Customer Reviews: Skullcandy PLYR2 Surround Sound Wireless Gaming Headset, Teal/Navy (SMPLFY-280)
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on November 1, 2013
I was looking for a nice, durable, wireless headset to replace my Plantronics Gamecom 377. Several of my friends complain about Skullcandy as being a cheap-sounding, "looks first, sound quality 2nd" line of products. I ignored them and bought this headset, and it sounds fantastic. However, I understand why they were complaining about Skullcandy's product line. I live on-campus at a university, and there is a skullcandy retail store where you can try on all of Skullcandy's other headphones. Compared to this headset, the rest of Skullcandy's headphones feel and sound very cheap, have treble that isn't crisp, and poor bass response. Also, the other headphones have a very echo-y sound to them. This model, the Plyr 2, blows all other Skullcandy products out of the water. Additionally, I can watch netflix and play games 5-6 hours a day for 3 or 4 days before I have to recharge the headset.

The ONLY complaint that I have about this product is the connectivity. I use it with the PC, so the microphone is USB powered. Sound goes through the USB cable as well, but it is low-quality mono channel. I hooked the 3.5 mm audio jack from the Pc to the wireless transmitter, and sound quality is fantastic. If you are hoping to have everything hooked up entirely by a single USB port, that wont work, but if you don't mind hooking up USB for the microphone + 3.5 mm Audio out jack, then it is a very good product.
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on February 3, 2014
My wife got these for me for Christmas and so far I love them. I use them for TV, movies, games & music from my iPhone.

First, I'll explain how I hooked this up. A lot of people are talking about not being able to use multiple systems for these at once and switching cables and such. Simple solution is to use the Audio Out on your TV. The headphones came with a basic RCA red/white jacks to hook up with, and my primary TV has audio out RCA's so I am able to use this without worrying about switching cables and such. Please keep this in mind with ALL headphones. My Vizio secondary TV has 3.5MM Audio Out and I use a RCA-to-3.5MM adapter for this and it works perfect. Most TV's have Audio Out's & USB jacks that you can power this through. Although, if you are using the Mic for gaming, you will need to plug the USB into the system you need it for. Or use a $10 USB hub to connect them all together and not worry about switching cables.

Sound wise, the bass has 3 settings via slider on the right side. Some heavy bass/action scenes in movies/games can overpower the rest of the sound so I usually have it set at the middle setting and still sounds great. The first thing I watched with these headphones was The Ghost and the Darkness and when the lions roared, it sent chills down my spine it sounded so good.

Occasionally, when the batteries are going low, speech will sound distorted, especially when the characters are saying words with s's or CH sounding words.

These are great headphones and I would recommend to any casual gamer.

EDIT 6/7/14 - Since I wrote the review, both sides of the earpieces have broken. I will attach pictures showing what has happened, but there are 3 screws through plastic housings that secure the earpieces to the headband. These plastic housings shear off from the earpiece part and the earpiece will hang loose, attached only by the wire. I emailed Skullcandy after the first (right) side broke and they asked me to send it in for review and potential repairs, but it would be 4-6 weeks for results. The results would be either they wouldn't cover it under warranty and I would have to pay to ship it back to me to fix myself, or they would give me a credit for their website for the amount of the headphones value. I didn't like this answer, as I didn't want to drop $20+ in shipping just to fix it myself. I attached pictures of the break and provided clear evidence that this is a prematurely wearing joint and pretty crappy, to be honest. I just used gorilla glue and glues the pieces back together and it will probably never break again.

The second (left) side just broke today and I already have it glued and it's setting now, but be aware that the earpieces are not secured very well and be prepared to either deal with Skullcandy's typically good customer service, or just repair yourself.

I personally love Skullcandy's, but I cannot guarantee I will purchasing more from them if they cannot acknowledge a product failure and make good on it when proof is clearly provided.

EDIT 1/16/15 - I have repaired each side of the headphones twice now. I did not glue & secure them properly the first time so the glue didn't adhere to both sides well. Should be done solid now. I recently purchased a PS4 and wanted to use these for chat and audio, but didn't see where they were compatible. I found a Firmware update on their website :

I updated the firmware on both devices and it is now compatible with PS4! NOTE: This update is only for Chat & audio from the console itself. As mentioned before, if you just use the audio you can just plug into the audio out from your TV/Receiver and it won't matter what the source is.
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on January 5, 2014
I received this gift for Christmas, and was a little skeptical given the price range, but was confident given the company (Skullcandy).

When I went to connect the headset to my Xbox 360, I immediately ran into issues. Since my 360 is hooked up to my TV through HDMI, there is no place to connect the component audio cables that come with the headset. As stated on the Skullcandy website, you need the Audio Dongle Adapter (found on Amazon for ~$8). I was lucky as my roommate wasn't using his dongle, so I was able to borrow his until mine arrived.

Once I had the dongle setup, I was blown away at the quality. Even though the headset doesn't have an Optical Audio jack, the quality of the sound was very impressive. The sub was explosive, but not over powering, and I was able to experience the game in whole new world. The ear phones do get a little uncomfortable on long gaming sessions, and my ears did heat up a tad, but simple adjustments and minor breaks eliminate those issues.

All in all, I can't complain about the headset. For the price it is well worth the purchase, especially for an introductory headset. I would recommend to a friend for purchase.
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on January 1, 2015
They break. I received a pair for Christmas 2013 which broke in June 2014 (the plastic holding the ear piece in place). I paid to ship it back and got a new headset 6 weeks later. Less than 6 weeks after getting the new pair, it breaks (same problem). I send it back once again and get a new pair. The day after my 1-year warranty ends (early December), the newest pair breaks (same problem). So, I carefully glue it back together (which works better than sending them to customer service IMO). BUT, this morning (Jan 1, 2015) they won't turn on.

They did not experience excessive wear, they never even left the comfort of my office; they're just poorly designed to be incredibly fragile it seems.

That said, sound/mic quality was fine for me (not an audiophile by any means), and it was easy to set up with the computer.
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on July 9, 2013
Had it for a couple days, my friends told me my voice quality was better (compared to ~$30 logitech headset). Had issues with Skype for some reason, it was really soft and wouldn't auto-adjust. Turned everything to max and they still could barely hear me. But it was fantastic with mumble, where I had more control over everything.

My biggest complaint is the ear cups, but maybe I'm spoiled from the bose quietcomfort headphones I have. The cups don't stop any sound. Maybe that's a good thing, so you can hear your mom yelling at you to go to bed or something. There's sometimes lots of noise around my apartment, I'd rather have it drowned out on medium volume. It's such a minor complaint though.

I read a review that said you need to buy an additional male-to-male 3.5mm headphone cable to use it on your computer, so I got one with my order, and you don't need it. If you go to your windows sound settings you can choose the Skullcandy headphones as your audio output. It works just off the USB.

These are good, I would have easily paid another $100 for quality external components, it feels more chincy than I expected.
If you want high-end without paying a high price I think these are what you want.
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on June 25, 2015
I like the sound of the headset but there were a few things that we not good. Within 30 days, the headset has broken at the mount points where the screws connect. Also for PC connections, the volume control does not link with the pc volume. So you control volume at the headset but if I turn down the volume on the pc it is not affected.

Updated - I am moving my rating from a 2 to 4 stars because I really like the audio part of the headset. I wear my headset 6-8 hours per day for work. And yes it has broken twice on me now. I think the screws on the headset are not well constructed. For anyone that has purchased this and cannot return the headset, I went to the hardware store and bought $2 worth of nuts and bolts and I drilled out the existing screws and added my own. This has been great ever since. You can see the attached pictures showing the original screws and the new nuts and bolts I added after drilling out the original screws. I'm sure this will void your warranty but since my warranty had expired I was ok doing this.
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on April 20, 2015
Since my kids keep breaking my cheap corded headphones, I thought I'd get some expensive wireless ones. Unfortunately, these are so cheap that I won't let my kids near them now.

My first pair broke the first week I got them. The plastic pieces holding the earphones to the rest of them broke. I returned them for a new pair.

I figured that maybe my kids did something to the first pair, so didn't let them near the second. They lasted for 5 months, then broke in the exact same spot.

My third pair lasted for three months. I've been extremely careful with them. They just broke in the same spot.

In addition to the breaking issues, these squeeze my head uncomfortably, the microphone would occasionally go dead for seconds at a time, and the sound quality was nothing impressive.

The second and third pairs required a $20 shipping charge. My old, cheap logitech ones had better sound and only cost $30. These were a big disappointment and waste of money.
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on February 1, 2015
Got this headset for xmas 2014.

great sound quality, great mic, very comfortable.

Loved it until 2 days ago when putting the headset on my head the cheap plastic snapped and now i have to rig duct tape around it to even get it stay.

I know what some of you are thinking, that I wasn't careful enough with it and i threw it around or abused it. I assure you i did not. I took great care of this being that it was ~$130. I had a hook on my wall that i would hang it never let it even touch my desk.
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on May 27, 2015
So sad! I bought two pairs of these and both broke in the same spot as the other reviewers have pictured. (Those dumb little plastic screws!) I would have worn these forever because they were so light weight, comfy, the range was amazing and the battery life was fantastic. The first pair broke in about a month, second pair in less than a week. I give up.
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on December 1, 2015
This thing is extraordinary. I was hesitant to buy since my roommate had one that broke after 3 days. I've had mine for almost a year with no defects. I'm able to hear everything very clearly and adjust audio accordingly. You can listen to voice and game audio or keep them separate. I've had no complaints about feedback or anything, and background noise is only there while you're speaking. The range is good too; I'm able to go downstairs and fix a snack while maintaining conversation. Finally, the compatibility is easy peasy to switch around what you're using it for. Just move the bluetooth piece to what device you want and use the necessary chords. I can even use it for phone calls with an aux cable. I had the wired version of this before, which was nice, but the upgrade was worth the extra bucks. Take care of this headset and it takes care of you.
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