Introducing the Skydrop™ The Intuitive Sprinkler Controller

Wireless Automation and Mobile Control make lawncare simple.



Conservation Minded

The Skydrop controller is built with the planet, and you, in mind

It is designed to not only save water, but to save you money.


Simple to Set Up, Simple to Use

Skydrop introduces simplicity to watering your landscape. Installs in just 10 minutes, just replace your old sprinkler controller.


Your Landscape's Meteorologist

Skydrop's powerful cloud service interprets hyperlocal, real-time weather data to intelligently water your landscape.

Fused with premium software and hardware, skydrop saves you water, time, and money.


Use it Your Way

You can manage your Skydrop controller using the controller itself, your preferred mobile device, or web browser.

By connecting the Skydrop controller to your Wi-Fi network you can change settings or water at any time or any place.