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Sleeping Dogs - Playstation 3
Format: Video Game|Change
Price:$14.00+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on January 10, 2017
This is a great game. Unique in the fact that it's based in Hong Kong and is a Chinese themed game. They did it very well from the soundtrack: (love 24Herbs now), the style, Cantonese language, and even the actors were mostly Asian/Chinese. These subtle nuances for an under-represented community shows the effort and authenticity they put into this. Onto the review.

Graphics: The graphics are pretty good for sandbox- 3rd person action game. I didn't notice any frame-rate drops or jagged edges in my playthrough. It's a last-gen game but it holds up very well today as a free-roam action game. The city, cars, people, made you feel like you're in Hong Kong, so definite points for immersion.

Gameplay: Overall solid gameplay. It has a beat-em-up feel to it like Yakuza where you get to use environmental attacks to your advantage. The string of martial arts combos that you pick up and learn along the way are also very nice. I like the leveling up system which really makes your character feel like you're progressing and able to do more things. This adds to the replayability factor with different side quests, karaoke bars to visit, jade statues to collect, etc.

I don't like the camera too much though. When you're fighting, driving, etc. the camera always moves around on its own to go behind you and when you're driving/reversing, it literally will turn you around and mess with your FOV (field of vision) sometimes. I wish there were an option to toggle that off. I think it was a nice touch to add that in Hong Kong, there aren't much access to guns, so most of the weaponry you'll rely on are your fists and feet, knives, umbrella, to even a fish in some cases. In the event you do find a gun, the Max Payne slow-mo effects are decently done. It'd be nice if it wasn't just activated when you leapt out of cover though, but that's more of a stylistic thing.

Story: It's a pretty well done (albeit cliché) story of an undercover HK cop named, Wei Shen who finds himself thrown into the HK Triad's underworld while balancing his duties as a cop. His job is to integrate himself with the gang and inform on them whilst not getting "made" or found out to be a rat. Throughout the story he makes friends, rekindles with old ones, rises up in the Triad ranks to become a Red Pole (Lead enforcer or captain for the Triad). They did a good job throwing homage to real life Triad counterparts: the Sun Ye On and the 14K Triad by naming the game's triads the Sun On Ye (the group you're affiliated with) and the 18K (your main rivals). For the good half of the game you're spending time infighting with other factions of the Sun On Ye instead of actually fighting your 18K rivals. In fact, the storyline doesn't really focus on the 18K much at all, which was a bit of a downer. There were a lot of storyline elements they could've taken to include the rivalry with the 18K that could've culminated into a bitter turf war between them, but alas no such thing. Overall while the story was good, I do wish there were more options for Wei to determine whether he wanted to blow his cover and stay a cop or completely forego his sworn duties and become a full-fledged member of the Sun On Ye. If they had an option where you could choose towards the end, that would've been amazing.

Final thoughts: This game is good. A lot of people describe it as the "Chinese GTA" and since GTA pretty much solidified the sandbox, free-roam genre, I can see where they're coming from. Almost all sandbox games are iterations of GTA at some point, but Sleeping Dogs is much more than just that. It's an opportunity for a Western audience to experience a game with Eastern themed culture in a stylistic and authentic way that most people have no idea about. I really think it's a game that people should at least give a try. It might be something you enjoy and can learn from.
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on May 1, 2013
Sleeping Dogs rose from the ashes of the terminated True Crime franchise after being rescued by Square Enix, and just a few minutes into the game, it's easy to see why this is a great thing. Sleeping Dogs isn't really an original game, but it's so expertly crafted and fun, that this doesn't matter.

Taking inspiration from the classic crime film "Infernal Affairs", Sleeping Dogs tells the story of Wei Shen, a cop from San Francisco who returns home to Hong Kong in order to infiltrate the ancient Chinese crime organization known as the Triads. As Wei gets deeper and deeper into the seductive world of Hong Kong crime, he starts to tread the line between cop and criminal, and it is this tension that forms the core of the Sleeping Dogs. Wei's story is gripping from beginning to end, filled with excellent supporting characters, shocking violence, and twists that will always keep you on edge. Open world games have come a long way this generation when it comes to telling stories, and Sleeping Dogs continues this evolution in the best way possible, weaving a tale that will pull you in hook, line and sinker.

The main reason you want to play Sleeping Dogs, though, is for its fantastic gameplay mechanics which, along with Far Cry 3, are the best to be found in an open world game this generation. Every gameplay element in Sleeping Dogs is tight and refined. The hand-to-hand combat is exciting and deep, allowing you to use your fists, feet, weapons like knives and bats, and your environment, which leads to some true Hong Kong action film-esque fight scenes. The firefights, which thankfully are spaced out and never dominate the the action, are fantastic, featuring a tight cover system, meaty weapons, and even a bit of Max Payne-ish slowdown effects for precision aiming. A special mention goes to the vehicles of Sleeping Dogs, which handle incredibly well and never feel like they're fighting against the player, instead making travel by vehicle and the occasional races something to look forward to. The game is wonderfully paced, so that it never feels like you're doing too much of anything.

Sleeping Dogs isn't perfect. The solid game mechanics are a blessing due to the fact that Sleeping Dogs doesn't really bring a whole lot of originally to the table. Also, the city of Hong Kong that you play in isn't the most appealing setting to be found in an open world game. It looks great and is quite vast, but it never feels quite as full of life as something you'd find in a Rockstar game, and lacks the intrigue of so many other recent sandbox games. But despite this, Sleeping Dogs is still a winner. The tight gameplay and strong narrative makes this a game that you'll have a hard time putting down.
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on June 10, 2013
Last gaming generation, there were many sandbox-style games that were open-world adventures: The Grand Theft Auto series, Bully, Scarface: The World is Yours, Saints Row, The Getaway and its forgettable sequel, and the True Crime Series - Streets of L.A. and New York City. This generation there were a good number of them but, aside from Rockstar (Grand Theft Auto IV, Episodes of Liberty City, Red Dead Redemption, Undead Nightmare, and L.A. Noire), there were only a few notable entries into the genre - Saints Row 2 and Saints Row The Third, as well as the Infamous and Prototype games (though they were less in the crime genre and more into the superhero arena). Now, Sleeping Dogs was originally being developed by Activision as True Crime: Hong Kong, and intended for current generation consoles but the powers-that-be at Activision felt it was not substantial enough to challenge Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto franchise or THQ's Saints Row games.
Eventually the game (not the True Crime rights) was purchased by Square Enix, re-labeled as Sleeping Dogs, and continued to be built up and developed.
The biggest question anyone has when it pertains to games like these is this: is it worth my time? The answer, simply, is yes.

There are five areas to look at when it comes to Sleeping Dogs - Story. It has a great, believable story that you'd swear was a movie before with the likes of Chow Yun-Fat or Jackie Chan. It has twists, turns, drama, thrills, and an endless army of bad guys.
The controls are next - though a little different than Grand Theft Auto, you get used to them - and they are designed this very way to allow the protagonist to use martial arts during action sequences. Plus, you are able to learn new moves that are devastating to your enemies and easy to pull off.
There are firearms to be used in this game, though, to be honest, they are not as much of a focus as fist fights until about halfway through the game - but the gun controls are smooth and easy to master.
The graphics are great - not the best for this generation - but very impressive and the whole vibe of Hong Kong gives you a sense of excitement when playing, whether you're progressing through the story or doing side missions.
The sound is nice. Music on the radio, ambient sounds, and voice acting are all top-notch and add a lot of depth to the story and the game as a whole.
Lastly is replay value - there is a ton. From illegal car racing and underground fight circuits to cock fights, boosting cars, and singing karaoke (yes, you read that right), Sleeping Dogs has a ton of stuff to do. In addition, you are able to purchase clothes to change your appearance, energy drinks and food to give you more stamina, strength, or speed...or a large variety of vehicles, ranging from sports bikes and sedans to luxury and exotic racecars.
While this game is not at the level that Grand Theft Auto IV was, it is close - and a blast to play.
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on January 31, 2015
The game is a standard action game. Has some gtaV elements such as the free roaming. There is not much customization on vehicles or even the character you play as. As for the story the story couldve been better or couldve been one where you make a choice of either being a undercover cop or a triad. It almost seems like it is going to give you the power to choose which side but it doesnt, only one ending and its bland. Most of the other characters are not memorable and they dont feel like they really matter for the story. The level map design is okay, but there is a lot of empty space in the island that couldve been turned into cities but because they arent. The map is very short. The side missions are okay whether you do cop side missions of hacking into camera systems, beating up thugs, etc there are also side missions where you help out some people around. They all raise up a "face meter" xp this face meter is there so the more experience points you get on it and level up. More clothes you can wear (like I mentioned there isnt a lot so this feature is beyond pointless and there is not reason to even customize the protogonist you play as) you can sorta customize your apartment by adding a bird, sound system that you dont even use and a new bed. These little things are very pointless in the game. There are some pretty nice mini games such as karoke, fight club, races and chicken fights. I perfer the fight clubs but once you finish all waves on the 3 fight clubs in the island it gets boring. Shooting mechanics is okay. Hardly any of that ever happens in the game unless its a chase mission or if by any needs you are in a building and there are armed thugs. But I feel like the game is a little more concentrated on the fighting, and honestly the mecahnic for is is better by a tiny bit. Overall the game is okay, worth about 15-20 bucks for a 7 hour game. It is enjoyable even with its couple of small flaws.
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on October 13, 2012
Looking for a game to play before GTA V comes out? Well, you found it. First of all - Square Enix made this game, which is a good sign. Square Enix generally produces very high quality games and puts 110% effort into what they do. They are also the creators of the Final Fantasy franchise. What I like about Sleeping Dogs is that it took what GTA did and improved on a lot of things. It's very, very similar, but that's not a bad thing. I've beaten GTA twice and have 95% of trophies and have gone through SD once, so I think I can give a good comparison.

What's similar? It's open sandbox like GTA, so you can do all the things you'd expect like hijacking cars, beating up/killing whoever you want, getting chased by the cops, tons of side missions and random encounters, special "massages," taking taxis, listening to different radio stations, buying food to regenerate health, etc. etc. That part is very similar and doesn't deviate too much. The map on the bottom left is also very similar. You can use your cellphone like in GTA, but I personally think SD has made their cellphone a bit more sleek. One of the things I also really like about SD is when you are driving to a mission and it's marked on your map, the road points to you where to go, so you aren't staring at the map and crashing into things. That's pretty neat.

One of the annoying things about GTA is that it took forever to start earning money, but when you did it was a TON and you couldn't spend it on anything. In SD you can buy all sorts of swagger like clothes and cars. It also doesn't take ages to load from outfit to outfit, which was extremely annoying in GTA. Another improvement.

Storyline wise it's a little bit different, because Shei Wen is an undercover cop, not a full-blown criminal. However, he's not a totally clean cop (some depends on you) and is involved in a lot of morally ambiguous storylines. That's what happens when you're this undercover cop who is part of the Triad and become close to some of the people in it, at least in this world. You can still do whatever the heck you want, really. It will just hurt your "cop ranking."

That's another cool thing about this game. You can get EXP from Triad, "Face," and Cop actions, which is pretty neat. You can unlock special skills and wear special items depending on what you level up. GTA is completely missing an EXP system, so this is something neat and very "Square Enix" like. I appreciate how they added some RPG elements into it to make it more exciting.

Also, there is a noticeable lack of guns in this game and a focus on martial arts. The game says it's because it is more difficult to get guns in Hong Kong. Yes, that is true. You still use guns, but they are less prevalent than GTA and the kung fu system is really awesome. You feel like a really ninja when you play this game and get good at fighting. You can do special moves and also "environmental" moves, which is when you take someone and do something quite sick to them, like hanging them from a meat hook or throwing them in a furnace. It's pretty gruesome and like Manhunt or something.

Music = awesome. Square Enix is really well known for having great soundtracks, and this is no exception. Some of the music is just downright beautiful. You can change radio stations just like in GTA, except obviously, most music has an east side feel to it. Graphics? Nothing groundbreaking, but very similar to GTA, so not so bad.

I honestly don't know why this game is so underrated. It's on par with GTA, if not better. I guess everyone is so pumped up about GTA V that this has just gone under the radar. But it's seriously really, really good, and I've played almost all of the GTAs. Definitely get this!

UPDATE: One disappointing thing about this game is the ending - not the storyline, but the things you can do after the ending. You can still do sidequests and stuff, but unlike GTA, you can't talk to your friends anymore or go out with them, hang out with girls, build relationships, etc. That is kind of lame ;( They could have easily made interacting with characters a lot more in-depth, and I kind of expected that from a developer like Square Enix.
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on August 28, 2012
I don't know why people play this game expecting it to be like GTA 4. Both Games have Pros and Cons. In my opinion this game is Slightly better simply because the driving and Money System is better.

This game is definitely better than the last 2 True Crimes Games. Its the same story for this game, you start as an undercover cop joining the gang to work your way up and take out the leader of the other gangs.

This is more of a fighting game than a Shooting Game, If you learn the controls the fighting system is flawless, and smooth, as you progress the fighting doesn't get easier because as you gain experience and learn more combinations the enemies are better able to defend themselves.

At first the driving seems to tight but as you get use to it, it almost feels perfect, no matter how fast you go its hard to make the car flip over and making tight corner turns is a breeze, Drifting is a breeze to.

The Money system is better, you never seem to have enough money to buy all the clothes and cars in the market. There's more clothing variety in this game than what I have in my closet. In the Cut Scenes they present the clothes you dressed your character in. which is a Plus.

There's a lot of side missions, and opportunities to hack Cameras, Combination Locks, Passwords, Lock-picking and Bug Planting.

I don't understand why there's features to upgrade the apartment if you can't do anything, you can't watch TV, Cook, Take a shower, use the computer, can't use the punching bag that's in the apartment and can't use the indoor pool.

Can't purchase weapons and can only carry one at a time

One Tip I would give is to not rely on the AutoSave because it does not save everything you do, make sure you save before every mission because about 4 times the whole system froze after completing a mission. Also if you die a lot of money is taken from you so you can just load your save file.
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on July 13, 2014
Sleeping Dogs is an amazing game. While it may not be perfect, I'd consider it a must-have for any gamer.

Story: 4.5/5
You play as Wei Shen, an undercover cop who's sent to take down one of Hong Kong's triads from within. This game has a gripping story that makes you want to keep playing the next mission to progress. Every mission holds great plot significance; no "filler missions" here. If I had any complaints, it would be that almost every time you meet up with your police force members, it's the same old "we should pull you out" business, making these cutscenes predictable and annoying. The game's ending is somewhat disappointing, considering everything that led up to it.

Gameplay: 4.5/5
There's quite a bit to do in Sleeping Dogs. Combat starts off simple but grows in complexity as you learn new moves by collecting jade statues and leveling up. You can perform basic combos, execute grab attacks, and use environmental objects for instant finishers. Besides hand-to-hand exchanges, there are also gun fights. The shooting mechanics in this game work, but they aren't the best; for example, accuracy is a small issue since you can't scope in further. The game makes up for this by throwing in a slow-motion system when you vault over cover, always making you feel like a boss. Combat never grows tedious because the developers knew how to space it out appropriately. I'll go ahead and say that driving in this game is INSANELY fun. The driving controls are very responsive, and Sleeping Dogs even spices up car navigation with some action. You can ram into other vehicles, leap from your current vehicle and hijack one in front of you, and shoot pursuers as you drive. Blowing up the tires of other vehicles never grows old. Lastly, there are chase sequences, which aren't really chases. You'll run after someone trying to escape, vaulting and climbing over obstacles as you go. I say these aren't really chases because the point where you catch your target is predetermined. It's really more like just keeping up with them until you get to the destination, removing the thrill and sense of urgency that chase sequences should elicit. One small complaint I have is that earning points for police upgrades and increasing your Face Level is far too easy, and you'll likely be maxed out on those 75% through the game. Triad points are much more scarce since you can only earn them through the main missions. Some things I would like to have seen that weren't included are stealth sections and more parkour moves (it's basically just vaulting and climbing), but I'm still happy with the gameplay that's present.

Side activities: 4/5
There's plenty to do in Sleeping Dogs outside of your main missions. Collecting and returning Jade Statues to your dojo unlocks new moves. Praying at health shrines increases your maximum health. By opening lockboxes, you obtain cash. Each collectible serves a real purpose instead of just being for trophies/achievements. Throughout the game, there will also be Favors, which you can complete to increase your Face Level for bonuses. Drug Busts involve beating up a group of thugs, hacking a security camera, and using that camera to apprehend a drug dealer. A few times, you can can go on dates with girls to unlock perks like being able to see collectibles on your map. There are side activities that can be repeated to an extent, like finding and selling marked cars and harassing debtors. Also, unmarked world events crop up if you're in their immediate vicinity. And of course, what good would earning cash be if you had nothing to spend it on? There are plenty of cars to buy and even more clothes. Wearing clothes of a certain set provide bonuses like earning extra XP and dealing more damage. Then there are secret vendors who will sell upgrades to your apartments. Some gripes I had with the side activities are that opening lockboxes becomes very tiresome because of a combination-finding minigame and that side missions simply aren't fun sometimes. There are 20 car deliveries, which grow very old very fast, and Favors are often short but too similar to some you've done before.

Setting/atmosphere: 5/5
Hong Kong is a joy to explore. There's a very authentic feel. You'll hear Chinese and English dialogue mixed beautifully together, and you'll find Chinese and American songs on the radio as you drive around. Food vendors are all over the place, providing you with stat boosts. You can even sing karaoke! Overall, there's so much detail here that you can't help but feel like you're really in Hong Kong. The voice actor for Wei Shen does an amazing job. I find it odd, though, that he never actually speaks Chinese, but it is what it is.

Technical side: 4.5/5
For the most part, the game performs excellently. There are some outstanding issues I should point out, however. It's not unusual for the sound to turn off just for a brief moment when you crash violently or when you enter slow motion sometimes. And no, this is not intentional-it's a bug. The cutscenes are a little choppy, but it's not unbearable. Some bad pop-in is noticeable at times.

Overall: 4.5/5
Sleeping Dogs is an incredible experience that's very deserving of your time. It's not especially long for an open world game, taking a completionist about 30 hours to beat. At any price $20 and below, this game is a steal. Don't miss out!
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on February 9, 2015
This game is exTremely amazing one of my favoriTes of all Time out all The GTA sTyle sandbox games so the game you're in China you do get guns but they're not as frequently used as in GTA the game is more of a combat styled like Arkham City but you do get guns the story is amazing this game in my opinion could not have been done better but the reason it's getting a 4 star out of 5 and not a 5 star like I normally would give it is only because it was re-released for the PC ps4 and Xbox one with all the DLCs on the disc and the graphics redone even better so this game for the ps3 is a 5 but I'm giving it a 4 because it was released for the ps4 with all the DLCs which to me, text on the value of the ps3 version
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on October 18, 2014
Whoa. Um, where did this game come from? Why were there not commercials all over the place. This is just like GTA but in Hong Kong. Except where GTA fails, this game succeeds. The story and character progression is perfect. You upgrade your character with hand to hand combat which you will use most of the game. Gun fights are pretty rare. In GTA, the game gets too boring really fast. This game keeps you interesting by not throwing everything at you at once. That is what makes this game special.

Overall, I would say this is one of my favorite games on the PS3. Looking forward to the PS4 version!!!
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on March 31, 2013
This game is everything that all those reviews said, it was. There is a ton of DLC to buy, if that is your thing. I was totally blow away by this game and I have just started playing (1 hour) but this game is action packed and plays out like a undercover cop show. It is immersive and quite beautiful to behold and you won`t want to stop playing. (I had to be forced to stop playing) It is an Asian setting, (not that it matters) it plays out just like any country`s undercover cop show. The star goes undercover to infiltrate a gang of thugs and must prove his self to the gang and so starts all this (John Woo) style action, I am telling you, you will love this game to no end, the replay value will be through the roof with all the DLC there is to obtain and play through. I won`t give away any of the story, just pick it up and you`ll have to be forced to stop playing too. (smile)
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