Customer Reviews: Skagen Watches, Men's Titanium 233XLTTM Grey Mesh Titanium Watch
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on January 5, 2006
January 2006 -

This watch replaced a more expensive Swatch Skin product I had worn for about 6 years. While it is physically larger and heavier than the Swatch, I actually find it just as comfortable. I have a fairly thin wrist and a lot of hair, so I am pretty sensitive to how the band works and adjusts. The Skagen band took me a minute to figure out ... but once mastered, it is very easy to adjust and to latch and is very comfortable. Stays in place, no pinching, no hair pulling.

I like the look of the watch. I don't think the watch mechanism is actually that thin, but Skagen makes it appear thin by tapering the case to the oversized face and wide band. If you like the look, it is a comfortable, durable watch, which I think looks far more expensive than it is. I also like the understated color of this particular model: I think it looks "sophisticated", though my wife thinks it is dreary. To each their own ... there are plenty of color schemes to pick from (this was on sale when I bought it).

Update June 2010 -

I noticed there still seems to be some availability for this watch, so an update 4+ years later is in order. The watch has held up very well for me and has continued to be comfortable. The band clasp has loosened a bit over time, such that it can hook on things and open up. Have replaced the battery once. But really it has held up very well, no cracked crystals or other major problems that I see in others' comments.

My one problem is that somehow about a year ago I creased the mesh band. This led to wire ends sticking out in two places. Nasty little things, drew blood at least once before I clipped them off. Even then, there were rough spots that would hook any light synthetic clothing I was wearing. I finally broke down a few weeks ago and ordered a replacement from Skagen for $25 (which includes the clasp, so in theory will fix all issues). Waiting on that.

For me this watch has been a very good value. Extremely accurate, comfortable and durable.
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on February 23, 2006
This is really a great watch. It has a thin profile, and flexible metal band that eliminates the two main problems I have with other men's watches: they're too bulky, and the chain catches on my wrist.

I have gotten numerous comments on my watch after wearing it around for a while, and it really does look great. Comparably inexpensive , so I'd recommend it highly.

It should be noted that this a quartz watch, so there are no fine swiss mechanics going on inside, but if you care about style and budget then this is a good watch for you.
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on March 28, 2008
I bought this watch for my boyfriend, he loves it. The watch goes with everything, casual and dressy. The watch is very simple and understated. The watch is great for guys who typically do not wear watches. I say that because it is thin and light. We both love the band it makes it very comfortable to wear and easy to adjust. This is the only affordable watch I could find that was titanium. Titanium is awesome because it holds up well, is strong, light, and maintains a great look. The watch looks amazing. I orginally bought this watch at a department store and then I found it on Amazon pretty much for half price. I ended up saving 70 dollars so that was great. My boyfriend loves his watch and he feels like he was spoiled but really I just got a great bargain. Skagen is also a great company. I view Skagen as the most affordable brand for what you get. You can always find a good watch from them but for a fair price as well.
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on February 8, 2007
This watch is quite nice and makes a fashion statement on any arm. However, the band leaves a little bit to be desired. While it is an attractive band, it is not as functional as expected. It does not wrap around the arm securely without turning a bit sideways and showing a bit of the end of the band. While this is not a severe problem, it is not 100% acceptable.
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on January 1, 2012
Just got mine a couple of days ago. Excellent watch, exquisite design, light and comfortable on my wrist. Ordered at Can't beat their $61 price. The black mesh band version of exactly the same watch is $130 on amazon, so if you're into black, the color itself will cost you almost $70.

This watch actually has not one but two locking elements, two locks, in fact, so it's extremely difficult to lose it if both locks are properly closed. Reviewers who complain about the clasp being undone and potentially losing the watch need to take a closer look at the tiny metal rod that the first latch hooks on. After you hook the double hinge part onto the rod, press on the first buckle until you hear a click. Then pull over the second, smaller buckle over the first buckle and press on it until you hear it click, too. If your second buckle is locked onto the mesh band when the band is open, you won't be able to lock the watch properly (that's why some people lost their watches). First, unlock the first buckle, and then proceed as indicated.
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on January 8, 2014
I got this watch for Christmas so this is mostly a first-impressions review.

-- Very light weight.
-- Very thin, by far the thinnest watch I have ever had.
-- So far is very accurate.
-- Excellent size for me.
-- Extremely comfortable to wear; the band is great.
-- Design is clear, clean and simple.

-- The crystal is actually slightly convex, not flat, and is very reflective of ambient light. This usually makes the watch more difficult to read than I wish.
-- The hands' contrast with the watch face is not nearly as pronounced as the photo on the sale page appears. The hands are much narrower than the photo seems to show. This does not help readability, either.
--The slight depression in the center, wherein are displayed the minutes and 24-hour dial, inexplicably has a reflective edge. Why? Yet another glare coming off the watch.
-- The luminous dial is very weak; forget about reading this watch in the dark. But this is far from the first watch I've had for which that is true.

Some other reviewers have said that the band is tricky to adjust for length. Mine came coincidentally exactly the right length for me so I can't address that.

Overall, a keep, although I wish Skagen had made it much less reflective of ambient light than it is.
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on December 19, 2013
These watches speak for themselves, I think; I've owned several over the past 15 years and I love them dearly. Just look at it... it's classic and contemporary at the same time... it's sleek, unbelievable thin, so light you forget it's there (I can only speak for the titanium models, though... the stainless ones would weigh a touch more, I would expect), and it looks classy as all hell. The titanium mesh band is super comfortable, basically indestructible, and (other than Velcro) the easiest band in the world to adjust. Just flip up a pressure clamp, slide the clasp up or down the band, flip the pressure clamp shut. Done. You'll need a small flathead screwdriver or some other kind of small prying instrument to flip up the pressure clamp, but that's it.

In 15+ years of owning these watches, the only service I've *ever* needed to perform is changing the battery, and even that is easy - again, you just need a really small prying instrument to pop off the back cover. No special weird little wrenches or anything like that. Pop the thing off, swap the battery, snap it back on. Done.

Flawless timekeeping, utter reliability, outstanding price. Any guy should have one of these for those occasions that it matters to look genuinely good (not just faking it).
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on August 28, 2013
This is a great watch, I had a few doubts when I bought it, but my skepticism was unfounded. Product arrived well protected, well packaged.

This is a really nice watch. It is simple to set the time and the date, and looks nice. I expected the watch to be light, but I can't even feel it on my wrist. This is a nice departure from my last watch, where my left arm muscles are bigger for having worn that watch. This is a very basic watch, all it does is tell time and date, but that is exactly what I wanted.

The band material is nicer than I expected, I imagined simple chain links, but it is a really nice band. It is simple to adjust, all you need is a small screw driver. You just pop the latch, slide it to where you want, and push the latch back down. So much simpler to the old pin system on a metal watch band, where you have to remove links to adjust.

Some other reviews said they had a hard time getting the band to snap together. While it has a slight learning curve, it took me about five minutes to get used to it, and it seems like second nature.

This is a really nice, simple watch. The titanium is so light you won't notice it is there. Give it a try. If you are looking for a simple watch, you won't be disappointed.
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on May 2, 2007
This is a very classy watch. Thin and streamlined it cuts a nice line. The crystal fits the body flush which makes for a clean line but because it is flat it reflects any light making the time hard to read and distracting. There is no backlight so this watch is very hard to read at night but it looks so good you don't mind.

All in all it is a great watch, very sleek, quiet and the band is very nice. Highly recommend it.
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on September 12, 2011
Gave this watch to my husband as a gift and he loves it. Very lightweight and comfortable. He's a watch guy and chooses this one over the other watches he has. The big problem is that about three months after he got the watch, the face cracked. He still wears it because he likes it so much and I think he would want it again, even knowing it would break (he likes it that much). It's a pretty cheap watch, so it's not the end of the world to replace. However, this cracked face is really annoying.
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