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on September 28, 2013
My husband hates this book. To this day, if he hears the name Elle Lothlorien, he breaks out in a scowl. Here's why:

I randomly discovered this book on sale (or maybe it was free, I don't really remember) and because I happen to love really creative and out-of-the-box fairy tale retellings, I thought "meh, I'll give it a shot." At the time, I was working as a cruise ship employee, and sharing a 8' x 10' cabin with my husband of four and a half years, who is my best friend, but who does NOT have the same taste in books as I do. Or humor, apparently. (Why is this important you ask? Wait for it, I'm getting to that part. Just remember how small the room is, and try to imagine spending 24-7 stuffed into such a small space with your spouse, will you?)

Anyway, I started reading this book at about 6:00pm one night. At first, my muffled chortles were politely ignored by my spouse, who was busily watching sports or some other nonsense on TV. But when my tasteful sniggering progressed to outright spasms of unexpected laughter, I began getting some very annoyed looks. It wasn't until the third...or maybe the fourth time I'd stopped him from doing whatever he was doing, in order to tearfully repeat a passage in a voice choked by barely containable mirth, that he threw down the TV remote and stormed out of the closet we at that time were calling our bedroom. To make a long story short, I finished reading the entire book that evening and didn't see my husband again until he got tired enough to fall asleep in spite of my stifled chuckling, which in retrospect, probably lulled him to sleep after a while since my silent chuckling kept softly vibrating the bed. Best night ever.

DISCLAIMER: If you don't often "get" other people's subtle humor, inside jokes, pop culture references or biting wit in general, this might not be the book for you. I'd say it's a pretty good indication that if you watched and hated the show Gilmore Girls because you couldn't keep up with the "obnoxious and hard to grasp" banter, you are probably not clever enough to pick up some of the funniest parts of this book. (For example of what some of these non-humor getting people may sound like, please peruse the 1 and 2 star reviews on this book. If those obtuse, ill-mannered folk are your people, feel free to move right along.) Sorry. (I'm not really sorry.)

As for me, I will be religiously purchasing, and giggling over any and every book Miss Lothlorien writes from now on. Unless she randomly decides to pen an educational tome on Sloths, or something. Nope, scratch that. I'm actually pretty sure that would be HILARIOUS, too.
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on September 6, 2013
This story has been my least favorite of the author. I have to say The Frog Prince and Alice in Wonderland were great. If you start reading this author with this story I don't think you'll see why her stories are so good, start with one of the other books I mentioned.
Having said that, this story just really did not flow to me like the other books which helps you believe the story (even though we know it's fiction). At times it seemed like the author was really reaching for the story, which makes me wonder if that's why there's an alternative ending. I did download the alternative ending but honestly, I'm not even going to read it.
Like I said before, read the other two books, you'll love them. Save this one for the last.
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on September 17, 2013
AMAZING!!! I couldn't put them down!

Ok this review is going to be a little different because it is about 2 books and yes I read both of them and loved them! Sleeping Beauty and Sleepy Beauty Wakes Up are basically the same book but with alternate endings! I loved reading them! So now on to the review.

Claire is a woman who has issues about waking up in strange places like on sidewalks and just random places. She goes to several doctors to find out what is going on and all of them tell her she has narcolepsy which one of her doctors doesn't agree with so she is on her way to see a children's doctor. On her way she has one of her episodes and wakes up to a guy telling her that she should be wearing a helmet. Now Claire is a petite woman who could pass for a minor so she is use to the way people treat her like a child and it aggravates her. So when she gets to the doctor's office she makes the nurse mad because she tells her that she isn't a minor. Then kicks the doctor's partner out because he hadn't read her charts. So when her actual doctor comes in laughing about her spunk and starts asking questions about her symptoms and what is going on. The doctor decides that Brendan (her partner) will be doing a sleep study on Claire the next night. So Claire calls her brother's boyfriend Devin to come pick her up and take her home. Devin is a surfer who has a degree in computer science and takes care of Claire while her brother is out with his band. So Devin knows what happens before one of her episodes and knows that Claire doesn't remember anything except what she is told. So when he finds out about the sleep study and he knows that one of her episodes that takes her out of commission for weeks is about to happen he asks if she told the doctors all of the symptoms. Which includes sexually attacking any guy that is around to the point of violence. Claire is very modest of this and just ignores it. So she goes to the sleep study and then blacks out.

Here is where the books start to separate and you get 2 different stories about how her life plays out and I have to say that my favorite book is Sleepy Beauty Wakes up. To give you an overview of both books Claire attacks Brendan at the sleep study but she also is very attracted to Devin and has went after him too. Devin who is really bisexual has some issues with his feelings. So it all depends on who you want to see Claire end up with. The books has very comical twists and turns and the dialog will have you laughing. I couldn't put them down and I read Sleeping Beauty first and just kept hoping for the other guy. So I read the other book and fell in love with that one too!

I rate these books a 4.5 stars for keeping me interested and making me want to read the other book just to see how it was different.
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on November 1, 2013
Finally! I finished Elle Lothlorien's book, Sleeping Beauty, and must say that it was well done -- for the most part. Unlike the first book of Ms. Lothlorien I read, Alice in Wonderland (A Novel), in which I could not walk away from Kindle, I found myself reading this book at more of a leisurely pace. This is not a knock but an observation. The pacing of the book lulled in a couple of places for me. The wind up to the romance with Doctor Charmant dragged a bit and seemed deficient in that magical romance moment. The characters surrounding the primaries seemed under developed, yet, the interaction seems to work well with the primaries. Claire Bo, Sleeping Beauty, is a very engaging and charming protagonist and at times annoying but this gives the reader an introspection of the main character's mind. Nonetheless, the Ms. Lothlorien's post-modern viewing of this fairy tale brings modernity and complexity to often simplistic showing in romance novels. The story overall leads the reader needy and caring for Sleeping Beauty wanting to resolution with her Doctor and their story. Maybe it's a Guy Thing despite the protests of Sleeping Beauty in stating her own independence, it seems to me that she wants not only rescued, but listened to as well. This book is a good read.
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on June 16, 2013
Claire has a sleeping disorder that has been misdiagnosed so many times that she is very frustrated. The treatments being offered aren't effective. She knows when it is going to happen because certain things occur before she falls asleep. The main occurrence is she tries to jump the bones of the nearest male, becoming aggressive if turned down or refused. Then she sleeps for various lengths of time under the watchful eyes of her friends and brother. During these 'sleep periods' she often gets up and functions as a normal person would but does not remember any of it.
After falling asleep on the sidewalk, she ends up at her new neurologists' office only to find out that the man who helped her out on the street is a neurology surgeon. He thinks she is a teenager and wants her parents permission for treatment. He is surprised to find that she is an adult. She is talked into another sleep study and Brendan finds out first hand about the prelude to her sleeping spells. He is able to stop her without violence by giving her a cold shower. When she wakes up from this sleeping spell, she finds out that she is now involved in a sexual relationship with Brendan that has been going on for almost 6 weeks. His only proof of her willingness was possession of a key to her apartment and very steamy emails between the two of them which left no doubt.
This story is a blend of while you were sleeping and 50 first dates, and also a blend of medical disorders that make for a very funny and comical story. A light read, but enjoyable.
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on November 27, 2013
I found this novel quite by accident while perusing titles on Amazon. I was looking for a new author and was attracted to this book's colorful and quirky cover art. I was delighted to find the story itself to be equally colorful and quirky.

I have now read The Frog Prince and I don't understand how anyone can say this novel is inferior to Elle's first best seller. I also can't comprehend why people were upset over the ending! That's the best part - I won't read the alternate ending because this one is perfect.

The writing is clever and funny and contains lots of unusual and interesting sub-plots, like the surfer culture and her brother's relationship with Davin. Brendan is an awful character but doesn't every story need a jerk? Claire is fun, smart and looking for love, just like most of us. Her illness creates a unique plot line.

Elle Lothlorien weaves tales that are funny and original, with plot twists and turns to keep the pages turning. I am reading all the rest of this author's titles and looking forward to more.
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on March 5, 2017
I loved this book it kept me not wanting to put it down. I loved the characters and it was like the book had a life of its own. You should read this book.
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on August 22, 2015
I did this to myself. I knowingly started reading Sleeping Beauty at 10 PM last night. Every once in a blue moon I come across a novel that is so good I can't put it down. Enter Sleeping Beauty. Even though I knew I would pay the price today, I finally managed to put it down this morning at 5 AM. So although I feel like poop, with my blood slowly percolating through my veins as thick as caramel syrup and cotton balls dancing in my brain, I wouldn't have traded the experience for most anything else. I can think of one thing, but that wasn't an option last night. My advice to all of you who are thinking of purchasing this book, do yourself a favor and start it early in the day! It is that good.
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on June 8, 2013
I read ALOT of books. I could read this again, which I probably will not do, and not understand the whole story. The "surfer talk" took away from the story. I did enjoy the characters. I thought they were easy to follow. I felt sorry for Claire when those around her would not tell her what happened while she slept. I felt sorry for Davin and not knowing who to choose. I did not like Brendan. I thought he was taking advantage of Claire, knowing her medical history, and still continuing the relationship with her. Then, the court case and charges come up in the story. I am not sure if the author wanted to add another twist to the story, but it made it more confusing.
I did like the video in the middle, but once again, a little confused by it. I liked the song!
I liked the chapters that were included from the other books. I did think this was well written.
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on January 16, 2014
I was so excited to find an author that can combine wit with romance; being neither too sappy, nor raunchy; and someone who did not feel the need for including a lot of profanity or crude sexual language (not that there is anything wrong with that on occasion...).

Sleeping Beauty (A Novel) was my next favorite after The Frog Prince. Although I saw the many comments regarding people who expressed their dislike for the ending of this version, sparking the author to write a different outcome (Wakes Up), I really liked it, for what it is worth. Besides, who are we to dictate what an Author SHOULD DO with their own work? I look forward to additional books from Ms. Lothlorien. Thank you!
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