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on August 3, 2017
As a smart controller, it works well, has both web-based and mobile app. Overall a solid device, some issues will hopefully get resolved through software upgrades.

If you expect you will need more zones, a great choice; it is cheaper and better looking than others. If you value more software capabilities, or need multiple controllers or sharing access, go with RachioRachio Smart Sprinkler Controller, WiFi, 8 Zone 2nd Generation, Works with Amazon Alexa

For me, what distinguishes this controller is the fantastic industrial design - small things that are really well thought-through:
- it is expandable - if you need to add 8 more stations, just buy the add-on plate; no need to buy a whole different controller (and manually move all settings - it can save you a lot of $ and hours of reprogramming!)
- wires are easy to insert remove (even though the opening for the bundle is a bit tight)
- convenient always-on wire for testing the wiring/valves during installation (well done!)
- has a built-in level (small thing but helps when mounting)
- modern looks (should have quite a bit of appeal to trekkies, too!)
Overall, very well thought-through mechanical aspects
Note that you do want to mount the base plate solidly to the wall, as it takes quite a bit of effort to separate the body from the base plate (use all screws, put drywall anchors if attaching to drywall)
Another really cool capability is that it can be programmed directly from the device using the built-in screen and scroll wheel - this is more of an insurance (when would you not have your smartphone?); however, if the house loses internet connection, you can still adjust some basic settings, adjust watering restrictions, etc.
The turn-and-push wheel is a bit unusual at first but it really works well (some other reviewers noted problems but at least my device was solid)
Also, if you have to install outside, the outdoors mounting box is reasonably small (vs. e.g., Rachoi's behemot) and much better looking; it also has an integrated key lock.

The screen seems a bit cheap/lo-res. Another minor shortcoming is the very sharp corners/edges - it can hurt you accidentally and it will probably dent easier (e.g., if someone leans a shovel on it)
I had some problems with the software - after I put one of the zones on a slope, the watering time jumped from 10-15' to 45'; when I corrected back to flat, nothing changed, this zone stayed at 45'. It was not corrected even after a couple of days. I am sure these things can be worked out. I did not contact tech support, where this may have been resolved. The mobile app seemed not to have been updated for a while.
I had an initial problem with setting up networks (it would not recognize my network, even though there was nothing unusual/no weird characters in the name); I was able to connect to a different network and upgrade the firmware; once done, everything worked OK (incl. connecting to the network it was failing to attach to before).
Another possibly significant limitation is support for multiple controllers (required a call to tech support) and lack of sharing access (if you want to give your gardener access to adjust the schedule/water).
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on July 12, 2017
Coming from an old school controller this is a huge step up. That being said, have a bunch of issues with it compared to what I thought it would be. The 3 stars is based on the product alone. If you factor in it's frequently a good bit cheaper than alternatives would probably be 4. If I bought at MSRP it would be 2.

- Wiring was a pain. Trying to get all the wires through the bottom hole was really tight. Also hard to get the wires seated tightly.
- Would not connect to my extender even though all my other devices have no issue. Working ok direct to my router.
- Web portal very flaky and frequently tells me it can't connect even though I can open the app at the same time and it works. App doesn't have all the options the portal does (ie grass type). Guidance on choosing settings could be better too.
- Can't handle my restriction type of twice a week where the unit can choose the days.
- Manual interaction works but very slow and clunky. Would only use it as a last resort.
- feature updates to app or portal are slow to non existent. Kind of worried they are not doing well.
- app push alerts don't work at all. IFTTT alerts don't seem to work either. Email alerts didn't work until about 2 weeks ago when they just started working.

On the plus side the watering forecast is easy to read as is the watering history. It also appears to be doing a pretty good job of setting and following a smart schedule.
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on November 24, 2014
Beautiful Industrial design, better documentation would make it as good as it gets. Documentation is limited and leaves a lot to be desired. It only works if you know to click on a small check buried among alphabetic characters on only some screens. The installation instructions are clear, simple and well done. However, one critical piece of information is missing. It's not mentioned ANYWHERE!! You must highlight and click on a check mark when entering zone names or the WiFi password. This check mark only appears on some of the screen options when entering alphanumeric characters for naming zones or passwords. Additionally, the highlight is difficult to see unless you're at or below the plane of the screen. The characters are small but visible. Once I figured out that the check indicates the name or password is complete, everything worked flawlessly. Connecting it to my cell phone was a breeze. The phone graphics are beautiful and you can control everything easily and intuitively. Only time will tell how effective it is at saving water by accurately predicting rainfall at my house, not the weather station.

A weather resistant cabinet is required for outside mounting. The cabinet is manufactured by Orbit. The model number is 57095. It has an internal GFI receptacle so mounting the Skydrop inside is very simple. You will have to drill mounting holes in the internal mounting plate, but that's a simple job that can easily be done by the installers or anyone who can use a drill.

Cudo's to the designers and shame on the documentation people for making a simple installation unnecessarily frustrating.
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on July 5, 2017
In short: don't buy it.

I bought this back in March 2015. Since then I have 2 major malfunctions. I forget exactly when it happens first time. But maybe late 2015. I setup 3 simple watering rules for my 5 zone. But somehow the controller has a bug where the same zone is used in different watering schedule in different days will DISABLE all watering schedules. I was out for a long vacation and by the time (after 3 weeks) I returned home, I found major damage to many of my small plants. I end up having to replace all 12 lemon cypress plants and get rid of my lawn completely. Asking Skydrop for compensation? Forget it.

Skydrop troubleshoot and fix the bug and had a new firmware. This requires disabling smart watering which is fine by me as I really don't trust their software at this point. I use all manual watering with the exception of delay water when raining.

Then during my recent away from home for 2 weeks, this controller got stuck and it stop watering for 2 weeks! This time, again some small plants die and my Japanese maple is almost dead. My wife is watering it everyday to see if we can revive it. This time, I found that issuing manual watering command didn't work. Via its mobile app, I press the button to water a zone, nothing happen. I tried all zones and all "water all zones" and nada.

So I decide to reboot the controller (and if that doesn't work, I plan to power off and then on). Restarting controller is good enough and now I can water it by pressing the same button on mobile app. So clearly the controller firmware hang (I am a software engineer and this is what we call it).

I am now researching for a replacement. I have enough of it. This controller has little hardware/software update at all. Even their alert (or notification is buggy). It sends duplicate notifications for the same schedule (see attached photo).
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on January 11, 2016
Insanely easy to install. Almost too easy. Overall a great system, there's only one drawback: it doesn't have a setting for native / drought-resistant plants, and therefore is prone to want to over-water. Its difficult to "fool" the system with different grass/soil settings to get where you need it, its like a dog chasing its tail. There's a "manual" method to doing it, but then you'd lose the SmartWatering capabilities which turns off watering when its near freezing or there's a lot of rain in the forecast.

Drought-Resistant plant setting in the next software update gets SkyDrop a 5-star rating.
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on June 1, 2016
Did a bunch of research on what our next Irrigation Timer would be and settled on this since it 'Integrates with Nest' (more on that in a bit).

First we found it in-store for ~$250, but only $200 on Amazon (yay Prime!), which allowed me to also get the Outdoor enclosure along with it for about the same price as retail. When it arrived, I think it had been jostled a bit, as the dial was completely disassembled. I had to reassemble the dial to get it to work. (hence the 4 stars in stead of 5). I was going to call their support that said they were open until 5PM MST on Sunday, however at 4:45PM MST, they were closed. They appear to be out of Denver, so maybe just some TimeZone confusion with Arizona (as we don't change).

Setup was a breeze. We were up and running within 15 minutes, all configured and ready to go. The recommended watering seems to be extremely off however. For instance, we have a garden that it wants to suggest watering every 4.5 days for 45 minutes, but in Arizona, if you aren't watering twice a day for 10 minutes, things just burn and die. That being said, you can easily modify the 'smart settings' for the zones, and the SkyDrop will adjust more or less water from that point, depending on weather conditions.

The mobile app is great! As I was installing the irrigation, it was amazing to just be able to quickly pull out my phone and test the new connections without having to walk back over to the unit. I don't think I've even touched the unit itself, or even looked at it (since it's in the enclosure) since we installed it. Such a shame it's an amazing looking unit.

The Nest integration simply means that it will include some more data in your Nest reports and also turn on the sprinklers if the Nest Protect senses your house is on fire. So, the big question is why this over something like the Rachio, simply put, it looked easier to install and had the Nest integration.
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on March 26, 2015
Absolutely love it so far! I was torn between the SkyDrop and other units, took me six months to pull the trigger. It arrived on time, was SUPER easy to install, and the interfaces are great (unit, web, IOS mobile app). I have marginal wifi signal where the unit is installed but it hasn't lost connectivity as far as I can tell. Spring is in full swing here outside of Nashville, TN and if I had my old unit on there it would have been watering every day, or I would have manually been turning it off/on. For the last few weeks it has only watered 3-4 times because of the rain and cool temps, so for sure it will save some water/money. It is also super handy to be able to turn a zone on/off while I've been out in the yard working on the system. Not to mention the fact it is a lot of fun to turn the sprinklers on when your neighbor is standing by them.

I really, really, really like the cloud services concept that the SkyDrop is using and cannot wait to see how they grow and improve upon this concept. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone search for a wifi enabled irrigation controller.
review image review image
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on March 3, 2016
So I purchased and installed two of these at two separate locations and couldn't be happier. It is relatively easy to install just take the zone wires from your existing controller and the common and/or master valve wire and connect it to the backplate of the SkyDrop controller. The wires leading to both units I installed required me to splice the existing wires to something with a higher gauge wire as the thickness of the insulation coming from the sprinkler valves were too thick to slip into the small opening on the SkyDrop's back plate. It would have been nice to have a wider opening but hopefully that will come in v2... When you wire the back plate and plug in the power supply there is a hot connection that can be used to test each of your zones. When a zone wire is connected to this hot connection the zone comes one. The first time I did this the zone wouldn't turn off after removing the zone wire so I had to find the shutoff valve and turn it off manually. After that was done I finished wiring the common, master valve, and the respective zone's and followed the on-screen instructions to get the unit connected to the internet via wi-fi. The mobile app works well but for creating complex schedules I would suggest using the web site at skydrop.com. The second attempt at installation of another unit yielded another strange scenario. After wiring all of the zones and going through the setup I discovered that the setup would hang during the wi-fi connection prompt. It wasn't obvious until I read through the support site that the SkyDrop has trouble with WiFi Names (SSID's) with certain non alphanumeric characters. It basically caused my setup to choke... I renamed my wifi connection to get rid of the non-alphanumeric characters and was able to continue the setup without issue. Upon connecting the SkyDrop to the internet an update was immediately installed... I later changed my WiFi SSID name to what it was before and was able to join without any problems... It appears they have fixed that issue but there may be some units still on the shelf with the old firmware so beware if your SSID has non-alphanumeric characters in it. I've only had this for a week but can say it is easy to use and works very well. You can easily make changes via the mobile app while away from your house and check to see how things are working. The large lighted dial gives quick indication as to what is going on while watering as the typically green dial turns blue when watering as well as shows a status of all the zones and how much time is left. Looking forward to seeing the water timing change as the temperatures rises and lowers and also stop watering when it is raining outside based on local weather forecasts... The SkyDrop also integrates with the Nest Protect smoke detectors if you have one. If it detects fire it will turn on your sprinkler system... That's a feature I hope I won't get the chance to test....SkyDrop 8 Zone (Expandable to 16) Wifi-Enabled Smart Sprinkler Controller
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on August 8, 2017
Overall the system is very easy to use. Replacing my existing "dumb" box was very straight forward with the included instructions. I paired this with the outdoor weather protection box which was also easy and straight forward to install.

Using the unit is also very easy, once you get it connected to your wifi network you can set the rest of it up through the app, making it easy to walk around your yard to confirm the settings for each zone. Once you dial in the soil type, number of sprinklers etc... you can also let it decide the watering duration and schedule automatically which has proven very useful.

The one downside I've noticed is it does not have an option for an external antenna so you do need to be fairly close to your wi-fi router to get a good connection. I ended up having to move my router to get a good connection. Having an external antenna option to run outside the all-weather box would be a great feature and help extend the range.

Overall we've been very happy with the unit and it's much easier to use than the older boxes - especially with it automatically skipping watering on rainy days, something we had to do manually before.
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on August 7, 2017
Love this thing! For years I over-watered my lawn, especially in the Florida summers when it rains every day. The SkyDrop was easy to install and set up, and began saving me money immediately by cutting down the watering by 45 minutes (15 minutes per zone) and since this I barely ever even look at it. In the summer months it rarely runs, with a record 26 days without needing to water due to the SkyDrop connecting to our Wifi and local weather forecasts. I would recommend this unit to anyone looking to water their lawns! Since my purchase I have recovered the expense and then some thanks to lower water bills.
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