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on June 17, 2013
I'll preface this review by saying that I've never really owned a "nice" watch before. Like you, I read all of these reviews before deciding to purchase this watch, so I'll try to make sure I give a perspective you haven't seen already. First, I really like this watch, it's attractive and unique, but still understated enough for me to feel comfortable with it in a business atmosphere.

The first thing I notice people mentioning about this watch is how much they hate, or are baffled by the people who hate, the clasp. My experience with the clasp has been mixed. When I first got the watch adjusting the clasp was one of the more harrowing experiences of this past year. The clasp is very small, and adjusting it properly is very difficult to do with out bending it, this ruining it and the watch. It's was very frustrating and took me nearly an hour to get right. With that said, once I had the claps just right, I haven't had too much difficulty with it. It took me a while to get adjusted to this particular clasp (it's a little different than most similar clasps)and if I wasn't careful it would seem like it was lock, but it really wasn't. The watch did slip off a few times, but thankfully I was always able to find it. If you make sure the clasp is done correctly (you'll always feel a click if you do) then it shouldn't be a problem.

Now the second thing I see people mention about the watch is the color, and how the picture does not do it justice. I disagree. I chose this watch in no small part because I liked the blue face. There's really not much to say about it, I find the picture on the website to be very true to the product. It's a dark, shiny blue. In my experience what you see is what you get.

Now another thing that was mentioned, that I too noticed, was the lack of a second hand. It's no big deal, but it makes it more difficult to determine if the watch is working at first or not. The lack of a second hand also means that you can't use this watch as a timer (at least not a very accurate one). This has not been a problem for me yet, but it would have been a nice feature. As for other minor features that are missing, I never noticed before, but this may be the only watch without any sort of lighting or glowing feature to read the time in the dark. This is, again something that has not been a huge problem for me, but it is worth mentioning. The minute and second hands have indentations where you would expect it to glow where it doesn't.

The watch band itself isn't something that is frequently talked about in reviews, but was actually the biggest draw of this watch to me. I can't say whether or not the watch is really made of titanium or not, but the metallic mesh is very comfortable. One problem I've noticed with other watches with leather or similar bands is they get indentations and fade fairly quickly, something I specifically wanted to avoid. While not as flexible as these types of bends, it is plenty flexible enough. It combines the advantage of the look and comfort of a leather band with the sturdiness of a link watch band. The is one minor issue I have that I believe may be specific to my watch; the watch band has a bulge and is slightly wider than intuition and aesthetics would suggest at one place on the band.

The final thing, and my favorite aspect of this watch, is the weight. This watch is so light that I often forget that I'm wearing it. It's not just the band either, it's the watch face as well. The weight (or lack thereof) in this watch means that it will stay properly on your wrist with having to cut off your circulation. It's the easiest watch to wear that I've ever owned or seen. I hadn't even considered this factor, but it will be top of the list should I ever need to purchase another watch.

All in all an excellent watch that I'm very happy with. It has a few minor issues that could use improvement, but I definitely recommend this watch.
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on June 21, 2012
First of all, this is my first skagen purchase. I came across this watch at my local macy's and looking at the $135 price tag I was hesitant and thankfully I was. I came on amazon and found one for 68 dollars, it was such a steal. Now just to get it out of the way, if you are wondering wether to buy this watch or not, you should absolutely. You will not be dissapointed. The price of this watch seems to fluctuate a lot on amazon so never be imaptient and buy it if it's over 80 dollars, just wait it out and check regularly because I am pretty sure you will find one within 68-79 dollars.

Now on to the watch. I'll break it down so it's easy for you guys to understand everything
Dial - The dial is a dark blue but, when it's exposed to light, it's reflection looks gorgeous and will capture people's attention without a doubt.

Glass - The glass of the watch is very thick and scratch resistant. It also reflects off light and is very shiny and clear. When you see smudges just take a nice piece of cloth and wipe it once or twice and for sure it will look brand new again.

Strap - Most buyers of this product complain about how hard is it to make the strap the right size for them. Honestly, it took me 1 minute to figure out how to do it. The instruction manual shows it very clearly, all you have to do is take a screwdiver or any other object that fits in the hole. Just enter the object and push it backwards and the clasp will open. Once it opens just move it back or forward depending on what size you need and just press it down tightly and that's it your done.

Strap (look) - The look of the strap is my favorite thing about the watch. The material is very thick and metallic. It is very shiny and reflects off light like the rest of the watch. The reflection of the light on the strap gives the watch the elegant look and people for sure will know right away that it's an expensive watch.

Comfort - The watch is very light. When left on sometimes you might forget that you even have a watch on, however since it is summer now I did come across one thing that irritated me. I like wearing the watch a little tight and when your in a warm environment your arm will sweat and make the strap feel a little sticky and make it itchy, but then again 90% of all watch straps will make you feel the same way so it's not a huge deal. Overall, it is very comfortable, light and great for everyday use.

Overall Grades

Performance - 10

Durability - 10

Looks - 10

Comfort - 9
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on June 12, 2015
i suggest avoiding this watch, and others of this brand. my uploaded photo shows one i bought in 2013 (left, with no glass) and another one purchased october 2014. when the crystal (glass) cracked on the first one i assumed i had caused an impact. i did like the watch, so i bought another. eight months later the crystal cracks on the new one while i am strenuously sitting at my work desk. this is too bad, as i think this is a stylish but non-gaudy watch. they seem to self destruct for no obvious reason. please note: after the crystal cracked in my first one, i was very careful with the new one. skagen gets one star for two reasons: one, that's the lowest rating allowed. two: the older one without a crystal has actually kept pretty good time, so the movement of the watch earns the single star by itself.
review image
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on August 2, 2013
I bought one of these watches about 5 years ago. Loved it! Then about a month ago, I dropped it and broke the crystal. My fault. No problem. I loved the watch so much, I decided to replace it with an identical watch. I read the recent reviews, and although there were quite a few reviews that reported that the crystal seemed to break very easily, I ignored them, thinking, "hey, mine was fine for 5 years, so these guys don't know what they're talking about." I ordered the new one, and had been wearing it for about a month, when yesterday, I looked down and noticed that the crystal was cracked. I didn't drop it, or ding it, or anything. Maybe I bumped up against something, but if I did, it wasn't a bump I even noticed, and any watch crystal should be able to withstand "walking around". I think they have probably changed something in the manufacturing of the crystal or their supplier since I had bought my first one. I'm really bummed, because this is such a beautiful watch. And as much as I love it, I have to acknowledge that it's not the same watch it used to be with this spontaneous breaking of the crystal that is popping up. Too bad. Good bye, Skagen. I'm looking for another brand with a similar sleek look. Let me know if you have recommendations.
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on July 4, 2011
The watch is beautiful. I love the face and thinness of Skagen watches. I purchased this watch after having bought another Skagen watch with a cool face, that I couldn't read after dusk. The thin hands became invisible against the black face of the watch in a darkened room.

I also have trouble reading the face of this watch after dusk, but that's minor compared the problems I have had with the metal strap that comes with the watch.

It took me most of an evening trying to figure out how to make the clasp work. After nearly an hour of reading the instructions in the tiny brochure; I searched the Internet and eventually came across a site that helped me understand what I was doing wrong.

So, now I am able to wear the watch, and I've received compliments about the watch, but I do have to pay attention to it, as I've had the strap come apart while on my wrist and dropped off my wrist onto the ground. I've been fortunate enough to have had people spot the event and hand me back my watch. This said, I don't believe I'd buy another Skagen watch with this metal clasp.

Skagen watches are cool, but the metal clasp on their metal bands could stand to be re-engineered.
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on August 1, 2012
I have had a Skagen 800 series watch that I liked very much. The only way to replace the band when the black starts to turn silver is to send it back to Skagen in Texas for replacement. That costs $32 and includes anything else you want done, like changing the battery. I really love the watch and felt is was worth it. However, I felt so naked without it, and they said it takes 2-3 weeks to return, that I bought another one.

The diameter of this watch is smaller, it is very thin and perfect for slender wrists like mine. I love the band. You adjust it once and it stays that size forever, looks great and doesn't absorb perspiration like leather. The color is rich and reflective and goes with everything. If you like a thin watch, rather than the big bulky ones that are so popular now, this is for you.
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on March 21, 2012
I have had this just a bit shy of a year and I still love it. It has held up reasonably well, the only thing showing wear is the band. It is just getting a bit lighter in some areas, but you would not notice unless you were looking closely. These watches are great and the best part is that they are slim, super slim. I don't think that you can find a slimmer watch. Coscto is starting to sell them as well and they usually only carry the best.

The blue in the picture is exactly what it looks like in person! I get compliments all the time.

I would recommend this to any one.
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on January 6, 2014
Just a beautiful watch. It's very light weight. You almost forget you're wearing it. I get tons of compliments on it. Even though it is a men's watch and I have tiny wrists and arms even for a woman, it does not look too masculine or feminine. I get lots of compliments from men and women both and I have seen both men and women wearing it. It is just the right size as to be universally appealing it seems.

A note for those with tiny wrists (6" or less). It will not tighten completely around your wrist. There will be a small gap b/c of the stiffness of the mesh. But I think it fits perfect that way. The watch moves around a bit up and down the wrist but the face does not turn sideways or anything. I've had heavy watches that do that and it's annoying, and can be painful when they hit your wrist bone.

One word of caution - make sure you know how to fasten it. You should hear it click. It took me the longest time to realize I wasn't fastening it properly even though now it seems so simple. So unfortunately it fell off a couple times and the face is now cracked. I will have to get that repaired-my fault.
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on November 21, 2012
Having had this watch for just under eight months now, I can happily say that it's my favorite watch of the (admittedly few) ones that I've owned. I've never been big on large, extravagant watches and the Skagen Titanium seems to be anything but that. What immediately caught my eye (and also the eye of the several dozen people who've commented on it) was the excellent looking blue face and slim form factor. In fact, several people have asked me how I could justify spending hundreds of dollars on a watch, not even considering the possibility of it being priced under $500.

However, it is worth noting that the clasp (as mentioned in other reviews) is iffy. I can already feel it seeming like it doesn't "clip" as tightly as it did even three months ago. While I'm worried that it may break entirely within a year or so, I can't at all take points off for that given the price. The way I see it, $70 for a watch that lasts a year and a half or two years isn't a bad deal at all - that rings especially true given the great look.

As an inexpensive yet striking watch, I can't recommend the Skagen Titanium any more. If you're looking for a minimalistic watch that can be worn with everything from a T-shirt to a sport coat, look no further.
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on September 18, 2013
Beautiful watch. Great price. Excellent packaging and delivery from the seller. But a big BUT ...
The clasp! I read many reviews for this watch on many different sites and saw complaints about the clasp. I thought,
oh I'll just be careful with it. It did fall off my wrist a few times, but I always noticed. But on the
fourth day of ownership, I stop to fill my gas tank, and driving down the street afterwards, the watch
is gone ! Of course I go back and it's not to be found. Money down the drain--because of my
carelessness, and a very cheap clasp that you can't tell if it's clasped tightly or not. No I would
not purchase this watch again--I'd lose it.

Update 10/25/2013 The watch had slid to the floor of the back seat after it fell off my arm. I emailed Skagen,and they send me a postage paid envelope to their repair center, and it was returned in about two weeks. I have had no problems with the new clasp or wrist band that they replaced. I had mentioned the numerous reviews I've read about the poor clasp they had been using, so am pleasantly surprised they cared enough to fix it.
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