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on August 23, 2016
I'm surprised at the negative reviews here, which made me pause before finally buying this beautiful watch. It's thin, lightweight and stunningly understated classic taste. The face is a deep metallic blue, the hands, numbers and workmanship are first class, exquisite detail. The band is a fine mesh. The clasp is a marvel of engineering. It connects 3- ways: a hook over a bar, then 2 opposite side clasps snap down over the hook/bar. There is no way it opens unintentionally. The watch and band feel robust enough to wear during golf. Seems like a much more expensive watch. The movement is Japanese and the band made in China, which both seem high quality.
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on March 17, 2017
this is a really nice, comfortable, thin watch. The battery can be easily accessed by taking off the back (need to have a good tool to rock back and forth the back plate, then to replace need to have two small soft clamps to hold into place the back plate and I used a vice grip [taping the jaws with heavy tape to avoid scratching the back] to clamp the back onto the body. It is not difficult just a bit of analysis is needed to put it back together. It is about a 5-10 minute job but doable by anyone who has any little bit of menchanical skill. The company wants you to take it to a jeweler but it is totally unnecessary. The connection to the wrist is very easy to put on and take off. I had a steinhausen watch and it was almost impossible to change the battery. This Skagen watch is a perfect replacement at half the price. Also can see the date pretty easily. I might buy another as a travel watch.
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on September 16, 2016
Great watch! I had the black bodied version before, with same blue face, but it was smaller overall. I wanted a silver body and bigger watch...well Skagen apparently heard my request and made it. The only thing I think is missing is bright glow in the dark hands.
I get compliments on this all the time and it's so thin and light you forget it's even there.
Pretty tough too...I put it through all kinds of swimming, mountain biking, hiking, working in a lab, and it does very well. My previous one lasted three years and fell apart in a violent crash on a bike...can't blame the watch!
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on April 22, 2007
I haven't worn a watch in years. I wanted to purchase something to go with my business casual dress that would not be too overpowering and still be nice. I had been eyeing this watch for awhile and finally decided to splurge.

The watch seemed to be a bit too flashy for me when wearing blue jeans and t shirts, but that ok with me. The latch seemed to be a little bit tricky at first. Once I read the users manual and figured out how to use it I was ok.

The reason for writing this article was for its durability. I took it on vacation but didn't want to wear it through security checkpoints. I decided I would stick it in a sock and just check the bag. Once I did this and got home I decided I would wash all of my laundry. Of course I forgot and left the watch in the sock. It goes through the washer and dryer, comes out still ticking. No scratches or anything. I'm impressed!
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on June 28, 2013
I've had this watch for a little over a month, and it's now my favorite. To give you some perspective, it's up against a handful of Casio G-Shocks. Although I love the Casio watches, they're incredibly bulky and flop all around my rather skinny wrist unless I strap them on so tight that they cut off all blood flow to my hand. Also, the Casio watches are not that aesthetically pleasing.

I was at first disappointed by this watch because both the watch face and the band are darker than the image advertised on Amazon. Also, adjusting the band to my wrist took some figuring out. Also, how to actually put the watch on and clasp it took some figuring out. Also, the watch fit rather weirdly on my incredibly skinny wrist (really, it's like bone with some skin draped over it).

However, I loved how thin the watch is and how cool the mesh band looks and feels, so I took the trouble to figure out how to better fit it to my wrist and how to properly clasp it. Now I put it on and take it off with no thought or effort at all, and it has not yet come loose or fallen off.

I have not received a single compliment on this watch--but then, I spend all my time at work and most of the people I work with are idiots. I'm sure that if I spent time with better company, I'd get the compliments that others report because this is a really good looking, comfortable watch.

It's keeping excellent time and is so thin and light that most of the time I forget I have it on. However, when I need to tell time I can easily and with a glance. Since I have good glasses, I can easily read the date window as well.

The coolest thing about this watch is that, although my wrist is so skinny that the mesh band wraps virtually all the way around itself, it doesn't stick out to the side. If you already own this watch and have a skinny wrist, you know what I mean.

This watch has no bells and whistles beyond being lightweight, slender, beautiful, and functional. I like it more than any watch I have ever owned.
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on February 6, 2013
This watch is highly regarded by most reviewers and for a good's beautiful. I have a small wrist and the current oversized watches look like Big Ben on my wrist! Honestly, I don't know how this trend got started, but I'll be glad when it ends.

I've had this watch for several months now and it keeps accurate time. The only issue I've uncovered so far is that occasionally, the date will not advance fully to the next numeral. It will hang up slightly such that the numeral isn't completely centered in the window. This doesn't happen often and I can live with it. To center it, you simply pull out the stem and nudge it until the numeral centers itself. I don't know if this is unique to my watch or others have also experienced it.

Allow me to make an observation regarding the clasp. I like my watches to fit snugly on my wrist. I believe that if you adjust the band such that it fits snugly, you won't lose the watch even if the security clasp comes open. That’s because you'll keep pressure on the hook and pin portion of the clasp at all times making it unlikely that they'll separate on their own. I have to make an effort to unclasp the band and I can't imagine it ever coming loose on its own. If you like a watch that fits loosely on your wrist, this may not be the watch for you.

Overall, a great watch and highly recommended if you prefer style over size.
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on January 28, 2017
Very stylish and unique.I have a small wrist and appreciated the fact that the wristband is easily adjusted. It keeps excellent time, but "time" will tell how reliable it is. I do wish that the battery had been deactivated though, because there is no way to know how long the battery has been in operation.
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on March 7, 2013
As someone who has only had cheap Walmart watches their entire life, you feel like a big deal when wearing this. Very thin, light weight and BEAUTIFUL. It really stands out and I've gotten a lot of compliments. The best thing is that it goes great with everything from a suit to jeans an a tee shirt. It did take me a few minutes to figure out how to adjust and fasten the band. But now I can take it off and put in on in a couple seconds. This watch definitely made me a Skagen fan. For the price you can't beat it. When it finally does bite the dust I'm definitely going to get another one.

EDIT: 12/7/13: I've been wearing this watch everyday since I bought it and it's held up like a champ. I cook in a restaurant so this thing has been exposed to heat, grease and other abuses on a daily basis. Still works an only has a few light scratches. I can only assume the other reviewers, who said theirs broke, must have got a lemon. Mine has been exposed to some of the worst possible conditions and it's still going strong.
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on December 27, 2012
TIP: For those whom find the 'security clasp' (second latch) on band to release much too easily--I had the same problem and before even wearing for the first time I used a channel lock type pliers to (gently and carefully) squeeze the clasp 'wings' (the parts with the tiny protrusions) toward each other slightly. Just took seconds and I got it right the first time, now it takes deliberate intention to release and snaps possitive.

I can easily sympathize with those whom don't like this latch it may take some getting used to--I like it: A) when closed it is very compact, unobtrusive and it's lite weight., B) I perversely enjoy the bit of three finger dexterity that it takes to put on my wrist, C) I work with heavy steel all day and appreciate this as nicely designed jewlery not intended for harsh work environment.

I am impressed at how easy it is to forget I'm wearing it, SEEMS to be quite good quality and excellent value. (I paid about $60 but $100 plus still seems plenty inexpensive) Very comfortable and atractive. Note: The color is not so silver as in the top photo but the botton pics on skin represent true appearance quite well. I love and demand the thin sleak, minimal design and simplicity of appearance, nothing protruding nor corners between band and body to diminish looks or catch on clothing.
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on November 26, 2013
This watch is extremely fashionable, comfortable, and generally awesome.

There is only one problem I have had with it, which wasn't large enough to take it down to 4 starts. The band is very nice, thin, flexible, and stylish. However, it isn't the most durable. If you snag it on anything the edges of the steel mesh can easily fray, leaving you with a couple of steel wires poking out from the side of the band. These wires will then snag on the fabric of any clothes you wear and slowly destroy them. Basically you can expect to have to replace the band after a while if you wear this watch often. And replacement bands are not cheap and easy to find my any stretch of the imagination. But, like I said, the watch is so awesome in general that it still deserves 5 stars.
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