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on October 25, 2010
First off I recommend these to ANYONE.

I've never made a review of anything but these ear buds have motivated me to do so, I'm that pleased. Apples ear buds hurt my ears unbelievably bad, they just arent comfy for my ears. So I bought the JVC marshmallows and they were much better. I then got the Skullcandy Inkd and thought the sound was about the same but I liked the silicon tips because they clean easy and really plug up my ears. Great outside noise reduction.

My Inkd gave me numerous problems. My buddy and I have gone through no joke over 20 Skullcandy Inkd ear buds combined because one of the speakers would always go out after a month or two. (Skullcandy now offers a great refund/replacement deal probably because of this.) So I decided to throw down a couple extra bucks hoping to save money in the long run with these Titans.

First impressions were DAMN the sound is noticeably better than the inkd despite having the same statistics (aside from the aluminum housing apposed to the inkd plastic housing). I've now had these Titans for 3 months and they are still going strong, they have outlasted all my previous skullcandies. The cord is also impressive on these. It has a clear outer layer with braided cable inside, much thicker than most cords ive seen. This thickness helps them keep their shape too without curling or twisting up.

*Better sound than Inkd and AMAZING sound for their price range. As good as $100+ Sennheiser in my opinion.

*Thick rugged cord. Held up to 3 months of skating so far and getting pulled on (I pull my ipod out of my pocket via the cord)

*I like the look and the silicon tips are a snug fit in my ear.

*Can also fit comply t400 foam tips if you wish to replace the silicon tips.

*In cable volume control, but note some Titans DO NOT have this feature. (not a big plus for me because I put the cord under my shirt so the buds hang out my collar)

*Can't really think of any after 3 months. I am fully satisfied.
*Everyones ears are different and they fall out of my friends ears often. He bought the comply foam tips and doesn't have this problem now.
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on September 25, 2015
It's a great shame that Skullcandy discontinued the Titans, because they are the best-sounding earbuds I have ever heard.

Now, that doesn't mean to say they can hold their own against a set of studio monitors or, say, a set of AudioTechnica over-the-ear cans. But compare these to your major-manufacturer iBlobs or your typical set of look-alike generic earbuds, and it'll be a revelation...

"DEAR GODS what is that STRANGE BOOMING SOUND?!? What's wrong with my EARS?"
Relax. Don't be afraid. It's called "bass", and almost all music has it, in greater or lesser quantities. You may have forgotten about it if you've been using those ... white ear-things for too long. Give it a chance. You'll probably find your music sounds better with it. A lot better.

Earbuds will never be my choice for seriously listening to music. They just don't reproduce all of the music, and it's unfair to ask them to. But the Skullcandy Titans do a better job of it than 90%-95% of the rest of the earbuds on the market. Do yourself and your ears a favor, and give a set of Titans a try. See how much better your dubstep sounds when it drops the BASS, instead of dropping the sort of dull thump.
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VINE VOICEon October 9, 2011
I got an iPod touch last year. I did not like the included ear buds so I set about looking for new ones.

I read a bunch of reviews and tried 4 different kinds:

JBuds J2 Premium Hi-FI Noise Isolating Earbuds (Boqari Blue)

Skullcandy Titan In Ear Bud S2TTCZ-003 (Black)

Ultimate Ears 200vi Noise-Isolating Headset, Grey

Sennheiser CX300-B In-Ear Stereo Headphone

All of them had their good points & bad points. After one year with all of them, these are my findings:

The most comfortable IEM's were the Logitech Ultimate Ears 200. This is probably due to the many different sizes of the included ear pieces. The sound quality seemed to be fairly accurate. The high and mid rang notes came through very clearly and were not overpowering in any way. They seem to be made very well. There are no screens inside these IEM's like there are on all the other models listed above.

With the Titan's, there's a bit of a bass boost in there so, they aren't the most "accurate." The Titan's also play a little louder than the other IEM's, given the same source at the same volume level, due to their higher sensitivity. They seem very well made and they are comfortable. Definitely the best at isolating outside noises.

The JBuds didn't seem to fit as well as the others but, more importantly, the higher notes seemed harsh / too bright for me. They were my least favorite of the group.

The Sennheiser's are a very good all around IEM. They are the smallest of the bunch. They don't fit the best and they have a very strange cord layout. The left IEM's cord is shorter than the right one. The sound quality is on par with the Logitech's. Between the two, I'd go with the Logitech's just due to the comfort factor.

None of the included "cases" work very well in my opinion.
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on October 12, 2011
I have had several different Earphones and many Headphones ,I'm poor so I try not to ever get into 3 figures but after hearing the Sony 510 Earphoneso i will save from now on . my old Titan sounded really good ,especially bass and mids ,I just need to listen a bit more carefully to hear the delicate Highs I hear in my Sonys .My last pair of Titans broke right in the middle of the metal earpiece after 8 months so for $25 I can get Black on Black Pink are cheaper and other colors more ,so I don't worry about the color unless it is just a $2 difference ,The Comply T-400 memory foam tips add to the sound and make it nearly impossible for the earphones to fall out of my ears (if I exercised or vigorous movement ,if these Titans last over a year I will be very happy . Good Earphones ,for the price I don't believe they dissappont rsdno
These new Titans are not built well ,plastic where there was a Metal volume control the sound isnt as good I turn some songs (like mid sixties Stones )into Mono so I can listen to my old Titans through the one earphone that works ,it's sad to see a Company like SkullCandy on the cheap ,my first titans broke open right on the Metal earpiece ,I would advise to stay away from SkullCandy there Warranty is only for half of the Price Skullcandy set or a couple bucks less then getting them on Amazon in one word SkullCandy = Cheap
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on August 23, 2011
I bought these Skullcandy Titans to replace a pair of Ink'd I bought a couple of years ago. Thought I'd spend a little bit more and upgrade and see if it made a difference, and I'm glad I did. I'm no audiophile when it comes to my mobile listening, I just want something that's comfortable to have in my ear during my commute and workouts. The Titans (like the Ink'd before them) are comfortable, snug fit without hurting. The Titan buds are lightweight, but noticeably heavier than the Ink'd, giving them a more durable feel. And the sound quality is noticeably improved over the Ink'd, with a deeper bass, and overall richer quality to it. The cord casing feels thicker, more durable, and seems to minimize the noise created from the cord rubbing on my shirt or backpack, but that might also be a function of the better quality buds. On sale for 40% off they're nearly the same as regular priced Ink'd, and it's a no-brainer to get them. Even at $30+ I think I'd still buy them now that I have tried them, they're that much better. You don't know what you're missing until you've tried both, and now that I've tried the Titans, I'll be getting them again.

I've had these a couple of years now, and they're still going strong. No issues with the cord, even though I wrap it around my player after every use. I have toying with getting something different, maybe slightly more comfortable for longer wear, but have decided that I'm going to give the Comply T400 tips a try rather than new buds. Quality sound and durability is there, so no need/justification to change them if the Comply tips help in the comfort department. I'll let you know.
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on August 17, 2011
I wanted the convenience of earbuds but was skeptical about purchasing because I have small ears (apple buds that come with iphone and ipod wont stay in my ears). These work really well even after shaking my head back and forth.
They come with three different sized cushions (small and medium worked for me with small being a bit more comfortable) to fit different sized ears. The sound is pretty good too. You definitely good great bass response but it doesn't muddle the highs and mids. I personally listen to a wide variety of music from alternative to 80's to hip hop and they all sound good. Ears do feel a little sore after a while, however my ears aren't used to wearing buds so I'm hoping it gets more comfortable with time.
Bottom line -
If you are looking for a good sounding pair of buds but aren't looking for "studio audiophile" pair, these should do you good. I love music and listen to it all the time when I am walking or drawing but I'm not into every little nuance of the music. If you are, then I'm sure you will find other models (much more pricier) that will serve your needs.
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on July 14, 2015
I have bought 4 pairs of these earbuds. My first pair wore out at the jack over a period of a couple of years, and the second pair were stolen after more than 2 years use without incident. I bought two more pairs just to have, since they have been discontinued.
These things have a great sound. I wear them when I mow and listen to rock music at about 75% volume on my mp3 player. They more than cover the sound of my riding lawnmower (but do not completely block out the sound of the mower, since these are not actually noise cancelling).
They do an amazing job, and, for normal circumstances and situations, they block out most ambient sounds that would distract from music at reasonable listening levels.
I went from large over-ear headphones with the volume above 75% to listening with these and getting better detail and blocking ambient sounds at between 50% and 75%
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on May 23, 2013
Ok its nearly been a year since i got these buds, and they still work like they are brand new! only thing is, the paint is starting to chip away but i dont care about that. the other thing is what happen most recently. So it was about a day ago i couldn't hear anything out of the right side bud, but i heard music when i turned up the volume and put my ear to the back of the bud, and there was music, but it wasn't coming out of where the ear part goes in your ear, so i thought they we done. i said i should just destroy it if it doesn't work. so i took off the rubber piece and poked the speaker with my keys, but really its a cover, when i took it off then i could here the music again and still sounds good. so if you cant hear your music on one side do what i did first to see if that works, because i think that little speaker looking thing under the rubber piece can get clogged with ear wax and you cant hear the music. so just remove it and it should work fine, if it still doesn't work then its broken. BTW if you want to keep these bud working for as long as i did, just take care of them, keep them in the pouch it comes with, i dont blare my music loud, and try not to wash them in the wash lol. they are still working to this day, and i recommend them to everyone. i got these on June 14 2012 and today its May 23 2013 and they still work! i hear everyone say how their earbuds break within a few months, NOT THESE!! if they break in a few months for you, you clearly aren't taking care of them.
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on December 12, 2012
I've had this earphone before, had one of the best sound quality for the price and a little bonus on its build quality. Skull candy did a great job on the 2009 version of this. So when i purchased this, i prayed the earphone wouldn't look like the ones in the picture.. this earphone still has its known "titan" sound quality, but not so much on the cables. They look frail and terrifyingly easy to break. I think i could count on the apple earbuds to last longer... to sum this up

Design +
Sound +
Durability -

I gotta say i'm pretty disappointed skullcandy.
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on May 18, 2011
These are the best earphones I've ever owned! I have had JVC marshmallow earphones for a year and they were not durable. 6 months and they were broken (I went through two pairs). So I looked on Google for durable earphones/headphones and found these. I went and bought them and (Amazon shipping was awesome!)got them in 4 days even though the free shipping was 5-8 business days. I was so happy. My first impression was these look awesome! Then I thought hope the sound is the same as the looks. I plugged em into my mp3 player and was shocked by the amazing sound! I normally had the volume at a 14-15 now I have it at 10-11! The silicone earpieces are amazingly comfortable and I love that the earphones came with a durable case to keep them in along with a little mesh inside to keep the small and large silicone earpiece things. The company (Skullcandy) also will replace the product if there is any defects (lifetime warranty)and if you break them and it's your fault they will give you a 50% off coupon to buy another pair if you register your product. Overall I have found this product to be exactly what I needed and wanted.
Update: I had to lower my rating to 4 stars because the right earplug is coming apart. It still works but it's inconvenient to have to put it back together over and over. I think I'm gonna get a replacement from Skullcandy soon. I know I'm a bit hard on them because I don't always put them in their mesh case sometimes I stuff em in my pocket but they are supposed to be durable. The earphone did not go thru any kind of trauma between being normal and falling apart so I do not know what happened and I will update again if they (Skullcandy) don't wanna replace it or something. Other than that it is still working GREAT so I still am hoping to stick to these.
Update: I sent them to Skullcandy and got "skullcandy points" to buy a new pair of headphones and I'm gonna stick with them because no other company offers a lifetime warranty (at least I don't think so) and is that helpful so go out and buy some!
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