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on January 13, 2016
This item was as described. I have a 4 and 6 year old. They first leaned of the skylanders series from my nephew. He loves it. I wanted to purchase them one for christmas. However, I did not want to spend all the extra money for the game and future characters. This was definitely the way to go if you want them to have the same satisfaction but are frugal. This game cost me less than $25 dollars and was shipped to me on time. It came with the three characters in the description, 2 of which were interchangeable by way of a magnetic strip in the midsection. So, essentially, they got 5 different characters to start up. I went ahead and purchased them 4 more. Some of these are interchangeable as well, so already they have over ten characters. The great thing about this gaming system and being frugal is that this one is a tidbit older, so the characters are retailing around $5 which is more than 1/2 off of the more recent series. My kids, being younger, are not into the latest right now. They are just super happy to have one and I am super happy to give them one for a fraction of the cost.
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VINE VOICEon October 15, 2013
We got a full year of play out of each of the previous Skylanders games, which is great compared to other games where we can zip through it in one or two months max. We are Skylanders veterans in our family, but you don't need to have played any other Skylanders games to jump in and enjoy the heck out of this newest offering from Activision, Skylanders Swap Force. It's called "Swap Force" because the "swappers" (not all characters are swappable, as there are regular characters and lightcore character that light up on the portal and in the game). But the "swappers" are characters where the top and bottom are connected by magnets, giving you the ability to make new combinations by taking any top and putting it on any bottom, for a new character! This aspect is SUPER-thrilling to the kids, and they have been counting down the days since last year when it was announced.

The game itself, if you have not played it, involves chapters (levels) which are in different areas of Skylands, a magical realm full of exciting characters, presents, magical keys, hats that give your character special abilities, amusing but tough enemies and bosses, puzzles and mini-games along the way, secret areas and beautiful scenery. In Swap Force, which is the third in the series of Skylanders games (Skylanders Spyro's Adventure was the first, and then Skylanders Giants was the second), the Swap Force characters were tasked with protecting the magic in Skylands. Well, technically they protected the volcano that supplies the magic in Skylands, but one day a huge eruption from the volcano blasted them into two pieces! Now, as in all Skylanders games, you get to be the "Portal Master" and choose which Skylanders to put on the magical portal (that comes with the game and plugs into your game console) to save Skylands.

There are 16 swappers, giving you a total of 256 different combinations. But, at about 15 bucks each, you don't have to worry about getting all 16. The starter kit comes with two swappers, Blast Zone and Wash Buckler (plus a new version of the character Stealth Elf, which is way cool too). We decided to buy only two more swappers, at least for now, and that gives us 4 swappers with a total of 16 combos. You can ignore the marketing and, well, call me frugal, but after going through two previous years of spending a small fortune trying to collect all of the Skylanders, we made a budget and decided we would get the starter kit and two additional swappers, plus one light core character. Everything else they want can go on Christmas wish lists. It is somewhat of a parental mini-game to track down highly sought-after and rare characters that are released in very limited edition, and even in limited stores (the big stores that carry the Skylanders characters have their own "exclusive" characters that are only available in their particular stores).

One thing that is really important to know for choosing which additional characters to get is that there are eight different "elements" in Skylands. An element is basically the area of specialty for that particular character, or for that particular geographical area of Skylands. The elements are: Fire, Water, Earth, Life, Air, Tech, Magic, and Undead. If you have a character for each of the 8 elements, then you can access special sections within the game that need that elemental character to enter.

A HUGE bonus to the Skylander line of games is that you can use any of your characters from the two previous Skylanders games and play them in the current Skylanders game, Swap Force. So if you've played Spyro's Adventure or Giants, hang onto those characters because you can use them in this one, which helps with having the different elemental characters to access the special sections in the game.

Portal of Power? It's a round pedestal connected by USB to your console. It lights up and looks really cool, and you can put your Skylanders on it to send them into Skylands to play. (ahem, I mean, to SAVE SKYLANDS!!) You can put up to 3 items (2 characters and a magical item) on the portal at a time, and it's a lot of fun to watch them join the game, with their own amusing catchphrases. The Stink Bomb swapper says, "Clear the Air!" The swapper Grilla Drilla says, "If there's a drill, there's a way!"
We love to play it in two-player mode, it's cooperative play, and a lot of fun. Adults and kids alike in our family enjoy it.

Difficulty setting: You can choose between Easy, Medium, Hard, and Nightmare levels of difficulty, which makes it adaptable to all ages. My youngest likes to go all the way through on Easy, then try the other difficulty levels for sections of the game. The Hard and Nightmare levels make it fun for the older kids and adults.

Experience: I can't believe I didn't mention this earlier, but one of the biggest perks of playing Skylanders games is that each character stores its experience, upgrades, power-ups, gold, and other data right in a chip in the base of the Skylander! So you don't have to rely on your game system to hold all of that, because each character stores its own data. Guess what? This means that when my son went over to his friend's house to play the Skylanders games, he could take his characters over, and still have all of his upgrades, etc. on them. They have had a blast bringing their boxes of characters back and forth to each other's houses to play...and it doesn't matter what gaming system they have, either. We played on our Wii, but his friend had the Skylanders games on his Xbox. How amazing is Activision to have all this worked out? And Vicarious Visions is the inventive developer.

New to the Swap Force game is that the characters have the ability to jump, which really opens up all kinds of new possibilities. Jumping isn't just for the new Swap Force characters, but somehow the game developers made it that all of the previous Skylanders from the previous two games now have the new ability to jump as well

The graphics are gorgeous, the cut scenes are beautiful and fun to watch, and it doesn't take long to get the hang of playing this very very fun game.

I highly recommend it, and my only caveat is you may want to budget from the beginning. I helped my kids figure out which swappers to buy so that they would have one from each element. Of course, we have our last two years of Skylanders to use as well, so if you are new to Skylanders, I definitely recommend a budget. It's important to mention that these games are very kid-friendly, and you won't find anything disturbing or violent in them that would scare a child. That's one of the reasons we love it.

But honestly, my friends, this game will provide tons and tons of addition to the gameplay on your console, there are also online games that go along with it, as well as apps that are part of the franchise. I mean it when I say we got an entire year of game play out of each of the previous two Skylanders games. We are a gaming family, and Skylanders is absolutely our favorite game of all time. Get one and jump in! You won't regret it.
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on April 29, 2016
Kids are very pleased with this items. The fact that you can buy other figures and switch them around gives us a new gaming experience with new characters. Its fun to unlock new characters and also combine the pieces to discover powers of each skylander combined. If you are unsure about the never versions of this game or have younger children. The original starter pack is the way to go it will keep your little one entertained for hours. This is a great starter for a new gamer.
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on December 28, 2013
I bought this "Used-Good Condition" from Amazon warehouse deals, and it came looking new except for the round amazon verified seals on it. Got it for 40% off the retail price and it works great.

As for the game play, it is very similar to the other two skylander games as far as structure and game play. The new features of jump and swappable characters do make for more fun, but to complete every part of the game you will need a character of each element, a swap force character of each power (teleport, spring/bounce, rocket, speed, etc.) and at least one giant. If you buy the characters that can actually swap, they have both a power and an element, but that's still a minimum of 9 characters at $15 a piece. That's over $100 in addition to the price of the starter pack. Just be prepared for your kids to need more characters.

One warning-it can take my boys up to an hour to complete one level (if you are trying to find all the secret treasure chest and other items). Because I limit the time my boys get to play, it means they may be in the middle of a level when the timer runs out, so the next time they have to start the level all over.

If you have the Brady Games official Swap Force guide, you can figure out where they are on a level and how much longer it will take to finish the level. Sometimes I have to give them an extra 15-20 minutes just so they can finish.
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on March 6, 2017
I got this for my 11-year-old godson. He enjoyed it, playing for several hours on the day it arrived. He quickly figured out the basics enough to teach family and friends how to play as well. I'd definitely recommend this for other kids who enjoy video games of this type.
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on July 28, 2014
Sad installment of a great concept. The graphics are subpar (for the Wii), the game freezes far too often, and it appears the developers are out of great character ideas. To say that they are only out to make money is misleading as ALL developers are trying to do that. Where this game falls short is offering a level of quality commensurate to cost to us cosumers. Instead, they seem to be relying solely on the reputation of the previous two games to sell this one.
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I'm an adult and I enjoy playing this game. There, I've admitted it. I like that it's not too difficult and that there are a lot of areas to explore. What I don't like it how you have to buy all these different characters, this swap force is especially bad with that, making you buy not only all the elementals but all the different types of swapables... and make sure you get one of each type of swapable talent. Agh, so annoying.
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on January 2, 2014
He's 13 and spent the rest of christmas break playing it. All night and day. To my sisters dismay.

I don't like these type of "Gotta get 'em all including the super rare special edition" type of games and toys because they nickel and dime parents. Paying $60 then gouge you for $8-20 over and just for that single release is not cool.

But he loves it so i'll let his mom deal with that.

Cool Uncle Mode Activated!
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on July 13, 2014
I am new to the Skylanders family and have found this game to be a lot of fun. I have a secret to share, if you buy your skylanders used, they often come already leveled up so you can do more with it. This has made some "lower" Spyro characters work better than the new swap force ones due to the power upgrades.
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on September 1, 2015
After reading a few reviews about the game freezing and portal pads having issues, I was a little nervous to purchase this online.
However, I took the plunge and ordered one for my son.
Everything was in great working order.
During gameplay there is glitch in the game which causes it to freeze when attempting to fight "Dreamcatcher" in level 8 (I think).
The best piece of advice I found was to skip past all the side goals and go straight to "Dreamcatcher" as fast as you can. This resolved our freezing issue and saved my Christmas.
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