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on February 25, 2013
I bought this watch a couple of years ago and I need to replace the strap due to wear. The strap is unique to Skagen and is actually secured by little screws. I searched some sites on the web only to find out that Skagen no longer supply replacement straps to any reseller. The only way to get a replacement strap is through Skagen itself. I contacted Skagen and they told me that they no longer ship replacement straps. The only way to get a replacement strap is to ship it to their repair centre, run by Metro Service Repair, who will charge you the standard fee for a repair, approx $30, and it could take up to 5 weeks to complete. So I will pay shipping costs both ways plus $30 and be without my watch for 5 weeks!! Not worth the trouble so my advice is don't buy this watch if you want to keep it for more than 18 months or so!!
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on December 31, 2011
I purchased this watch for my brother for Christmas. He is a nurse, and was wanting a non-metal band watch that wasn't at risk for catching on anything while he's working. This watch is exactly what I was hoping it would be. The leather and stitching seem to be high quality enough for all normal wear. The bezel is VERY narrow, and the entire body of the watch is less than a 1/4" tall.

It was purchased as a gift, so I can't comment on the fit or comfort of the watch during normal use. However, I thoroughly inspected the watch before I gave it to my brother, and was very impressed in its aesthetic appeal and its construction.

The shipping was every bit as seamless as we all expect from Amazon, and the metal tin and packing material inside the tin were nice as well.

If you're looking for subtle styling and a very low profile in your next watch, you should give this one serious consideration.
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on January 14, 2013
Of course, that's the same thing the fellow who jumped off the Empire State building said as he passed the third floor... I just got this in the mail today. First impression 14JAN13: Very attractive watch, thin and stylish, fits nicely under a long sleeve shirt. It's so light and confortable I've already forgotten I'm wearing it. A nice, everyday watch, although it does look a little delicate. That said, I'm waiting for the other issues noted in other reviews to crop up. I really expected to pay a lot more for a decent, attractive, every day watch. I was really attracted to the style and clean lines of this watch. I admit some reviews were red flags, but the price was low enough to take a chance on this one, otherwise, I probably would have skipped it. Time will tell if it's been the bargin of the century, or a waste of money... I plan on updating this review as soon, and as often, as any issue appears. RON.
UPDATE 29JUN13: I've had the watch now for close to 7 months... I still have not had some of the problems others have mentioned. I still like the watch, but, I've noticed a few short comings which would prevent me from buying another... First, (and what prompted this update) is the price increase. I paid $53.00 for the watch; for that price it was worth it to try out the brand. For $115.00 it's not worth it because of the hassles... It's essentially a throw-away watch; I'm not going through the trouble to box up and pay to send the watch back to Skagen for a new battery or new proprietary watch band for $30.00+ each when they wear out. Also, I've noticed since there is no pivot or hinge point to the watch band, your wrist diameter really has to conform to the curvature of the watch and band combination. If you have thin wrists, it's fine; if you have thicker wrists, the fit might be awkward... Also, I find that I much prefer a sweep second hand. The small one on this watch is hard to follow; especially at about 6:25 when the minute and hour hands obscure the second hand. Since it does not have minute marks, you're pretty much approximating the time anyway. I think, right now, the Stuhrling or Haurex watches available through Amazon are probably better values overall... RON.
UPDATE 22FEB14: The day my watch died... Thirteen months. About a dollar a week. I suspect it's the battery, but I don't know for sure and it's going to cost me the price of a new skagen watch to find out; by the time I pay shipping both ways, and pay for any repairs necessary. Until it died, it seemed to wear and keep time O.K... I'm an old guy; but, I still think it would be too much hassle for someone who can still drive, and doesn't mind the fact you can't get it repaired locally. As for me, I'll spend a little more and go back to a good Bulova or Citizen's everyday watch... At least I know what I'm getting. RON.
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on May 15, 2015
I've had this watch for a couple of years. Good diameter for my thin wrist. The watch is the thinnest I've ever had. Exactly what I wanted style-wise. Haven't had any problems with the strap. It has bent a little on the hole I use but doesn't show any weaknesses.

I've had to replace the battery replaced several times. It dies every six months or so. I like the watch so much I have two of them in different colors. They both have this issue. I can't replace it myself with basic tools so I had to pay to do it. This time I left it to long without a replacement and it broke the watch. Will buy another of these if I can't find something comparable.
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on March 22, 2013
I like the Band Too. The band has a nice curve to it and is a bit stiff for about an 1-1/4" comming out of each side from the watch. What I have found is that keeps the watch from sliding around on your wrist. It stays centered all the time and you don't have to strap it too tight on your wrist. My other leather strap watches will slide to the left side of my left wrist unless I really keep them tight.

I don't expect to have any problems from this watch as long as I will be able to find batteries when mine goes dead.

Sense this is a very slim watch and the band is locked into the watch with screws, the main stress member is this thin watch. So I can see if someone starts bending the quite stiff strap backwards where it screws into the watch, you just might break the watch crystal.

I will let you know if mine just breaks for no reason, but I think if it does, It will be my fault... Doyle
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on July 21, 2013
I purchased this watch as a Christmas gift for my husband a couple years ago, and I still smile every time he wears it. It is his favorite watch. He doesn't like the big, bulky watches that are typically sold for men and prefers smaller, slimmer ones. This is his ideal watch based solely on those criteria, and it worked out perfectly, because he loves it. It's elegant enough to wear on dress occasions, and versatile enough to wear on casual, day-to-day occasions.
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on March 13, 2010
I bought this watch in a store without even noticing that it was a men's watch, because it looked so good on my wrist! After realizing that it was available at 2/3rd the price on Amazon, I returned it to the store and purchased one on Amazon.

It has a big dial without being chunky because of the slim width. The seconds hand is a necessity for me. It looks very nice with work clothes and even with a dressy casual outfit. I've had no issues with timekeeping and the battery is working four months in. I'm not very careful with my watches, and so far it seems to be pretty scratch resistant.
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on April 20, 2015
Go watch company has great customer service. Unfortunately I needed to use their customer service multiple times with this watch. The small metal ring around the secondhand at the bottom of the watch came loose and the casing. Since getting it repaired the first time I have had continual issues with the minute hand catching on the second hand, probably stripping the gears. Now, when the hour hand directly points to a number, the minute hand is usually at the bottom of the watch as opposed to at 12.
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on November 27, 2012
I ordered this watch on Amazon because it was approximately one third of the retail price for the a similiar style in Australia. It arrived within a week, and I was really impressed as soon as I opened the parcel. The packaging for Skagen is beautiful, like Apple with a very clean white box and all the documents are folded neatly in the bottom. The watch is wrapped around a white Skagen "pillow" so overall the presentation is of a very high standard. Perfect for gift giving.
The watch itself is stunning, very thin and stylish and it looks like it cost $300. The band is lovely quality leather, and the styling of the face is masculine yet understated. I am giving this as a gift, so I can't comment on how the watch performs. I love Skagen stying, and in Australia the most basic models cost $200. Since buying this watch, it has been reduced further and shipping is very reasonable.
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on March 30, 2013
I bought this for my boyfriend for Christmas. Let me start by saying I never received the watch I ordered. Tracking said it was delivered but I never received it. Amazon customer service was AWESOME and sent a replacement with 2 day shipping.

As for the watch, it is a very stylish watch. My boyfriend wanted a brown watch with a silver dial and with none of the busy crap you see on watch faces with all those different circles in the back with extra information that make it hard to read the time (which is the point of the watch!). He just wanted the time.

It lays very flat and seems unobtrusive to wear. I see him wear it all the time and it matches many outfits. It is also good for casual wear on the weekends and he wears it to work as a teacher.
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