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on June 28, 2013
I've had this watch for a little over a month, and it's now my favorite. To give you some perspective, it's up against a handful of Casio G-Shocks. Although I love the Casio watches, they're incredibly bulky and flop all around my rather skinny wrist unless I strap them on so tight that they cut off all blood flow to my hand. Also, the Casio watches are not that aesthetically pleasing.

I was at first disappointed by this watch because both the watch face and the band are darker than the image advertised on Amazon. Also, adjusting the band to my wrist took some figuring out. Also, how to actually put the watch on and clasp it took some figuring out. Also, the watch fit rather weirdly on my incredibly skinny wrist (really, it's like bone with some skin draped over it).

However, I loved how thin the watch is and how cool the mesh band looks and feels, so I took the trouble to figure out how to better fit it to my wrist and how to properly clasp it. Now I put it on and take it off with no thought or effort at all, and it has not yet come loose or fallen off.

I have not received a single compliment on this watch--but then, I spend all my time at work and most of the people I work with are idiots. I'm sure that if I spent time with better company, I'd get the compliments that others report because this is a really good looking, comfortable watch.

It's keeping excellent time and is so thin and light that most of the time I forget I have it on. However, when I need to tell time I can easily and with a glance. Since I have good glasses, I can easily read the date window as well.

The coolest thing about this watch is that, although my wrist is so skinny that the mesh band wraps virtually all the way around itself, it doesn't stick out to the side. If you already own this watch and have a skinny wrist, you know what I mean.

This watch has no bells and whistles beyond being lightweight, slender, beautiful, and functional. I like it more than any watch I have ever owned.
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on November 26, 2013
This watch is extremely fashionable, comfortable, and generally awesome.

There is only one problem I have had with it, which wasn't large enough to take it down to 4 starts. The band is very nice, thin, flexible, and stylish. However, it isn't the most durable. If you snag it on anything the edges of the steel mesh can easily fray, leaving you with a couple of steel wires poking out from the side of the band. These wires will then snag on the fabric of any clothes you wear and slowly destroy them. Basically you can expect to have to replace the band after a while if you wear this watch often. And replacement bands are not cheap and easy to find my any stretch of the imagination. But, like I said, the watch is so awesome in general that it still deserves 5 stars.
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on April 30, 2011
After my previous watch died, I spend a good deal of time looking for a new one that looked good and wasn't too large, which proved to be a difficult task. Most of the watches I found were either extremely thick and had an unusually large face, or lacked a second hand and date field. This watch seemed perfect, though I was unsure about the color. Fortunately, I was not disappointed.
The watch appears very thin, partially because it is quite thin, and also because of the shape of the back. I enjoy the design of the face and the band very much. I was pleased by the colors. The face's deep metallic blue looks slightly different depending on how you look at it, and the case and band are slightly darker than the picture, which is exactly what I was hoping for. I like its looks a lot, and I received several complements on its appearance.
Some reviewers expressed concerns about the clasp, however, I thin the unique two-stage design is very secure. It took a second or two to figure out after putting the watch on for the first time, but is very effective and does not come loose. Another bonus of this design is that the strap is adjustable using only a screwdriver or thin key. The watch is easy to set using a two-stage crown, and I find the second hand and date display very useful.
The display is not easy to read in the dark. I'm not sure if the hands are supposed to glow, but they do not. This isn't much of an issue for me.
Before I ordered the watch, I was concerned that it might be too dressy for everyday use, but I am happy to report that it looks good enough to be worn with formal attire, yet is not so dressy that it can't be worn every day, a feature I appreciate very much.
I do wish the battery was replaceable without special tools, but my first battery lasted a year and a half, so it was only a minor inconvenience. This watch keeps time better than any watch I owned previously, and never gained or lost time, even as the battery was dying.
I've owned this watch for about two years now, and it's held up quite well. I was under the impression that, being made of titanium, it would never scratch, but this is not the case. Still, after heavy use for two years, the scratches on the case and crystal are minor, and do not interfere with the operation of the watch. Just beware of rubbing metal against the watch, as I had the case scratch on something as simple as a notebook spiral.
My ownership of this watch has been a great experience. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a modern, thin, reliable watch.
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on October 1, 2011
I've had this watch for a little over a month and a half now so I felt I should leave a review. Honestly, I love this watch. I previously had a great Fossil watch that I have worn for over 10 years (which I still have and also works fine aside form the worn away aluminum plating, just fyi) because I couldn't find a watch that had the same Cobalt blue face plate in anything nicer, and that was what initially drew me to this watch. That aside, I like it so much I have to leave a good review. I had never previously heard of the Skagen brand, but I don't regret going with them at all.

These are some of my impressions of this watch:
It is very light weight. My old one was comparatively very heavy.
It sells for a great price on Amazon (I paid 68$ compared to MSRP of $135 on their website).
The color is amazing.
The band, besides not catching on my arm hair as my old watch did (which hurt when it happened), feels great and looks fantastic in many lighting conditions.
I have honestly gotten quite a few compliments on the watch by people who wanted to know where to buy this watch, so it looks good to others.

My sole complaint is that this watch does in fact have some glow in the dark capability, but the glow in the dark lines are either razor thin or extremely weak and do not really light up at night in a way that is readable. I would also like to address anyone who is concerned about the complaints about the band, I found that they were completely unfounded. The band is simple, I adjusted it to my wrist in less than 5 minutes, and the clasp is also not complicated at all, at least not anymore complicated than any standard dress watch.

Overall, I completely recommend this watch to anyone looking to buy a casual dress watch that's thin, light and looks good. I hope it will last at least as many years as my previous watch.
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on August 17, 2011
This is my 2nd Skagen watch, both are running and looking like brand new. My other Skagen is a black titanium version with 3 complications (date, day and 24hr indicator--the 809XLTBN). I liked it a lot and wanted a watch of a typical titanium color. This silvered version's case is a little smaller (diameter) than the blackened model, but fits my wrist better. I also really like the Skagen mesh strap. It takes a few minutes to adjust it initially, but unlike a buckle strap watch, the mesh can be adjusted to the nearest millimeter, you don't have to settle for one hole that's too tight, or the next one that's too loose. You can see some beautiful photos of this watch, the picture posted by Amazon doesn't capture the titanium's ability to capture light and reflect it beautifully (the mesh strap, the blue dial and even the case). I was stunned at the price Amazon is selling this watch for: I bought my first Skagen at a retail store--one that rhymes with "Gacy's"--for just over $200. Although this watch has fewer complications, it is even more dazzling than the more expensive models. At the time of this writing, Amazon is selling it for just over $58! Retail is selling them at more than twice that price. A thin, lightweight, handsome watch for just $14 more than I paid for a utilitarian, but chunky work watch, the kind that uses Indiglo feature.

Do yourself a favor and buy this watch.
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on August 20, 2011
First off, the clasp system is great. The titanium band feels like smooth chainmail and is sleek and flexible. The clasp is adjustable and fits into certain slats in the band and the rest wraps around under the other side of the watch. It's comfortable, sleek and thin, and the clasp has another clasp over it to ensure it never comes off. Not even the clasp, on which the weight sits when my wrist is on resting on a surface, has gotten scuffed or scratched at all after a few weeks. The quartz is unbelievable, I moved wearing this watch and scraped it hard several times hard against walls and door jambs only to find that when i picked the paint flakes off the watch that the wall was more screwed up than the watch. I had no idea how often I would use that feature that tells you what day it is because I typically never know. I have not tested the water resistance as I am aware water resistance is not waterPROOF and my last watch was a Fossil that was 50 bucks more expensive, developed moisture under the lens due to bad mounting and never really recovered. It also got much more scratched, as did my previous watch, a Seiko that was also 28 dollars more expensive. Overall this is a pretty amazing deal for 58 bucks and it's my favorite watch I've ever had. I get a lot of compliments for it but it's not gaudy or ostentatious or bulky. It's also great being able to just take it out of the box and put it on instead of screwing around with removing links and approximating a good fit.
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on September 22, 2014
I love this watch. I have another Skagen that I've had for about 13 years. The crystal on the old has cracked and every place that will replace it wants as much as what this new watch costs. So I bought a new one. I love the smooth sleekness of the band, and have never had a problem with my old watch so I don't anticipate any with the new watch. I've really enjoyed the blue face versus the gray of my old watch. The silver of the hour marks was/is hard to see against the gray, but on this new watch, they are much easier to see, even in lower light. My only complaint is that it is a larger watch, and I have a smaller wrist. I am a smaller statured man so this wasn't a great surprise to me. It still looks okay and I'm getting used to the different feel. Never had a problem with the operation or battery of the old watch and hopefully will not with this one. Only time will tell. At this point I would buy this watch again.
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on April 4, 2017
Have always like the styling of this scandavian design watch. This was for my wife, she wanted clear numbers, and a date. Really nice classy watch. The clasp takes a little getting used to, a little fiddly if you have clumsy hands. It also needs accurate placement before closing properly. That looses it a star. Keeping perfect time after first week.
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on October 30, 2013
This is the third Skagen watch we have purchased from Amazon this year. I think by now it's safe to say no one in this house is wearing a different brand again. We aren't much for brand loyalty normally, but these watches are a game changer. This purchase was made to replace a watch that was lost on a plane. Skagen watches are durable and beautiful and fairly priced. This one is even more beautiful than the picture. It's very light weight and easy to read. He wears it every day. It can be dressed up or down. He was so thrilled that I replaced his watch (which was originally a gift from me) and even more thrilled that I kicked it up a notch to this one with the date, second hand, and 24 hour time. Once you know how to adjust the band it's very easy. The band is very light and comfortable and looks great too! The face is quite wide on this one, so if you have a small wrist that may be uncomfortable for you. The wider face is still very slim and not bulky at all. This is really an amazing product!
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on April 2, 2014
I was very disappointed when I received this watch. The picture of the watch looks much better than the watch that I received looks, the band and case are dull and the blue face is not nearly are bright or reflective as shown in the picture. Also, the clasp on the watch band seems to be poorly designed as it comes off or opens quite easily and unexpectedly. It is a very thin and very light watch, but I am almost afraid to wear it for fear that the clasp will open and the watch will fall off. The crown also feels very rough and flimsy. Not impressed with this watch at all and would definitely would not have purchased it had I seen in person first.
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