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on October 19, 2012
After only 3 months of non heavy-duty use, they have cracks on the top. Very disappointed in this, something you shouldn't see this early on. Will look for another brand next time I purchase something similar.
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on January 20, 2015
I have owned several pairs of these shoes and in the past they have been durable and reliable.

The most recent pair i purchased was very shoddily made.

The soles on my shoes have cracked after only 4 months of wear. Likewise, the outer layer of leatherette has peeled off and cracked.

I would
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on November 28, 2014
In May of this year I ordered some Sketchers Alley Cat utility oxford shoes. I wanted to use them for work. And just by looking at the sad condition my shoes are in, you would think that my line of work involved kicking bricks, rocks or using my feet as shovels. Because after only 4 months, my brand new shoes suddenly looked like they were used do to precisely that. And just under 6 months of using them, I had to get rid of them.

I mean it's ridiculous that after normal wear and tear, that the soles of my shoes cracked wide open. That the little guards at the tips of my shoe-laces ALL evaporated (I dunno how that happened). And that the material in the exterior of the shoes, deteriorated within a single week. That's right, after only one week, my shoes already had visible creases that appeared as soon as I started walking with them.

Now I took care of my shoes. Cleaned & shine them often. But that didn't prevent the cheap materials used for their fabrication, to start to fall apart.

I decided to post this review and also photos, so as to prevent other consumers from buying these shoes that are just not worth the trouble. Yes, they're cheap. But you get exactly what you paid for. A CHEAP product.

It's not OK that these shoes will start breaking apart within a week and be beyond hope after 4-5 months of usage.
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on October 23, 2015
I bought these Skechers USA Men's Alley Cat Utility Oxford,Black and they looked good when I got it. But the leather on the shoe is very thin and pieces of leather are flaking off of the shoe, after only one month. I am very unhappy that I bought these Sketcher Oxford shoes. I can not believe pieces of leather are flaking off of the shoe after only one month. Do Not buy this shoe as they are very poorly made and will not last. My last pair of work shoes lasted over one year, and these Sketcher shoes look worse after only one Month. I wish I could return these shoes and get my money back. Please look at my pictures so you can see the leather peeling off.
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on November 5, 2015
I have purchased this same shoe design from sketchers for the last ten years. This is the first time that the "leather" has started peeling off the shoe like cheap plastic after I received them in August to replace my identical last pair that I wore out after 3 years. I have had pairs of these shoes in the past that have lasted 3-4 years and I usually wear out the sole of the heel before anything else. This is the first time I have ever encountered the leather peeling off the inside lining above the toe. The quality of this shoe fell way off.
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on April 15, 2015
I have purchased and worn these shoes for years. I liked the comfort and versatility of the shoe. However, my views on the shoe have changed dramatically. I bought a pair a little over a year ago. It was quickly scuffed and worn in odd ways along the top and sides of the shoes. About six months later I bought a new (replacement) pair, thinking that one bad pair after about ten years of buying Skechers shoes should not dissuade me. Within two weeks of purchase, the second pair began having the same problems. I am over 50 years old and work in a carpeted professional office. The shoes are worn in a non-demanding environment. However, even when I took the second pair out of the box upon arrival, a seam for the padding that cushions near the ankles was not sewn in properly. The fabric was not sewn together to fully connect the padded fabric to the shoe. I had it repaired locally because I needed the shoes and did not want to fuss with returning them. Thereafter, I did some research and found that Skecher's stopped using leather and was using cheap vinyl type artificial materials (but still charging the same price as leather even though they had started using cheaper plastics). I stopped buying these shoes. Then, about two months ago, I read that Skechers had addressed some issues regarding the quality of its shoes because of customer complaints. Online, it says these shoes have "leather upper." I decided to give them another try, hoping the quality was back to its prior level. Dissapointed. "Leather upper" is deceptive. Upon arrival, the shoe's label states "leather upper balance," which means that most of the shoe is still made of the cheap vinyl material. A local shoe shop looked at the shoe and stated that the only leather is the piece with the little "pull up" tab on the back of the shoe above the heel. Thus, Skecher's is playing games with the consumers, misleading us, by claiming that they have fixed the quality problems by returning to the use of better materials. I do not want to get in a big dispute with animal rights people who dislike leather. I understand their views....but if a company is going to use cheap vinyl materials, the company should be upfront and not mislead consumers by stating "leather uppers," especially after a long period of consumer complaints due to the inferior vinyl material. I expect this third pair, like the two prior pairs, will look horrible and be eyesores within two months.
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on April 26, 2016
My shoes are less than TWO MONTHS old and they've already developed blisters the size of dimes where the "leather" coating has separated from the backing. They look like snake shedding it's skin and this is just from daily wearing to work in an office.

This is the second pair that feel apart within 6 months. Do not buy them as Sketchers has serious quality control and material problems.

Worse yet, Amazon refuses to honor any warranty so I'm out $50 because they only covered for 30 days. 30 days? Amazon must know there's a problem if they don't warranty a supposedly pair of leather shoes for more than 30 days.
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on March 16, 2016
I have to say that I really like these shoes. I've been buying Skechers off and on since 1995. These particular shoes replaced another similar pair I bought about 10 years ago that wore out. I had hoped to buy the black oily leather kind, but those were out of stock in my size, which is a men's 11M. I'm a very tall gal with big, narrow feet. These shoes are sort of a black suede material. I'm not sure how they'll hold up to daily wear or things spilling on them. I imagine that they'll get dirty faster since they can't be easily wiped clean. Before making my purchase, I carefully read many reviews here and made a note to not buy the smooth/shiny versions of this shoe. Most reviews for those mentioned cracking and peeling of the shiny top coat. Not cool! Anyway, so far I like the black suede version of this shoe. I'll revise this review if I change my mind in the next few months. These could could use some extra arch support (I have high arches), but that is easily fixed by adding an arch support insert of some kind.
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on January 3, 2014
Update on 20150911 - I'M FINISHED WITH SKECHERS!!!!!

I hate to say it, but after many years of buying and wearing Skechers, I'm moving on. I am not hard on these shoes. They primarily get worn for (office) work, church, the occasional wedding, and that is it. I use to get two years out of a $50 pair of Skechers, which I was satisfied with. The pair before this current one lasted only one year and the leather started to come apart. Will disappointed that they didn't last longer, I thought they were an anomaly and ordered another pair. That was late October, this is early/mid September and this pair is falling apart. I can't be spending money on shoes that have an easy life but fall apart in less then a year, especially when two years was the norm. With that said, stay away from Skechers. It is obvious to me that their quality has moved from the high end of the scale to the low end. Hence I changed my rating to a single star. Pains me to go in search of a new shoe company as the wider-then-most Skechers have always fit my feet so well. I'll be putting pen to paper and sharing my experience with the company.

Original Review:
What can I say, it is a Sketcher shoe. I've been wearing Sketchers for years and this shoe is just that. I guess the only reason I did not give it five stars is because I have been wearing them for years. If you have a similar style of Sketchers and therefore know what size you need, order the same size and you should be fine.

What I like about Sketchers is they accommodate slightly larger then normal feet, which is what I need. This is not a secret. If you read Sketcher literature they make this known. I mention this because if you have never had a pair of Sketchers before and you have narrow feet, you'll want to find a pair of narrow shoes. My feet are between 'normal' and 'wide', and these shoes fit my feet just fine.
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on February 23, 2015
I bought these shoes in February 2014. I have worn them seldomly but my old work boots wore out so I started wearing these regularly in December 2014. And they are garbage. I have been wearing similar Sketchers models for 10 years but these are junk. They are not real leather, they crack and the material separates with use. They do not stand up to moisture. The stitching falls apart easily. The only good thing I can say about them is that the sole is very wear resistant but the shoe is falling apart so the sole is not much help! I guess if you wore these in an office and never expected them to get wet they might hold up but if you anticipate bringing them outdoors you are wasting your money. Mine were destroyed after 2 months of outdoor time. The older versions were work shoes that could double for a casual shoe. I am not sure what these are now….
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