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Sky Odyssey

Platform : PlayStation2
Rated: Everyone
4.4 out of 5 stars 46 customer reviews
Metascore: 79 / 100

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  • Combination of futuristic and old-school flying
  • Over 40 missions
  • Uncover pieces of an ancient map
  • 10 available planes
  • Each plane has unique physics
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Product Description

Product Description

Soar into the wild blue yonder, braving ever-changing weather conditions as to earn your pilot's wings in Sky Odyssey. Undertake over 40 diverse and challenging missions as you navigate underground caverns, rescue a wayward hot air balloon and fly through waterfalls. Complete missions and retrieve missing pieces of an ancient map that, once completed, will lead to the game's final destination.


Much like Nintendo's seminal Pilotwings, Sky Odyssey blends aspects of flight simulation with an easy to pick up but difficult to master gameplay system. It also brings a light adventure story to the table, and the crux of the gameplay is focused on the completion of real-world tasks, as opposed to the predominantly acrobatic dealings of Pilotwings. While similarities exist between the two titles, Activision's Sky Odyssey is not a Pilotwings clone, but instead a truly excellent game in its own right.

There is no shortage of gameplay modes in Sky Odyssey. There are free flight, target, and sky canvas modes, all of which are noteworthy. The real meaty center of the game, however, is its adventure mode. This mode puts you on a chain of islands where you must complete a string of missions, each with its own set of goals, which vary wildly from mission to mission. For example, in one mission you'll fly into an underground cavern and make a water landing at an ancient ruin in order to recover a piece of a lost map, while the next will have you flying from point A to point B and negotiating a midair refueling along the way. The maps themselves share the same eclectic nature as the mission objectives, ranging from rolling countrysides and high-walled ravines to underground caves and the eye of a thunderstorm. And these maps are big. The missions can take anywhere from five to 20 minutes to complete, giving the 18-mission adventure mode a fair amount of length. One of the game's few real rubs is its sheer difficulty - Sky Odyssey is by no account an easy game. Normal and easy modes are included, but most levels will require at least two tries before completing them successfully, even in easy mode. This can prove to be occasionally frustrating, but the constant variety in mission goals, combined with the variety and magnitude of the maps, will certainly keep you engrossed and eagerly awaiting the next mission.

Of course, all this would be for naught if the gameplay weren't worthwhile, and Sky Odyssey really delivers in this department. There is a plethora of aircraft you can fly, such as vintage biplanes, experimental military planes, helicopters, and UFOs. Each aircraft controls differently and can be customized with different wings, tails, propellers, engines, and just about anything else you could imagine. These customizations have a pretty significant impact, as some missions are impassible without modifying a specific component of your craft. The developers keep things interesting by constantly mixing up the weather effects, which are nothing short of outstanding. Headwinds, tailwinds, updrafts, downdrafts, turbulence - there is no shortage of weather in Sky Odyssey, and your aircraft of choice reacts very realistically to it, forcing you to navigate your flights based not only on physical obstacles, but also on the constantly shifting weather conditions.

If there is an outstanding flaw in Sky Odyssey, it's in the graphics. What makes it especially disappointing is that the game has some spectacular visuals but gets hung up in the particulars. The planes are modeled true to their real-world counterparts, the environments are all well designed and a pleasure to look at, and the different effects - such as rain, snow, and the vapor trails that come off your wings - are the kinds of details that really make for an immersive game. The problems come when the game's great design and the PS2 hardware collide, as Sky Odyssey has all the telltale signs of an unoptimized PS2 game. It suffers from a heavy amount of aliasing, and the draw-in distance is closer than it should be and is only sporadically camouflaged with fog. There is also occasional slowdown, usually during a major onscreen events, such as a rockslide. These blemishes keep Sky Odyssey from being a truly spectacular game.

Sky Odyssey is not a game for everyone - the slow-paced missions and the flight simulation influences will turn away those looking for pure arcade action. But those that are willing to overlook the game's graphical imperfections and can grapple with its relatively steep learning curve will be rewarded with a fully satisfying game experience.
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Customer Reviews
4.4 out of 5 stars 46 customer reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars
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I love it when a game with very little hype or fanfare is released, and turns out to be one of the best titles of the season. This is such a game.
Not a logistical nightmare flight sim like some PC games, this one is a straight up arcade experience with wonderful graphics, total control, and the best sensation of flying this side of Pilotwings. So many flight games for the PSX were just tracked driving/shooting games in the air. Air Combat had such a close camera angle and sluggish handling that it felt more like wrangling a Buick in the sky than flying. This one lets you control all directions of movement like a true barnstormer. Diving, ascending, barrel rolls, bank turns, stalls, they're all here, and it really makes the game a pleasure because the impetus is all on you to complete the mission. Don't blame the game because there is very little you can't control when it comes to the aerobatics of your plane.
And you will need that control because, while some missions are easy, most will need to be done and re-done to successfully complete them. But it isn't a frustrating task. Sky Odyssey is one of those games (reminiscent of old 8-bit Nintendo titles) where, once you wreck, you wanna hurry up and try again, because you know it can be done.
Plenty of different modes and planes keep it interesting, as do the different objectives of each Adventure mission. Land on an aircraft carrier (hella fun,) pursue a train so you can link up and refuel mid-flight (through a tunnel, no less!), and maneuver in a canyon with huge rockslides occurring around every corner. The best word I can use to describe the experience is "fun." And that's what's so great about this game: no big-name sports stars (Madden), no past video game series to fall back on (Ridge Racer, Tekken), no million-dollar hype campaign (Final Fantasy), just rock solid gameplay.
Flying games don't get any better than this.
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This is a great flight simulation game. I was a little worriedthat it might [not be good] .... However, this game has many options like mission, sky writing, target, and free flight modes. Target mode is my favorite because you need to hit red or blue targets in sequence and then land your plane in the given time frame or start over. I have had to land the aircraft with only seconds to spare so focus and flight skills are required. Carrier landings and mid-air re-fueling also make this game exciting! Build your skills and acquire more modern aircraft like the stealth bomber! If you like flight sim games this game is for you. I have rented and played most of the PS2 launch titles and Sky Odessey is one of the better titles out right now.
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This is the kind of flight simulator I have been looking for! If I wanted all the knobs, buttons and gizmos true flight simulators have, I'd just get my pilot's license. This is just a fun and simple game. No fuss or messy keystrokes to remember. You can just throw the CD in and begin flying with easy to use controls and gorgeous graphics.
I was also surprised at this game's long playability. There are so many levels and missions, that this game will have long lasting appeal. Also, I must admit I found myself drawn to the sky-writing exercises. I know how lame that might sound, but blowing smoke out the back of your plane while trying to make shapes and words was oddly addictive. I don't remember ever seeing that in other flight simulators.
So, if you are real pilot, I am sure this game will disappoint. However, if you just want to fly around with ease while having a great time, this game is sure to please.
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I have to admit, I didn't expect this game to be this good. Although the graphics are pretty decent (certainly not the best by far for the PS2), the aspect where the game excels the most is where a game SHOULD excel at: gameplay. This baby has got soume seriously GREAT gameplay. Some might find flight simulation games to be too technical, while some find arcade style flying games to be too unrealistic or cartoon-like. I think that this game is a perfect blend between the two. There are plenty of game modes to keep you coming back for more, and the game is structured in such a way that it's not too easy and not too hard. On levels that seem to be difficult to pass, you'll find yourself actually wanting to come back for more instead of throwing your controller down in frustration. The gameplay is that good. I actually find myself rocking back and forth in my chair while playing the darn thing becuase it immerses you so well into the game! I never thought I'd say this, but I'm being quite honest: this game is among the top 4 or 5 games overall that is available for the PS2 right now.
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By Matt on January 3, 2001
I'll admit I had many doubts at first when I went to buy this game, but I had heard some good things about it so I decided I would give it a try. Well, my doubts went out the window after just an hour with this masterpiece of a game by Activision. Sky Odyssey is a flight simulation game just like Pilotwings 64 but done much better. It gives you many modes of play at first, such as target practice and landing pads. But the true fun and challenge is in the adventure mode. You are taken to a series of islands and told to complete certain missions like refuel your plane in midair or fly quickly through a small cave while avoiding falling rocks and wavy waters. Before each mission you are given a specific tutorial so you know exactly what to do and how to do it. But believe me, even with the tutorials these missions are very challenging and quite hard to complete under your given time limit. If you should finish your mission, you are then given a grade and depending what grade you get, you then get to choose one of many upgrades for your plane which will help you later on. It is really quite a innovative and cool system. And dont worry about replay value because there are plenty of missions the game has to offer.
The different planes in this game are each very unique and neatly designed. As mentioned before they are all upgradable in areas such as their wing, engine, propeller, landing gear and more. And for you aspiring artists out there, the game even has a drawing program where you can draw your own symbol on the back of your plane!!
The target practice and landing pad parts of the game should be used by beginners as they are good places to practice all of the flying skills with all of the planes.
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