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on October 17, 2013
In sleeping with the enemy Julia Roberts plays a courageous and beautiful wife who is married to a psychotic and jealous husband (Patrick Bergin) who physically abuses her and hits her and takes out his anger and problems out on her. At first he was a sweet and charming, rich and successful investment counselor, handsome hard working husband living in a big beautiful beach front property house with his beautiful wife and they looked like the perfect couple and they were passionate lovers. Then he starts being nasty and mean and abusive towards her and Laura discovers the monster within martin. Laura can`t take it anymore being a battered wife and fakes her death and runs away to save her life and starts a new life in another city. Martin has a sense of loneliness and despair and also gets enraged and develops an obsessive madness about finding her and bringing her back when he finds out she is still alive and ran away from him. In the end of the film Patrick Bergin says, to Julia Roberts when he invades her house and starts stalking her that " I know your every thoughts Laura. Nothing can keep me away. I can`t live without you and I know you can`t live without me' !
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on August 8, 2014
Sleeping With The Enemy
Cast:Julia Roberts, Patrick Bergin, Kevin Anderson, Elizabeth Lawrence
Director: Joseph Ruben
Music Jerry Goldsmith

This movie deals with an extra horrific case of domestic violence. It first came as a shock because the evil doer is well mannered, seemingly polite, and wealthy. At first young beauty Laura(Roberts) appears to have a wealthy blissful life full of digging clams on the beach. But not so fast. She is often beaten black and blue by an ugly anger management case...her husband Martin. Martin doesn't just use harsh language. He explodes with rage shocking viewers by kicking and swinging at his wife. Fed up, Laura fakes her death and does a pretty well planned relocate to Iowa where she greets her mom and meets a guy and tries to start over.

Whatever you say about this film you got to admit it overflowed with clams at the box office. First, it has a beautiful haunting score by Goldsmith. Next it has Roberts: beauty and talent. Her facial expressions tell the story. Martin looks at her, she smiles back. Martin turns away she sinks to near tears. It's hard not to feel for her. Roberts is an elete emotional communicator. Also you've got to give Bergin's acting some credit as a an effective mental case. His flat formal language and flying fist tantrums makes the viewer wonder what is next. He is one scary iceman. He tries for complete control of Laura, her dress, her cupboard, her bathroom towels. Laura is pretty well trapped by this beast. I think about the character Laura and find it very troubling that a woman being bullied can feel hopeless and unable to find help. Some have suggested Laura simply get a restraining order. I think a restraining order wouldn't even slow him down: not a man like that.

Laura manages to escape by secretly teaching herself to swim and slipping over board during a sailboat ride with Martin and friend. The two men on board have poor sailing skills (grabbing the clue, leaving the helm, accidental jibes). This part of the film needed more sailing lessons. It may not mean much to some, but I seldom get to watch sailing on the screen and wish they would get it right. This is an important scene in the film and should be believable.

Iowa, sweet Iowa. I enjoyed her peaceful recovery days in her new rental. WHAT A RELIEF! Ben (Anderson) IS just what she needs. Ben is like able and a welcome site. Anderson over does his gentle Ben part a bit. But it isn't too sticky. He speaks in whispers. He even uses four letter words in a whisper. But part of this soft spoken talk comes from his realization he is dealing with a traumatized woman beaten by a maniac. Like any good man he wants to help. This is a classy thriller that is certainly not dull or overdone. It is well done; actor and director.
Give this one a watch for sure.....despite little imperfections, I think it's a really good story.
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on February 25, 2015
Yes the film is very predictable and a storyline that has been used before, but that said it was an entertaining film. Julia Roberts does extremely well playing injured and troubled roles and again turns in a good performance. Patrick Bergin does a good job too of playing a possessive and abusive unbalanced husband (maybe a tad over the top) out to recapture her. Storyline has a abused wife pretending to have been washed overboard and lost in a storm. She thinks that if he believes her dead he won't come after her. She attempts to escape and start a new life. But he does discover her ploy and sets out to find her. While it is a little slow and not as suspenseful as some would like, it is a enjoyable way to fill a little time and to enjoy Julia Roberts.
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on February 4, 2014
It's bad enough that "Sleeping with the Enemy" is totally predictable, with holes in the plot that are insultingly big and obvious. What is truly terrible is that it wastes the talents of some incredibly gifted actors and filmmakers.

Julia Roberts plays Laura, a woman who fakes her own death to escape the clutches of her monstrously abusive husband (Patrick Bergin). She flees to a small town in the heartland, where she assumes a new identity and eventually falls in love with a gentle neighbor (Kevin Anderson). Now, you'll never guess what happens next! (Or maybe you will.) Could it be that her husband picks up her trail and comes after her? Naw ... that would be too cliche, wouldn't it? And how does he figure out she's alive? Oh, surely not because she actually left clues behind that are the equivalent of giant neon signs saying "Hey! I'm still alive and I ran away from you!" So guess how the story ends ...? Oh, never mind, you won't catch me ruining any "surprises."

This movie might never have been released if it didn't star the luminous Miss Roberts, who manages to hold the audience's attention through the force of her legendary on-screen charisma. She's helped immensely by the intensely likeable performance of Kevin Anderson, a dazzling actor whose failure to achieve major stardom is both inexplicable and lamentable. Patrick Bergin is unable to do much with the hateful husband, but his failure has less to do with his natural talent than it does with the role, which is both one-dimensional and underwritten. John W. Lindley's beautiful and moody cinematography is a huge plus.

Despite is amateurish failings, "Sleeping with the Enemy" was a huge hit at the box office. 20th Century-Fox was astute enough to release it in February of 1991, just after Miss Roberts had received a Best Actress Oscar nomination for her work in the smash hit, "Pretty Woman." The blu-ray release offers a solid transfer of the film, but precious little in terms of bonus features ... only a short featurette from the time of the film's original release and the original theatrical trailer. It's interesting, and instructive, to note how the film was marketed: as a Julia Roberts vehicle that in addition to displaying her megawatt smile, also happened to be a thriller. Recommended, with reservations, to fans of Roberts and Anderson. Audiences looking for an unpredictable suspense thriller would be better off looking elsewhere.
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on June 4, 2017
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on March 13, 2017
I love the movie! I am afraid of giving too much away ;)
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on June 20, 2017
Awesome!!! Must see
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on May 5, 2017
excellent movie
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on April 11, 2017
Thank You
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on July 14, 2017
Great movie🌠
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