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on April 22, 2011
I began wearing Skagen watches in the mid-90s. The classics like this one and the original women's round face watch with brushed bezel, arabic face numerals plus date and plain mesh band are my absolute favorites.

I had 3 of the original ones in a row, they got pretty beat up in medical school and residency. It was nice to have the second hand to take heart rates.

I'm not sure why some complain about the second hand being too similar to the minute hand - 1. it's at a different depth 2. all you have to do, if you are confused, wait 1 (one) second to figure it out. One second is about what we spend looking at our watches to tell time anyway.

After my last of the 3 Skagens broke, I got a Cartier Santos from my husband which is amazing. However, I lost the sapphire from the crown stem (maybe the frequent washing for 3 yrs got it) and it's going back for the repair.

I wanted something to wear while the Santos is being repaired and nostalgia brought me back to Skagen.

This Skagen 355SSS1 watch is gorgeous, even more perfect than the original. The case and bezel are high shine, the band is less glossy textured striped mesh with Skagen's original clasp, signature brushed steel face, dotted hours, Skagen logo below 12 'clock and date at 6 o'clock.

One drawback was the first one Amazon sent did not work (?dead battery)and they sent the replacement overnight. Still, the watch deserves 5 stars.
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on February 3, 2017
This is a replacement for a similar Skagen which got destroyed. I need an easy to read watch with a second hand, and this watch delivers. The lines are clean and elegant, and the time is easy to read. The date is harder for me to read, but not something I care about - I got the model because of the face and watchband.
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on January 10, 2014
I purchased this watch 11 months ago. Yes, I often have to give it a second glance because a quick glance often has me mistaking the second hand for the minute hand and when the time doesn't seem right, I have to look again. I was willing to live with that shortcoming. However, the watch band, which looks really nice, is starting to come apart on the edges in a couple of places, which pulls clothing and can be scratchy. I'm a wirework jewelry hobbyist, and I can't get the pieces to fold back exactly as they should be, even with fine pliers and good eyesight, so it's a continual issue. I can't find a band that will fit, the warranty doesn't cover the band, and when I contacted Skagen, they offered to replace the band for $45. I paid about $60 orginally for the whole watch. I would have to ship it to them and they would take 2-4 weeks to get it back to me. I'm one of the few 30-somethings who still WEARS a watch. I think after being without one for a month I might get over the convenience of wearing a watch and looking at my wrist for the date and time!
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on December 7, 2013
I bought this watch over two years ago, I wear it every day, I sleep in it, and it's my absolute favorite watch that I've ever had. I get compliments on it fairly frequently, and I wear it with jeans T-shirts, in work clothes, and when I dress up in the evening as well. The stainless steel stays shiny and it hasn't scratched at all despite the fact that I'm not careful with it at all. The mesh bracelet is perfect--my husband has a Skagen watch with a more traditional flat mesh band, and the mesh around the edge has started to fray, which results in tiny sharp fibers poking him in the wrist. The mesh strands in this one form rope-like shapes, which keep it from fraying or catching. I keep checking to see if they've made any men's watches in this form so I can buy one for my husband.
I do get the complaint about the second hand--it would be my only reservation. It should be a hair thinner, and if I look at my watch straight on, I often have to wait a second to confirm the time. But if you look at it from an angle, it's pretty clear which is which.
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on December 8, 2016
I loved the quality of this watch. Beautiful time peice. BUT as a 47 year old woman... I found that the silver hands on silver dial made it very hard to read and the date window would take a magnifying glass to read. I wear progressive lenses. Since I was buying it for the date function, I decided to return it for a Skagen with a white face.
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on March 18, 2013
I love this watch, which is my first Skagen. I have gotten many compliments on it. The striated mesh band is very pretty. The face has dots representing each hour and I think it's quite easy to read. The date is tiny but I can see it at one glance. (If you have very impaired vision, or need reading glasses for normal activities, you might have trouble seeing it.) I like the modernist look of this watch. I also love that it's completely chrome-colored; there is no yellow gold or brass (which I hate) anywhere on this watch. I have washed my hands wearing the watch many times and have had no problems with condensation, as others have reported. Either they got defective watches, or they submerged their wrists in water. But little splashes have made no difference whatsoever and the watch remains like new. I look forward to wearing this watch for many years.
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on April 12, 2013
Since getting this Skagen, I've worn it 24/7. I've showered, washed dishes, etc., and it continues to keep accurate time. However, I've had this watch for a very short time, so these comments about its inner workings aren't worth much. I can comment enthusiastically on the watch's appearance, however. It is absolutely stunning, elegant, clearly made of the finest materials. As a rule, most watches, even those with outrageously high price tags, look cheap to me. The workings may approach technical perfection, but often the casings and bands are overloaded with embellishments. They look clunky, gaudy, and just plain ugly. The Skagen, in contrast, is sleek,, simple, and just plain gorgeous. The silver colored face is lovely, and neither the logo nor the brand name interferes with its muted beauty.

Other reviewers have complained that the second hand and the minute hand look too much alike. They do look alike, but their movements differ. I can tell which is which with the briefest of glances. The minute hand is stationery. The second hand is moving. (It pauses after each second, so the movement is jerky. That pause is handy. It's nice to know when one second ends and another begins.) One can find the hand that moves with two glances at the most. Really. I kid you not. Others have complained that the date is illegible. I can't read the date, either, but I don't care. I really like the looks of the date feature. It's decorative and adds to the attractiveness of the face.

Please, ask me what time it is. I want to look at my watch. I suspect this thing of beauty will be a joy forever.
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on August 31, 2012
I bought this watch for its stylish, understated look and its features--it has a dot for each hour on the face (my previous one only had 4 positions marked), and it has a calendar and second hand. Unfortunately, while it may just be my eyes, I often have to look at the face for several seconds to wait for the second hand to move enough to be able to differentiate between the minute and second hands, they are so similar. I also seem to have more trouble differentiating some times on this watch than on my old one despite the additional hour markings. For my eyesight, the calendar function is completely indiscernable, even with my reading glasses on. So it is not as much of an improvement as I would like, although it is certainly quite functional and attractive. I still pine for my old timex indiglo that was full-feaured and could even be read in the dark. Too bad they can't marry timex functions with the style of some of the other brands!
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on October 9, 2017
I've had four Skagen watches and they have all been very good watches and last for years! I've just received this one but so far so good!
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on January 23, 2013
I have worn only Skagen watches for the last 15 years, and I never get tired of them. I wasn't sure about the band on this one since I usually get the flat mesh one, but the band looks very nice. Great price. This has the second hand, which is a definite plus. I really like the clasps on the mesh bands -- easy on, easy off, very secure. I have never had a Skagen clasp fail me -- even on watches that I have worn 7+ years. After wearing every day for 7 years, my old Skagen's crystal was pretty scratched up, but worked perfectly. Now I have a Skagen for work and one for camping/boating.

UPDATE: Just realized how much I love this watch so decided to update my review. I have had my watch over a year, wear it almost every day, and still love it. And, I am hard on watches -- gardening, home projects, wash dishes, clean pool, etc. I just throw it in my purse at night when traveling. Still looks good. No major scratches. And, I have no problem reading the time with my 64 year old eyes.
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