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on March 20, 2017
I love the face of this watch, but I hated the way the band felt on my wrist, so I replaced it. After that, I enjoyed wearing it nearly every day for a year. My favorite thing about this watch is how thin it is - it's barely thicker than the strap! I also like the classy look of the watch face.

The face itself has very little damage for how often I wore it - just a few scratches here and there. It's just mineral crystal covering the face, so it isn't indestructible, but it seems to resist most minor nicks. The included battery lasted about 2 years, which is pretty average in my experience.

Amazon won't let me edit my original 2-star review, so I've copied the important text from that review onto this one. The main reason I gave it such a low rating initially was because the band included is not durable. Here's that text:
"After about 2 months, I noticed that the watch band was beginning to get a little bent - I'm assuming it's just from the way the watch sat on my wrist. Additionally, the clasp had become worn down and it was a bit too easy to open. To remedy this, I tightened the watch by one notch while wearing it so the strap would fit a bit more snugly.
After another month or so, the strap was twisted enough to the point that the clasp would come undone while just walking around with the watch on. I got sick of it falling off and just now finally stopped wearing it."
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on March 13, 2015
This is my third Skagen watch over the past 15 years. I love the fact that it is very thin, light weight and attractive looking. My only reason for not giving it 5 stars is that the face crystal is easily cracked. Not really noticable and doesn't seem to interfere with performance.

Update 8/21/15 Still love the looks and accuracy of this watch, but hate the fact that the crystal is unbelievably fragile. After 10 months of owning this watch the crystal was so cracked up it was difficult to see the dial. I contacted Skagen and they sent me a repair form. The charge was $45 which included a new crystal, new band and evidently a cleaning. Fantastic service from Metro Service Center. Have had the watch back for 21 days and the crystal is smashed worse than before. Keep in mind I am a retired 77 year old non-violent person. I am sorry to say I will never purchase another Skagen watch unless they advertise it with an unbreakable crystal.
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on July 9, 2015
I just replaced the battery on this watch. The original battery lasted over three years.

I love this watch. It's super thin, comfortable, has an infinitely adjustable band and looks good. The band is one of my favorite features - very comfortable and easy to take on and off. Unlike other metal bands, I've never had this one catch on something and come off accidentally. Note that there's a bit of a technique to clasp the band properly. I gave a Skagen to my mother and she could never figure out how to put it on.

The watch claims to have a "Super Hard Mineral Crystal". Well so far I haven't gotten a single scratch in it.

Note that contrary to the implication on the face of this "DENMARK" watch, the back says "MADE IN CHINA", if that matters to you.
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on April 18, 2012
Let me start out by saying I've had 4 of the Skagen watches. The first one was a gift, and I've never heard of Skagen before I received it. But, I LOVED the slim design. That watch I broke (after about a year and half) while working on something that I should have taken off the watch first before I started... totally my fault. I then ordered the same watch to replace it. It was the Skagen Men's 233LTTM Titanium Mesh Watch model. I still have it today, and still love it. Have had this second watch now for about 3 years.
Since then, I bought a black Skagen watch Skagen Men's 233LTMB Black Titanium Mesh Bracelet Watch. I was worried about buying this watch because of reviews saying the black color wore off or was scratched off the band. I have witnessed none of that and have had that watch for about a year.
Now to this watch, I thought I wanted something with a date on it and just something with a little different look then the other Skagen black watch I have. So I ordered this when I saw it on sale. Well.. although the watch is very nice, this watch is just a little too "busy" for me. And, if the actual face of the watch is slight larger in diameter then the previous models I have. I'm sure that's to incorporate all the detail that's packed into this watch. So, if you have a model very similar to my previous ones mentioned, just be aware that the ones with more detail are slight larger then the ones that are more "simple". Not a knock of any kind.. it's just preference.

As I said, I've owned four of the Skagen watches now. I love their bands and clip system so much, I'll never go back to a regular leather band. I love their slim design. I do lots of work around the house, in the yard, and on cars.. and I don't always remember to take my watch off, and I've never had any of the issues some other on here have posted. My clasps work great.. my crystal didn't just suddenly shatter or fall off, and the black has not worn off any of my bands. I'm sure those other people are not lying when they wrote their review, I'm sure all that was true. However, as I said, I'm not in any way careful (as I should be) with my watches and they still work and look great. There have been a few times I've banged my watch face and think to myself, "oh crap.. I bet that left a scratch", then I look and to my surprise there is no scratch.
I'm giving the watch 5 stars because of my great track record with them. And even though I've pointed out things like it being to "busy" or a little larger then expected... those are just more opinions and tastes, not actual knocks on the quality of the watch.
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on December 14, 2014
Watch looks great, keeps perfect time and is very water resistant. After purchasing about five of these Skagen watches, my main complaint is the cool looking stainless steel mesh bands are damaged very easily, which is why I gave it four stars. If you wear it at all during the week, eventually you'll snag it and one of the tiny wires will break. At that point it sticks out and snags everything it comes in contact with. Replacement bands are expensive. It's happened to every one of mine. I now wear a Skagen with traditional metal band with links and have had no problems. Second complaint is the bezel on the bigger ones is prone to cracking a little more easily than other watches I've owned, although the one I'm wearing now I've had on for at least 2-3 years and it's still unbroken, just scratched. The two steel mesh watches stay in my drawer and have dead batteries.
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on January 5, 2013
After a week of wearing the watch, it started to stop at random times until I pulled the pin used to set the time and put it back in. I sent for an exchange but Amazon has pulled this color saying several people complained about their recent batch.

The watch itself looks amazing and is extremely light and thin. The clasp feels a bit cheap and does not seem like it really snaps closed even though it has yet to open on me without me pulling it myself. The strap is comfortable although if you wear a coat with fuzzy material, you will be picking some material off the band.

If the watch works consistently, I would recommend it.
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on August 4, 2011
I've had this watch about 6 months now. I still love it. Now to address some of the reviews I've read here.

Watch Band:
After 6 months, I have noticed a small area where the paint has worn off a little, it's hardly even noticeable unless you get the light just right on it. I've only lost paint on the clasp around the edges where it rubs on stuff. Also, the spot where it has rubbed off the band is where it rests on the desk when I type on the computer.

I am a full time police officer and part time firefighter/EMT. With all of my daily activity, I have NEVER had my watch fall off. Once in a great while the outer clasp may unlatch, but the second clasp has never come undone. BIG NOTE here, when I first bought the watch, I was trying to adjust the clasp to fit my wrist. I accidentally put the clasp on backwards and didn't realize it at first since I wasn't use to it yet. The watch would clasp, but would come undone very easy because the secondary clasp wasn't actually latching properly, actually not at all. There is also a small thin piece of metal that needs to be properly placed on the band or else it won't cinch down on the band either. So yes, the initial familiarization with the clasp can cause problems, once you figure it out, it is very secure. Most comfortable metal watch band I have ever wore.

Watch Face:
I have struck my watch several times on rough surfaces. I have two tiny tiny scratches on the quartz, and one small scratch on the casing paint.

I love this watch. And unless something goes wrong in the near future, I'll likely buy a Skagen again the next time. I really like the look, how thin they are, and they are by far the most comfortable watch I've ever had. And so to all those reviewers that complain about the clasp, I think it's user error. Read the book it comes with very carefully, and you should be fine.

****UPDATE 03-06-13****
I've owned this watch nearly two years now. The quartz did end up cracking a few months ago, however it remained water tight. It continues to spread though. The clasp is still rock solid, to this day it stays very secure and never comes undone. There was a bit more fading with the band in high wear areas, but still only noticeable upon close inspection in the right light. The paint on the face has held up very well too, still only a few micro scratches. The mesh band does tend to stretch a little over time, but very little. Overall I'm still very happy with this watch, despite the quartz cracking. I plan to replace it with another Skagen when the face stops being water proof. Lets hope the newer versions have better quartz.
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on May 14, 2013
First off, this thing is effing beautiful. I'll run down the positives real quick before I get to the minor flaws:

Did I mention this thing is gorgeous? Looking at the face gives me a raging stiffy every time, despite the fact it's so clean I can see my own reflection.
It is very light-weight. I haven't worn a watch in years and after two days I forgot it was there. It's so light it doesn't even disturb the most intense masturbation. Matter of fact, looking at it helps.
The clasp, despite apparently being made of recycled soda can pop tabs, is very robust, and not as hard as some claim to figure out. I can put it on with one hand with a little bit of wrist acrobatics. Which adds to the charm, in my opinion.
The face is BEAUTIFUL. Did I say that already? It needed repeating.
The numbers are exceptionally clear and the hands and numbers are chrome plated which makes the whole thing very easy to read in all but the darkest circumstances.
After two weeks of constant (Indoor, outdoor, working on cars, etc.) wear it's still keeping perfect time and there isn't a single blemish on it, despite multiple strikes and scrapes on various solid objects.

The bad:
The metal mesh band, while being light and comfortable, doesn't make much of a statement. In fact, to the untrained eye, as my classless, tasteless co-workers have let me know repeatedly, it looks very cheap.
The clasp will cause you to break out if you're allergic to cheap metal, particularly if it gets wet because then the unpainted metal on the inner part of the clasp is communicated directly to the most sensitive skin on your arm under your wrist.
The band does not stretch at all, and this thing requires the patience of a brain surgeon on marijuana to adjust properly. Thus, if your wrist swells/shrinks as you get warmer and cooler, it will never fit exactly right.

However, despite these flaws I am still totally happy that I bought this watch and once I manage to destroy this one, I'll be in the market for another.
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on September 27, 2010
I've been wearing this watch as my every day timepiece for a few months now and I have to say that I am very glad I bought this watch.
For those that state they have trouble with the clasp, they simply aren't putting the watch on correctly. The clasp clicks down and then has a swing arm fastener, so there is no way this thing will "accidentally" unbuckle.
The watch is extremely light weight and comfortable to wear. The color of the watch does not fade over time and it is relatively scratch resistant. The timepiece itself is accurate and doesn't need to be adjusted at all, and the date window is a very handy feature.

Highly recommend this watch for everyday users. Not too much of a "showy" timepiece but great otherwise.
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on March 23, 2015
I've owned two Skagen watches. The crystal is round faced so your typical jewelry stores will not have the tool required to press the batery casing back on. The watches get me compliments, but once you're battery dies you'll be in a pickle. One watche's crystal was shattered due to this issue, and after the band came loose on this particular black model, I didn't bother fussing with the dead battery, too, because It would have doubled the price of the watch. Moral of the story: if you've never dealt with jewelers who can handle ultra thun watches (which often have curved crystal faces), this watch isn't worth the low price.
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