Customer Reviews: Skylink WD-434TL Wireless Long Range Household Alert Home Business Office Child Security Safety Protection Window Door Sensor Accessory
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on September 19, 2011
Recent thefts in neighborhood made adding some security necessary. We were looking for a means of being alerted to potential intruders on the property before they could approach the house, as we live on 5 wooded acres. I also was looking to monitor some outbuildings on the property. We purchased the Skylink long-range system with 3 additional sensors. After a month and some adjustments, the system is performing so well that we have ordered 4 more sensors.

The additional sensors were easy to program, install, and integrate. I have yet to replace a battery. They are remarkably effective for a relatively low-cost yet long-range wireless option. I had to adjust them all to a lower sensitivity setting (an easy jumper change in the battery compartment), as the first few nights they had me up every time the wind blew a leaf. Since adjusting the sensors, I've only been up once a night (take your pick of woodland animal looking at me when I go to investigate). So far, the smallest animal to set off a sensor was an opossum. The sensors do twinkle red when tripped, so you can visibly tell when you've triggered one.

The receiver unit is reliable, but could use a few upgrades. Thankfully, the sensors can be programmed to different zones (up to 4 sensors in each of the 4 available zones for a total of 16). When triggered, the receiver sounds an alert sequence corresponding to the zone that has been triggered and flashes a red LED on the unit in the appropriate zone. There are 3 available modes of operation (Off - which still flashes a visible alert, Alert - which functions as described previously, and Alarm - which would wake the
dead). I'd like to see another alert mode, that would simply chime or chirp only once or twice, and a volume wheel.

My sensors are installed at various distances from the house, the farthest are about 80 wooded yards from the house. In all, I'm very impressed with the system and highly recommend it, if you don't mind dealing with a few alarms triggered by animals. Great bang for your buck here. Why no 5th star? When I emailed the company to see if this system would integrate with their auto dialer, I received no response. Bad sign.
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on March 18, 2011
For the price, the motion sensor works well and definitely serves it purpose. With no range angle given on product, just distance, I was a bit reluctant at first. But the sensor seems to have about 120 degree view so when placed above my driveway and angled correctly, it alerts me to any motion in the driveway. Great ball, snap-on feature secures sensor to the wall bracked and makes installation easy. Base has a chime sensor or an alarm depending on your needs and unit is expandable for up to four sensors for one base unit. I plan to buy more sensors to add to the system. It serves its purpose as a very good warning device at a great price.
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on November 16, 2012
This review is from: Skylink HA-434TL Long Range Motion Sensor (Tools & Home Improvement)
I purchased the Skylink HA-434TL Long Range Motion Sensor system and 6 sensors to monitor a field being sustaining crop damage by deer. I went to the expense to buy and set pressure treated posts so that I could make a metal flashing roof to protect each sensor althouh they are listed as outdoor sensors. These sensors use a 9V battery which with time will of course die and need replaced.

To remove the battery the sensor MUST be removed from the plastic mounting system which is made up of a bracket and a ball/socket piece that attaches to the back of each sensor.
It is NOT possible to remove the battery cover without removing the entire sensor from the mounting assembly.
Yet it is NOT possible to remove the mounting assembly/bracket from the post without first removing the entire sensor from the monting bracket. You can not possibly get to the screws. The sensor must be taken off of the mount-period! My mounts crumbled in my fingers as I attempted to slide them out with my fingers (no tools).
These mounting pieces are very thin/flimsey/brittle plastic. (mine are only 6 months old)

Today I had to change batteries in my sensors. Out of 6 sensors that I attempted to do battery replacements in, 2 of the mounts crumbled in my fingers. Also I have one sensor which has drawn moisture inside of the sensor detection eye and it will not work. A call to the company yielded me being charged $10.98 for 2 mounting assemblies (which is over half the cost of each sensor) and $10.95 shipping for tiny plastic pieces that could be mailed in a padded envelope. The CS rep finally waived $10.98 of that.
Their reason for not covering the entire unit under the 12 month warranty? "Only technical parts are, the sensor itself". However, one can NOT change a battery in that 'technical part' without removing the sensor from the mount. The mount is just as technical as the sensor. And these mounts are simply 'designed failures' as cheaply as they are made.

As for the sensor I had drawing moisture inside of it? I was told that "They are not water proof and need to be covered". (I guess they thought I just stuck them out of doors to be uncovered year round?). So, they are going to have me pay to ship the sensor to them and fix or replace as they deem appropriate. *Outdoor sensors that need to be indoors?*

I have 6 of these Skylink sensors which I purchased May 5, 2012. Now, November 15 I had to start replacing batteries and had one sensor working only intermittently(the wet one). So I already have one bad sensor and two mounts that broke in less than 6 months. If I would have to pay for mounts each time I replace batteries I'd have $10.98 plus shipping on each one that breaks-potentially 66 bucks plus freight.......

I can not with good conscience recommend these SkyLink products to any other customer. I was preparing to set up two more fields on my farm with these systems but after just 6 months and going thru what I have today, I won't be doing that either. It is difficult for me to bash anyone's product in these tough financial times but these products are definitely of inferior design.
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on April 14, 2011
I purchased the predecessor model which required careful positioning to work reliably and was often incapacitated by rainy weather. This model is so far unaffected by obstructions and the weather, but if you want an audible alert that does not persistently toot at you every second when the door is open that option is not available. The audible alert, whose omni-direction is a real asset, can only be switched either on or off. It would be helpful if this alert could be selected to beep once or twice every minute or couple minutes, providing a gentle reminder of an open door without becoming a complete annoyance when a garage door is left open for a purpose such as yard work or car repair.
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on August 22, 2011
I had read the reviews posted before I purchased the product. Many very good and a couple not so good.
I want to add, THIS HAS BEEN A GREAT PRODUCT AND EASY TO SET-UP. It is important to read the instructions in order to make it work.
I think the reason why a couple people did not get the product to work properly out of the box is, the sensors MUST be sinked to the monitor station. The instructions show you very quickly how to do this.
I had each sensor set and in place within 1 minute.
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on March 8, 2013
Early this morning at approximately 3:00 a.m. one of four sensors went off. Three beeps in succession told me that there was potential trouble in my back yard. I got up and turned on my surveillance monitor and noticed a perp. throwing my copper wire over the fence. I grabbed my handgun and flung open my garage man-door. I was 8 feet away from the perp. as he jumped over the block fence and I yelled "GET DOWN, GET DOWN! He tripped and fell down as he was scrambling to get away. I yelled "STAY THE F*** OUT OF HERE! as he was running down the street. WITHOUT THE WIRE!
The value of the wire was approximately $200.00 so this investment has more than paid for itself!
The system works better than I expected. I'm very happy to recommend it to others. I will be purchasing another system (base unit and three motion sensors) to set up at our cabin.
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on December 13, 2011
For these kind of reviews I like to break it down into parts.


I am not a real smart guy when it comes to assembling anything. First off you will need a battery (9 volt) as it doesn't come with one. I missed that part.

You will need a screwdriver with a little phillips head for the small screw you will have to remove.

It comes with a mounting stand. Screw the stand to something. Slide the ball into the back. You may have to really push hard to get the ball and socket to come together.

When I finished and was sure it was working I scotch tapped the seams to keep out water.


Not hard but I had to read the directions three times to get it right. Once you figure it out it is a nobrainer. Just read the part about setting the channel and what has to be pushed a couple of times. Also make sure you put the battery in first.


It works. My distance is line of sight and 400' feet. Deer set it off. No big deal.

Listen to both of your alert sounds. One is very annoying.


I like it. No zombie hordes will make it to my front door undetected!
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on May 30, 2011
Receiver came with wire antenna, I'm getting flaky connection(100+ ft thru walls), replaced with telescoping metal antenna now works flawlessly (see uploaded image).
Con: When transmitter/motion detector losses power/battery, it has to be paired again to the receiver. The idea of adding a switch to the transmitter/motion detector to conserve battery when not in use won't work.

So far it's been working flawlessly for couple of weeks. I'll update transmitter battery life when I get a chance.

Update: The motion sensor battery on mine is still working after 7 months...nice (the sensor probably gets triggered 6-10 times a day, if that makes a difference from the other reviewers)
review image
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on February 12, 2012
I have about 1.5 acres of land with my home in one corner and my elderly mother's home in "front" near the street. It is not "wooded," exactly, but not cleared either, as I value the natural feel and privacy offered by the trees and undergrowth. I operate a small business, and I have a lot of valuable tools and equipment in and around my truck, utility trailer and work shed. I've had a GE Choice Alert alarm with outdoor motion sensors for over a year, but it does not reliably receive signals from the sensors at the range I require, even with the addition of a signal repeater. In fairness, it was not marketed as a long range unit, but I found it locally and gave it a try. After a lot of research, I decided to try the Skylink system and it performs beyond my expectations! With the base unit on the window sill in the front room, it will receive signal from a sensor anywhere on the property, even at my mother's mailbox by the street with her house, several trees, my truck/trailer, my work shed and a wooden privacy fence between the sensor and base. I was so excited after this first walk test, I immediately ordered extra sensors. I wanted to keep an "eye" on my equipment and vehicles, but now I can monitor the perimeter of her house as well! When set in "alert" mode, the unit beeps when triggered, and then for 15 seconds or so, and the beep series corresponds to the zone triggered, 1 through 4, and up to 4 sensors can be programmed to each zone. It is loud enough to wake me, and if placed in "alarm" mode, it would wake me even if I were at your house. I've had no issues with "false" alarms, but after a stray cat triggered it a few times, I've pointed the sensors a little higher with good results. Also, in my setup, you can't get to zone 2 without triggering zone 1 or 3 first, so proper sensor placement can help decipher the urgency of an alert. I have it on a timer to run only at night and I love it.
Why only 4 stars: On day 2, a sensor on zone 2 would trigger a full screaming alarm when the unit was only set to "alert." All other sensors triggered the appropriate beeps. Erasing all sensors and reprogramming solved this issue, and it has not happened since, but now I am concerned about the long term reliability of the unit. Also, I would not recommend mounting the sensors fully exposed to rain or snow. Mine are under overhangs of houses or sheds and I built little "roofs" for the ones on fence posts. For now, it's working like a charm.
UPDATE 1/15/16: Four years later and I wouldn't want to be without it. No further problems. Batteries last about a year. As I have this on a timer to run only at night, I bought a similar Chamberlain unit to serve as a driveway monitor. It alerted me to every butterfly entering my property, but unfortunately, not every vehicle. Also, only one quick beep-not zone specific. Skylink wins hands down. I'm updating my rating to five stars.
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on October 17, 2011
I was a bit leary about purchasing this alarm as some reviews said the alarm wasn't very loud. I'm old and hard of hearing and I can hear the alarm loud and clear in any room of my 4 bedroom house. I can't imagine what the folks had that said it wasn't loud enough. I have a pond pump in a hole in the yard and wanted a warning if something stated to leak thus this purchase. While it is only about 40 feet between the base unit and the sensor it I was thinking it might not work because the sensor was in a hole. It works just fine. I paid $26 for this and think that's a fair price for my peace of mind.

The only negative thing and the reason for dropping 1 star is there is no mention of replacing the battery in the sending unit or sensor. It obviously has a battery inside but it appears it isn't intended to be replaced. Obviously I have no idea how long it will last before the battery quits but....

UPDATE December 12, 2011
There are instructions on changing the battery and those instructions were included with the product... I just missed that information. So I'm changing my review from 4 stars to five.

I also had the alarm go off early one morning. I found the pump had indeed started leaking and I was able to prevent a flood in my "pond pit" saving me a lot of money in repairs for a shorted out pump motor. I certainly got my moneys worth and it's still working just fine.
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