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on June 30, 2013
I have several pairs of Sketchers shoes and I love them all. I bought these for walking but found them to be excellent as my house shoes instead. Light as a feather at less than 6 oz each. Fabric footbed and lining, no arch support but comfortable nonetheless. The anatomic last follows the slant of the toes and are true to size - even a bit large, but they are not uncomfortable. Socks help prevent heel slippage.

The shoes are very easily to slip on and off. An unusual hole in the heel helps, although I really don't know if that's what it's there for. The suede leather upper has a reinforced toe.

According to Sketchers, "GoWalk" shoes allow you to respond to practically any surface, with "Go Inpulse sensors that move together and independently as they provide sensory feedback to the brain. This dynamic interaction promotes a natural stride." What this translates into is an ultra flexible Resalyte sole with a different size circle pattern that can twist flex in any direction. A good thing of course except that this complete flexibility and give also mines that the shoe lacks arch and lateral support - much like slippers.

These shoes are not waterproof and lack the strength required for all-terrain walking, unfortunately, the reason for the four star rating.

These shoes are as comfortable as slippers, versatile for both slick or uneven terrain (like my kid's toy strewn playroom), but elegant enough to dress up if needed for a run to the grocery store, school or even a mom's night out. An impressive feat.
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on October 21, 2013
I found these Go Walks in black in a 7W at a local mega-store and usually check Amazon reviews before I buy anything, but I'm so glad I didn't this time, as I wouldn't have bought them. I have bunions on both feet and use both toe seperators and foam insoles with all of my shoes. The memory foam insoles of these Go Walk shoes is so comfy that I haven't used my own foam insoles. While wearing them, I have zero pain in either foot and although comfortable shoes are never going to be very stylish, these really don't look all that bad.

Another reviewer mentioned the wide/extra wide issue - I think, from what the Skechers website says, that they are the same thing. For the same SKU on my shoebox, I'm seeing descriptions of both W and EW. Either way, my feet are so very grateful to Skechers again for making comfortable shoes for problem feet. (This is my 8th pair of Skechers. Most are in the Biker style, but I think I've got a new favorite!)

And like other reviewers, I would buy even more if there were more style and color options in the wide widths.

10/25/13: I've ordered 2 more pairs from Amazon since they are so hard to find. Skechers - PLEASE give us more in wide widths!!!!!
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I bought 4 pairs of the Skechers shoes for my mother and for myself in a couple of styles. All of the reviews are so good, I was sure these would be the perfect shoes for both of us. For both my mother and I, the top of the shoes were too tight, and for my mother, we couldn't get them on her even with a shoe horn. I could get mine one, but after a couple of hours, the top of my foot really hurt. I returned all of the shoes, and order a couple of pair for my mother that were 1/2 size larger. They were still too tight on the top of her foot, so they went back, too.

I bought the Go Walk 2 Super Sock, the Go Walk Autumn, and the Go Walk Impress Memory Fit. If the 3 styles, I liked the Go Walk 2 Super Sock the best. It had cushioning in side that really made walking feel good. The Go Walk Impress Memory Fit was OK, but less cushioning, and the Go Walk Autumn had not cushioning that would be felt. If they had not been so tight on the top of the foot, I probably would have kept all of them.
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on October 11, 2012
I have this style shoe in a different material and color and love them! They are so comfortable-like wearing slippers. I wanted this suede material for Fall/Winter. When the shoes arrived I tried them on and they felt like a good fit. The next morning I wore them to work, and about an hour later, when the shoe had "warmed" on my foot I noticed that the right heel was larger than the left and my foot was slipping in and out of the shoe with each step. Having worn them outside I know I cannot return them, so I will attempt a fix with a heel cushion. I don't know if that will work either as the shoe has a hole in the heel. I was going to buy the Go Walk Autumns in the green color too, but I think I will have to pass on that. This slippage thing is driving me bonkers! If you can buy them in a store near you, that would be the safest bet, or wear them around the house for at least an hour with some bags over the shoes so they can be returned.
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on February 11, 2015
This is my second pair of these shoes (they're the original Skechers GoWalk) and I have to say the grey suede fit me much better than either the original Skechers GoWalk in black or any other iterations of Skecher's GoWalk line. They're a true 7.5 regular, as opposed to the black pair I ordered (and returned) which had the 7.5 being too tight and the 8 being too loose. I don't know why that is, but both pairs of the grey suede, purchased eight months apart, fit perfectly.

I ordered the second pair even if the first pair are still good because I'm afraid they'll be out of stock by the time I wear out the first pair!
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on April 28, 2015
This is from the "Original" GoWalk line of casual shoes from Skechers. As I reviewed for the GoWalk2 in turquoise, these are like wearing your favorite pair of slippers. All-day comfort, good arch support. The fit is perfect. The feel is cushiony without being 'bouncy'.
I also like the 'stone' goes with everything. The soles grip so well on any surface without 'sticking'. Unlike the GoWalk 2 line, the sole color compliments the upper color, in this case, a tan/beige.
Because of the suede-like material, I'm not sure if these are washable, the uppers are leather, the rest of the materials are man-made, so I might give it a try on a cold/delicate cycle and hang dry. I paid $31.00, which I think was very reasonable for the quality.
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on December 28, 2014
I bought these shoes on a recommendation from a friend when I needed shoes for standing at work. These fit the bill perfectly! I am disappointed that they are regularly $50+, because I'd love more than one pair. I did get these on sale, so definitely wait for a code!!! These are like walking on pillows. I have wide feet, and normally wear a 10. I got a 10, and these were snug for the first hour or so, but stretched quite nicely. I like to wear them without socks, but also wear them with thinner dress style socks as well. If you are wanting to wear regular socks (think white, ankle style), I'd get a size up, as they are too tight on me when wearing regular socks. I like that there is enough room at the toes for my toes. I hate wearing shoes that squish my toes into a triangle point.

Also, these are slip on shoes, but you do have to pull the backs up, they are too flimsy and will fold down if just trying to slip them on without pulling the back up.

They have a nice sueded look to them, though I do often wonder how many people think I'm wearing slippers. I think i'd go for the regular ones next time.

Overall I am super happy, and being a larger woman, on her feet for 8+ hours, these did not hurt my feet at ALL! I love them and will definitely buy another pair when they are on sale again!
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on April 9, 2013
I tried this Skechers style on in a store in the current 'stretchy' fabric. I loved the feel of the footbed/sole, but wasn't impressed by the look of the shoe, so I decided to order the suede ones from Amazon.
The suede definitely makes it look like a nicer sneaker/shoe. The length is fine, and it did fit the horizontally widest part of my foot (I'm an 8.5 on the border of regular/wide), but it felt like it was crushing the top of my foot, so badly that I was convinced they couldn't be 'broken in' and had to return them.
These would be a cute, comfortable walking shoe for the right feet, they just weren't for me.
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on March 23, 2015
I fell in love with Skechers Go Walk Autumn when I purchased my first pair in black suede. They are the most comfortable shoes I own! I tried several different 'models' of the Go Walk Skechers in various kinds of fabric and, honestly, they weren't comfortable for me at all. When I saw these Go Walk Autumn in a lighter color, Stone, I decided to try one more time. I'm soooooo glad I did! These Go Walks are super comfortable, like my black ones. I don't know if its the leather vs cloth or the fact that the toe caps don't wrap up the top of the shoe as far as all of the cloth ones I tried (it rubbed on my big toe on both feet...ouch!) but these are great!! My only complaint is the leather on top of the shoe, where the toe cap and the suede come together, kind of wrinkles when I walk...hopefully that will be less noticeable as I wear them more and the suede conforms to my feet.. I am very happy camper!!
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on January 17, 2015
I absolutely love these shoes and have recommended them to quite a few people already. With my job, I stand for 8 to 11 hours, 5 days a week. I used to wear typical flats and another "comfort shoe" brand (that is easily twice as expensive) but a lot of the days after work my legs/feet would hurt so much that sometimes it was difficult to even be comfortable enough to sleep. I bought these and after the first day or two, my legs were fine after standing/running around all day. I even wore these for a 12 hour shift and while tired, I had no true pain or that aching sensation. They don't squish my toes together and the material makes them dressy enough to wear to the office as well. As far as sizing, I am a 6 1/2 and they fit perfectly; however, I cannot wear a true sock with them. I was able to wear dress socks, tights, and the no-show footies without them feeling tight.
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