Customer Reviews: Skylanders SWAP Force: Doom Stone (SWAP-able)
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on November 13, 2014
Blast Zone (Fire - Rocket)
Boom Jet (Air - Rocket)
Doom Stone (Earth - Spin)
Fire Kraken (Fire - Bounce)
Free Ranger (Air - Spin)
Freeze Blade (Water - Speed)
Grilla Drilla (Life - Dig)
Hoot Loop (Magic - Teleport)
Magna Charge (Tech - Speed)
Night Shift (Undead - Teleport)
Rattle Shake (Undead - Bounce)
Rubble Rouser (Earth - Dig)
Spy Rise (Tech - Climb)
Stink Bomb (Life - Sneak)
Trap Shadow (Magic - Sneak)
Wash Buckler (Water - Climb)

If you include the two that come with the starter pack you only need: Rattle Shake, Magna Charge, Free Ranger, Hoot Loop, Stink Bomb and Rubble Rouser, to have all abilities and elements covered.
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on May 28, 2014
Over the past seven months, Activision and Toys from Bob have released a steady stream of Skylanders. The final Skylander for Swapforce is Doom Stone; it has been nearly two months since the last Skylander was released (Sheep Wreck Island / Scratch / Fryno). The question now is: was Doom Stone worth the wait?

From a design stand point, Doom Stone is cool. The character designs in Skylanders tend to be a little bit odd, but it's rare to see a design that is clever. Doom Stone is one of those rare individuals who bridges rar is a clear reference to Greek Mythology. At first, he appears to be a soldier made out of stone, but when you look at his shield, it's clear he was attacked by a gorgon (Medusa). He is covered in stone, and his shield is the head of Medusa with green snakes coming out of it.

As a warrior, he wields a giant club with slices of jade in it, and as a spin Skylander, like Free Ranger, he stands on a tornado. He is, admittedly, a cool looking dude. If you need a rock skylander, but only can choose one, Doom Stone is a far better choice than the underpowered and terrible looking Rubble Rouser.

When swapped, in game, he looks cool enough. But the actual figurine when swapped looks less cool. His top is too small to fit on most of the other Skylanders comfortably. So he sits, looking too small, yet still oddly top heavy because of his weapon. I love the reference to mythology, but I'm not sure the more rugged aesthetic looks right in the Skylanders universe.

A gorgeous figure in his own right
The figure is, as all Skylanders are, well made. The design is pretty impeccable, and he has a considerable weight to him, especially when compared to Hoot Loop or Fire Kraken. The paint job looks great, and his eyes look good. In fact, the eyes is what allows him to fit so comfortably into the Skylanders universe. It gives him a more cartoonish appeal. The most impressive part of the figurine is his club. Because Doom Stone is a warrior, it's amazing to see that the same amount of attention that was put into the figure was put into his weapon.

How does he play?
I was really excited to get Doom Stone, and to no one's surprise, he hits like a truck (Rock Skylanders always do). His club hits hard. More impressible is his bottom, which is actually a stone wheel with jade spikes. On your first button press it spins a little bit. With each additional press (up to four), it becomes more vicious. Upon the fourth press, it spins wildly and extends pretty far.

Doom Stone, despite being a warrior, is a defensive character. His bottom attack allows him to create distance between him and his enemies, and upon upgrading him he can use his shield. The shield is impressive because it reflects projectiles and can turn enemies into jade. Doom Stone is one of two characters in the entire series who has this amazing defense ability (the other is Crusher). Potentially, his defense makes him one of the more unique characters in Swapforce.

That said, he is a lumbering character. He moves slowly and he is susceptible to attacks. While eventually I got better with moving him, he just isn't agile enough. Learning how to balance his slow movement with his shield and spin attack is necessary. He is one of the more difficult Skylanders to master. For PVP, Doom Stone may have some longevity because of his ability to reflect projectiles, but his movement is a major hindrance.

One of the two upgrade paths is pretty standard fare. His club hits harder. It's not the most interesting, but it seems necessary. The other path causes enemies, who are turned into jade, to burst causing small jade shards to blast out. It's admittedly fun, but I'm not sure of its value over the club. If you go the second path, he will be one of the better arena characters.

A Fine Purchase
Doom Stone is average for a Skylanders: Swapforce characters. He isn't overtly weak, but his slow movement speed means he is less valuable and he is completely useless in Time Attack. His inability to escape hasty situations means he is difficult to use in Score Attack. If you're playing through the game on Nightmare mode, Doomstone is a fun and worthy addition, and he has a lot of potential in PVP.

For the final Skylander, I'm not too impressed. He's good, but he is not great. The last Skylander really needed wow factor, and Doom Stone isn't that character. I'm happy to own him, but outside of his ability to turn enemies into jade, he just doesn't measure up to cooler like characters like Spy Rise or Wind-Up.
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on January 5, 2014
This is a no-brainer. You want to get these SWAP-ables if you get nothing else. They're fun and when you've fully upgraded one character, you can switch the halves and use any leftover money from one character to upgrade the other half's character. Too cool!
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on July 29, 2015
I found this Skylanders SWAP Force: Quickdraw Rattle Shake fairly cheap here on Amazon and couldn't pass it up. My son is a HUGE fan of the Skylanders games and is always bugging me for new characters, so I figured it would be a nice little surprise since he got an award at the end of the school year.

He loves this thing! Apparently, this character shoots snakes from his gun to help defeat any bad guys lurking around. I thought I saw two different kinds of snakes, but I could be mistaken. He also seems a bit more difficult to move around since he "hops" on his coiled tail. He does "swap" with other characters, which is my son's favorite part about him. When he gets frustrated with the difficulty of movement, he swaps the top half of Rattle Shake with the bottom of another character to make for a smoother ease of movement.

Overall, and according to my son, Quickdraw Rattle Shake is AWESOME and such a cool Skylander for SWAP Force!
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on November 29, 2013
Night Shift is a great skylander. he can punch enmies constly and his uppercut does massive dammage.for his lower half he has
the teleport ability and a upgrade that can revive him if he gets K.O.'d.overall,he is a great charter
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on January 9, 2014
I am on the east coast and just picked Stink Bomb and Rubble Rouser on Jan 7 from a Toys R Us. I did go a little crazy and picked up an additional 3 swap force characters during their sale this week where you can get $15.99/$16.99 characters from Giants or Swap Force collection at 3 for $35 which I think is a great buy. I found a few of the series 3 characters arriving in store that were absent during the holiday scramble.

All the new characters in the series are great and offer a new set of abilities. My kids could not wait to try them out. My son actually wanted Stink Bomb out of the other 5 I got.

We revisited some of the early levels because we did not have the "sneak" character before. There was a "sneak" portal where he is used to sneak in and try to get to the end without being detected. The kids had a LOL moment because when the alarm would go off, he would turn invisible and the computer would go back to normal. Just funny.

We also used the Rubble Rouser to revisit a "dig" portal where you had to secure 3 blue crystals. Its fun to see what he can do and they had a blast exploring it.
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on July 26, 2015
Rattle Shake is awesome. Definitely a great swapper. Love the glow in the dark look. He looks cool in game too w/ glowing white body & blue diamond shape pattern reminiscent of a diamond back. Unfortunately if u get/buy his soul gem power in game, he turns purple. I love purple, no doubt, it's just no longer your cool quickdraw version color aside from when u take damage & temporarily shed your purple (armor) skin. U go back to your original colors for a few seconds then back to purple. Same happens w/ regular Rattle Shake too. It's cool tho. Can choose to skip soul gem to stay normal colors all the time, but it's no big deal really. Cool to have armor & purple is definitely cool.

His deputy snake power & upgrade path is beast. Purple cobra appears & spits venom at your enemies & can't b killed. It stays out for a limited time & then once it disappears, just fire another 1 & he'll keep doing your bidding. Incredible for every mode (story, arena, pvp).

I do wish his bottom half were a little faster but u have the beauty of swappabililty. Swap w/ magna charge's bottom & u r 1 fast dude. Freeze blade, Night Shift or Free Ranger's bottom half will make him speedy too. Supposedly Rattle Shake's graveyard bottom path has a sort of dash u can charge up too but I haven't tried it cuz everyone raves about the bone herder path which is pretty cool. I might reset bottom eventually to see if dash is worth it or grab another rattle shake on sale to have both bottoms readily available.

For me, Free Ranger, Freeze Blade, Night Shift & Magna Charge r great for speed & other attacks & all around great to play as. Rattlw shake is a must have. Wash Buckler is surprisingly cool. Spy Rise is awesome, fast w/o a dash move & has great powers. Blast Zone has a great dash move & is pretty cool for a starter pk guy (except for Nintendo DS). Boom Jet is powerful but I don't have much play time w/ him to give an experienced review. Trap shadow is a lot of fun. Really wish he had a dash move. Grilla Drilla, Stink Bomb, Doom Stone, Rubble Rouser & Fire Kraken r also cool but I have not had as much gameplay w/ them either. I tend to favor 1's that dash but they all have cool stuff about them. Honestly if u can find them all for good deals, it's helpful to have all the swappers bcuz of the amazing combinations u can create mixing tops & bottoms of all characters. It often fixes what u may not like about 1 by swapping their weaker half for someone's better half. Magna Charge is the only 1 ppl way over chg for. I got him used from gamestop during 50% off pre owned figurine sale when they also had b2g1 free sale. So instead of $20, he was more like $9 (pro members get add'l 10% off). Other swappers u can find for less than orig price if u shop around. Hope this helps. Swap on!
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on April 30, 2015
It's just as okay as the "Legendary Free Ranger" Skylanders SWAP Force Figure that I already have (don't ask, please)
review image
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on July 18, 2014
Dude has more punching power than Mike Tyson did in his hay-day. If you're playing two player with this guy you'll have nothing to do as he knocks out the enemies in a hit or two or three. You could go around collecting the $$$ while he takes on the enemies. However, his CHIN, its glass. He can deal serious blows but can't take much himself.

He's a vampire. That's his secondary weapon. He'll bite the opponent and eventully the bite will add to his health.
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on December 31, 2014
I bought this skylanders swap force:Jade Fire Kraken for my 6 year old nephew for Christmas.

He says he likes it.

The price was reasonable.

My only complaint is that when I received it the box was opened. And I wasn't pleased about that since this was a gift.
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