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on March 11, 2012
Skagen is one of the best companies around making very sleek watches. Amazon had amazing pricing. Everything is great except the black band has started discoloring...within a few months ...I write with left hand so the watch band touches the desk everyday occassionally (mind you-just touches the desk, not scratched with pressure of course, like a "work-watch")....& the contact area of the band has already started signs of wear as if the watch is 5 yr old. Black is coming off and I can foresee it would look steel eventually making the watch look old. Wish Skagen did better electro-plating as this is not a cheap watch and a consumer would have better expecations from an expensive watch!!!!
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on August 30, 2010
Overall, this is a rather smart looking watch. It boasts fine, subdued lines, a matte finish that is not overly garish, and the carbon fiber accent is not overstated as they so often are. The watch is very light, keeping it from doing circuits around your wrist as you move your arms about (a feature especially important to mediterranean-grade gesticulators like myself). And the band proves to be very comfortable.
The only drawbacks, if one could even label them as such, are as follows:
-the woven metal band tends to trap lint, threads, and all manner of particulate matter in a manner most difficult to remove.
-the glowing watch hands tend to be short-lived after the light fails.
And lastly:
-the watch overall is a fragile piece, given the broad, thin glass, etc...but it is not exactly a combat timepiece, so I hesitate to have even mentioned this.
All in all, its a good watch, at the right price. It exceeded my expectations for the price range, being so elegant and stylish a piece, but if you're looking for absolute perfection, durability, etc...then frankly, you should perhaps look beyond the $100-$200 range of watches.
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on September 2, 2013
I don't know if it was due to aggressive handling of the box or if they watch was just a bad sample from the factory. I usually check this on watches when I get them by rotating the time to 12:00. On the particular watch that I received, the hour hand was pointing to about the 2 minute position with the hour hand straight up. The 24 hour indicator was off by 2 hours. Luckily I have a tinkering mind and found out how to open the thing up and make the necessary adjustments.

Other than that mentioned above, the watch is actually a really nice one. Lots of info (date/day/24 hour). A usual gripe is the hands block some of this info sometimes. This is to be expected... It's nice and light. After a couple months of occasional wearing, i haven't had any issues with the band (yet).

Only down sides to this watch are, due to the added complications, it's not as thin as a simple skagen but it's still the thinnest watch I own. Also for right handed people (left hand wearers) the crown is a little "cornery" and it lets you know it's there. I usually like to wear my watches loose and able to move around on my wrist a little. I have to wear this watch a little high on my wrist due to the crown.
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on April 18, 2013
I got this watch about a year ago. At first I was a bit disappointed about how large it is - I was expecting something smaller, but I got used to it very quickly and now I am perfectly comfortable with it.

+ looks elegant enough to be a dress watch
+ durable - no signs of wear after 1 year of moderate use (office work, some sports)
+ accurate - I haven't adjusted it since I've set it, and it's right on the spot

* Never needed the 24-hour hand - useless feature to me
* Had to tighten the strap clip two times already - small pliers and a screwdriver and it's good again
* Trouble setting the date properly

The thing about the date is that the watch only shows you the day and doesn't show the month. Nevertheless, it has some month logic built in, because the day sometimes switches to 1 after 30, and sometimes after 31. It's hard to set properly without seeing the month, though, and if I consider leap years on top of that... If this was explained in the manual, would get 5 stars.
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on February 17, 2013
This is the first watch that ever died on me. After replacing the battery twice, I sent it back to the warranty department "Metro". After burning $8 in return shipping, time spent for paperwork, and a bill for $8.50, the watch died again the same manner. It seemed obvious that the warranty department did not read my comments that I tried replacing the battery two times for it to stop soon after replacement. Technician did not leave any notes on what was done, and appeared that the battery was replaced. Just a lot of hassle, and recommend avoiding this brand if your time is valuable. Perhaps Skagen should consider changing the warranty service company.

Revised: Added one star. The warranty company worked on the movement instead of replacing it, but did not fix the issue. So my note was read, and I made a wrong assumption. The customer service was responsive, and sent a prepaid label.

I did not notice, thinking it is normal wear, but the black plating wore off in several places. It no longer looks good. I guess you get what you pay for.
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on February 2, 2013
I've had a silver Skagen watch for about 10 years now, and these watches are fantastic! So, I decided to get the Skagen SK809XLTBB as a gift for a special someone who wanted a "modern" black watch. This baby fits the bill, and he's been 100% happy with it! Skagen watches are beautiful, stylish, and so lightweight that you'll forget you even have it on. At first glance, you might think that the mesh band may pull on wrist hairs -- this is not the case. In fact, it's extremely comfortable.

My only complaint about the Skagen SK809XLTBB is that the wrist size adjustment clasp was a little finicky to change compared to my old silver Skagen. But after a little finessing, the watch was sized and ready to wear (beats having to go to the jewelry store to have links removed from a traditional band watch!).

Cannot recommend Skagen enough for durability, dependability, style, and comfort.
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on December 17, 2012
The watch looks and feels great. It sits very low/flat on your wrist and the carbon fiber face looks sharp. The band is more comfortable than I expected; the "mesh" is very tightly woven so things like the hairs on your wrist don't get caught. The clasp is interesting and took a couple minutes to get set to my wrist size. The overall clasp doesn't feel flimsy when secured and it doesn't come loose, but some of the subcomponents could snap into place a bit more tightly. Don't let that comment scare you off, this is a great watch at a great price.

The Audi Collection sells this same watch for $275 with the Audi rings on the face instead of the Skagen logo. The takeaway is that this watch passes for a $250+ piece and plays the part well.
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on October 31, 2017
Returned it same day. Appears to be counterfiet or is Skagen quality so low not that the 12 hour mark did not even align up straight.
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on February 12, 2014
Initially I wanted this watch for myself because it looks great and it is thin. In the end I bought it for one of my closest friend. He personally loves it and love the detail of the watch. Black and red color tone is great!
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on March 4, 2013
To start, I have to say that I would give this watch 5 stars, but for 2 very significant issues:
1. Loose clasp: the wrist clasp is weakly magnetic (the outer clasp) and this is easily dislodged from the inner clasp. The inner clasp, actually, can easily come free and even forces the upper (magnetic) clasp to come loose with it. I have had this watch frequently come loose (through normal use, not exercise or anything like that) and I am concerned that it is a matter of time before I lose this watch.
2. The day of month subdial has very small numbers, and even with my glasses on it is challenging to read it.
Aside from those issues, I enjoy the watch
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