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Skip Hop Alphabet Zoo Activity Gym, Multi
Color: Alphabet Zoo|Change
Price:$74.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on July 6, 2016
I had put this on my registry because it looked so cute. Little did I know how much fun my daughter would have with it and for how long.

We started laying her on the mat when she was just a couple months old. This was one of the first toys she showed any interest in. Initially she loved to bat at the owl (the bell in it kept her interested) and eventually learned to kick the side poles to make the entire gym shake. As she got bigger she grew interested in the other toys. She could stay occupied for a good 20 minutes at a time.

Now that she's up and crawling, she still enjoys the gym. She'll crawl over and grab the toys or play with the crinkly-sounding leaves.

The only real downside is that washing the mat wrecked the little mirror, so it's no longer reflective (it seems to have fogged up permanently). But that's really no big deal considering how much fun she's having otherwise.
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on December 27, 2015
Best Baby Play gym. I love Skip Hop pretty much everything, love the colors, toys, textures, have a lot of Skip Hop toys and baby gear, this little gym is amazing baby enjoys it several time a day since birth, she is 5 months old now and love grabbing toys and shaking them around. Her favorite is bird rattle and she also loves the wooden teething ring on another bird and crinkle wings. She hasn't found the squeeker on the mat yet, but she has found different textured leaves like minky and crikle
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on June 3, 2016
I purchased this on another Amazon account. We love this play mat. At 8 months we still use it daily. I rotate out the things hanging and clipped on it. My daughter loves the mirror for tummy time and the clips on the mat are great for attaching more things. She also loves it when I press the squeaker inbuilt into the mat. I wash it monthly and it never fade or looks warn. Great product.
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on October 11, 2015
My baby loves staring, batting and grasping at the dangly bits and doing tummy time on the mat -- there are a lot of cool textures, squeakers and "feelies" on the mat that I didn't appreciate at first. My preschooler enjoys pretending she's a baby in it and has already claimed the squirrel dangler as "hers." The cats both adore it and fight for the center spot whenever the baby isn't there. I love how much our baby loves it -- big sister was never interested in her older, plasticky baby gym -- and how happily she'll play while I wash dishes, cook, etc. I also love how soft it is and how relatively natural the colors and materials are. Baby gyms always seemed excessive to me -- can't you just dangle something over them another way? -- but this has actually been more than worth it. The mat itself is washable, the toys are a nice mix of batting/grasping toys (and also good for tummy time) and it's not too offensive to look at in the middle of our living room. It will be hard to explain to the cats where it went when baby outgrows it, though...
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on December 29, 2017
So I bought this gym because my toddler refused to share his infantino go gaga one and he decided to break it rather than let his 4 month old brother use it. I really like the one I had because it could be twisted to store unlike this one BUT I did not want to buy the exact same thing again so I thought I would give this a try. So of course once my almost 2 Years old toddler saw this he wanted to play with it but since he likes to bring his snacks everywhere he goes, the mat got dirty sooooo fast. Unlike my infantino one which with a few wipes from a wet cloth the stains would come out, this skip hop one didn’t which was aggravating. I love the colors and pattern on this mat but something about the fabric just feels cheap compared to the infantino one and this Fisher-Price one I got as a gift but gave it away. The quality of the toys hanging are superb but it did not really catch the interest of my infant. The infantino one came with a mobile that spins when you turn it so that’s what kept him interested so I took it off and put it onto this skip hop one so it wasn’t that big of an issue there. I mean this gym is pretty and the colors are neutral but coming from a mat that costs 75$ retail I would expect more. Fortunately I got it when it was on sale so almost a 40$ discount or else I would most likely not have chosen this particular mat. I just felt this brand was good and the discount was great and it was appealing so that is why I got it. Overall I mean it’s a decent gym I suppose if you had one child and time to clean it frequently without your other kids being extremely needy.
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on April 27, 2018
The toys are absolutely adorable and the fact that some of them make noises are even better. At first my baby was not caring about any of them, but soon after I shaked couple of the toys, she began to kick some of them within her reach. Her favorite is the birdy rattle with the small colored balls inside. Also I must say that my baby HATES tummy time. I put her on her tummy for the first time on this ( then detached one of the toys to put in front of her) on top the included pillow and OMG no cries until I'd say 15 minutes in. And then she quickly fell asleep so I took her out of it. I dont even care thats a record tummy time for my baby (who never stayed more than 5 minutes on tummy time) I just have another tummy time session later in the day. Overall I love the colors, the theme, the detachable toys- pretty much everythiing. EXCEPT that the mat is very thin. I have to lay a thick blanket under it (I have tiled floors).
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on December 3, 2017
It's so refreshing to have a play gym in my living room that isn't circus-colored! I was worried that the muted tones may equate to a less-interesting or less-stimulating gym for my 3.5 month old, but she doesn't seem to mind :) It's not too big, but just big enough for her to use while she starts practicing to roll. I was stubborn when I was registering for my baby showers, thinking "I don't need a stupid play mat, that's a waste of space, we can just play with baby on the carpet." WRONG. Having this means: nice dog-hair-free place for baby to play, soft toys that she enjoys, PLUS this is the only time she actually enjoys tummy time! Normally she protests from the start, but with having colorful crinkly leaves, soft-textured leaves, and a mirror, there is plenty to keep her interested in staying on her tummy for 10 minutes. The tummy time pillow is the perfect size, too - we were using a boppy before and it was a little bulky. I like that you can switch out the toys for other toys on a loop - some products have them sewn in which is annoying. Best part is that you can pack it away, bring it somewhere, or just store it, very easily.
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on November 22, 2017
My daughter has been using this for about 4 months now and seems to enjoy it. She likes the crinkle noise in the mat and the toys and the monkey rattle that hangs is her obsession. I really like that you can move the hanging toys to many different spots based on your little one. There are loops for the little animals on the cross bars as well as the mat itself. I LOVE that it all comes apart extremely easy for cleaning. I have washed the mat about 6 times now and the hanging toys twice and they have all held up great. The colors are neutral and not overbearingly bright like most children's toys while this sits in our living room.
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on May 22, 2014
My wife and I have been using this play mat for our daughter since she was just a few weeks old. It has been exciting to see her progress through all of the different activities and toys that this play mat has to offer.

We practiced some of her fine motor skills with all of the different dangling toys when she could only play on her back. The ringed bird was definitely her favorite to grab and hold on to.

We used the pillow as we were first starting out with "tummy time" to give her a little assistance as she allowed her muscles to develop. Eventually, she was able to do "tummy time" without the pillow.

Now she is at about 6 months and rolls back and forth on the mat to grab some of the other dangling toys, She is also starting to crawl just a little bit as she tries to reach for some of the more "distant" toys relative to her location on the mat.

This has been a great purchase for us. The activities have really been perfect as she progresses through her stages of development. I would highly recommend this play mat!
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on December 14, 2013
I bought this for my daughter as a present; she is just shy of five months, and she seems to have a blast. The animals are colorful and generally in her reach. She enjoyed holding the ring on the bird, and batting at the other animals.

There are a couple leaves that crinkle, which she went for right away. The mat has a few different textures, which are nice for her to feel around for.

The mirror in the mat was also fun for her. She kept staring during "tummy time" at the mirror.

I almost bought a gym with music, lights, and sounds, but I am glad I opted for this instead. I feel I would have been driven to distraction, as would my daughter. I think it depends on the personalities of the kid and parents, though, as to what is the right level of stimulation.

I rated the toy highly, as I also get the impression that the toy will grow with her: the squeaking flower in the mat seems like it would require concentration to find, and the mirror hanging in the apple will be nice when she is working on sitting.

Bottom line: there are lots of things for baby to do on this playmat, without being overstimulating/overwhelming.
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