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on July 6, 2016
I had put this on my registry because it looked so cute. Little did I know how much fun my daughter would have with it and for how long.

We started laying her on the mat when she was just a couple months old. This was one of the first toys she showed any interest in. Initially she loved to bat at the owl (the bell in it kept her interested) and eventually learned to kick the side poles to make the entire gym shake. As she got bigger she grew interested in the other toys. She could stay occupied for a good 20 minutes at a time.

Now that she's up and crawling, she still enjoys the gym. She'll crawl over and grab the toys or play with the crinkly-sounding leaves.

The only real downside is that washing the mat wrecked the little mirror, so it's no longer reflective (it seems to have fogged up permanently). But that's really no big deal considering how much fun she's having otherwise.
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Top Contributor: Babieson April 12, 2017
We been laying our 5 week old baby in this almost everyday for 15 minutes since we brought her home from the hospital. The animals are high quality, and each have some special quality that helps improve her sensory skills. Whether it's a bird with a rattle, an owl with ringing bell, or crinkling leaves on the mat itself. Everything is thoughtfully constructed, with great build quality.

The mat has helped our baby increase her neck strength and body strength, and since she was a very small preterm baby it was important to give her tummy time right away. The pillow helped support her while we worked through tummy time. Our cats also love the Activity Gym as well. I think they just like the birds though.
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on April 25, 2016
I guess with the prices of, well...everything these days then this is probably on target for the price, but I find that with things being overpriced these days this would be one of them. It's cute and he enjoys looking at himself, but it is like a fun mirror so it stretches and distorts you as you look into it, and the toys are cute, but with such a short "tail" the thing has to be in my son's lap practically to reach them. I do really really like the stand and the size though, it fits well on the swing tray, so I can lock the seat and set it on there for him to look at himself. It's a nice toy thing, a little on the pricey side for what it is, but my son enjoys it as much as a 3 1/2 month old can I guess.
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on October 11, 2015
My baby loves staring, batting and grasping at the dangly bits and doing tummy time on the mat -- there are a lot of cool textures, squeakers and "feelies" on the mat that I didn't appreciate at first. My preschooler enjoys pretending she's a baby in it and has already claimed the squirrel dangler as "hers." The cats both adore it and fight for the center spot whenever the baby isn't there. I love how much our baby loves it -- big sister was never interested in her older, plasticky baby gym -- and how happily she'll play while I wash dishes, cook, etc. I also love how soft it is and how relatively natural the colors and materials are. Baby gyms always seemed excessive to me -- can't you just dangle something over them another way? -- but this has actually been more than worth it. The mat itself is washable, the toys are a nice mix of batting/grasping toys (and also good for tummy time) and it's not too offensive to look at in the middle of our living room. It will be hard to explain to the cats where it went when baby outgrows it, though...
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on March 28, 2017
I've had a few different play gyms, got this for my fourth babe. Toys are nicer quality than most but the mat itself i find to be a little rough, though I haven't tried washing it. Some of the toys jingle or rattle. I was trying to get away from some of the mats with bright lights or annoying music, but perhaps some sort of musical part would have been nice. I always buy extra links to put toys at baby's reach. Pillow nice but maybe a little high, one time baby rolled off of it and was really upset. Mirror can be removed for washing
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on December 14, 2013
I bought this for my daughter as a present; she is just shy of five months, and she seems to have a blast. The animals are colorful and generally in her reach. She enjoyed holding the ring on the bird, and batting at the other animals.

There are a couple leaves that crinkle, which she went for right away. The mat has a few different textures, which are nice for her to feel around for.

The mirror in the mat was also fun for her. She kept staring during "tummy time" at the mirror.

I almost bought a gym with music, lights, and sounds, but I am glad I opted for this instead. I feel I would have been driven to distraction, as would my daughter. I think it depends on the personalities of the kid and parents, though, as to what is the right level of stimulation.

I rated the toy highly, as I also get the impression that the toy will grow with her: the squeaking flower in the mat seems like it would require concentration to find, and the mirror hanging in the apple will be nice when she is working on sitting.

Bottom line: there are lots of things for baby to do on this playmat, without being overstimulating/overwhelming.
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Top Contributor: Babieson February 1, 2017
I bought this after reading great reviews on it and I did a lot of research. My daughter loved this! She still plays with some of the animals at 6 months old now, but she outgrew it around 4 months when she started rolling a lot. She just ran out of space so we started putting blankets down on the floor for her instead.

This was fantastic while we needed it though!!
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on May 22, 2014
My wife and I have been using this play mat for our daughter since she was just a few weeks old. It has been exciting to see her progress through all of the different activities and toys that this play mat has to offer.

We practiced some of her fine motor skills with all of the different dangling toys when she could only play on her back. The ringed bird was definitely her favorite to grab and hold on to.

We used the pillow as we were first starting out with "tummy time" to give her a little assistance as she allowed her muscles to develop. Eventually, she was able to do "tummy time" without the pillow.

Now she is at about 6 months and rolls back and forth on the mat to grab some of the other dangling toys, She is also starting to crawl just a little bit as she tries to reach for some of the more "distant" toys relative to her location on the mat.

This has been a great purchase for us. The activities have really been perfect as she progresses through her stages of development. I would highly recommend this play mat!
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on September 7, 2017
The mirror appears a bit distorted which I think my baby was a little freaked out by at first, he didn't like looking in it but there was no way to fix it because its just soft on the back and you cant really make it more concave or convex as needed. Also the straps on the back to attach to crib or elsewhere are really short and the Velcro isn't very long so it wont wrap around the banister of the crib and I ended up having to tie the strings in a knot instead to attach. The little animals are cute and have Velcro on the back and the baby like to bat them around when he is laying in his crib. For the price this product could be made better but it isn't all bad either.
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An absolute must-have!!! I have the same activity gym, still in excellent condition, after three babies and we are still going strong with it! It has been all of my children's favorite toy until shortly before walking age. It has also lasted years and that is more than I could have ever hoped for. With the way products are made these days, you're lucky to get something to last a year, let alone close to 4.5 years (and three babies later). I am also impressed that the bird still makes noise after all this time too. Overall, best baby toy buy I've ever had. BUY IT BUY IT BUY IT!
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