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on May 6, 2011
My husband was so happy to get this watch for his birthday 6 weeks ago. The rose gold plated bezel was the perfect complement to his artisan wedding band that has rose gold details. A lover of Skagen watches also because he hates big heavy metal watchbands that accompany most men's metal watches, he was delighted to add this, a 4th, Skagen watch to his collection. Having only worn it a few times this past 6 weeks since I gave it to him (and only for business or dinner events), he took it to Chicago for a conference. Sometime during that short stay the bezel (Skagen calls it the 'case') developed spots on it. I had read that some had experienced some chipping of the black off the band but Amazon's price and return policy was such that I decided to chance it. He was very disappointed and I was unsure what to do.

I first contacted Skagen. Got a nice return call from them & called them back promptly. After getting my $$ for a band replacement on another Skagen watch I questioned 'Louis V.' about this watch's problem and return. He got pretty belligerent with me when I asked him to reiterate what I needed to do on this nearly new watch. He wanted proof of purchase, me to ship it to them with $$ for return shipment back to me, after a close inspection of it they would determine if they would honor the warranty or if my husband was somehow to blame. I responded again that given how new the watch, how was it that I was still going to have to pay to all shipping costs and not know what the potential outcome might be?? He was extremely rude.

I then contacted Amazon and with a quick return call by a helpful customer service person, an instant email with a shipping label to return it to them and another email upon receipt by them and another when my refund was being processed ~ so simple...Thanks Amazon! I had bought this watch directly from Amazon, but they do not directly sell this same watch anymore....Lovely, but flawed ~ I would proceed with caution if you are considering this watch or any direct dealings with Skagen.
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on March 31, 2014
I was looking for a Skagen watch for a while, so I was happy to find a deal on this particular model.
So far, other than a slight change in color (probably oxidation due to sweat) it has survived without a scratch (sapphire glass) or any damage.
Time keeping is OK (it's a quartz mechanism, so no surprise) and I have yet to see how long the battery will last.
My God, this is BY FAR the dumbest back I have EVER seen. Because of the copper (I'm not buying the "rose gold titanium" BS seeing how it's oxidized) vs stainless steel interaction, the back cover does not come off easy, and after replacing the battery I COULD NOT PUT IT BACK, NO MATTER WHAT.
Absolutely unbelievable that I have to throw away the watch when the battery dies, as some genius thought that replacing it should be akin replacing a car engine.
I have opened dozens of watches and replaced hundreds of batteries, this is the worst absolute nightmare.
Now what Skagen...are you going to give me the money back or ...?
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on May 1, 2013
Well, the watch looks great. I have the same skagen watch in gray with a blue face. The copper finish is very distinctive. Like other skagens I have owned, for some reason they tend to run a little fast the first time you set them. They "even out" after awhile though. I know this sounds crazy but it is totally true. I set my watch last night, when I checked it an hour later it was 4 minutes fast. I reset it, now it holds correct time.

As far as the black band, it looks great but the coating on it makes the clasp more difficult to work than on the I coated bands. My clasp also jingles a tad.

I got my watch for a little under a 100.00. I don't think it is worth 200, but maybe more like 150.00. So, I still got a deal on it.

The day, 24hr, and day of the month work better on this watch than they do on my other skagen. I don't know if that's just an odd fluke or what.

All and all the watch is very distinctive and I would recommend it to a friend.
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on June 11, 2013
This watch is super good looking and worked well for half a year until some of the pieces marking the hours fell off . These pieces are now prevent the dials from moving. Essentially, the watch is now not working. A bit too expensive to have it break in 6 months. Whom should I contact for replacement/refund?
Update, contacted 1-877-SKAGEN1, the internal parts of the watch have life time warranty. Had to send out the watch to repair facility...had to pay for shipping there and back (~18$) is fixed now (they did it fairly quickly) and working fine...hopefully not breaking down any time soon.
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on February 22, 2013
I don't think any photos of this product do the watch justice. It is the same size as other mens analog watches, but is very slim in depth for the amount of functions it provides. Outstanding dial face with detailed sub-dials day of week(Upper Left), 31 day of month (Upper Right), and 24 hour (Bottom Center). Fine detail places this on the must-have watch for those who collect fine watches!

High quality device and very unique band that, unlike other metal band watches, will not snag arm hair and has a sliding fitment clasp that allows a finer adjustment. The metal mesh of the band is a very fine tight mesh that keeps the band straight, but wraps around the wrist easily and forms to the wrist better than a link band.

Only down side that I can find on this watch is the numbers and days on the chronograph sub-dials. They could use a fish eye lens over each, but that would detract from the design which I just love.
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on March 8, 2013
Shipping was great, it arrived a day early.
I originally saw this watch in Downtown Disney for considerably more money, so when I found it here for this price, I jumped on it. Just a couple of ... "cautions". Beautiful watch, but the picture shows almost an entirely black face (with some texture). When I first opened the box, the face had a lot of white in some sort of pattern. The "white" i was seeing was reflections off the carbon fiber (?) face. The face is actually black, but the light reflected on it gave it a white pattern. Another: the writing on interior dials is very very small. The hands on the interior dials are very thin. And last one: I could not set the time as instructed using the very brief directions. But after some turning forwards at 1 setting and backwards at another setting, I finally got the day and date set. But the watch would not behave the way the instructions indicated. But it is a beautiful watch.
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on July 4, 2011
First of all it's beautiful. Second of all it is nice while not being over the top. I drive trucks for a living so I guess I'm an average Joe who wanted a decent watch. I wear it to work and the mesh band breaths pretty well. It is extremely light and thin, so much so I sometimes forget I have it on. The band is great with the finer adjusment sizes. I was never a fan of large faced watches because I have pretty small wrists but this watch does not bother me at all. I have not had any of the problems discussed in previous reviews, but I haven't had it very long. This watch is thin enough that even though I wear long sleeve shirts at work it will slide right under the cuff. I work outside when I'm not driving and I would call my job somewhat physical with carrying 40 lb hoses around in 95 degree heat. I used to wear the el cheapo watches but I got tired of buying new ones every 6 to 12 months when they quit, so hopefully this one will do the trick. I can't believe how light this watch is though, I love it. Very nice without being flashy and a great price to boot. Retail, this watch goes for twice what I paid on Amazon, can't beat that. My wife likes that I'm finally wearing a pretty watch too.
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on November 2, 2013
I absolutely love this watch. This is the third skagen I've had, the first being the thin black watch with the titanium band plus the date and the second being a blue face watch with a leather band and a stop watch. I loved the first and wore it till it died (2 yrs) and so I got the 2nd because it had more features. That watch was a POS with the time hard to read, leather band not sizing correctly and the glass ended up breaking within a month. I decided to give skagen another try and ended up with this watch which is the perfect combination of the thin sleekness that I loved about the first and the additional functionality of the second. Honestly this watch will last you forever and the titanium band will hold up against the test of time.
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on January 24, 2013
Good price, nice color/design. Band is nice - good color and texture, looks good with the watch. Large face, easy to read. Weight is good - thin, light. Curved domed crystal (very slight dome), which I regard as an extra-nice feature.

Good price for a very nice watch - features and style.

The not so good - as others have commented, the clasp on the band is dicey - hard to work. The watch face is large and easy to read, but proportionally it is almost too large - larger than most watches. The small dials showing AM/PM, day, date, are hard to read - I think I prefer the small window version on other watches, but then again this is a "modern" design, so I guess they (the designers) want to be different.

Were it not for the clasp, then 5 stars. Overall, a good watch for the money.
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on January 22, 2012
I purchased this watch because it is titanium. I prefer a light watch and this one is wonderfully light for its size. Adjusting the band and setting the time is straightforward and easy enough for anyone familiar with analog watches. As an added bonus, it is beautiful. The only problem I have is that the color scheme on the dial makes it difficult to read in day light and impossible in low light. The gold background on the date dial (at three o'clock) blends with the hour and minute hands as they pass making them all but disappear from two to four o'clock and from ten to twenty minutes after the hour. The numbers and letters on the function dials are very small and almost impossible to read. With a bolder font and contrasting hour and minute hands, this watch would be perfect. The plainSkagen Men's 233XLTMB Titanium Watch version with none of the additional functions is a better choice for anyone who needs to know the time between 2 and 4.
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