Customer Reviews: Skagen Men's T233XLTMN Royal Blue Dial And Black Signature Skagen Band Watch
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on October 7, 2011
This is a beauty of a watch! The dark black mesh and housing contrast with the beautiful dark blue face.
It is wearable for whatever occasion, be it casual or white tie, it never feels out of place. You WILL have people compliment on it all the time!
I had doubts about the mesh catching arm-hair at first, but having worn it for a few weeks now it has only ever tweaked once, no more than a slight pinch. Toughen up!
The light weight and amazing thinness add to the, dare I say, magical attraction of the watch... You get a kick looking at the time, every single time, and it has so far convinced a few other friends of mine to buy a skagen watch.
And let's face it, for this price, it is amazing! The quality is right up there, the only place that has lost a bit of black paint is the part where the inner clasp snaps in. It is a high friction spot, I expect that to happen.

You will not regret buying one, and if the black and blue seems too "young" for you, there are many other beautiful skagen models out there that will suit your needs.
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on July 19, 2012
No question - it's a good looking watch. And my son had no problems with the watch itself. BUT the pin connecting the band to the watch bent and the watch fell off. The jeweler who installed the new pin says that the watch/band is improperly designed. If it is worn snugly, it puts pressure on the center of the pin (rather than the whole pin) and that causes the pin to bow in the middle causing it to fall out of the connecting holes. I can see the second pin starting to bow.
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on September 30, 2011
This watch is simple and elegant. It's darker than the colors in the picture, completely black, with a very dark blue watch face. The numbers inside all sparkle and glisten perfectly. It's a watch that would go well with anything, and looks very professional. It's slim profile and non-hair-pulling mesh titanium band really sell it.
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on February 26, 2014
Firstly, I want to point out that there is NOTHING WRONG with the watch band clasp, you just have to figure out how to properly use it, because there does not appear to be any diagrams in the tiny manual, and when I called Skagen, they promised to EM me something about that, which I never received. I eventually figured out how to both lock the clasp, and how to readjust how tight it is (after another poster mentioned using a thin screw driver), although it did take some experimentation. In fact, IMHO, the clasp is actually brilliantly designed. I may just post my first Amazon Video on both the wrong way, and the right way how to do that. Oh, and the clasp is made out of black stainless steel, and not titanium, as another reviewer pointed out, which I don't think really matters. The watch is light, thin, and has a very attractive blue face, with a black titanium band and case. It is in fact, rather sexy looking? I only wish, as another poster mentioned, that it has better luminescence in the dark, because it has just about none now. I guess that would put the watch into a higher
price point.
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on January 9, 2014
Great if you want a thin, light watch. The color on the face is much more striking in person than in the photos - a great looking watch.

EDIT AFTER 2 MONTHS:I had to edit to remove 2 stars because oaf a problem with the pins that hold on the band. Unlike my other Skagen watch, the way the pins are attached to the band causes the band to jut out from the watch body a little (won't bend around your wrist properly). At first I thought this was a minor cosmetic thing - then the watch fell off after lightly brushing my car seat - one of the pins holding the band had bent in the middle and is ruined. Worse, I easily could have lost the watch if it had not happened in the car. Definitely a design flaw with this model - although it is pretty, I would recommend a different Skagen model.
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on October 18, 2013
Upon opening the box for the first thing I noticed about this watch was how beautiful it is. The pictures do not do it justice. My favorite thing about it is how it goes with nearly anything. It looks perfect with my work (I'm a teacher), church, and formal attire. In my opinion it it a bit to dressy to go with casual jeans and t-shirts but that doesn't stop me because it is also the most comfortable watch I've ever owned. The moveable clasp allows you to perfectly customize the length of the band to fit your wrist exactly how you would like. I set it to fit ever so slightly on the loose side and once I put it on I forget it is even there. It is thin enough that my shirt cuffs fit effortlessly over it and it is lite and breathable so my wrist doesn't sweat. It also never moves. This is the only watch I've ever owned where the face doesn't slide to the underside of my wrist all day. Contrary to what some of the other reviews have said, I have found the clasp to be very secure though I could see how one might clip it around their wrist improperly and have it fall off. The only slightly negative thing I have to say is, like all watches I've owned, the glow in the dark numbers and hands aren't very bright.
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on September 17, 2011
Overall quite happy with this watch. It was not as thin as my earlier blue Skagen which unfortunately I had cracked the glass and also kinked the titanium watch strap whilst paving a patio! However that cracked watch still runs fine! I wished this Skagen model had better night illuminated dials and the date function is a tad too small to read. My 30 year old Seiko had better illuminated dials.
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on April 6, 2013
First the cons (why I didn't give it 5 stars):
-the luminescence is so thin it doesn't last the night.
-deceptive marketing. "Denmark" in bold, mentions that the movement is Japanese, but when you open it up: Made in China.
Pros: I think this is the most beautiful watch I have seen, and it keeps excellent time - off by only about 1-2 seconds after more than a month of use.
I don't have a problem with a watch being made in China, but I think they should own up to it.
btw, the battery is easy to replace and cheap if you do it yourself (#364 or SR621SW) Just pop in a new one and ground it to restart the watch. You'll need some sort of blade to pop off the back of the watch, and be careful, the black is a coating and comes off if scratched hard enough.
I recommend the watch and would buy it again.
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on May 8, 2014
I have some nerve damage in my arm/hand and I can't wear the large, heavy watches I used to love. I have previously worn Skagen watches and love that they are light, classy, and reliable. The one issue I always had with Skagen watches was that the leather bands eventually wore out and broke. To replace the band, you had to ship the watch all the way back to Denmark! It's easier just to buy a new watch.

Well, this watch with its metal mesh band solves that problem. This watch looks great with a suit or shorts. I also have the silver one that I wear with earthy colored clothing. I've gotten many compliments on the watches.

The band is adjustable - you may have to use a piece of metal (small screw driver or other flat piece) to initially lift the clasp mechanism to slide the locking clasp, but adjusting the watch band is easy. I have it set near the last couple notches on the band but I'm a big guy. I usually wear watch bands on the last notch or two. That said, I don't know if Skagen offers the watch in extended band lengths. If you normally find yourself replacing bands with longer ones, this watch probably won't do for you.

The date window is really small and if your eyesight is poor you will have trouble reading it.

I have only found one fault with the watch - on my silver watch, the case around the face got scratched. I'm not docking any points off my rating because I'm sure it was my fault, however just know that area can scratch and while it's not extremely noticeable/distracting on my silver watch, it definitely would on this black one. There are no worries about the band scratching.
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on March 26, 2014
This watch really looks nice and classy without trying to be bling bling show off magnet.
It goes well with everyday attire as well as business and suits. Especially nice that it is so thin it hides under dress shirts very well.

The only con is, it does not seem to wrap around my wrist perfectly. This is due to the mesh design which makes it impossible for it to properly wrap fully around a persons wrist. I would imagine if you have slightly fatter wrists then it would be no problem.

Also trying to figure out how to adjust the band gave me a headache until I watched a youtube video.

Another tip, you can think you have the clasp properly closed as it can stay intact well enough, but make sure you hear 2 snaps, 1 from one part of the clip and the other upon closing the clasp over the clip.
If you do not hear any snapping sounds, then it is not properly connected and could fall off with a very gently nudge.
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