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on October 30, 2015
I saw this workout on television ad and decided that I would give it a try. I am 70 years young and normally do low impact workouts, at home, 2-3 times a week. I have only been using the first DVD so far, and it is a step up from what I have been doing, which is a good thing for me. The slightly faster pace took me a little while to get used to, but I like it and will continue to use it. I'm not looking to really get a 'beach body" but to stay active, keep the joints moving and keep weight in check. I have decided that I will trade off with my other original slower workout and this one and am now doing workouts 5 days a week. It works perfectly for me. If you are looking for a true beginners workout for seniors, I'm not sure this is what one should start with but work up to it. I like the music, I find it easy to follow the exercises, no problems at all. I expect that i will continue to work up to using additional exercise routines on the DVDs, lots to choose from in the set. I did check with my physician before starting exercise routine.
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on November 10, 2017
Preface: I had purchased and use the original Slim in 6 about 13 years ago after a bad breakout that I had eaten my way through. Suddenly, I was 35# overweight and I figured this was a good a shot as any. I stayed with it and got back to my original weight and then a bit even below that. >>FFWD to 3 weeks ago... after several moves across the country for my company with new roles each time and getting rundown and sick several times, I have put those 35# + 10# on --- 45# past where I need to be. That seems huge. It is :/ I looked through all the DVDs I had on Insanity (I barely got through the fitness test when I WAS in shape), PX90 (I couldn't keep up) and a bunch of others. Then I remembered Slim in 6 and found it online and got it the next day.

Today: I'm 10 days in and glad I went this direction, again. It's not flashy and fast with bass pumping and a crowd behind an instructor screaming and panting and falling over. It's Debbie Siebers and just 2 other people behind her and it's what I need right now. This wasn't the original version I had used, prior... they've upped it with some new tricks and combine moves in new ways that I give them credit for it being more challenging and effective. The idea is to do each of the 3 DVDs for 2 weeks then the next. I surprised myself by going to the 2nd DVD after the first week because I felt I was ready, or at least to give it a shot and if it was too much I could always stick with the 1st - but I'm 3 days into the 2nd DVD.

What I really like is how they change-out what you are working and how you are working into sections, and how they give you small breaks where you aren't stopping but you can still recoop a bit to go on to the next big set of moves. It's tough but it's also light and Debbie throws out joking comments at times that make this different that intense hard-core DVDs that have you crying and collapsing every 5 minutes. That said, this is a stepping-stone for me --- I plan down the road to try Insanity again and maybe even PX90, but this is the means for me to get back on track at a pace and in a way I feel good about and know I won't hurt myself doing. I feel accomplished and able to still move when I'm done, and they really do put a lot of thought and science behind how these workouts are setup because I DO see that I'm doing more and lasting longer each time I do them. You see your own progress daily if you stick with this.

The one CON that so many reviews mention and I agree with - the resistance bands are absolutely cr@p LOL But I didn't buy this for the bands, I bought it for the program on the DVDs. Short-term fix: I pull the bands out of the clips and reset them before each time I workout. They seem to hold for at least a whole workout most of the time. Long-term: if you plan to do this ongoing and not just 6 weeks, invest in better resistance bands, or these will really make you crazy snapping out of the clips during your workouts over and over LOL

Top Tips:
- Sit down and watch each of the 3 sections as you're ready for them. I watched the first all the way through before I started. I wanted to know what I was getting into and what to expect and roughly how long each section was and what I'd be doing. It was much easier mentally that way than being surprised and overextending myself.
- If you have to stop, hit PAUSE, don't just let them keep going without you. I found that when I do this I build up endurance much faster. Sure it takes longer than the actual run-time of the DVD, but I think it's 100% worth it.
- Absolutely do the stretches! What's not sore today will definitely be sore tomorrow and even moreso the day after! I'll be 100% honest and say that while I can complete the exercise portion of the 2nd DVD with about 5-6 pauses to catch my breath and let my muscles rest a moment, when I get to the end I'm too wiped to do the 6-7 minutes of stretches and yoga moves (holding a Proud Warrior pose after 45+ minutes of pushing myself is something I just can't do yet). SO--- I do the first minute or so of stretches that are laying on the floor and I hit PAUSE, and I give myself however long I want - 15, 20 minutes even - and then I do those stretches. I don't start to do something else and get sidetracked - I make sure I do those stretches because they will save you a ton of sore and also help you build-up to keep moving forward.
- Set how many days you will do this and can stick to, realistically. My desire was 6 days a week, but I promised myself I would do 4 and would hold myself to that no matter what. I managed to do 5 last week and instead of feeling discouraged like I had let myself down, I felt good because I had done 1 more than I had set realistically for myself. Because long-term commitment and believing in yourself is what gets this done and gets you through every workout.
- Calculate your calories out, especially proteins. The first time I did this I lost a lot of weight FAST - this program does what it says it will if you stick with it, but I wound up with some loose skin (not a ton, but no one wants loose skin) because I was cutting my calories too low to lose too much in a way my body couldn't keep up with. I was lucky and as I increased my calories and added heavy weight into my regime, that the loose skin filled in over time. No regrets but I learned first-hand what trainers mean when they talk about saying to not calorie-starve yourself to lose weight when working out. Depending on your goals and how your body is, maybe none of this applies to you, but I felt it worth sharing.

This isn't the program I will be doing months from now, but it's the program that will get me to the other programs I want to do- and it's an amazing and potent stepping-stone to get off the sofa and back into being fit.
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on June 19, 2017
Positive review:
You WILL see results, but must do it 6 times a week for 6 weeks and eat healthy.
Each disc prepares you for the next one, so its really important to start in order. (dont skip )
It is a tough workout (specially the 3rd disc) but you can do it!! This is really important since Ive bought excercise videos that dont prepare you or they are so hard, youre not able to do them, therefore is frustrating and a waste of money. (tap out)
Its the only collection I have bought that comes with additional 15 minutes of stretching and relaxation ... its awesome ! your body will be gratefull.

No so positive:
I hate routines and to,do the same video por 12 days and the same ab routine for 36 days, was very hard for me to handle (quite boring) This is the main reason why I rated it with 3 stars. If youre ok with routines , try it , you will see results.
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on July 22, 2013
I do advanced Beachbody programs and Cathe 1+ hour super-intense videos (I'd like to see a workout smackdown between Cathe and Shaun T--seriously, I don't know who is more intense), but sometimes I just want a simple, non-dancy, low-impact workout, and Slim in 6 fits the bill. Some reviewers have said these videos are boring--I would say they're more steady and unsurprising, and that's exactly what I want for the days I'm tired from my intense complex workouts and just want to work my muscles, get my heart rate up and not have to remember intricate moves.

Here's a tip: I bought Slim in 6 to do on my recovery workout days, but I found that by adding 3-5 pound hand weights and 5-10 pound leg weights you end up getting a very challenging and comprehensive total body workout. My heart rate got up, I was sweating buckets and was surprised at how sore I was the next day. So, now I have the option of doing these workouts without weights for my recovery days, or pushing it by adding weights, which gives me double the number of workout options for this program.

Altogether, I'm very glad that I bought Slim in 6. My recommendation for anyone thinking of buying it is to keep in mind that this is generally low impact, isn't dancy, doesn't have high production value, and is for people who want a simple total body workout without a lot of chatting and fancy camera work. Please keep in mind my note about the hand and legweights, above. It adds a whole new level of intensity for those who want to push themselves.
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VINE VOICEon October 5, 2009
This DVD contains the first two stages of the six stage Slim in 6 program, plus it contains two bonus workouts: Slim & Limber and Slim & 6-pack. So if you want to do the whole Slim in 6 program, you will have to make an additional purchase.

I own a great many exercise DVDs and videos and this is the best I have ever used. Debbie Siebers is careful to explain and demonstrate all the moves. The first stage, Start It Up, is less than a half hour long and is a perfect starting place for me as a fairly out-of-shape middle-aged lady. For others it will be too easy. However, I am probably going to have to stay at this stage an additional week before I am ready to move on to the second stage on this DVD--Ramp It Up. Then I'll probably have to spend several weeks on the second stage as well. So for me, Debbie's whole program is going to take more than six weeks!

This is not a "dance-y" hyper exercise program, but a well done series of moves set to music that will get you in shape. I love it and will recommend it to others.
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on April 17, 2013
I was looking for a workout video and chose this one after talking to a guy I work with. I was looking for something more for someone just starting out but not too easy. I am pleased so far. As a side note, the guy I spoke with at work has lost 70 lbs since January and gives most of his credit to this workout. He is in his early 50's and has both changed his eating habits and started this. He highly recommended it.
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on June 27, 2016
Starts off fast with no instruction. This DVD starts right in like you're an intermediate to expert aerobics person. They move super fast and don't provide an example for those who might need to alter movements.
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on March 14, 2017
Fantastic workout program. Debbie is sneakily powerful and takes a great approach to strength training.
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on June 21, 2013
I tried different workout DVDs since I was a little girl. My mom loved Jane Fonda's series when I was growing up, so whenever she did her DVD exercise sessions, I joined her. She also tried other exercise DVDs which I also used. So because I am used to exercising in the convenience of my home, now that I am grown up, I like to try different DVD exercises. As long as you stick to the recommended schedule (six days a week), you'll really slim down. The moves are easy to follow, but after a week or two of daily use, I got bored. Overall, this is a good DVD workout for beginners.
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on April 14, 2017
Love this workout I can tell I am getting stronger. Muscles are sore in many places which I love to feel. Only problem is the fact that if your lower back is already a weak region in your body the slightest incorrect form will mess you up for days. Be aware listen and do the excercises correctly.
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