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on August 20, 2011
Great looking watch! Really like the mesh band.
Really excellent value for the price paid.

Now for the 3 for me: When I went to adjust the band I pulled too hard and the fitting came right off the end of the band. Trying to figure out how it went back on I referenced the instruction manual -- the pictures (and text) are so small I had to get a magnifying glass to figure it out. I did! I was glad of a Review on this site that explained you need to get 2 clicks for it to be securely connected - thanks.
Once you try it a few times the band really is very easy to connect and comfortable too.

I don't like watches that you can hear the ticking in a quiet room. So I put it up to my ear and you hear virtually nothing - dead quiet. Wonderful.

I would have bought this on the .ca site, but the price was really high. No problem having it shipped to Canada ( arrived fairly quickly too). I buy from the Canadian site even if the price is a little higher (it probably needs to be just for the more expensive Canadian shipping costs). Of course (like most) I look for the Reviews first on -- there's more!

Bottom line: I like this watch a lot and was very happy (as usual) with my amazon purchase.
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on October 14, 2010
Skagen watches across the board are great looking, well made watches. I have two of them, both purchased through Amazon, both prompt a lot of compliments. That being said, I did see several reviews from other on-line Skagen buyers through Amazon about receiving these watches dead on arrival. Sure enough, the first one of this model showed up DOA. I noticed the small plastic gasket that sits between the time knob and the body that prevents the watch from running was missing...might have been in the box a while like that. Amazon was fantastic about replacing the item. I downloaded the return label and repacked the item for return. Before I even dropped it off at UPS I got a notice from Amazon that the replacement was shipped and on the way. The new one showed up in a couple of days. Works like a champ, looks great...very pleased with the appearance, quality, price (compared to a lot of retailers), and, of course, Amazon's service. Bottom line, I would (will) buy another Skagen watch, would recommend the dealer, and will certainly buy it only from Amazon. Amazon's service made the difference between 3 and 4 stars.

UPDATE: after 6 years, still looks/runs great...wear it almost every day
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on February 8, 2013
The new watch trend is big, thick and bulky in men's watches. While shopping for a new watch I saw some that could have been a wall clock. I saw a few that were thin that cost hundreds/even thousands of way! Even the moderately-priced brand name watches like Seiko are thick and I don't like thick. This watch is sleek and elegant and comfortable and I love it. I needed something with a little gold on it since my wedding ring on the same hand is gold and this in my opinion looks really good. Some of the other reviews complain about the size of the date; it is definately tiny. With my bifocals in the right light I can make it out but I have the date in front of me in so many other places I just like to have the date on it for those rare instances that I am out and about and need to remember the date. If I turn it just right and use my bifocals I can see it.'s not like I use the date every day so a non-issue. The band clasp takes some practice but you will become an expert in a few days. Adjusting the length of the band requires a small scredriver or something to pry the clasp up from the band. Be careful when moving it that you find the little indentions in the band to push it back down. I did not see them in time and forced it still worked but probably not a good idea.
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on January 30, 2013
I originally bought the black version of this watch and I loved it, but after a week the second hand stopped sweeping at random times and the entire watch would shut down. Only until I pulled the time adjustment knob and put it back in would the watch start again for a bit. After two days of it doing this, I decided to return the watch. I replaced it with this one as Amazon had sold out of the black one and had in fact ceased selling it for a time due to unexplained issues with their inventory. I purchased this color instead and had no problems with it until two weeks after I received it when the same thing happened.

I love everything about this watch. It is light and great looking. However the build quality is apparently poor or Amazon had received a bad batch of them. I had already repurchased the black one and had plans to swap silver and black depending on what I was wearing that day. I may just wait and see if the black model lasts more than a month before going after this one again.
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on January 12, 2016
I have had this watch since 2012 - I can confirm that b/c I recently needed my proof of purchase for repair purpose - second hand 'fell' off and was floating around in the case. As there was no damage to the watch, I am assuming it is covered under warranty (defective workmanship). I hate all hand jewelry - I work as a nurse and need my hands for lots of actions plus I am constantly washing them. Yet, I barely feel this watch on my wrist - and for me, that is huge! It is beautiful, classy, keeps time well, and comfortable. It does require frequent battery changes (and cracking in to the case is a bit of a skill). For me, that is a small price for a watch that I forget I am wearing!
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 I bought my Skagen 233XLSGS in 2006. I have mixed feelings.

I dislike heavy, bulky watches. I love the thin profile of this watch. It is so light you barely realize it is on your wrist. It is very thin and generally comfortable to wear except in hot weather. In hot weather the band holds moisture next to the skin which I find a little bothersome. The two-tone face is very attractive and it is easy to read the time. I feel the price of the watch offers real value. You can pay nearly as much for a plastic cased Timex or Casio watch... a few dollars more gives you a really nicely designed Skagen. It's a lot of "bang for the buck".

Super thin and comfortable to wear.
Elicits many compliments for its looks.
Accurate time.
Great price that offers excellent value.

The mesh band is not so comfortable in hot weather and gets rather sweaty next to skin.
The mesh band can easily be damaged if you accidentally hit something with your arm. In my case one of the fine wires broke and now snags on clothing.
The "brushed stainless steel" casing can scuff.
The clasp on the band can lose it's tension and come open. It is possible to gently press the sides together to "bend" it slightly which fixes the problem for quite a while. When it loosens again, repeat the gentle pressure on the sides. Minor nusiance but not a deal breaker.
The calendar is quite small not easily readable for my aging eyes.
The crystal on watch has developed a scratch or crack and will eventually have to be replaced I suppose. Not sure if I'll have it fixed or just buy a new watch... an advantage to the low cost of this watch.

I do like the watch in spite of the mesh band and cracked crystal issues. In fact I just ordered another one just like this one since it would have cost nearly as much to replace the mesh band as to just buy a new watch. But if the new one doesn't hold up any better, it won't be replaced again.
review image
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on February 15, 2012
I purchased this watch for my husband as a St. Valentine's Day 2012 gift. He had mentioned that eventually he would like a decent watch that was more appropriate for wearing with dressed up outfits and one that was thin so as not to catch on his clothes. He is a reactor engineer, so the watch he had before was really techie, (the more james bond-esqe the better: gps, altitude/pressure monitoring, etc.) Needless to say, albeit really cool functions of his first watch, it was really bulky, and looked like something you might wear while on an expedition up Mount Everest. These aspects tended to clash with the look he wanted for work.

The reason I chose to purchase the Skagen Men's 233XLSGS Slimline Mesh Watch is because I recalled my uncle has a watch very similar, only black, that he wears constantly, and it always looks really slick, and I was always amazed at how thin, yet sturdy the band was.

My husband prefers silver to gold, but I thought that the minimal amount of soft gold that pops out on the numbers and dial really complements the silver face and wrist strap. The face itself is very beautiful and thin. The clasp is slightly magnetized to prevent the clasp from becoming loose and opening on its own. You are able to adjust the clasp position to the size of your wrist very easily by popping the clasp mechanism open with a flat-head screw driver, and clicking it into place.

As far as wearing the watch goes, I tried it on and it's very lightweight and like other reviewers have mentioned, easy to forget you are even wearing it. The mesh band is very sturdy, but when you take the watch off, you will be playing with it in your hands, is just very movable and fun to manipulate. It definitely won't catch on your clothes as the clasp and the face both lie very flat on your skin. My husband has coarse hair on his arms, something I was worried might annoy him with the mesh band, but he doesn't mind it at all and hasn't complained once about the hairs being pulled. He tends to wear his watches tight around his wrist without and wiggle room, and I like watches to be a little looser so I can get the skin underneath some air, and in both cases we find that the watch is very comfortable.

I would recommend this watch to anyone in interested in purchasing it. I think it's a really good deal for a very beautiful watch, and I know my husband would agree.

The delivery and packaging of this product were as expected, in fact even a little bit sooner than expected, so no complaints here. :)
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My previous Skagen was a titanium one with a blue/purple face. Very sharp looking and it received many compliments. Unfortunately, after many years of use, the band gave out (though the actual mechanicals are still working...), so I needed to purchase a replacement.

I did look at getting the same type, but opted for this version, as it was cheaper. And I wanted a change.

Note: It's not as "whilte" as it appears in the picture (thankfully!). It's more of a silver color.
Note: I also received mine already running, so not sure how long the battery will last. But that's an inexpensive fix.
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on September 27, 2012
This watch design suits my tastes to the point where I have it in both black and white faces to match my outfit. I like how thin and light it is. I like the fact that it is easy to see the numbers and if you are after more accuracy, you can squint and see individual tiny minute markings that otherwise do not overwhelm the design. And I like the fact that it has a second hand.

As many reviewers have mentioned, the date indicator is pretty silly. It truly is microscopic, so if seeing the date is a priority for you, don't get this one.

My other watch has a leather band with a traditional hole-and-post closure. This model has a silver mesh that is attractive and thin and matches the bezel trim, but is less practical. I have a big wrist, and the length is still 1.5 inches more than I need. You have to learn how to put on this kind of a watch band by laying the watch on your wrist and using the finger and thumb of you opposite hand to pull the band ends in and overlay each other properly. Then you hook tiny hooks from the "head" side over a bar on the clasp of the "tail" side. The final step is to lock the clasp by pressing down on the clasp lid to snap a small friction hook in place.

That last piece is where I had a minor problem. The watch as sent did not have the locking hook in exactly the right position to hold onto the bar. Think of a question mark shape... the open loop of the question mark has to be at the perfect tolerance to just be able to click over the bar, holding it firmly enough not to let go, but not so tight that you can't snap it on. I was able to bend it just slightly with a needlenose pliers and get it to work correctly. But I was very nervous that I would break it off or deform it improperly.

The vendor who sold the watch on Amazon was WatchInGo. I was impressed by their commitment behind the sale. They sent a followup email to make sure the watch had arrived in good order and when I mentioned the friction problem, a human immediately wrote back to say that if I couldn't make it work, they would process a return without hassle.

Packaging is nice enough to give as a gift, in a big white plastic display box from Skagen.

Oh, one more nice feature on the watch which is not obvious unless you read the manual carefully. You don't have to wind the hands through 24-hour cycles to change the date. Pulling the crown half-way out lets you cycle the date without moving the hands. Very convenient (assuming you can even see the date!).
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on March 25, 2011
I've been looking at Skagen watches for several years and finally decided to buy one. This particular model is quite elegant; its only problem is that the calendar window is so small as to render the calendar non-functional. Single digit dates dislay well enough, but double-digit dates simply do not fit.

The clasp in the band is typical of clasps for metal mesh bands. It is easily adjustable, particulary by using needle-nosed pliers.

The price is good. I saw similar watches for sale in the gift shop of the Huntington Hotel in Pasadena for more than twice the price.

One alternative that I liked were Seiko solar watches, that have batteries rechargeable by sunlight. They are also analog and, to my eye, attractive.

UPDATE: Since initially writing this review, I have bought a Skagen Men's SK696XLTBB Titanium Black Dial Watch, which has day and date windows that are more easily read. It is also a beautiful watch.
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