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on April 19, 2017
My previous order of this set of ear buds came with two additional sizes of replaceable silicon ear bud gels in addition to the ones on the ear buds (S/M/L). These ear buds only came with two (S/M), the medium that were attached to the ear buds and small which were loose in the package. This makes these ear buds totally useless to me as I need the larger silicon ear bud gels to keep the ear buds in my ear.
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on November 15, 2014
They Broke, first it was the ear bud itself that physically broke. It had separated in half right where the black plastic is at, it opened up so you could see the little speaker and the wires. After continues use and having to put the ear piece back together so many different times the wires began to fray making it not work. Finally the other ear piece gave out but this was due to the wires near the input prong becoming damaged. Which could possibly be my fault for keeping my player in my pocket while using the ear buds since the input is a straight prong not a L prong it probably yanked a few times when i moved around.

I used these headphones while at work (logistics) and i tend to have to move a lot and carry items that may be heavy or over sized they never became caught or tangled on anything but for the two weeks i used them it was nice to have some music to drown out all the warehouse noise.

These are cheap buds and i expected about a month of use at the most before they broke i was two weeks shy of that and not really surprised i knew what i was buying "disposable ear plugs for work that could play music"
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on May 13, 2012
I bought these to replace a pair of LG earbuds that I had lost (but then later found). My first impressions weren't that great. First of all, it arrived in the original clam-shell packaging, so good luck getting it out quickly and painlessly. Second, it wasn't the same shade of green that was shown in the image, but considerably darker. That was too bad because color was one of the reasons I chose this set.

The sound is nice, but I don't listen to music so I don't have the experience to talk about nuances in quality over other earbuds. The reason that I gave this three stars was because of the material of the wire. The wire is covered in rubber and not plastic. You might be wondering "what's so bad about that?" First and foremost: friction. The wire gets caught on everything, because of the insane friction that rubber has. You can't simply slide or drag it without experiencing very high resistance. One of the most annoying things is that if the wire ends up under a piece of paper, and you try to pull it out, it'll move the paper and the cable will still be under it. Another annoying thing that the friction does is that if you move your head while the cable is under something, the buds will pop right out of your ears, instead of the cable moving with you (that's how strong the friction is). Furthermore, the rubber seems much more susceptible to lint in my pocket than plastic was. The only good thing about the rubber is that it prevents the buds from falling of the table inadvertently.

I guess the rubber is also to blame for the physical interference. If this thing rubs into anything, you get the amplified sound directly into your ears. The slightest rustle while listening to something will send the sound right up and it sounds like thunder in the distance if you so much as let it move across your shirt. And again, this is made worse by the fact the rubber gets caught in everything. Therefore, you can forget comfortably listening to something on the train.

Skullcandy, use plastic covering next time please.
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on October 5, 2012
I use earbuds heavily, particularly during the summer months, as I listen to audiobooks while I do outdoor work. Because I do a great deal of mowing, my earbuds go through a tremendous amount of abuse due to sun and weather, sweat, being jerked around, etc. I don't expect them to hold up long under these conditions and usually end up buying at least one pair a year. Having tried various brands, I am sticking with Skullcandy. Hands down, they are the most comfortable earbuds I have tried and they actually will stay in my ears through most active endeavors. Because they are offered at such an affordable price, I can purchase several pair and always have a set on hand. In fact, i usually wait until they are at a sale price and buy quite a few as great stocking stuffers. I can't speak about the sound quality since you don't encounter a wide vocal range on audiobooks, but my guess is if you need an exacting musical sound quality, you would be purchasing more expensive earbuds. These earbuds are a great price, are as durable as any other brand I have tried in this general price range, and a great deal more comfortable.
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on May 27, 2011
For a while I had been looking for a new pair of ear buds for my MP3 that would have great sound and were good quality. I kept hearing about the Skullcandy buds, so I came on here and checked out reviews to see if they were worth buying and of course there's always good and bad reviews especially saying they quit working after a few months, so I was a little skeptical but I was so sick of my tin static sounding ear buds that I broke down and bought these.

I will say these have been the best ear buds I have ever bought!!! The sound is excellent on them! I barely have to adjust my bass and treble on my MP3 because these pretty much do it for you! I love them! My fiancé and brother were curious about the fuss I was making about these so they tried mine out and not even a day later they each ordered themselves a pair for their MP3's! They say they will always own a pair of these!

I also will agree with the review below saying to make sure you try on all 3 gel sizes that come with these, because using the wrong size can dramatically decrease sound quality and comfort! Also make sure you have the correct left or right ear bud in each ear because that makes a huge difference in the sound too.

The only thing I would complain about is that even with the small gel piece it sometimes feels like my eardrum is going be sucked out but I also have really small ear canals plus it isn't really even a problem because I've heard you can order even smaller replacement sizes!!

All in all I love these and haven't had any trouble with them, I've even fallen asleep wearing them and wake up with them in a tangled mess and they still play just fine! I will definitely keep buying these and I definitely recommend these!
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on September 18, 2011
I am not an audiophile. I do recognize the difference between good, average and simply awful sound. The Skullcandy Earbuds have awful sound. They may look great but I don't understand why this product has such great reviews. It must simply be because so many people haven't experienced better sounding earbuds.

I bought the Skullcandy Earbuds to replace a pair of Griffin Ear Thumpers that I loved and lost recently. My expectations were high based on the reviews. Imagine my shock when I found them nearly unlistenable. The sound is tinny, almost as bad as the free earphones that came with portable AM/FM radios in the olden days. The Skullcandy Earbuds lack any dynamic range and bass is near non-existent. Vocals are hard to understand.

Sound isolation is great! External noise is gone and all you hear is the crummy sound.

Today I received a pair of Griffin 9401-TUNBDSB. When I compare the Griffin sound to the Skullcandy Earbuds the difference is remarkable. I am comfortable saying it is twice as good. You can understand the vocals, hear the highs clearly and get distinctive bass response. I'm returning the Skullcandy Earbuds.
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on December 3, 2012
I take care of my stuff. I bought expensive skull-candies before and gently wrap the cord (with extra space, no tension) in it and take care of it. A few ppl simply pulled it out of my ear and it broke a fews days later. I recommend INK'd if you don't mind how long they last. Good sound, and when I blew the speaker out( pressure makes a crack in the rubber stuff so it makes a fuzzy noise), and it actually fixed itself. Go with a pair of these: Sony MDREX58V/BLK EX


I am a witness to these things working after the cable was literally puleld outta the plastic, in a single jerk. My friend stepped on these and it didn't break, and they have 100db sensitivity, which means before you blows these out you will damage your ears(60 decibels damage starts). Don't listen loudly because I caused some damage to my right ear(one earphone in for a period of time), and it sucks
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on January 23, 2011
Being of an age where earbuds took time to get used to, I always hated that they weren't something I could just pick up and put on. They have to be the right type, the right size, blah blah blah. At first I looked into Skullcandy because I liked the marketing premise of the item. Why not wear something that displayed attributes of your personality? I have always, I repeat, always, worn headphones. I finally went ahead and bought these. Compared to in-store pricing they were comparable and even less expensive in some cases. I have a hard time hearing my laptop sometimes since I have five kids and attend school with a bunch of loud young-uns. PROBLEM SOLVED! Not only do they provide excellent sound quality, but they have an excellent bass quality, noise cancelling is fabulous, and they came with a variety of rubber ends to change if the ones attached didn't fit me. I also lik that the cord is not just rubberized like all other earbuds I have seen. They are more like a cord with a blue and black design extending down its length. The jack design is straight, not an "L" shape like some I have seen. While all my other accessory cords are an "L" shape, I have not run into any problems thus far with this different design. I am extremely pleased with my purchase...
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on April 15, 2015
I bought these to replace some that broke. I use an iPod all the time at work so the were in use 6+ hours a night. I also bend down and move a lot so they were constantly pulled and twisted. They didn't last very long and ended up breaking via a short in the wire (I'm guessing since one ear bud stopped working). The sound quality is excellent and they are very nice looking. I have smaller ears and they were quite big even with the smallest bud on it so after awhile my ears would hurt a bit.

Pros: Sound quality, price, stylish and colorful
Cons: Not good for very active person, can get uncomfortable with extended use,

I still buy replacement earbuds in this brand even though I tend to break them a lot!
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on February 3, 2013
These are the first earbuds that I have owned that have lasted for more than a few months - in fact they have lasted over a year with daily use. Additionally, for the price (eleven dollars at the time), they offer good sound quality with a decent frequency range and sound isolation. Others, for which I've paid twice the price or more, might offer similar sound quality, but lose sound out of one side or the other after less than six months of frequent use.

Initially, I wanted to give these 4 stars because when I ordered them, the product photo showed the Black/Red version as black buds with a red stripe and black wires. They arrived with red wires, but I found this acceptable, if not preferable. I have been impressed enough with their performance and durability to give them 5 stars based on their functionality over aesthetics.

I would definitely buy again when it’s time for another pair and I would recommend these to any budget-minded person looking for a good value in earbuds.
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