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on September 16, 2011
A name-brand tube that you buy at WhateverMart is a flimsy little thing - not even 1/32" thick (I measured with calipers). But this Slime tube --- this is one serious tube. The outer rubber is thicker than the inner (because the outer is where you need the most protection) The outer part is 1/8" thick - more than 4 times as thick as the WhateverMart tube. The inner part of the tube is 1/16" thick. The box it comes in is about 4 times larger than a WhateverMart tube - because the rubber is that much more thick and bulky. This is a seriously heavy-duty tube.

If the super-thick, high-quality rubber is not enough, it includes Slime.

I have ridden 100 miles a week on these tubes for two years. I've had one hole - because I completely wore a hole in my rear tire, exposing the inner tube to the road. Even then, the slime plugged the hole (a difficult hole to plug, because it has tapered edges and no protruding object to bind to). I was able to complete 4 miles to get home.

I had one other failure - I let the tire pressure get too low, and the tube slipped, causing the valve stem to lean at an angle. The joint between the stem and the tube eventually failed (and the slime won't help something like that - for one thing, slime can only seal holes on the outside of the tire, because centrifugal force forces the slime to the outside). I can't blame the tube - that was my own dumb fault for ignoring the slanted stem when I added air to the tire. I guess I was overconfident in the tube - but it won't make up for stupidity.

Before I discovered these tubes, I was getting an average of two flats per month - almost always the rear tire, of course, which bears most of the weight - and is naturally the hardest to fix (especially on the side of the road). In two years, I have avoided something like 48 flat tires. That means I've avoided 48 roadside repairs (of a rear wheel), or 48 phone calls to my wife to bring the car and the bike rack. Half of these flats would be in the morning, as I was hurrying to get to work. I would be late to work and miss a significant number of important morning meetings. Half of the flats would be in the evening - and in Oregon I ride home in the dark in the fall/winter. I hate trying to fix a flat in the dark.

Sure - they're expensive. You get what you pay for, and you're paying for a tube that is practically indestructible (and will get you home even when it isn't).

Make sure you have rim tape (spoke liner) on your wheel. Rim tape covers the ends of the spokes which protrude into the inside of your wheel. It protects the tube from rubbing against the spoke ends. It should already be on your wheel, but cheap factory-installed tape can fall off when changing a tire. Don't ride without rim tape - and use quality tape sized to your wheel that you get from a bike shop - electrical tape or duct tape is a poor substitute - but better than nothing.

The valve stem caps are bright green. Sometimes when I'm stopped at a light another cyclist will point to my bright green caps and give me a thumbs-up. He knows what I know (and his caps are bright green). My ride is heavily tricked-out, but nobody ever has commented on anything except my inner tubes.

Make sure your valve stems are straight and your outer tire is not completely worn out and you can't go wrong with these tubes.

Know what you're buying - not all Slime tubes are created equal. Slime also makes thin-rubber tubes with the Slime sealing agent. Better than the generic tube, but not as indestructible as this thick-rubber tube.

I would pay $50 EACH for these tubes. I would wince, but I would pay. They're that good.
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on November 3, 2010
I live in downtown Phoenix and use my bike for alternative transportation. I ride around the streets, dirt lots, parks and other rough terrain. I was getting flat tires on an average of 2 times a week. After doing some research on blogs about cycling that recommended these tubes I purchased 2 of them. Ever since I have installed them I have not have had any problems with flat tires. I have found plenty of thorns in my tires but they would still be inflated. I simply would pull the thorns out and spin the tires and wouldn't have a problem. I even found a slim screw in 1 of my tires. I thought that would definitely cause me to have to replace the tube. Although, after pulling the screw out, re-inflating the tire I rode around for about a mile and it stayed inflated. I was impressed. The really great thing is even if you have numerous thorns in the tube. The tire won't go completely flat so you can ride home if you don't have a tire pump with you. Every time I see someone pushing their bike with a flat tire I tell them to purchase these tubes. I have had them installed in my bike tires for over 6 months and haven't had any problems. *********IMPORTANT INFO********* There is one important thing you need to know if you do purchase these tubes. Your pump will need to have a metal valve to pierce the Schrader Valve stem. I could not use a pump with a plastic valve because it was not strong enough to pierce the Schrader Valve stem. I kept thinking my pumps were breaking until I put 2 and 2 together.
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I have very rugged mountain trails I ride -- lots of gravel, sharp rocks and cactus with long thorns. I've had many a flat, both on my bike, and on various equipment I run here. So when I was changing my mountain bike tires (for wide Kendra aggressive tread tires, also available on Amazon), I wanted something other than standard tubes. (I put slime in my old tubes, but they were only standard thickness).

These thorn resistant "5 times thicker" Slime tubes did the trick! Sure they cost a few dollars, but the peace of mind on a long mountain ride, and the way they've already protected me in some iffy situations, is well worth it.

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on December 7, 2015
So far so good! I was worried because other users were complaining about leaking and holes and other problems but it has been working fine for me so far.

I've been them it pretty hard everyday on my custom, 78lb, 4,000W, 45 mph electric bike. I've run over giant potholes, through fields of who knows what, over glass, etc. with no problems whatsoever. I do have an extra layer of this puncture-resistant strip between the tube and the tire, which has proven to be very helpful but makes the tire really heavy. I still did puncture the tube on the side with some little sharp branch but I pulled it out, pumped the tire back up and have been riding on it for weeks now without any deflation problems.

Anyway, so far I love them. Well worth it.
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on October 4, 2015
Just pulling the tube out of the box is enough to realize that these really are thicker than other tubes. Being as thick as they are they took up enough of the rim width that they didn't easily tuck while installing, which made me wary of pinching them while working the tire back onto the wheel. Well, this was nothing to be concerned with since the tire is thick enough that it doesn't get pinched easily.
I got these for an old tandem cruiser I refurbished for Tour de Fat and wanted something that could handle higher PSI and more weight. These support up to 60 PSI, which is perfect for the tires I bought to go with them.

I'm happy with these and will probably get another pair for my solo cruiser.
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on March 30, 2014
My wife rides her bicycle off road in the desert and picks up thorns and other sharp objects. The stock tubes were extremely thin and went flat in a week.

This tube is holding up very well over rough terrain as well as street use.

One note on installation: the Schrader valve stem is thicker than other tubes and it may be a tight fit through the rim. You can force it through...but run the risk of cutting the rubber or creating a pressured edge at the rim, which will most likely lead to stem failure over time and a green mess.

Use a Dremel tool or "rat tail" (circular) file to enlarge and smooth the edges around the stem hole in the rim and you can reduce/eliminate the chance for stem failure.
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on July 17, 2015
Bought these bad boys to spruce up my old bike so I can stop spending so much money on gym fees. Other reviews raved about protection from goat thorns? Ok, but I live in the city so I figured they would do ok for that random patch of broken glass. Easy enough to put on, though considerably bulkier than a standard inner tube. They hold my weight well (305lbs) and I made sure I lined up the Schrader valve perfectly because another review said theirs failed almost immediately at the valve stem because it wasn't installed correctly. Filling these with air you need to make sure the valve stem is at 12 o'clock or the slime comes out a bit. Only had them for about 6 rides through my city with no problems so far. I'll come back and give these a fifth star once I see them in action stopping a flat.
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on September 11, 2015
Yep, Super Thick means Super Heavy. I am pretty sure that these innertubes are heavier than my aluminum wheels on my mountain bike, but this doesn't bother me since I need the extra weight for training.
I ordered these after experiencing six flats in two months, apparently someone driving in the vicinity I ride has bald tires with an exposed steel belt. So hopefully Slime Super Thick Self-Sealing tubes are the answer for what I need until I can purchase some kevlar lined tires.
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on July 25, 2015
The stem valve was stuck on this new inner tube when I installed it, preventing any inflation. I tried removing, cleaning, and reinstalling it, suspecting the chemical sealant slime within the tube had solidified and locked it. There was no evidence of such sealant clogging and nothing worked to allow inflation. Consequently, I was forced to replace the stem valve entirely. I additionally had to invest in a valve stem puller tool because the plastic dust cap reverse end was not rugged enough to loosen the valve, as it bent and became useless.
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on July 4, 2017
I live on a ranch in a rural area and use my mountain bike to get around the property. We have an abundance of goat heads and my inner tube was showing its age. I replaced with the Slime and a Kevlar liner. I'm not concerned with the weight - I just don't want a flat. This was a good choice and a recommended solution.
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