Customer Reviews: Slacker Uprising
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VINE VOICEon September 27, 2008
"Slacker Uprising" is a very good and revealing documentary. It documents Michael Moore's 2004 Tour to get the "slackers" to register and vote. He travels to college campuses giving speeches, giving away slacker necessities (clean underwear and ramen noodles) and getting people to register.

Across the country, he goes to the key states, along with a number of famous guests (R.E.M., Eddie Vedder, Tom Morello, Viggo Mortensen, etc.). As he goes along this Tour of the country he encounters strong opposition, especially in the conservative states. As businessmen try to bribe student government with money to ban Michael Moore from college campuses (Free Speech anyone?!), and some actually succeed in banning him (in California of all places), Moore goes on trying to reach out to students.

This is probably the least biased of Moore's documentary and shows his trip throughout the country as he gathers supporters for the Kerry campaign. This is a very interesting documentary released as the 2008 Election nears, maybe merely for effect. But, maybe also to raise some consciousness about a citizen's right and duty to vote, which ultimately, Moore's main message.
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on September 16, 2008
Whenever Michael Moore produces a documentary that wakes up our sleeping complacent citizenry, I want to see it. I know he enrages those who prefer fiction, who like the status quo: the "I've got mine, now you get yours" economic/social attitude and the "I've got mine, now I'll ram mine down your throat" religious attitude.
The outrageous fiction and arrogant lies we have been blithely accepting, especially over the past 8 years, has brought America to its knees. I hope Michael continues to hold up a mirror to us.
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on September 23, 2008
I was mystified at the many scathing reviews this latest offering from Michael Moore received. I hesitated to watch it, because I read these reviews before viewing the free movie download online. Not to worry! The humor, honesty, and decency of his previous films are all here in spades. I wonder what inspires such vicious attacks on someone who insists on pursuing his truth--even if one disagrees with him.
Overall I found the film very entertaining (note ramen noodles and underwear). Highly recommended.
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on September 23, 2008
In these last few weeks before election day, Mike Moore has released this movie free to anyone who wants to see it. Filled with scenes from the 'Slacker tour' of 2004, M.M. shows us how every vote counts and just how important it is to be informed and to take part in the Democratic process. With his usual sense of humor intact, Mike reminds us just how much work it takes to bring about change in our democracy. I am pleased to be able to distribute this film as I wish, and I applaud Amazon for making the Hi-Res version available for online viewing.
Personally, I enjoyed this film, and the rekindling of spirit that it brought to my sense of urgency about this election. With banks failing and people getting killed needlessly in Iraq, it is indeed time to take this country back!
Thanks again, Michael Moore!
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on September 23, 2008
In a country where many citizens love to call Michael Moore's films deceptive (even though most of the people making this claim have never seen his films), it will be worthless for them to repeat such discourse when the majority of the film is merely a Democratic pep rally, with some facts peppered in to remind us just how close we were to winning last time, and that our efforts do matter. If anyone should be expected to be bitter about the 2004 election, it's Michael Moore, who put so much of his time and resources into avoiding another 4 years. But he is not bitter, he remains hopeful, that the young people in this country will do the right thing this year. To those of you reading this who voted for Bush in 2004, I want you to look at the state of our country at this very moment--Bush is going against some of the biggest ideals the Republican party stands for by having our government bail out the businesses that his administration screwed over, with money the government does not have (over 1 trillion!) Clearly he could care less about the mess he is leaving the next administration with... but this time let's remind not only the young slackers, but also their parents, that if we do not want to see our economy completely disintegrate we need to elect Obama, who will bring a smart budget that cuts out wasteful spending (war in Iraq has cost over $556 BILLION) and use federal dollars in a way that will bring our country back up, like the successful Democratic president FDR did. This movie reminded me that everything we do matters when it comes to the election, so I'm going to my local Democratic headquarters to make some phone calls.
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on September 23, 2008
I laughed, I cried, I cringed, I was moved to anger and swayed by compassion. Mr. Moore, my greatest gratitude to you for not only touring prior to the last election, but for making this film available to us all free of charge prior to this election. I pledge to do my part in spreading the word about this film, about our current state of affairs, and about how every person can truly make a difference. I think we have all been challenged by you, Mr. Moore, to encourage others to take ownership of their democracy and vote in this 2008 election. Thank you for your tenacity, your patriotism and your generosity and God Bless.
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on October 6, 2008
"Slacker Uprising" documents Michael Moore's 60-city 2004 tour encouraging young people to vote for the Kerry-Edwards ticket. It's a film with everything -- laughs, music, stirring calls to honor free speech and conflict -- everything, alas, but a happy ending, as the Democrats went down to defeat. But that's not a surprise, since Moore starts off the film by blaming Kerry for waiting 15 days before fighting back against the Swift Boat attacks on his character and record as a military man. Moore's campaign is an attempt to save the Democrats from themselves.

Moore includes footage of enormous crowds who filled auditoriums to hear him, listen to musicians (Eddie Vetter, REM, Rage Against The Machine, Joan Baez and more) and enjoy the words of actors and activists (Viggo Mortensen, Glori Steinem and Roseanne Barr) who appear at his rallies. Moore receives rock star treatment by his adoring young fans, and both enjoys the attention and the chance to connect with students who have not voted. He gets laughs by showing hilarious "anti-Kerry" mock commercials and he generates fear and outrage among Republicans and businessmen who actually offer to pay colleges up to $100,000 to cancel his appearances. One college that accepted the offer has it misfire when the appearance is moved down he street to an even larger venue.

Moore, as America's rabble-rouser in chief, does not shy from confrontations. And he is one of the few scourges of the docile national media. At several press conferences, he scolds the media for not doing their job. When pro-Bush and conservative Catholic students disrupt his appearances, he playfully involves them in his theatrics by promising that when the Democrats win power, the students' deviant behavior will not stop the government from allowing them to marry.

Michael Moore is making "Slacker Uprising" free for the viewing. It will not persuade convinced conservatives to change their votes. But it will provide solace and fun to beleaguered Democrats and liberals, and suggest to swing voters that much vitality lies in supporting progressive causes.

A fun and funny calls to arms by an actual American maverick.
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on September 24, 2008
Despite what side of the aisle you fall on, you must admit that film maker Michael Moore is a gifted story teller. He manages to take documentary film to the next level and makes it all entertaining, while simultaneously making you think.

Sure he pushes buttons but maybe that's the beauty of it all. Moore gets people, especially young people, excited and involved in the politics of the day.

Watching SLACKER UPRISING was very entertaining and you see how Moore inspires people to get involved, whether or not they agree with him. Not only was the documentary entertaining, but it kept my interest. And I must admit that this is the FIRST feature length movie that I've watched on my computer ever! So that's saying a lot. And the fact that it was on Amazon VOD for free was even better!
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on January 7, 2009
Not his best work but a very commendable one. I watched this for free online but bought it just to support this exceptional filmmaker.
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on October 18, 2008
Michael Moore went on a 60 city tour before the 2004 election in an attempt to get a greater voter turnout. His methods of giving speeches to the youth at college campuses worked as it generated debate on the media and got people discussing the issues of the election.

Moore has a good sense of humour and his way of expressing himself is original and thoughtful.

A good documentary.
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