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on June 29, 2012
Well I'll start with the good things, it has a large easy to read dial, which has a brilliant blue finish which is far better in person than in a photograph. It's a very light and thin watch for it's size. The clasp is VERY secure, three separate movements to close and open it. The movement is as accurate as you can expect a quartz watch to be, the hack function is a welcome addition that you don't often see on watches outside of larger brands. The watch and band are beautiful, and easy to match to clothing, but one could say that about black and blue with any mens watches.

Now, the things I don't enjoy. The lume is very weak, this watch is almost impossible to read at night, even when it's spent an average day on the wrist working outdoors it has almost no lume at all. The band, which is one of the main selling points is comfortable, but could be better if it could bend more. I have small wrists and have most watch bands replaced, new holes punched or otherwise modified. This band cannot be modified, and as you get to the limits of it's size adjustment it loses a lot of flex in the band as a consequence of this as you go further down it sits less square on your wrist due to the band pulling it up. Lastly the case does not have a gloss finish like the band, and does not really flow as well as I'd like.

That said, it is still a very good looking watch and so easy to match to clothing/other jewelry it's worth the price of admission. I wouldn't say it's my favourite of my collection, but it's versatility and quartz timekeeping mean it will be used regularly.
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on March 25, 2014
First, have had the watch for a week and absolutely love it. Lay's great on the wrist , is not too heavy and is a wonderful add to your collection as it is not too heavy and not extremely large like so many of today's styles. This one will stand the test of time.

Things to NOTE :
1) Understand this stock photo. Colors here are extremely vibrant, the actual "blue" of the face is not this light. Is a darker blue in almost ALL lighting settings. Unless you have it in direct extreme lighting, the blue you experience will be several shades darker. Still a beautiful watch, but note it will not look on your wrist like it does here.
2) Clasp is hella tough to adjust. will take a small screwdriver applying leverage to tighten the main sizing clasp on this watch. I could not do with my bare hands and had to take to a watch shop who used small screwdriver.

Once set though, it sticks, trust that. You will be frustrated trying to do with your fingers, so get a very small (eyeglass maybe) screwdriver and apply gentle pressure forward in fastening the lever to lock in place.

Still love the watch and at <$100 is phenomenal buy.
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on July 31, 2012
I bought this watch because I like blue, and it did not disappoint. The band is adjusted by lifting a tab, sliding it to where you want, and pressing the tab back down. This was not easy, as the band is stainless steel and quite hard. After several tries, I actually read the directions, which pointed out that there are depressions in the band every quarter inch or so, and the tab must rest in one of these. I still could not get the tab to seat with my bare hands. Not wanting to bend the metal with pliars, I finally took the end of a wooden dowel and pressed the tab down with that. The band was fine after that, very flexible and lignt. The day and date dials are quite small, and I can't make them out, even with reading glasses. Still, I could see that from the picture and I'm not complaining. Potential buyers, however, should be aware. The blue is exactly what I wanted, with almost an irridescence that takes on a different appearance depending on how the light hits it. So far, so good.
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on December 26, 2012
There are several video reviews of this watch, which do a pretty good job at describing it, so I won't bother with that.
It is a very nice watch, thin and light. Adjusting the band is different from other watches, but does the job just fine.
The one thing that was a little annoying, was the little slip of paper that came with it telling me how to adjust it, said move the knob to position 2, and rotate clockwise to adjust the date. Position 2 wasn't that difficult to get to (like some suggest) the problem was I needed to turn the knob *counterclockwise* to adjust the date, which I only figured out after 10 or so minutes of trying to figure out what I was doing wrong.
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on November 23, 2011
Update 1/4/2013: I've had the watch for nearly 14 months now. I was concerned when I read one poster's comment that the face cracked--that he woke up one morning and found it that way. Well, my watch has been through one cold winter, a hot, 3-digit heat-spell days (101 - 104 degrees Fahrenheit) and now a 2nd winter (below freezing). It has been accidentally knocked against my car and other hard objects. No damage whatsoever. My older Skagen that I've had for 10 year or more has also endured the same treatment and is working just fine. So the poster may have just gotten a bad watch but it is the exception not the norm. It has kept perfect time. After having it for so long now, the only feature that bugs me is when I have to reset the date (months shorter than 31 days). Twice now I've accidentally gone two days forward. Since there is no going backwards, that can be a bother. Also, within the past year or so my eye-sight seems to be getting worse and using this for anything but telling time is a challenge. Still, that is not the fault of the watch. I still am very happy with it.

Original post: The watch-face was a bit bigger than I anticipated. My wife bought me my first Skagen at Costco as an anniversary present over a decade ago. The reason I love Skagen is that the watch is very thin and doesn't get caught-up in my clothing (shirt, sweater, coat) when dressing & undressing (Yeah, I know... why don't I just take it off before that? Well, just because I've fallen into a habit and just plain "don't".)

The only thing my first watch lacked was a date feature. This watch offers that. Even though I have an Android phone that is always with me, it is not easy to see the time when outside and it is always awkward to have to stop to grab my phone just for the time. Wearing and referencing a watch is just easier.

With my first watch, I only had to replace the battery once a few years ago. It keeps perfect time.

If you look at the customer-uploaded pics, you'll see me wearing both the new & old watches together. As you can tell, I have a small frame so the new (blue, round-faced) watch looks very large on me.
review image
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on January 11, 2013
First and foremost, this watch is beautiful. In my opinion, it is even better looking than the great photos shown here. I receive comments on this watch all the time. It feels wonderful on my wrist, as does my other Skagen watch. Of course, that means you barely even notice it, unlike most other watches. It's lightweight, but not cheap feeling. The amazing slim design is terrific and it fits under my dress shirt sleeve cuffs better than any watch I've owned.

Now, the downside, which for me is significant but may not be for people with younger eyes and perfect vision. The time is actually kind of hard to read. The hands, both hour and minute, are long enough that they almost touch the time markings around the face. Technically, I guess the time markings are what are too long. They match the hands too closely, so that when the hands are on, or very close to the markings, it's really difficult to tell the time, because it prevents you from being able to distinguish the hour and minute hands.

Secondly in this regard, the date is impossible to read. Even with my reading glasses on (and I can read anything else I need to with them on) I simply can't read the date. It's just too small, and I think it's a flaw that should be corrected in future models. Even my kids have trouble seeing the date.

If those two things were fixed, this watch would be nearly perfect. Overall, it's still wonderful and great looking. For those with better vision, you will probably not have the same quibbles as me.
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on August 6, 2012
I must say I absolutely love the watch, I have a few nice watches but the Skagen is definitely my favourite, it's so light and comfortable you forget you have it on, I've only had two comments about the watch whilst wearing it, one said they prefer the Black and Rose Gold version and the other thought is was plastic as it was so light in weight, fortunately these guys were not friends so I just put it down to personal preference and ignorance, the watch has kept perfect time and can be worn for any occasion, dress or casual, I did quite a bit of shopping around for this watch (Skagen Direct, eBay, Etc), the cheapest way of buying the 809XLTBN was via, it came from Mr Watch in the U.S and I honestly couldn't have expected a better service had I bought in it the U.K, ordered on the Monday, delivered on the Wednesday, I paid around £105 for the watch and the shipping, unfortunately Fed-Ex sent a tax request for £21 a week later but that still makes it a good buy at under a £130 via a reputable trader. If I decide to buy any more Skagen watches (might just go for the Black and Rose Gold), I know were I'll go, and Mr Watch, a Trustworthy and professional combination..
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on May 20, 2015
Looks great, and I love the minimalism of the product. It's matches very well for wearing with suits. It's durable, and an amazing value for what it is.

Ya, it took a bit getting used to the latching mechanism to put it on; but now it's second nature to me.
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on May 2, 2018
Excellent great buy,m great buy.
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on February 22, 2014
I placed my order late morning on 02/18/14. The product was scheduled to arrive in 48 hours. I received my most beautiful titanum blue-faced Skagen watch (second one) on 02/19/14. It took less than 30 hours from ordering via the internet and delivering it on my door. The watch itself? In perfect condition and no flaw with the original sticker price of $195.00. This is also the price in the Skagen website. I got it at 40-45% discount. Wow!
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