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on December 29, 2006
I'm writing this review from my bed which I now find to be so comfortable, I don't want to get up.

I originally bought this to put on a hard futon that guests sleep on.

But I found it to be so comfortable that I'm using it on my bed now.

It arrived compressed and needed about 24 hours to expand to its full size.

Even at its full size, it is a 1-2" smaller than my queen size mattress.

I think this is on purpose so that your fitted sheets will still fit.

It did smell a little but that went away in a few days.

I recommend airing it out in the garage or on a patio.

I have been using it for a month now and I has definitely improved my sleep.

I used to toss and turn a lot more. I would wake up in the middle of the night and find my arm was numb.

Now the bed conforms to me and I feel less pressure points. My wife also feels she gets better quality sleep on this mattress and doesn't feel as achy when she wakes up.
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on October 29, 2008
I own a Tempurpedic mattress, which is my bed at home. I also own the Sleep Better 2-Inch Visco Elastic Memory Foam Mattress Topper, Queen, which I used on top of an Aerobed 18in Raised Queen Premium Guest Bed, Queen and slept on 4 nights per week for a few months to save commuting to San Francisco. I now also own the Sleep Better 3-Inch Visco Elastic Memory Foam Mattress Topper, Queen, which I'm using atop a friend's regular mattress that's otherwise like sleeping on a slab of granite.

First off, the foam for the Sleep Better mattress toppers is not the same as the brand name Tempurpedic foam. The Tempurpedic foam is significantly more dense, meaning: 1) it takes a bit longer to respond to your weight / body heat; 2) it gives you significantly more support; and 3) it takes a bit longer to recover when you move.

I actually slightly prefer the 2" topper on the Aerobed to my $1200 Tempurpedic mattress [boy, do I hate to say that!]. The 3" topper on the granite-like mattress is good, but is my least favored combination.

The 3" topper is too soft and too thick. I sink so deeply into it that it's actually some effort to roll over at night. I got used to it after a few nights, and no longer wake up to roll, but I found it annoying. It's certainly not a bad experience. If I hadn't tried the other 2 options, and was only comparing it to sleeping on the granite mattress from h*ll, I would've been thrilled with it. But knowing what the other options are like, it's my least favored of 3 good choices.

The Tempurpedic is a fantastic mattress, and I'll certainly keep it as my primary bed. My only niggling complaint is that, being temperature sensitive, my sleeping experience is different in summer vs. winter. In the hottest month of summer, the mattress is just a bit too soft, and my back isn't optimally supported. In the coldest month of winter, the mattress is a bit too hard. It does soften up after I've been in it for a few minutes, but it's noticeable when you first get in it.

I really like the combination of the Aerobed and the 2" topper. The Aerobed let me adjust the overall firmness of the mattress and provided all the support. But the tufting of the Aerobed results in deep divots in the surface, which are not comfortable. The 2" topper smoothed out the divots and provided excellent cushioning, without being so deep that I sunk into it and lost the mattress's support.

The brand name Tempurpedic products are definitely superior to all competitors I've tried, so if you can afford them, go for it. If not, the Sleep Better products are good options. I recommend the 2" topper over 3". It's more comfortable, cheaper, and your sheets fit more easily.
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on October 24, 2013
I am a disabled veteran for 38 years with serious spinal injury. I bought this pad two weeks ago.

I can walk around relatively fine ONLY if I am able to sleep on my side most of the time. So, the parameters are set forth. In order to walk, bathe, shop and drive I must have a bed that supports the hard points, hips, shoulders - and spine in between them. I am 6'4 260 pounds. All Beef. So you can imagine how many pads, cushions, body pillows [and traction pulleys] I've dealt with on my bed.

I had a previous pad that lasted a few months. I reversed my mattress to bring the end that only supported my knees to now support my shoulder. I was still waking up with a numb shoulder and hip until I got this new pad. I can lay on my back and sleep for hours now -- which is not common with pads or mattresses for me. The pad fills into the lower spine [when on my back] and provides good spinal support while looking at the ceiling fan go round and round.

I wake up now without the sore spots on my hips and shoulders. My legs work as if I did not just spend eight hours in a non-therapeutic position. It seems my goal of having a good night sleep - and be able to walk the next day [without a numb arm from a crushed shoulder and bruise on my hip] is achieved. Being a 100% disabled veteran is enough to deal with.

I appreciate the manufacturer of this product and give you a big grinning Semper fi...

Thank you

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VINE VOICEon January 3, 2010
I really like this item. It took a few hours to unroll, so it could be placed on my bed.
There is indeed an odor, but it diminished a great deal in those hours, and within a few days
is no longer noticeable to me. I do have a quilted mattress cover over it,and it fits nicely.

I chose the 2 inch because I didn't know how I would like it, or if it would make a difference.
If I had it to do over, I would spend the money and choose a thicker one. Don't get me wrong, even
the 2 inch makes a difference, but I think a 4 inch would be better still.

This has made my good bed a better one. There is a lot less pressure on my hips.
If you are considering purchasing this item, do spend the extra for a slightly thicker version, though.
I think that if I had, I would be even more delighted.
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on July 3, 2009
Before buying this I read a few reviews about the horrible smell but they were in the small minority so I bought it anyway. Well, The smell is REALLY bad. There's a little tag on the inside when you open it that says you "may" notice have a "new" smell for a while. I don't know how anyone could miss it. And the word "new" is kind to say the least. They suggest letting it air out for 8 hours. We let it air out for over a week and it still smells really bad. We have a pillow top and a fitted sheet over it and that doesn't seem to reduce the smell much. It's very comfortable however, and we can at least sleep through the smell. We're sticking with it for now. Maybe if a few years it will lose it's smell.
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on March 28, 2007
I'm not going to go into details, but this is a great product. I had no complaints about my mattress, but adding this pad made it so much more comfortable. I'm definitely sleeping better (from night one). I wish I had known about this type of product earlier.

As for this particular product, I think I picked the right thickness and "density." There are 3 and even 4 inch pads. But since this goes on top of an existing mattress that is designed to be used without a pad, 2 inches of cushioning is about right, I think. And the density may not be as high as other products or full beds, but again, it seems to work well as a mattress "topper." Other reviews mentioned a long-lasting smell, but I did not notice anything that lasted more than a few days. And the price was the lowest among similar products.
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on March 12, 2017
Good price. Very comfortable
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on March 10, 2011
This is my third Memory Foam Mattress Topper that I have purchased, and I have yet to find one as good as the first! This one is OK, but I have had better, but for the price I got what I paid for!
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on January 30, 2015
Was good for the first week no back pain. However now it's back and it seems that it doesn't spring back like it was. Very disappointed.
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on January 19, 2010
I was disappointed in the packaging of this item. It came in what looked like a black trash bag and did not come with a cotton cover. It did not say that it had a cover but I have bought this type of product at a store before and most of them do. The packaging was especially disappointing because it was a Christmas present. However, my son absolutely loves it and has been enjoying a great night's sleep.
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