Customer Reviews: HA-434RTL Wireless Home Garage Driveway Business Office Motion Alert and Alarm Security Indoor Outdoor Infrared Detector System Kit
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on April 1, 2013
First, since no one tells you about batteries, the sensor uses a 9 volt and the receiver plugs in. Mine have been on for 2 months now without changing the batteries. Since the sensor transmitts every time it detects something, I cover it when it is not in use (daytime for me). If you use it for advance warning in the day, it's probably OK -- if it was always going off, you'd do something about it. The ones inside the house would be going off every time my wife walked by, using up the battery quicker. It seems to function as expected and it is a reasonable price.
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on August 13, 2013
Usually don't write reviews but I feel compelled.
I've lived at the end of a paved Private Drive for 12 years. After that Drive, you get to my (Marked Private) 1/4 mile gravel road to my house. Occasionally a neighbor would ride their horses across my lawn, close to my house, which I got tired of so I yelled "Hi! & it spooked the horses and threw a rider. They haven't been back since. Then one morning a woman came jogging down my driveway passed my screened-in porch & I yelled at her that she was trespassing (it's posted all over before you get to the house). Then one day last year I noticed a Garden Cart missing from an implement shed.
Last Sept. '12, I bought TWO (2) Skylink HA-434RTL Long Range Motion Alert Kits ans 4 extra Sensors.
1. Receiver #1: Indoor Receiver in living Room.
I have one sensor half way up my drive, 1/4 way to my house, one mounted half way down my driveway & one on my carport. They are on - Zone One, One Beep for road & driveway and Zone Two, Two Beeps for the carport. One is mounted on the other side of the house on Zone 3, Three Beeps and one each mounted to cover the back of the house and Implement Shed on Zone 4, Four Beeps.
2. Receiver #2: Mounted outside in a screened portion of the shed on the carport. (To let intruders know they have tripped an alarm)
Zone 1, One Beep, is the carport. Zone Three 3 Beeps, is the side of the house and Zone 4 is the back of the house and the Implement Shed.
No one get on my road or close to my house without me knowing it. And any trespasser is aware that they tripped an alarm.
I also placed "YOU ARE ON VIDEO" signs on my carport and at both ends of the Implement Shed.
I LOVE the Skylink HA-434RTL Long Range Alert Kit.
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on September 15, 2012
We moved to a new house with a longer driveway and the view of the street is barely visible through all the trees and shrubs. Not to mention, we live on a dirt road, so every time someone drove by it almost sounded as if they were pulling in the driveway.

After reading reviews on multiple products I decided to go with this long range Skylink kit. It was here in a matter of days and I had it setup within minutes. I screwed the sensor to the base of a tree 10' from the street and have the alarm in the kitchen. Probably 200' apart.

It works like it should and lets me know when someones here. Squirrels and deer have set it off, but that's ok with me. Just do yourself a favor and DO NOT set the speaker to "alarm" unless you want to have an instant heart attack.
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on October 9, 2015
I have been using this system since Sept 2013, which is about two years. I have four of the motion sensors - three outside, and one inside the garage. I use them mostly for detecting when one of our cats is at one of the doors, waiting to be let in. The whole thing has been surprisingly reliable, and I haven't had any problems with it at all. There are a couple of things I would tweak to make it better: First, enable each zone to be turned to alert or off individually (currently, you can only turn all audible alerts on or off together). Sometimes you really only want to know when one particular sensor is tripped. Second, it would be nice if there was some way to control how long the thing beeps. Often I would just need the first set of beeps (it beeps in sets of 1, 2, 3 or 4 to indicate which sensor was triggered, and this repeats a few times usually). I have never used the siren mode, the alert beeps are quite loud enough. The sensors seem to be just sensitive enough, though I do notice that one of them will get continuously triggered if you have laundry hanging in its range and there is much wind. Which is to be expected, really, so I don't count that as a negative. There is a sensitivity setting inside each sensor, but I have never bothered messing with it, since the default seemed fine for my purposes.

Anyway, I just thought people might be interested to know that this is definitely not a crap piece of kit, as some would seem to be suggesting. I've been using mine 24/7/365 for over two years now, and it still works great. I know when someone is approaching my front or back doors, or in the garage, or on my rear deck. It has been helpful lately in notifying me when a certain feral cat is at the back door, waiting to be fed. All in all, VERY satisfied, given the low price and constant use I've gotten out of it over two years.
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on July 28, 2016
I see some negativity related to this product. I believe if you take the time to carefully read the instructions and do exactly what they say, you'll be very pleased with this systems performance. I would have given 5 stars had the manufacturer built a regular antenna or dummy antenna so there is no wire hanging out from the receiver.
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on July 20, 2012
I bought this back in April. I also bought two extra sensors. Unlike other reviewers I have had no problems with batteries, no false alarms and no operating problems at all. I live where there are a lot of woods and use one for a driveway alert, one for a shop alert and one for a rear of the house alert. It's great that each leave a different numbered beep so you know which sensor went off. The only thing I wish they included is a volume control for the beeps. At times it's hard to hear, but my dog makes up for it, as he will bark and run to the door. I should also mention that my alarms are up to 300 ft away from the house.
No complaints, in fact I am buying one more sensor.
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on October 7, 2013
It doesn't feel like an expensive well built device but it does respond and act as though it is high quality. For the price it is extremely good and I have been using it for about 2 or 3 weeks now and no false alarms. I have a long driveway with limited visibility and my home is sound proof to a great degree and it is so nice to know when we have a delivery vehicle or friend approaching the home. I would surely recomment this to a friend.
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on June 11, 2012
Been using this for about a month, so far works really well. I have a three level home with a sensor in the basement as well as the main level with the receiver on the top floor (bedroom). I have no issues with reception..the sensors trigger like they should. As mentioned in other reviews the "wire" that is used as the antenna could have been better thought out, I mean how much would it have actually cost to put a metal antenna on it? Don't get me wrong...the wire works but it would have been nice to have a metal telescoping antenna. One other item that would have been nice ...maybe some way to adjust the volume on the "beeper" chime...that thing is really loud. Other than those couple of "gripes" I would absolutely buy this product works pretty well considering the price, in fact I will be ordering 2 more sensors to monitor the perimeter of my house.
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on January 1, 2014
Having this item gives me piece of mind when I'm at home knowing that if anyone is on my property I'll know before them.I give this item an easy 5 star rating for the simple setup,very inexpensive price,and the capabilities of what this item does,and to build up on it.
For starters setup is a breeze,you put in the good 9 volt battery,push in the button for the sensor,pick your zone(you have 4 zones) and walaaah your done programming it.Next step is location,and you need to be somewhat precise about this.When you set this up make sure its not pointed in the direction where theres a lot of movement.for example don't point it toward the street,bushes.trees or you might get a lot of unwanted signals.The nice thing about the sensors is you can aim it in any direction,so its a matter of just tweaking it out to get that perfect setting to where you pickup the desired movement like a person walking by it.
The other great thing about this item,is you can really expand on it and add more sensors.The sensors will run you roughly 20-30 dollars each which is not cheap considering the base unit & 1 sensor costs the same but its a big thing if you have a lot of areas to cover.I actually have 6 sensors,with 4 of them on each side of the house,along with an extra one on my porch,and an extra one watching my car & driveway.The beauty of this is you can add up to 4 sensors for each zone,which would be 16 sensors total.
I can't comment on the range on this but based on other users it seems to be pretty good.If i was to improve on this it would have a telescopic antenna,and i do know reading the reviews on here,someone actually installed a telescopic antenna,which would look more professional.I would also limit the number of audible beeps,because you don't really need 10 seconds of beeps.also having a volume dial setting with low/med/high would be nice too.I put a piece of black duct tape on the speaker like one reviewer suggested and it does help out with the loudness.The base is pretty small and will not look to bad anywhere you locate it.
In the end I'd like to say this is a great tool to have for your home security system,that is cheap,that works great,and something you can expand on in the future.If there ever was an incident at my home I'd like to know I might have that extra time to call 911 or be prepared.I waited 6 months to review this to be sure about this & I'm happy to give this item 5 stars.
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on August 15, 2016
I have mixed feelings about this. Is it in an office by myself all day and we needed something that could alert me when the back shop door is opening and closing. There is alot of noise in our complex so instead of getting up every time I think I hear a noise, this helps me to stay calm. We are working on a camera system but I needed something in the mean time.

This took my boss a few days to install and get it right. The part that is supposed to hook on the door frame kept falling off every time the door was shut. We had to use silicone to keep it on there. The actually buzzer is very loud and annoying if you do not silence it right away. There is a handy mute button in the back but if you're not within arms reach, you want to run for it. When the door is opened and closed several times within a few minutes, the first light just blinks. This is what it does when the door is open and the buzzer is silent. If I reset it but unplugging the household alert box, it goes back to green. There are three settings on the side. One for off, alert, and alarm. You can hook up to four different devices but we only have the one for our back door.

I would recommend this to anyone looking for a quick fix. I would not get this to rely solely on it for safety purposes. This is good for the time being, but I don't think it is very reliable.
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