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on July 17, 2017
I really enjoy Skagen watches; that is, I enjoy the band and the clasp - they don't pinch or tear at my hairs. Very adjustable and easy to open and close; my arm doesn't sweat under them like leather.

However, this watch's second hand has just dropped off the center spindle!! and I don't know if Amazon will help me get some value from Skagen or whoever sold it to them. Cannot find link on the website, so just want to warn you... Save the box and the warranty!! I'll re-post if I get some further info and help... this was a $90.00 purchase and broke in 8 months!! Feedback welcomed
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on August 23, 2009
I am a pediatric nurse and I have to wear a watch. I like this one because it is thin, lightweight and mostly waterproof. There are three things that are drawbacks and why I gave it 4 stars: 1.) the second hand can be hard to see and distinguish from the minute hand. I wish it was red and have been tempted to have the crystal removed temporarily so I can paint it with red nail polish. 2.) I sometimes pull out the stem when I am removing my rubber gloves and this stops the time. I don't think they can change this; I just have to be more careful. 3.) the mesh band holds water when I wash my hands, but I have learned to hold the paper towel for a moment longer on the band and that usually takes care of that. If I forget and I drop my hand down to my side, water drips out from the band. It is better than a leather band under the same circumstances. I am also allergic to nickel but I can wear this watch with no problems. I have owned this watch for three years. Every year when I need to replace the battery I just send it away to Skagen and they replace the battery and I think they clean it and sometimes I have them replace the crystal or band. I have pinched the band and damaged it once. This last time I just bought a second one so that I have two. I bought one for my daughter who is off to college and she loves hers, too. There are no rough edges so I don't have to worry about scratching my patients when I have to pick them up or hold little babies. It looks smart and functional. I may never own anything but a Skagen.
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on April 30, 2011
I love this watch. I typically destroy watches - often within days of buying them. I have had this watch for about a month and so far so good. I found the stiffness of the metal mesh band odd at first, but I got used to it within a couple of hours. I love how easily I can get it on and off, and also how secure the clasp is - there is probably no way I could snag this on something and have it come off on its own. I love the date function - I have never had one before.

And the silver and gold combo makes it so nice with whichever jewelry I wear. Another reviewer pointed out that the gold rim around the edge is just painted on the inside of the glass face - I cannot tell for sure, but I think it looks nice enough despite not being a separate metal piece on the outside of the watch. The gold dots and hands show up clearly as well.

My wrist is extremely small and I have often had difficulty with getting other watches to fit. Typical leather bands would have so much extra strap left flapping around, and quite frequently the holes were placed in a way that the watch was either uncomfortably tight or distractingly loose. This is really infinitely adjustable for a perfect fit and the extra strap is securely INSIDE the band. It does slip out to one side a bit, but so little I have never noticed it - I only checked just now since I saw another reviewer had criticized this.

The smoothness of the crown makes it a bit difficult to adjust the time - as a frequent cross-country traveler I do find that a bit frustrating.

I would appreciate a slightly narrower band and slightly smaller watch face for a more feminine effect, but this definitely does not look like a man's watch. Although not girly, it is sufficiently female. It is a very practical design and very modern. I like that this simple, streamlined look meshes well with business suits, hiking gear, and dressy evening wear - I have worn it for all these things and more and it always seems appropriate and attractive.

I do confuse the minute and second hand regularly - they are identical. So far, it has not been a big issue for me - I have quickly adapted to looking at it an extra second to verify which hand is the right one. Still - they should fix this in future models.
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on May 4, 2013
Great watch in terms of performance and overall appearance. has two design flaws, however. One, if just bone-headed dumb on Skagen's part, and it is very irritating - they installed a smooth surface crown (i.e., end of the stem for adjusting time and date). Think a very small cylinder segment with a highly polished smooth surface - then you tell me how to get a good grip on that to adjust time??? I really like Skagen, and this is not a deal breaker, but some short-sighted goof got a bonus for saving the money required to put a rough edge treatment on the crown. Bad, bad move. The second design flaw is the second hand is virtually identical in lenght, width and color to the hour hand - it requires a double take every time, and i do mean EVERY time, to see what the time is - have to wait a second or two so see the second hand move, then you can discern the hour hand and tell time. Sooooo, bottom line - good watch, looks good but needs a few tweaks to get five stars.
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on April 29, 2012
I received this watch this morning with my partner's watch. When I open the box, I am so surprise as the watch is very light in weight, soft sparkling, and simple. The first impression about this watch is timeless design, classical, simple, beautiful, so woman, elegant, expensive looks although it is less than $55. The bracelet is easy to adjust, no need to go to jewelry store to fix it, you even can do it by yourself. The problem only in date which is too small, but I think I don't need that, and don't damage the overall performance of this watch. The gold trim around dial makes this watch is more sophisticated. I am so happy with this watch, although not the expensive ones of my watch collections, I love this :) It's a gift from lover, so, what is more important than all? Enjoy your purchase of this watch.
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on January 20, 2013
I basically love this watch - gave it 4 stars instead of 5 because it is not particularly easy to learn how to adjust the band. It works beautifully if done correctly, and I believe most of the complaints are because of user error in both adjusting and fastening the clasp. To add to the grief the little instruction book is poorly organized (the languages should be separated) and the printing is tiny and faint (and I am old). I also sympathize with the reviewer that had difficulty reading the time - a minor change would improve readability and not ruin the design - but I find it very acceptable. And it is the most beautiful watch I have ever owned.
Added note: I was looking for a stretch band, and was reluctant to order this one, but I find it to be very comfortable, easy to use, and very sleek and nice looking.
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on March 5, 2013
I ordered this watch roughly around February 23 and it arrived a couple days later, earlier than the estimated delivery date, which I was very happy about. The watch is everything I dreamed of. It's comfortable, elegant and doesn't catch on things. I wear it in the shower and I go jogging with it. The watch face is gorgeous and complements all of my outfits. My only con, which doesn't really bother me, is that when the minute hand is at the 30 mark, it's a little difficult to read the date. But how often are you going to read the date at the exact moment the minute hand is at 30?
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on April 30, 2014
I just received this watch today and love it!!

I bought my first skagen ( men watch 2 tone) in 1998 and it still works great, for 100.

It looks sleek and its my go to watch for every day!
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on October 22, 2012
This watch is beautiful and the perfect size for my tiny wrists. I had to adjust the band almost to its last place, but it fits!!! The size of the watch is not overpowering to my frame, and it is light in weight. It feels like I'm not wearing a watch at all, but I definitely feel naked without it. I've been a fan of Skagen watches for a very long time. My last watch was actually run over by my car (I dropped it) and still kept perfect time. I had to replace the band and the face was cracked, but I still wore it for another 8 months before finding this one. The one flaw I could find was that a screw was left off the the place where the band attaches to the watch. Other than that, I'm so very glad I bought this watch!
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on September 7, 2012
I had my eye on a Skagen watch for some time. My old watch has a date indicator and I definitely was looking for a Skagen watch that has one. This model has one and even though someone said the date is hard to read I ordered it. Well reading the date is not the problem. The problem is being able to set the correct date. When you pull out the pin it does not stop at the place where you would adjust the date. So in order to change the date it is a frustrating push and pull to find the exact placing of the pin. The knob is very small and very slick. This is day 3 and I still do not have the correct date.
The watch looks very slick and elegant and fits well on my relatively small wrist, I just wish I can see the correct date.
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