which are going over even bigger with audiences, if you wish to see the Danish one, you might not want to keep reading as i will reveal the differences.

update: this show was cancelled shortly after this season ended but Netflix picked it up for a fourth season. a lot of viewers did not like the ending for season three which did not help the situation. although you might agree that the writers needed to work on their ending scripts some more, there is no doubt that many things did succeed with this show. as i set forth below, the two leads are excellent and many will be disappointed they are gone. the pacific northwest was also a terrific setting and many will be sad to go back to LA or NYC based shows. this show was also highly artistic and atmospheric, more like a European tv show, and many of us will also miss that. i hope something can be done about capturing the best elements of this show and melding them into a new show whose writers follow through better. my original review follows.

first and foremost, the male detective paired with the woman detective in the Danish one is not very likable and the two of them never get along all at well. but it doesn't matter because he gets killed in the first season because he's not carrying a gun while hunting a killer (in Europe, this apparently happens quite frequently, going without a gun as a cop. in America, this is unthinkable so our male detective never faces this problem.

the male detective is the HUGE difference between the two series. not only has holder lasted three seasons but he is now equal to linden in the show. in fact, some viewers even like him better than linden. in the Dahish series, the woman was the sole lead throughout.

also the crimes have become much more noir, modern and complex. the mood is terrific, ditto the setting and stylistically this show is very artistic. there are several story threads going on and linden is involved in both. one was her old case and the other is a new case with holder. the old one involves a killer she helped put on death row. he is awaiting execution. he is played by the fabulous peter saarsgard who usually only acts in film. the new case involves streetwalkers who are being killed. there is one striking scene where linden finds a whole bog of bodies in red garbage bags. it is quite striking visually her finding these bodies.

i should also mention that the two leads here are far more attractive and charismatic then the ones in the Danish series, although these looks are naturalistic and not startlet like or hunk like. most viewers are very attracted to holder and linden. and together, although they are not involved romantically, they generate great chemistry.

usually american remakes fall short of the European series upon which they are based. but not here.

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on June 9, 2013
Never Ever watch tv anymore EXCEPT for this show!! the acting is superb and the writing is wonderful. It's nice to know at least there are one or two shows left on television that are worth watching
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on June 9, 2013
This is not the show for you if you prefer shows where you don't have to pay attention and where you can miss an episode and still follow along. The story lines have twists and turns, the script is well written, and the actors are very good. The stars of this show are the characters and their interactions. Nice to see Netflix help bring this quality drama back from cancellation. Also glad to hear that the murder will be solved within Season 3. I don't like when the story line is split over two season as was the case with seasons 1 and 2 and the Rosie Larsen murder. Prior to the start of season 2 I had to go back and watch the last couple of season 1 episodes to refresh my memory on the details.
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on September 6, 2013
I'm getting toward the very end of season 3. If I had rated The Killing even a few episodes ago I would have probably given it a 5 (or at least a 4 and 1/2 if that were an option to select). The show has excellent character development and an in-depth plot line with killer twists. However, I feel it completely crashed as it moved toward the end of season 3. All of the main characters are pathetic and even despicable at times--including Linden and Holder. I understand that this is likely intentional in order to show the dark human side of every character (and perhaps to highlight that good/bad distinctions are often superficial), but it got to the point where I felt disgusted by characters who had previously been flawed (but not downright pathetic or unlikable) protagonists. Unfortunately I went from being a very big fan of this show to being pretty sure I will not order any of Season 4 if and when it becomes available.
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on July 7, 2013
Holder is still providing the comic relief, but he is coming into his own as a detective. The storyline is just as compelling as the first two seasons. I hope they solve the case by the end of this season; I don't think I can wait until Season 4 to find out what happens!
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on June 7, 2013
i really enjoyed The Killing last season and heard it was cancelled. I was happy to see it back and missed the first episode so found it on Amazon.
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on July 29, 2013
*The Killing* has finally hit its stride in this season. The whole season has been great, but the last few episodes have been riveting and moving. Mirielle Enos is amazing, as is Joel Kinnamen. Last season, I would have recommended the show, but more for the mood and style of the show than for the power of the story. This season -- the story moves and the actors are right there making it happen. Linden is the best female character on television. I noticed that Jonathan Demme directed episode 9, and I loved the connection to Clarice Starling. He really finds a way to show that tension between great will and small stature in a female heroine. In *Six Minutes*, director Nicole Kassell nailed the prison telephone conversations between Lindman and Seward. Intense. I am a fan!!
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