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on April 15, 2015
This is one of the few pillows on amazon that is ACTUALLY thin enough for my liking. There are a bunch of so-called "thin pillows," but very view actually have a truly thin profile. The Slim Sleeper does.

I slept on it for a few nights, and it was really comfortable. It's firm but not hard, like some thin pillows are. I was also pleasantly surprised at how breathable it is . I'll be ordering another for my wife!

Here's a picture. The pillow is exactly 2.75 inches -- even after a couple months of use.
review image
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on July 27, 2016
I recently switched from a firm Serta mattress to a memory foam mattress. It has been quite the adjustment, especially with pillows. I have used a foam pillow for years, but my old pillow is too high for me from "sinking" into this new bed. This pillow definitely works great for sleeping on my back and stomach, but I could use a tiny bit more height (maybe 1 inch) when laying on my sides. I am a smaller frame person (5'2" 120 lbs) and always require a thin pillow no matter what I'm sleeping on. I would give it a perfect 5 star if it was a tad higher. My husband said wow it looks like a mat. It is very thin!
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on March 2, 2017
The pillow I got measured in at 2.5" thick. Needed to measure with a flat surface placed on the top since there is some slight curve to the top surface of the pillow.

I mostly sleep on back and stomach and only occasionally side. Probably 45/45/10. Also due to arm issues, my arms must always be near straight down by my sides, which can make stomach sleeping uncomfortable for me. I had been sleeping with a pillow for back sleeping and no pillow for stomach sleeping.

I needed a pillow that gave good cushion for back sleeping, but thin enough for stomach sleeping. I always liked the springiness of latex foam pillows but the ones available in stores are way too thick. I was hesitant about this one being so thin. After using for just a few days, I have had uninterrupted sleep so far. Back sleeping is comfortable with head up or turned to either side. Stomach sleeping is comfortable. And even side sleeping is comfortable... I sleep on my side with shoulder rolled in and don't need very high support.

Perfect that this pillow is small enough to travel with as well.

1 week of use and I've been sleeping through the night more than ever before.
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on January 12, 2017
Absolute trash. Just unreal how laughable this pillow is.

I searched long and hard to find a stomach-sleeper pillow that would remain cool temperature throughout the night. I chose this pillow because of the CLAIMED 2.75 thickness and CLAIMED cool temps.

1. Measured LOOSELY with a digital caliper, this pillow is a maximum of 1.75 in thick and that is a GENEROUS measurement. As you see from photo, it is actually MUCH thinner than 1.75in, and compresses to ALMOST NOTHING when laying on it. Even using a carpenters "square" to reach the very center of the pillow, it still measures less than 2 inches thick, approx 1.9in to be exact. And seriously, it compresses to NOTHING. A single cheap "dollarstore" bath towel, folded twice, is much better.

So either I received a ~highly~ defective product, or the wrong item, or this pillow is highly misrepresented.

2. It's so thin that even the smallest pillowcase that I have slops around on it so loosely that the pillow works its way out the pillowcase by morning. And to provide perspective, this pillowcase is actually too tight for any regular store pillow, even the thinnest pillows. Yet on this Slim Sleeper pillow, it looks like 50% too big for it.

3. The temp is acceptable but certainly NOT cool. Better than cheap memory foam, but I have seen some newer memory foam designs that are cooler temp than this, but I have not seen any of the cool temp models that measure around 2.75in - 3in, which is exactly what thickness I wanted and this pillow DOES NOT DELIVER.

Just unreal how laughable this pillow is. Manufacturer should be ashamed of its description of this product.
review image
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on January 17, 2018
I am taking some responsibility for this, but the thickness measurement on this pillow is very very generous. If you hold a measuring tape and put it flat and measure to the highest point including the peach fuzz, you get pretty close to the 2.75", but not quite. I measured my current pillow and its about 3" maybe a touch more on average, so I thought this pillow would work. But it's much thinner than I expected. Expect it to be closer to 2" thick. I probably need something closer to 4" thick with the super generous way pillows are measured, but my pillow budget is blown.

So as usual, I'm not sending it back because the shipping is not worth it and I have to keep it, even though it's been sitting in a bag next to my bed for a month.
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on April 2, 2017
I really love this pillow. I had a thick latex pillow previously and even though it was shredded latex that I could remove, trying to get it thin enough made it lumpy. I have arthritis and bony spurs in my neck and would often wake up with a horrible migraine and neck pain. That has all but been eliminated with this pillow. I go to sleep on my side and wake up on my back. I feel it is the perfect thickness for correct spinal alignment. I do wish it were less expensive given that there is less 'pillow' than others though. :)
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on February 5, 2018
After trying two other supposedly "low-profile" latex pillows, which turned out to not be low profile at all, I am pleased with this one. It is genuinely thin, which is a better option for neck alignment, and has a nice, semi-firm consistency that is comfortable all night long, never loosing its shape or slight springiness. The only reason I don't give it 5 stars is that I wish the cotton covering it came with was organic, as non-organic cotton is notoriously steeped in petrochemicals. The other natural latex pillows I tried (and returned) both had organic cotton cases, and for its high price, this one certainly could have too!
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on February 13, 2016
Really great! The latex took me maybe two nights to get used to (it's a little bouncier than "normal" pillows), but now I'm 100% satisfied. It's great for back and side sleeping, though this will depend on how firm your bed is. On a really firm bed, this probably isn't thick enough for back sleeping, but on a softer mattress, it works well. Of course, with pillows, it's individual preference. Oh, and there was no odor when I opened the package, which was something I was worried about. Overall, a quality product!
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on April 22, 2016
This is a good pillow for me - I'm a stomach sleeper. Why only three stars? The size is clearly spelled out but the term "standard" size is used. It's actually wider than I was expecting and is wider than my regular pillows. The profile is low, a good feature, But the latex is not particularly "soft". Another reviewer faulted the product for not being "squishy" - I understand that. I am using it and it is better than many alternatives - I just don't think I'd buy it again and would lonely recommend it to others with some cautions.
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on May 29, 2016
I have search long and hard for a pillow that is so skinny. This one is very slim, just like I wanted. It is quite heavy for a slim pillow, but I don't view that as a negative. It has just the right firm and soft mix. For anyone searching for a slim pillow, you've finally found it.
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